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Arun SM
Staff Software Engineer at Walmart
analytics, android (operating system), apple inc., assembly language, bank, best practice, bitcoin, bitcoin network, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, brainstorming, business, business process, cache (computing), carbon dioxide, central processing unit, cloud computing, communication protocol, complexity, computer data storage, computer network, consensus (computer science), consensus decision-making, consent, contributing to open source, conversation, corruption, cryptocurrency, data, database, database engine, database transaction, definition, demo, design, determinism, digital identity, digital transformation, directv, distributed computing, distributed database, distributed ledger, educational technology, enterprise software, executable, food system, github, governance, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, identity theft, india, information, innovation, instant messaging, interest, internet, interoperability, introduction to hyperledger, kerala, kubernetes , library (computing), linux, liquidation, load balancing (computing), market (economics), market liquidity, microservices, mobile phone, network socket, online shopping, open source, open source software, payment system, playstation (console), pleasure, point of sale, policy, price, privacy, privacy law, public-key cryptography, reason, receipt, reliability engineering, research, research and development, retail, science, siri, smart contract, smart meter, sms, social networking service, software , source code, spamming, standardization, stock, structure, supply chain, system, telemarketing, tim berners-lee, use case, videotelephony, voice over ip, walmart, web application, webassembly, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source, world wide web
Lukas Larsson
VM Core Committer at IT
32-bit computing, 64-bit computing, airline codes, application software, array data structure, assembly language, asynchronous communication, binary file, bit, branch predictor, c (programming language), central processing unit, communication, compiler, computer, concurrency (computer science), conditional (computer programming), constant folding, control flow, cross-platform software, denial-of-service attack, doubly linked list, email, embedded system, emotion, emulator, error, executable, future, garbage collection (computer science), gnu compiler collection, hash function, hotspot (virtual machine), imessage, information, instruction pipelining, instruction set architecture, integer, interpreter (computing), ios, javascript, just-in-time compilation, language, latency (engineering), linked list, linux, linux distribution, linux kernel, llvm, lock (computer science), lock (water navigation), machine code, message passing, message queue, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, mining, modular programming, network socket, operating system, patch (computing), personal computer, phonograph record, pointer (computer programming), powerpc, prediction, profile-guided optimization, profiling (computer programming), program counter, program optimization, python (programming language), queue (abstract data type), reason, recursion (computer science), red–black tree, research, runtime system, scheduling (computing), server (computing), signal, skip list, software bug, software release life cycle, static single assignment form, string (computer science), subroutine, substring, switch statement, synchronicity, thread (computing), ubuntu, violence, virtual machine, x86, x86-64
Steve Taylor
CTO at DeployHub
apache groovy, apache maven, api, binary file, codebase, command-line interface, continuous integration, credit card, database, environment variable, executable, github, library (computing), loose coupling, metadata, microservices, point of sale, postgresql, python (programming language), runtime system, serverless computing, software bug, software repository, source code, tag (metadata)
Oliver Nocon
Chief expert and CD/DevOps coach at SAP SE
amazon (company), automation, autonomy, blog, book, cloud computing, cloud foundry, continuous delivery, culture, employment, executable, floor, github, ipod, landscape, library, organization, parameter, question, runtime system, tool, unit testing, united states congress, use case, workspace
Adam Gordon Bell
Developer Advocate at Earthly Technologies
anonymous function, app migration, assembly language, asynchronous, automation, binary file, caching patterns, cgroups, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, communication protocol, compiler, computer architecture, data lakes, distributed database, executable, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, galls law, gatekeeper, gating service, graalvm, graphics processing unit, graviton2, hdfs, health check, iam reliability, infrastructure drift, javascript, json, julia (programming language), jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes , kubernetes cloud, llvm, machine code, microservice, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, operating system, parsing, pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, program optimization, public cloud, quarkus, runtime system, serverless, serverless computing, software , source code, telemetry, virtual machine, webassembly, world wide web, x86
