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Bryan Dansberry
Education Specialist at NASA Johnson Space Center
astronomy , astrophysics, computer data storage, cosmic ray, data center, evolution, exascale computing, exascale day, flops, international space station, iss national lab, laboratory, mind, moon landing, nasa, observatory, parsing, physics, real-time computing, reliability engineering, satellite, science, solid-state drive, spacex, thecube, time
Mark Parsons
Professor at EPCC at The University of Edinburgh
advanced micro devices, atmosphere of earth, central processing unit, combustion, coronavirus disease 2019, engine, engineering, exascale computing, exescale day, flops, fluid dynamics, fuel, gas, gas turbine, graphics processing unit, heat, hewlett-packard, high bandwidth memory, intel, machine, physics, simulation, supercomputer, time, turbine, xeon
Shahin Khan
Partner at OrionX
ai winter, atom, big data, blockchain, cray, cryptography , deep learning, embodied cognition, exascale computing, experiment, expert system, internet, mathematics, microcontroller, neural network, parallel computing, quantum computing, quantum entanglement, quantum key distribution, science, supercomputer, thinking machines corporation
Arti Garg
Head of Advanced AI Solutions & Technologies at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
ai, ai accelerator, algorithm, analytics, automation, autonomy, big data, blockchain, business process, central processing unit, climate change, cloud computing, computing, creativity, database, decision-making, deep learning, digital transformation, disease, driver's license, emerging technologies, exascale computing, exescale day, explainable artificial intelligence, future, graphics processing unit, human, information, intelligence, justice, machine learning, mathematics, medical diagnosis, mind, news, prediction, real-time computing, reason, retail, sense, simulation, software , solution group, system, technology, thecube, time, understanding
Ben Bennett
Director at HPC
advanced micro devices, aircraft, atmosphere of earth, brewery, central processing unit, combustion, computer, computing, coronavirus disease 2019, engine, engineering, exascale computing, exascale day, exercise, exescale day, flops, fluid dynamics, fuel, gas, gas turbine, graphics processing unit, heat, hewlett-packard, high bandwidth memory, history, hpc, intel, jet engine, laptop, machine, moore's law, museum, physics, prediction, reason, science, simulation, software , supercomputer, thecube, theory, thread (computing), time, traffic collision, turbine, turbine blade, xeon
Mark Fernandez
Principal Investigator at Spaceborne Computer-2
ames research center, astronomy , astrophysics, central processing unit, computer data storage, cosmic ray, cray, data center, evolution, exascale computing, exascale day, exescale day, flood, flops, future, genesis (spacecraft), graphics processing unit, hewlett packard enterprise, innovation, international space station, iss national lab, laboratory, machine learning, mars, mind, moon landing, nasa, observatory, parsing, physics, real-time computing, reliability engineering, reusable launch system, satellite, science, solid-state drive, space exploration, spacecraft, spaceport, spacex, spacex reusable launch system development program, supercomputer, thecube, time, tropical cyclone, weather forecasting
David Vellante
Co-host at theCUBE
postgres vision 2021, #thecube, @thecube, abstraction (computer science), accessibility, accuracy and precision, adherence (medicine), adoption, agnosticism, ai-infused network , altitude, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon pay, amazon redshift, amazon web services, analytics, anomaly detection, api, apple inc., application software, architecture, archive, arm architecture, arvind krishna, attention, automation, backup, bell, bias, big data, bill gates, biodiversity, biology, bit, book, boston, brand, business, business-to-business, california, cam, car, carbon black (company), cartesian coordinate system, cash, caveat emptor, central processing unit, cherry, chief information officer, christianity, cisco systems, client–server model, clinical trial, cloud, cloud computing, cloud storage, cloudera, coffee, comma-separated values, communication protocol, complexity, computer, computer appliance, computer data storage, computer file, computer hardware, computer performance, computer vision, computing, concept, conceptual model, consumerization of information technology, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, cost, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, critical thinking, culture, curve, customer, customer experience, data, data center, data compression, data governance, data integration, data model, data quality, data sharing, data type, data warehouse, database, database design, database transaction, dave cutler, dave vellante, david, debate, debugger, deep learning, dell, dell emc, design, diabetes, digital health, digital transformation, digitization, disease, disney+, distributed