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Vinay Gupta
CEO at Mattereum
aave, advertising, aol, ava labs, avalanche, avax, beyoncé, bitcoin, blip (website), blockchain, brand, business, business-to-business, cms holdings, coupon, craig russo, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptography , dan matuszewski, deadpool, decentralized finance, defi, digital marketing, economic growth, economy, emin gun sirer, energy, energy policy, ethereum, facebook, finance, fintech, hackathon, homelessness, internet, internet of things, ip address, kroger, libertarianism, market (economics), moneydance, nature, nft, nftnyc, olaf carlson wee, password, polychain capital, polyient games, poverty, privacy, private equity, public key certificate, recycling, return on investment, rocket, securitization, self-driving car, semantic web, sergey nazarov, smart contracts, social media, stani kulechov, status, sustainability, tamperproofing, tech, trading, twitter, venture capital, vinay gupta, web browser, web3, world wide web, youtube, zero waste
Danny Kennedy
CEO at New Energy Nexus
air pollution, beijing, business incubator, china, efficient energy use, energy policy, energy storage, energy transition, engine, entrepreneurship, fuel, green building, jerry brown, motivation, new york city, news, renewable energy, risk, solar energy, solar panel, startup company, sustainability, time, valuation (finance), world energy consumption
Lindsay Baker
VP, Global Head of Sustainability & Impact at The We Company
affordable housing, air conditioning, air pollution, arbitrage, asset allocation, attention, autonomy, balance sheet, bank, bearing (mechanical), beijing, big data, bond (finance), building automation, built an environment, built environment, built the environment, business incubator, california, capital market, car, carbon tax, china, climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation, climate change policy of the united states, commercial property, communication protocol, compressor, computer network, computer security, cost of capital, credibility, data, economics, efficient energy use, electric battery, electrical grid, electricity, employee engagement, energy industry, energy management, energy policy, energy storage, energy transition, engine, entrepreneurship, environmental defense fund, environmentalism, equity (finance), ethics, exchange-traded fund, expert, fannie mae, feeling, finance, freddie mac, fuel, gasoline, general services administration, generation, global warming, goal, green building, health, heat, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, impact investing, index fund, infrastructure, innovation, institutional investor, insurance, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, interoperability, investment, investor, jerry brown, job interview, knowledge, leadership, loan-to-value ratio, market (economics), market liquidity, matter, memory, mindfulness, mobile technology, mortgage loan, motivation, muscle, muscle memory, new york city, news, nuclear power, off-the-grid, operating system, petroleum, portfolio (finance), poverty, power station, privacy, private equity, proof of concept, property, prototype, question, real estate investing, real-time computing, reality, reason, rechargeable battery, refinancing, reliability engineering, renewable energies, renewable energy, research, return on investment, risk, science, social inequality, social responsibility, socially responsible investing, solar energy, solar panel, someone like you (adele song), space, startup company, stock, sustainability, sustainable energy, tax, the blackstone group, thermal battery, thermal energy storage, time, understanding, united states, urban land institute, valuation (finance), value proposition, water, wildfire, world energy consumption, zero-energy building
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