James Ward
Developer Advocate at Google
#googleio, android (operating system), apache maven, api, application software, back end development, backend development, cache (computing), cloud, cloud computing, cloud developer, cloud development, cloud run, command-line interface, computer programming, cross-platform software, dart, dart (programming language), dart multiplatform, database, desktop environment, docker (software), entry point, eventarc, executable, flutter (software), full stack, full stack dev, full stack developer, full stack development, full-stack, full-stack kotlin, fullstack, google, google announcement, google cloud, google conference, google developer conference, google i/o, google io, hypertext transfer protocol, jar (file format), java (programming language), java virtual machine, javascript, kotlin, kotlin multiplatform, kubernetes , library (computing), linux, metadata, microservices, microsoft windows, nothing, open-source software, operating system, plug-in (computing), pr_pr: google i/o, purpose: educate, python (programming language), reactive, representational state transfer, scala (programming language), server (computing), serverless computing, siri, static library, summit, type: conference talk (full production), web application, web browser, web server, world wide web
Jake Williams
Chief Technology Officer at BreachQuest
antivirus software, application software, command-line interface, computer file, cybersecurity, directory (computing), dynamic-link library, email, executable, file system, graphical user interface, information, infosec, keyboard technology, loader (computing), lol, malware, memory, metasploit project, mg 42, microsoft, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, phishing, proxy server, risk, rsa, rsac, rsaconference, security, whitelisting, windows installer
Bobby R. Bruce
Project Scientist at UC Davis
application software, benchmark (computing), central processing unit, command-line interface, computer, computer architecture, computer file, computer hardware, data, database, executable, file system, framework, gem5art , graphics processing unit, instruction set architecture, kernel panic, linux, linux kernel, mongodb, open-source software, operating system, simulation, software , software release life cycle, source code
Bernd Wiswedel
active learning (machine learning), algorithm, amazon (company), analytics, apache spark, authentication, backup, big data, bit, boolean data type, car, clock, cloud computing, computer data storage, computer file, data science, database, databricks, disk storage, dragon ball, eclipse (software), electricity, exception handling, executable, expert, fall summit, file system, goku, knime, knime analytics platform, knime time, law, logistic regression, machine learning, mathematics, payment, prediction, primitive data type, python (programming language), regression analysis, rumor, scheme (programming language), secure shell protocol, sharepoint, shortcut (computing), statistical classification, training, validation, and test sets, type conversion, user experience, web application, web browser, whats new
Ciprian Mindru
Software Engineer at NXP Semiconductors
api, arm architecture, arm cortex-m, cloud computing, command-line interface, compiler, computer, computing, database, executable, generic programming, hardware acceleration, instruction set architecture, just-in-time compilation, library (computing), machine code, microprocessor, multi-core processor, operating system, profiling (computer programming), program optimization, runtime system, software , source code, tensorflow
Markus Levy
Executive Advisor, Marketing and Business Development at Deep Vision
api, arm architecture, arm cortex-m, cloud computing, command-line interface, compiler, computer, computing, database, executable, generic programming, hardware acceleration, instruction set architecture, just-in-time compilation, library (computing), machine code, microprocessor, multi-core processor, operating system, profiling (computer programming), program optimization, runtime system, software , source code, tensorflow
Rich Sharples
Senior Director, Application Services at Red Hat
