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Alison Circle
Chief Customer Experience Officer at Columbus Metropolitan Library
behavior, blog, budget, columbus, ohio, conversation, culture, customer experience, e-book, expert, franklin county, ohio, health, mind, mining, ohio, property, property tax, question, reason, risk, target corporation, tax, tax levy, taxpayer, telecommuting, the home depot
Jim Tincher
Journey Mapper-in-Chief, Customer Experience Expert at Heart of the Customer
advertising, allstate, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., art, atb financial, attention, bank, behavior, belief, best practice, blog, brainstorming, brand, budget, business-to-business, canadian imperial bank of commerce, case study, chatbot, cherry picking, cloud computing, cognition, columbus, ohio, commercial off-the-shelf, concept, conversation, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, culture, customer, customer experience, design, design thinking, digital transformation, e-book, education, empathy, employee retention, employment, engineering, ethos, experiment, expert, facebook, feedback, feeling, food safety, franklin county, ohio, future, google ads, grocery store, health, health care, hindsight bias, homeschooling, hope, http cookie, hubspot, human, incentive, information, innovation, insurance, intelligence, internet, interview, investment, investor, jeff bezos, knowledge, lag, landing page, language, leadership, learning, loyalty program, machine learning, meaning of life, microsoft, millennials, mind, mindset, mining, mirror, mobile phone, motivation, music, neonatal intensive care unit, nerve, net income, net promoter, ohio, omnichannel, onboarding, online advertising, online and offline, operationalization, organization, password, persona, personalization, post-it note, price, problem solving, property, property tax, psychological safety, psychology, quality assurance, question, real-time computing, reason, research, retail, risk, sales, sampling (statistics), science, scotiabank, sentiment analysis, service blueprint, shopping, smartphone, social media, software engineering, space, startup company, strategy, supermarket, sympathy, target audience, target corporation, tax, tax levy, taxpayer, team, technology, telecommuting, telemetry, text messaging, the home depot, thought, ticketmaster, time, touchpoint, transparency (behavior), troubleshooting, trust (social science), understanding, usability, usability testing, user experience design, vehicle insurance
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