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Anand Tamboli
Futurist & International Speaker at Anand Tamboli & Co.
401(k), accuracy and precision, adoption, anger, asset, attention, automation, bacteria, bias, bit, chatbot, child development, childbirth, compassion, competitive advantage, conversation, curiosity, determinism, discipline, empathy, employment, expense, exponential growth, information, innovation, intelligence, internet, leadership, leapfrogging, learning, microsoft, myth, news, pandemic, prediction, question, reason, research, sexism, software development, technology, telecommuting, time zone, twitter, weather, weight
Matt Johnson
CEO at QC Ware Corp.
africa, air force research laboratory, algorithm, application software, asia, biology, bit, booting, budget, business model, california institute of technology, cargo, central pacific railroad, central processing unit, coffee, complexity, computer, computer hardware, computer performance, computer programming, computing, conversation, covid-19 pandemic, d-wave systems, data, economic development, ecosystem, engine, europe, exponential growth, first transcontinental railroad, goal, golden spike, google, ibm, industrial revolution, information, innovation, investment, laboratory, microsoft, mission critical, pacific ocean, physics, promontory, utah, qc, qc ware, quantum, quantum computing, quantum programming, quantum science, quantum technology, rail transport, research and development, richard feynman, rigetti computing, science, scientist, seat belt, silicon valley, software , software development, software development kit, stack (abstract data type), supercomputer, system, technology, telecommuting, theoretical physics, time, transcontinental railroad, understanding, union pacific railroad, united states, united states air force, use case, utah, vaccine
Ellie Brown
Head of People Operations at Depop
austin, texas, automation, brand, camera, can you hear me? (doctor who), chrisye, conversation, email, exponential growth, google, greenhouse, hunting, information, menu, money, pain, recruitment, salt, shame, spreadsheet, stranger things, technology, thought, touchpoint, will smith
Graig Wright
Chief Scientist at nChain
advertising, aibcsummit, bernie madoff, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin network, bitcoin sv, bitcoinsv, blackmail, blockchain, bounty (reward), bribery, bsv, btc, capitalism, child, child pornography, coingeek, coingeek london, coingeek london conference, communication protocol, computer, computer network, conference, contract, corruption, craig wright, craig wright satoshi, craigwright, credit card, crime, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, cypherpunk, decentralization, developers, digital currency, digital signature, distributed computing, double-spending, ecology, electronic lock, email, encryption,, ethereum, evidence, explanation, exponential growth, facebook, fee, fentanyl, fiat money, financial transaction, fintech, fintect, fireside chat, firewall (computing), fraud, gateway (telecommunications), hacker, hbgary, heroin, hope, hyundai motor company, information, initial coin offering, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internetwork packet exchange, investment, ip address, jimmy nguyen, julian assange, jurisdiction, kidnapping, law, liberty reserve, life imprisonment, london, malware, man-in-the-middle attack, message, micropayment, mining, monero, money, multiplayer video game, nakamoto, network packet, novell, online and offline, osi model, payment, paypal, peer-to-peer, pornography, price, privacy, proof of work, public key infrastructure, punishment, realsatoshi, reason, satoshi, satoshi nakamoto, security hacker, sentence (law), seoul, server (computing), silk road (marketplace), sms, south korea, statute of frauds, stock exchange, subsidy, taekwondo, technology, time, transmission control protocol, transport layer, u.s. securities and exchange commission, uk, ukraine, user datagram protocol, visa inc., web of trust, wikileaks, world of warcraft, world wide web
Brad Rogers
CEO at RedWhite&Bloom
arizona, award-winning medical cannabis strains, bank, behavior, benzinga cannabis , benzinga cannabis capital conference, brad rogers, brain, brand, california, canada, cannabis conference 2021, cannabis entrepreneurs , cannabis event 2021, cannabis investments, cannabis news 2021, cannabis organizations, capital (economics), commodity, company, consolidation (business), debt, east coast–west coast hip hop rivalry, electronic cigarette, equity (finance), exponential growth, florida, goal, grey market, hemp, illinois, income, investor, leverage (finance), license, market (economics), mass, massachusetts, mergers and acquisitions, michigan, mile, mind, new york city, oklahoma, pennsylvania, premier marijuana convention , psychographics, rate of return, real estate investment trust, red white&bloom , seed, starbucks, stock, supply chain, tax, umbrella, united states, value proposition, weed
Mads Rydahl
Vice President Of Products, CACTUS Labs at Cactus Communications
academic publishing, ai, ai in mumbai, algorithm, artificial intelligence, artificialintelligence, automation, bias, bigdata, business, california, capitalism, cloud computing, code, coding, computer vision, concept, data, database, datascience, deep learning, deeplearning, denmark, disability, eating your own dog food, email, employment, end user, engineering, english language, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, exponential growth, fintech, fintechs, future, futureofwork, gmail, going global, google, health, ibm, image, imagenet, immigration, india, innovation, intelligence, internet, investment, investment fund, iot, language, learning, machinelearning, microsoft, military–industrial complex, mind, ml, mumbai, mumbai ai, nuclear physics, online chat, painting, pension, photograph, programmer, programming, public–private partnership, python, reality, reason, research, risk, robotics, science, startup, startup company, startups, sustainability, tax, tech, tech enthusiast, technological singularity, technology, the bmj, understanding, united states department of energy, use case, vincent van gogh, watson (computer), web portal, welfare, welfare state, womenintech
Kimberly Grauer
Director of Research at Chainalysis Inc.