adoption, application software, archetype, bank, bit, brand, brownfield land, bus, cloud computing, cobol, community, computing, dave vellante, ecological resilience, ecosystem, embedded system, evolution, executable, human, java (programming language), java virtual machine, john furrier, kubernetes , language, laptop, leadership, linkedin, love, mathematical optimization, memory, microservices, microsoft powerpoint, novel, open-source software, openjdk, quarkus, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, rhsummit, rich sharples, runtime system, serverless computing, set-top box, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software framework, thecube, trademark, weed, wikibon, world wide web
Stuart Miniman
Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat
#thecube, 5g, @thecube, adoption, ai-infused network , alejandro lopez osornio, amazing stories, amazon (company), amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, analogy, analytics, anand babu periasamy, antenna (radio), apartment, api, apple inc., application software, architect, architecture, argentina, argentine ministry of health, arm architecture, arvind krishna, ashesh badani, assistive technology, automation, bachelor's degree, backup, bank, behavior, bell, big data, bit, booting, boston, brand, buenos aires, bus, business, business model, business-to-business, california, cambrian explosion, car, carbon black (company), cartesian coordinate system, central processing unit, chat room, chief executive officer, chief information officer, child care, choice hotels international, chris wright, cisco systems, citrix systems, clayton coleman, cloud, cloud computing, cloud management, cloud storage, cloudera, communication, community, complexity, computer, computer appliance, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computing, continuous integration, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, cube conversation, customer, customer experience, data, data center, database, dave vellante, decision-making, delisa alexander, dell, dell emc, desktop virtualization, devil, devops, digital transformation, distributed computing, dividend, ecological resilience, economics, ecosystem, edenor, electricity, empathy, empowerment, end user, energy, engine, engineering, enterprise software, executable, experience, eye, feedback, fibre channel, file hosting service, firmware, flash memory, fleet management, free and open-source software, free software, geography, github, glass, goal, google, governance, greenlake, grocery store, hat, health, health care, health informatics, health system, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, homeschooling, hospital, hour, hp cloud, hpe, human, hybrid (biology), hypervisor, ibm, ibm cloud computing, ibm think, ibm think 2020, ibm websphere, industrial internet of things, information privacy, information system, information technology, infrastructure, innovation, insight, intel, intel xeon, intensive care unit, interest, internet, internet of things, investment, it infrastructure, java (programming language), java virtual machine, joe fernandes, joe fitzgerald, john furrier, kernel-based virtual machine, keynote, keynote analysis, kinect, knowledge, kubernetes , laboratory, lag, language, laptop, last mile, latency (engineering), law, leadership, learning, life-cycle assessment, lightweight directory access protocol, linux, linux distribution, linux foundation, lisa spelman, lol, louis v. gerstner jr., love, lucian, machine learning, mainframe computer, mana, manufacturing, maria alejandra trozzi, market (economics), mass media, mathematical optimization, matt hicks, medical record, megan byrd-sanicki, memory, mental disorder, mental health, metadata, metal, microphone, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, middleware, mind, minio, ministry of health (argentina), ministry of health (saudi arabia), mobile app, mobile phone, money, monopoly, natural disaster, nature, netflix, netha hussain, network function virtualization, news, nick barcet, nigger, nike, inc., node (networking), nosql, nothing, number, nursing, nvidia, nvm express, object storage, office 365, online community, open innovation, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openjdk, openshift, openstack, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, orbit, organization, overdrive (mechanics), packaging and labeling, palo alto, california, patch (computing), patient, paul cormier, percentage, persistence (computer science), pinterest, platform as a service, point of care, poland, price, privacy, procurement, product lifecycle, property, proprietary software, pure storage, quality of service, quarkus, question, reality, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, regulatory compliance, research, rhsummit, rich sharples, robot, robyn bergeron, runtime system, satya nadella, security, security-enhanced linux, self-driving car, sensor, server (computing), serverless computing, share repurchase, ship, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, snowflake, social distancing, software , software bug, software development, software framework, software-defined networking, space, species, specification (technical standard), startup company, stefanie chiras, stereoscopy, stock, stu miniman, studio, subscription business model, tax, technology, technology roadmap, telecommunication, telecommuting, tesla, inc., thecube, think2020, throughput, tim cramer, trademark, truth, twitter, understanding, united states, university of gothenberg, use case, value proposition, vaughn stewart, verizon communications, video on demand, videotelephony, virtual machine, virtual private network, virtualization, vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, vulnerability (computing), watson (computer), wi-fi, wikibon, wikipedia, wisdom, word, world wide web, xbox one, youtube, zoom (software)
