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Gary Bolles
Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
3d printing, acceleration, adhesive, ai, aldi, alexander the great, algorithm, altec lansing, amman, analogy, analytics, apprenticeship, ar, artificial intelligence, attention, augmented reality, australia, automation, avatar (computing), avature, behavior, biotechnology, bit, blockchain, book, box, brainiac (character), brand, brassring, broom, business model, calculus, canada, car, cathedral, centre court, ceo, charter school, chile, classical element, classroom, closeted, college, columbidae, common core state standards initiative, communication, communication protocol, company, competition, computer, computing, concept, consultant, consumer behaviour, contract, conversation, creativity, crispr, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, culture, curiosity, curriculum, cyborg, database, decision-making, deepfake, definition, design, design thinking, designing thinking, desk, digital identity, disruptive innovation, diversity, dna, dystopia, economy, education, educational technology, elephant, embalming, employee engagement, employment, energy, entrepreneurship, error, ethiopia, exercise, exponential medicine, father, fax, fintech, florida, fluid, forced displacement, freelancer, fuel, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, gateway (telecommunications), gender, generation, genetics, genome, genome project, ghost, glassdoor, global summit, god, google, grace cathedral, san francisco, great recession, greenhouse, hand, happiness, harry potter, health, healthtech, hedge (finance), hierarchy, higher education, hiring, hiring success, homing pigeon, hope, hour, hr, human, human resource management, iceberg, icims, inclusion, industry, information, infrastructure, innovation, inspiration, intelligence, internet, internet of things, investment, japan, jenna dewan, jesus, job, jobs, jobvite, jordan, knowledge, labour economics, law, leadership, learning, lecture, lever, lifelong learning, linkedin, lowell high school (san francisco), luxembourg, machine learning, macroeconomics, magical objects in harry potter, malala yousafzai, market (economics), maryland, matter, medtech, memory, mentorship, mercy corps, mind, mindset, mining, money, music, nanotechnology, narrative, natural environment, neon, noah's ark, novartis, nursing, okinawa prefecture, onboarding, organization, organizational behavior, organizational culture, organizational structure, paper, parachute, pension, peter diamandis, planet, police, portfolio (finance), poverty, problem solving, question, radio, ray kurzweil, reality, reason, recession, refugee, refugees of the syrian civil war, restaurant, risk, robotic process automation, robotics, samsung, san francisco, sap, science, secondary education, self, sharing economy, shelf life, sherpa people, silicon, silicon valley, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, skill, skynet (terminator), smartphone, smartrecruiters, social media, software , solution, speed dating, star, startup company, success, successfactors, superpower, talks, tax, teacher, team, technological singularity, technology, telecommunication, textbook, think tank, thought, time, toronto, training, trial and error, uber, unemployment, united states, university, university of maryland, college park, use case, user guide, utopia, valve, valve corporation, virtual reality, vr, war, william gibson, wisdom, witchcraft, workday, workforce, working time, world bank, world food programme, xmed, youth unemployment, youtube, yuval noah harari
Vincent Pradeilles
Expert iOS at equensWorldline
backslash, boolean data type, child, compromise, computer, conference, dictionary, dotswift, drink, el paso, texas, ghetto, god, iceberg, insurance, keypaths, nothing, parameter, property, punctuation, self-control, signature, swift, switch, syndic, tension (physics), type safety
Joe Blubaugh
Software Engineering at LightStep
api, application programming interface, application software, architecture, bee, behavior, bird of prey, bit, blubaugh, box, cache (computing), cache replacement policies, camel, car, carrot, cash, central processing unit, cloud computing, code refactoring, complex system, computer network, consumption (economics), correlation and dependence, customer, dashboard, data, database, diagram, distributed computing, engineer, explanation, export, failure, fraud, graph (discrete mathematics), hypertext transfer protocol, iceberg, input/output, investment, joe, json, knowledge, lake, latency (engineering), law, lightstep, line graph, luck, measurement, memory, microservices, microsoft, microsoft windows, money, nap, neck, netscape, observable, observer effect (physics), ohio, open-source software, order of magnitude, order of operations, organization, pager, paging, pain, parsing, past, proxy server, regression analysis, remote procedure call, root cause, scalability, server (computing), sidecar, software , software bug, software engineer, software framework, sphere, stream, subroutine, system, telemetry, the observer, time, timestamp, trace element, trail, trial and error, weather, web server, world
Alex Boghosian
Graduate Student at Columbia University
antarctica, deep learning, eye, glacier, ground truth, ice, ice sheet, ice shelf, iceberg, image segmentation, infrared, lamont–doherty earth observatory, landsat program, larsen ice shelf, mental image, multispectral image, ocean, pine island glacier, radar, remote sensing, sea, visible spectrum, water, waterfall, weight
Kenji Rikitake
Founder at Kenji Rikitake Professional Engineer's Office
apache http server, behavior, coffee, crab, directory (computing), distributed version control, ethics, filename, github, gnu general public license, google, html, iceberg, license, lutheranism, microsoft excel, muscle, normal distribution, nothing, openstack, parameter, pdf, phoenix, arizona, program optimization, prosthesis, randomness, software , software bug, software development, source code, specification (technical standard), statistics, talk talk, twitter, uniform distribution (continuous), unit testing, url, world wide web, xml, youtube
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