analytics, bank, behavior, blockchain, cost–benefit analysis, covid-19 pandemic, crime, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, dark web, darknet market, evidence, exponential growth, gambling, high-yield investment program, illegal drug trade, money laundering, plustoken, ponzi scheme, privacy, ransomware, research, telecommuting, terrorism financing, theory
Pradeep Khosla
Chancellor at University of California, San Diego
abu musab al-zarqawi, carnegie mellon university, cisco systems, credibility, crisis, darpa, democratic party (united states), economic bubble, economic growth, empathy, employment, expert, exponential growth, financial crisis, influenza, innovation, jc2, leadership, mcchrystal group, mentorship, mind, northrop grumman, productivity, robert gates, sales, startup company
Stanley McChrystal
Founder & CEO at McChrystal Group
abu musab al-zarqawi, carnegie mellon university, cisco systems, credibility, crisis, darpa, democratic party (united states), economic bubble, economic growth, empathy, employment, expert, exponential growth, financial crisis, influenza, innovation, jc2, leadership, mcchrystal group, mentorship, mind, northrop grumman, productivity, robert gates, sales, startup company
John T. Chambers
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, JC2 Ventures, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cisco
abu musab al-zarqawi, ai, android (operating system), apple inc., attention, automation, belief, business, business model, capitalism, carnegie mellon university, china, churn rate, cisco systems, cisco webex, computer, computer security, concept, conference call, creativity, credibility, crisis, crisis management, crowdstrike, customer experience, darpa, data center, democratic party (united states), digital marketing, economic bubble, economic growth, economy, education, edward snowden, elevator, emmanuel macron, empathy, employee retention, employment, end user, entrepreneurship, expert, exponential growth, facebook, feeling, financial crisis, formula one, goal, grizzly bear, hope, hypergrowth, influenza, innovation, internet, internet forum, internet of things, interview, investment, investment banking, investor, it, jack welch, jc2, jc2 ventures, john t. chambers, language, leadership, machine learning, march capital, market (economics), mcchrystal group, mental disorder, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft, microsoft powerpoint, mind, motivation, news, northrop grumman, palo alto networks, praise, privacy, productivity, public sphere, reason, reddit, research, risk, robert gates, sales, salesforce, self-driving car, smartphone, social norm, sprint corporation, startup company, steve jobs, stock exchange, subscription business model, tax, telecommuting, tesla, inc., time, touchpoint, turnover (employment), twitter, uber, unicorn (finance), unified communications, usability, venture capital, videotelephony, zoom, zoom video communications
Josh Olszewicz
Trader at Techemy Capital Ltd
bank, bbc, bitcoin, brand, business model, chocolate, coin, coinbase, currency, derivative (finance), due diligence, euro, evolution, exponential growth, futures contract, innovation, money, option (finance), risk, robinhood (company), social norm, space, stablecoin, terrorism, truth
Austin Alexander
Office of the CEO at Kraken
bank, bbc, bitcoin, brand, business model, chocolate, coin, coinbase, currency, derivative (finance), due diligence, euro, evolution, exponential growth, futures contract, innovation, money, option (finance), risk, robinhood (company), social norm, space, stablecoin, terrorism, truth
Phil Potter
CEO at Potter Ventures LLC
bank, bbc, bitcoin, brand, business model, chocolate, coin, coinbase, currency, derivative (finance), due diligence, euro, evolution, exponential growth, futures contract, innovation, money, option (finance), risk, robinhood (company), social norm, space, stablecoin, terrorism, truth
Miha Grcar
Head Of Business Development at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange
alex batlin, anna shugol, asset-backed security, attention, automated teller machine, bank, bbc, bitcoin, bitstamp, blockchain, brand, brexit, bribery, business, business model, cash, central bank, chocolate, coin, coinbase, computer security, cryptocompare, cryptocompare digital asset summit, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, decentralization, derivative (finance), dogecoin, due diligence, euro, evolution, exponential growth, francesco roda, future, futures contract, gambling, hardware security module, hcl domino, hippie, hope, ibm, innovation, interest, investor, koine, market (economics), market liquidity, miha grcar, money, money laundering, monica summerville, mortgage-backed security, optimism, option (finance), over-the-counter (finance), personal identification number, pessimism, proprietary trading, reserve currency, risk, risk management, robinhood (company), security token, shit, smart contract, social norm, space, stablecoin, tabb group, tax, terrorism, ton, trustology, truth, wall street, war
Rob Asher
CEO at Giraffe
apartment, architect, chelsea f.c., communication, conversation, cost, courtyard, data, email, engineer, exponential growth, finance, giraffe, investor, iteration, money, number, parameter, price, risk, risk management, solar system, traffic light, tree, usb
Sam Altman
Co-Founder & CEO at Altman Technologies Inc.