Derrick Stolee
Staff Software Engineer at GitHub
algorithm, architect, binary file, binary large object, bit, collaboration, communication protocol, computer file, distributed version control, enterprise software, executable, git, github, github universe, github universe 2020, innersource, instruction set architecture, leadership, macintosh, microsoft windows, octocat, open source, package manager, pattern recognition, personal computer, programming, server (computing), snapshot (computer storage), software , software development, software repository, source code, source lines of code, version control, working directory
Karthik Ram
Data Scientist at UC Berkeley
active listening, analysis, analytics, api, big data, binge-watching, california institute of technology, chaos engineering, compendium, complexity, computer file, computing, continuous integration, data, database, debugging, docker (software), documentation, dodge, education, executable, file format, geographic information system, github, hilary parker, hole punch, hypothesis, informatics, instagram, ipython, ketone, laptop, leadership, library (computing), linux, machine learning, masturbation, mentorship, metadata, mind, namespace, netflix, open-source software, operations research, project jupyter, python (programming language), question, r (programming language), random-access memory, reason, research, rmedicine, rstats, scope (computer science), server (computing), software , software repository, software versioning, spreadsheet, sql, startup company, steam (service), the carpentries, theory, tide, tutorial, university of california, berkeley, version control, video on demand, web browser, workflow
Kayla Interdonato
Programmer/Analyst at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
allergy, apache subversion, bioc2020, bioconductor, bioinformatics, computer, computer file, computer programming, cwl, debugging, directory (computing), documentation, executable, first-class cricket, fraction, github, hdmi, home page, html, internet, internet forum, interoperability, jury, light-emitting diode, linux, macintosh, man page, martingale (probability theory), mathematics, microsoft windows, namespace, package manager, pothos (plant), public-key cryptography, question, r (programming language), reproducible research, sanitation, software , software bug, software repository, text file, thought, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, understanding, unit testing, unix, version control, visualization, wisdom, workflow, world wide web
Patrick Kiley
Principal Security Consultant at Rapid7
assembly language, backup, battery management system, bit, bluetooth, booting, can bus, compiler, computer file, contactor, cryptography , database, debugging, electric battery, electrical resistance and conductance, encryption, executable, firmware, inrush current, jtag, linux, nvidia, on the fly, over-the-air programming, password, penetration test, reason, resistor, security model, shunt (electrical), software , source code, stata, system on a chip, tegra, temperature, tesla autopilot, tesla model s, tesla, inc., trunk (car), upload, vehicle, voltage
Anna Krystalli
Research Software Engineer at The University of Sheffield
application software, computer file, computer programming, continuous integration, database, directory (computing), executable, hans rosling, library, library (computing), metadata, open data, operating system, replication crisis, runtime system, simulation, software , software bug, software framework, source code, source lines of code, transparency (behavior), usability, visualization (graphics), website
Magnus Hyttsten
TensorFlow Developer Advocate at Google
android (operating system), api, application programming interface, architecture, artificial intelligence, communication protocol, computer, computer hardware, data center, deep learning, desktop computer, dog training, embedded system, executable, google, hardware acceleration, html, infoq, ios, laptop, library (computing), machine learning, open source, open-source software, python (programming language), qcon,, research, statistical classification, tensorflow, transmission control protocol
Brian Love
Principal Architect at LiveLoveApp