computing, dividend, dogma, dream, dynamic pricing, earth, economics, economies of scale, ecosystem, edge computing, educational technology, elasticsearch, electronic cigarette, elevator, email, encryption, energy, engineer, engineering, entrepreneurship, exascale computing, experiment, expert, extract, transform, load, facebook, fee, feeling, fiction, flight, floating-point arithmetic, flops, forecasting, free fall, future, github, goal, google, governance, graphics processing unit, gravity, greenlake, greenplum, grocery store, hashtag, health, health care, health informatics, health system, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, hindsight bias, hp cloud, hpe, human, hybrid (biology), ibm, ibm cloud computing, ibm db2 family, ibm think, ibm think 2020, ibm websphere, information, information security, information technology, infrastructure, innovation, insurance, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, interest, international space station, internet of things, interoperability, investment, ireland, iron, it, it infrastructure, java (programming language), jedi, john furrier, keynote, keynote analysis, knowledge, kubernetes , laptop, latency (engineering), leadership, learning, learning curve, lenovo, life-cycle assessment, linux, linux foundation, logistics, louis v. gerstner jr., love, luxury goods, machine learning, mainframe computer, mana, manufacturing, market (economics), mathematical optimization, matter, medical history, medical record, memory, mergers and acquisitions, metadata, metal, microprocessor, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft sql server, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, middleware, milestone, mind, misinformation, mobile app, modernization theory, money, mongodb, monopoly, moore's law, netflix, neural network, news, nigger, nike, inc., node (networking), nosql, nvidia, object storage, observation, office 365, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openshift, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, orchestration (computing), organization, outsourcing, overdrive (mechanics), pain, personal computer, pixar, platform as a service, plumbing, podcast, point of care, population health, postgres, postgresql, prediction, predictive maintenance, pressure, price, pricing, principle, privacy, product lifecycle, question, real-time computing, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, regulatory compliance, relational database, reproducibility, research, retail, rhsummit, risk, road, robot, sales, salesforce, sas (software), satya nadella, scalability, science, scientist, security, self-driving car, server (computing), serverless computing, share repurchase, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, simultaneous multithreading, skepticism, ski, ski resort, skiing, slack (software), smart tv, snowflake, social media, software , software framework, software release life cycle, space, speeds and feeds, sql, stack (abstract data type), startup company, statistics, stock, streaming media, stu miniman, studio, subscription business model, supercomputer, supercritical fluid, supply chain, supply chain optimization, system, tableau software, technology, telecommuting, telehealth, telephone, television, tensorflow, teradata, tetris, the twilight zone tower of terror, thecube, therapy, think2020, throughput, tool, transport, twitter, typing, united states, university of edinburgh, use case, value added, value proposition, venmo, verizon communications, vertica, video on demand, virtualization, visibility, visualization (graphics), vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, warehouse, water, watson (computer), wearable technology, weather forecasting, wikibon, windows server, world wide web, yoda, youtube, zoom (software)
Kirk Bresniker
Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow/VP at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
agile software development, ai, analytics, art, calibration, cloud computing, computer, computer hardware, computing, creativity, data center, democracy, devops, digital native, distance education, dystopia, embedded system, entrepreneurship, ethics, exascale computing, facebook, frank gehry, google, guggenheim museum bilbao, hewlett packard enterprise, hpe, hpe discover, innovation, insight, internet, it, leadership, learning, machine learning, metadata, moore's law, museum, operating system, optimism, question, research, simulation, social media, software , startup company, supercomputer, telecommunication, trust (social science), twitter, use case, utopia, world wide web
Bo Ewald
President & CEO at ColdQuanta, Inc.
advertising, ames research center, application software, automated guided vehicle, cloud computing, computer, computing, d-wave systems, desert, exascale computing, fault tolerance, fivethirtyeight, greedy algorithm, machine learning, malware, mind, mobile phone, open-source software, quantum annealing, quantum supremacy, richard feynman, supercomputer, thesis, time, traffic flow