2019 tech picks, aaron levie, anger, artificial general intelligence, ashton kutcher, attention, basic income, behavior, belief, brand new tech, business model, cloud computing, communications decency act, competitive advantage, complexity, computational complexity theory, conversation, courage, dennis crowley, economic growth, elevator, ethics, evangelicalism, evolution, experience, exponential growth, externality, facebook, facebook, inc., fake news, freedom of speech, gadgets, global warming, google, hitrecord, hottest gadgets 2019, hottest technology, how to succeed with a startup, humanities, individualism, innovation, intelligence, intuition, joseph-gordon levitt, law, marc benioff, mark zuckerberg, mind, mobile app, momentum, monopoly, moore's law, network effect, newest technology, nonprofit organization, openai, optimism, philosophy, quality of life, quantum mechanics, reason, reinforcement learning, sam altman, science, self, self-driving car, simulation, social class, star, startup company, startup school, steve wozniak, supercomputer, tc disrupt 2019, tcdisrupt, tech, techcrunch, techcrunch disrupt, technology, technology gadgets, theory, united states congress, video game, wealth, will smith, work–life balance, y combinator, yc
Brett Heath
President and CEO, Director at Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd.
#vric20, 2020, americas, apple inc., asset, bullish, business, business model, buy gold, cambridge house, canada, capital, capital (economics), cash, commodities, company, conference, corporate spin-off, cycle, deck, development, diversification (finance), diversified, economic growth, ecuador, events, exponential growth, finance, gold, gold as an investment, google, interest, investment, investor, low risk, make money, market, market (economics), market capitalization, market liquidity, metal, metalla, mexico, mineral, mining, money, new york stock exchange, peru, pitch, portfolio, portfolio (finance), precious metals, presentation, price, producer, public, quebec, resource, retail, royalties, royalty payment, secondary market, shares, silver, stock, stock exchange, streaming, tech, timmins, toronto, trading, tsxv, val d'or, vancouver, venture, vric, zinc
Evan Nisselson
General Partner at LDV Capital
3d computer graphics, 3d modeling, actor, advent, allen & company, amazon (company), analytics, animation, applause, apple inc., assembly line, asset, behavior, bionics, bit, brain, brand, brownsville, brooklyn, business, camera, camera phone, cancer, capital (economics), car, carmageddon, chief executive officer, clothing, cloud computing, co-creation, coffee, commerce, communication, community, company, composer, computer, computer graphics, computer hardware, computer vision, computing, consumer, conversation, cornell tech, crowdsourcing, crutch, cryptocurrency, data, data center, digital imaging, economic inequality, ecosystem, electrical engineering, engineering, entrepreneurship, everything everything, evolution, expert, exponential growth, eye, face, facebook, facial expression, factory, fedex, feeling, finance, folk music, frog, future, gamification, generation, gentrification, glass, goal, google, google play, health, health care, heart, heart rate, image, image-guided surgery, impostor syndrome, income, information, innovation, instagram, interactivity, internet, interview, intuition, inventory, investor, language, learning, leonardo da vinci, lidar, light, logistics, love, lyft, machine learning, macro photography, mass media, mechanics, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft, microsoft hololens, microsoft powerpoint, mind, mobile app, money, nanometre, nanophotonics, nanotechnology, netscape, network effect, news, nothing, oculus vr, openai, opportunity zone, optics, ownership, paper, password, pharmacy, photonics, pinterest, planet labs, policy, procter & gamble, prostate cancer, prototype, psyonix, radar, radiology, revolution, robot, sales, satellite, science, scientist, seed money, self-driving car, self-driving truck, sensor, serendipity, silicon, silicon photonics, small satellite, smart city, social-network game, society, space, spark capital, spectrum, spotify, startup company, strobe light, surgery, synthetic data, synthetic media, synthetic-aperture radar, tax, technology, telehealth, the beatles, thesis, time, traffic congestion, truck, tumblr, twitter, uber, unicorn (finance), united parcel service, valuation (finance), vehicle, venture capital, video, videotelephony, virtual reality, vision science, weed, wi-fi, youtube
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