abstract syntax tree, angular, angular conference, angular javascript, angular tutorial, angularjs, array data structure, bit, blog, boolean data type, bracket, calculator, colon (punctuation), command-line interface, compiler, computer file, computer programming, entry point, executable, file system, function (mathematics), github, google angular, google programming, hard coding, hash table, html, javascript, javascript tutorial, json, lazy evaluation, log4j, logic, metadata, modular programming, name, ng conference, ng-conf, ngconf, ngconf 2019, npm (software), parse tree, php, programming, programming tutorial, regular expression, rich text format, scheme (programming language), slash (punctuation), string (computer science), string interpolation, subroutine, trash (computing), tree (data structure), typescript, underscore, variable (computer science), xml schema
Kevin Schuchard
Sr. Enterprise Software Engineer Technical Lead at DigitalGlobe
abstract syntax tree, angular, angular conference, angular javascript, angular tutorial, angularjs, array data structure, bit, blog, boolean data type, bracket, calculator, colon (punctuation), command-line interface, compiler, computer file, computer programming, entry point, executable, file system, function (mathematics), github, google angular, google programming, hard coding, hash table, html, javascript, javascript tutorial, json, lazy evaluation, log4j, logic, metadata, modular programming, name, ng conference, ng-conf, ngconf, ngconf 2019, npm (software), parse tree, php, programming, programming tutorial, regular expression, rich text format, scheme (programming language), slash (punctuation), string (computer science), string interpolation, subroutine, trash (computing), tree (data structure), typescript, underscore, variable (computer science), xml schema
Bert Belder
Co-Founder at Node.js
application programming interface, application software, c++, computer, conference, database, deno, dotjs, ecmascript, entry point, eval, executable, file system, game engine, javascript, macro (computer science), node, node.js, package manager, productivity, scripting language, software bug, software framework, tech, tensorflow, typescript, url, web browser, webassembly, world wide web
Mimi Zohar
Software Engineer at IBM
booting, changelog, command-line interface, direct memory access, encryption, executable, extended file attributes, firmware, gnu grub, hmac, information, kernel (operating system), keychain, linux, linux distribution, linux security modules, microsoft, openssl, patch (computing), regression testing, risk, runtime verification, signature, trusted platform module, unified extensible firmware interface
Pablo Estrada
PMC Member for Apache Beam at The Apache Software Foundation
abstraction, analytics, api, bit, data analysis, executable, facebook, google, java (programming language), machine learning, map, mind, pipeline (computing), porting, python (programming language), reason, router (computing), runtime system, server (computing), software framework, source lines of code, streaming media, system integration, tensorflow, thread (computing)
Todd Resudek
Senior Software Engineer at Weedmaps
airline, authentication, beam (nautical), boolean data type, brute-force attack, command-line interface, computer file, curling, database, debugging, ecosystem, elixir, elixir (programming language), engineer, entry point, environment variable, erlang, erlang (programming language), executable, functional programming, hex, hypertext transfer protocol, information security, language, library, library (computing), london borough of hackney, master p, modular programming, multi-factor authentication, online and offline, password, reserved word, ruby (programming language), shortcut (computing), signature, software bug, solution, string (computer science), subroutine, syntax, template (c++), variable (computer science), web application, weedmaps
Ryan Fairfax
Principal Software Engineering Lead at Microsoft
64-bit computing, android (operating system), arm architecture, c standard library, central processing unit, clock rate, computer file, embedded system, executable, gnu compiler collection, graphics processing unit, kernel (operating system), library (computing), linux, mediatek, microcontroller, multi-core processor, operating system, patch (computing), smartphone, symmetric multiprocessing, system on a chip, unified extensible firmware interface, wi-fi, yocto project
Shawn Wang
Account Executive at CircleCI
abstract syntax tree, actionscript, algorithm, amazon (company), analogy, android (operating system), angle, apollo, apple inc., apple music, application programming interface, application software, aquarius (constellation), arrow, autocomplete, babbling, babel, babeljs, babylon, balboa, panama, basketball, bazaar, beer, bible, bit, bitcoin, blog, blood, blood type, boat, boxing, bracket, brain, breed, budget, cable television, campervan, car, cascading style sheets, cash, cat, cathedral, child, civilization, client (computing), client-side, clock, cognitive dissonance, command-line interface, compile time, compiler, complaint, computer file, computer program, computer programming, concept, conceptual model, conversation, curd, curve, curveball, customer, cut, copy, and paste, data, definition, desk, desktop computer, devil, diamond, digital audio broadcasting, dimension, distortion, dog, duck, earth, ecmascript, ecosystem, electron, ember, engineer, engineering, entry point, epcot, equation, executable, experience, experiment, expert, explanation, exploit (computer security), explosion, facebook, failure, false positives and false negatives, fathom, file system, firefox, folk music, front and back ends, future, garbage collection (computer science), gasoline, gmail, google chrome, graph (discrete mathematics), handbook, hawaii, hawk, hopsin, hound, hour, houston, html, image, imax, industry, information, infrastructure, innovation, insurance, internet, intuition, ios, irrigation, itunes, java (programming language), javascript, jazz, joke, jquery, jsconfhi, jsparty, karaoke, kgb, knowledge, ladder, language, law, learning, learning curve, lemon, lens, lettuce, library (computing), login, machine, macos, macro (computer science), malaysia, mathematical optimization, medication, metal, microsoft windows, mind, minification (programming), moana (2016 film), molecule, monad (functional programming), money, motivation, multilingualism, music, neck, nike, inc., nintendo, nothing, nuclear reactor, object (computer science), operating system, pacsun, pain, parse tree, parsing, pattern matching, percentage, periodic table, permutation, pin, plug-in (computing), podcast, printing press, prison, productivity, program optimization, quantum, query string, question, queue (abstract data type), reagent, reason, recursion (computer science), redis cluster, research, reservoir, rupaul, rust, scope (computer science), scripting language, security, semantics, seminar, server (computing), server-side, shape, short code, signs and symptoms, skin condition, snapchat, software engineer, solution, song, source code, space, speed, spidermonkey, spirit, spotify, start i, startup company, string (computer science), string literal, strong and weak typing, subroutine, subset, suspense, syntax, tab (interface), take-out, tamagotchi, tea, temperature, temple, thesis, time, tool, toy, toyota, transformer, translation, transmission control protocol, tree, twitter, type signature, type system, typescript, united states, united states dollar, use case, user (computing), user experience, user interface, vacuole, vocabulary, vulnerability (computing), wallet, weather, web browser, web developer, web development, web template system, webassembly, weight, word, world wide web
Matthew Page
Software Engineer at Instagram
assembly language, bytecode, call stack, central processing unit, coding, compiler, computer programming, control-flow graph, executable, instruction set architecture, interpreter (computing), just-in-time compilation, library (computing), linux, machine code, matthew page, memory address, memory management, operating system, pointer (computer programming), processor register, program optimization, pycon, python, return statement, stack machine, subroutine, system call, tutorial, x86
Elana Hashman
Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Red Hat
64-bit computing, application programming interface, application software, binary file, c (programming language), c standard library, coding, compiler, computer program, elana hashman, executable, executable and linkable format, file format, hard coding, instruction set architecture, integer overflow, interpreter (computing), library (computing), linux, numpy, operating system, package manager, pycon, python, python (programming language), software , source code, tutorial, x86, x86-64
Sinan Cepel
Software Engineer at Facebook
api, binary file, bit, c++, cipher, classroom, code refactoring, command-line interface, debugging, developer, developers, directory (computing), django (web framework), executable, f8, f8 2019, f8 conference, f8 keynote, facebook, facebook conference, facebook f8, family of apps, file system, github, gradual typing, instagram, integer, internet, keynote, keynote 2019, library (computing), mark zuckerberg, messenger, modular programming, mp3, open source, php, pointer (computer programming), prison, pyre, pyre check, python, python (programming language), pytorch, reliability engineering, security guard, software , software quality, source code, string (computer science), subroutine, syntax (programming languages), tech, technology, technology roadmap, theory, type checker, type checking, type system, typing, typographical error, unit testing, variable (computer science), watchmen, website, whatsapp, world wide web
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