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Sydney Lai
Web3 Wrangler at Griffin Gaming Partners
apathy, catholic church, creativity, culture, decision-making, engineering, experience, feeling, guild, instinct, j. k. rowling, lol, mass, nintendo, nothing, organization, prayer, preference, reason, self-actualization, social engineering (security), team, technology, tool, zero-sum game
Dax Shepard
Armchair Expert
armchair expert, business, cancel culture, celebrity culture, change your mind (steven universe), communication, dax shepard, dealbook, desire, donald trump, experience, finance, hillary clinton, instinct, irony, love, media, mind, monica geller, monica padman, new york times, news, nytimes, podcast, policy, politics, prince harry, duke of sussex, reality, reason, research, sneakers, space, technology, vaccine hesitancy, vladimir putin
Monica Padman
Producer at Armchair Expert
armchair expert, business, cancel culture, celebrity culture, change your mind (steven universe), communication, dax shepard, dealbook, desire, donald trump, experience, finance, hillary clinton, instinct, irony, love, media, mind, monica geller, monica padman, new york times, news, nytimes, podcast, policy, politics, prince harry, duke of sussex, reality, reason, research, sneakers, space, technology, vaccine hesitancy, vladimir putin
Adora Cheung
Partner at Y Combinator
3d printing, accredited investor, active users, adaptation, adora cheung, adora chung, advertising, age and female fertility, airbnb, alana branston, amazon (company), amazon web services, android (operating system), anger, apple inc., art, attention, average, baidu, bank, behavior, best practice, bicycle, big tech, bioinformatics, biopharmaceutical, biotech, bit, black box, blue ocean strategy, brand, breastfeeding, business, business model, business software, car, carolynn levy, cash conversion cycle, cat, causality, chatbot, clothing, commercial off-the-shelf, communication, community, complexity, computer science, computer security, concept, consensus decision-making, consultant, context switch, contract, control flow, conversation, craigslist, credibility, credit, credit card, criticism, crowdfunding, culture, customer, delusion, democracy, design, digital media, dimension, discord (software), drug development, ebay, economy, education, educational technology, elizabeth iorns, email, employment, engineering, entrepreneurship, epidemiology, equal opportunity, eric migicovsky, essay, etsy, evaluation, exercise, experiment, expert, extraversion and introversion, facebook, fake news, feeling, female founders conference, film finance, financial technology, food, food and drug administration, foreign exchange market, frozen (2013 film), fundraising, future, generosity, geoff ralston, gmail, goal, god, google, google maps, grief, h-1b visa, happiness, hard tech, hardware, health, health care, hindsight bias, holly liu, hour, human, hypothesis, idea, indiegogo, innovation, insight, instinct, institutional investor, insurance, interdisciplinarity, interest, internet, internet forum, interview, inventory, investment, investor, j.crew, jargon, jessica livingston, job, journalism, justice, kat mañalac, knowledge, kristy nathoo, laboratory, landing page, law, learning, lecture, library, loan, loneliness, longevity, love, lunch, lyft, machine learning, mail, market (economics), marketplace, massive open online course, matter, mechanical engineering, median, mental health, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, minimum wage, mining, mobile app, monetization, money, motel, mother, motivation, negotiation, network effect, news, newspaper, nothing, obesity, online dating application, ooshma garg, opportunity cost, overtime, paragraph, parameter, parental leave, patrick collison, pay it forward, pebble, pebble (watch), percentage, perception, performance indicator, personality type, postcard, price, pricing, pricing strategies, product/market fit, productivity, profit (economics), property, prototype, proxy server, quality of service, question, reason, reham fagiri, reproducibility, resource, restaurant, retail, revenue, risk, sales, sam altman, san francisco, science, scientific method, self-fulfilling prophecy, sharon pope, she-ra, shopify, silicon valley, siri, skype, sleep, smartwatch, snapchat, social media, soft drink, softbank group, software , space, spacex, spamming, spreadsheet, starbucks, startup company, startup school, statistical significance, storytelling, streaming media, street, stripe, stripe (company), switching barriers, system, target corporation, tax, technology roadmap, the wall street journal, thought, tiffani ashley bell, time, time management, tool, turnover (employment), twitter, uber, united states postal service, usability, user-generated content, utility, valuation (finance), value proposition, van, venture capital financing, videotelephony, violence, walmart, weed, whatsapp, whiplash (medicine), whole foods market, y combinator, yc, youtube, zip code
Dr. Felix Portnoy
Lead User Experience Researcher/Designer at IBM
attention, attention and mental workload, attitude (psychology), brain, cognition, cognitive theories, consciousness, conversation, design, distraction, evidence, gestalt psychology, idea, insight, instinct, internet, intuitive interfaces, knowledge, memory, online ad, perception, psychology, real case examples, reason, short-term memory, space, thought, top-down and bottom-up design, user interface, ux, web design, world wide web
Zachary Friedman
Senior Technical Product Manager at Immuta
access control, analytics, api, authorization, business, business intelligence, computer security, concept, data warehouse, database, databricks, email, enterprise software, instinct, mobile app, privacy, role-based access control, slack (software), symbol, system, the lake house (film), user (computing), warehouse
Milton Creagh
Owner at Milton Creagh and Associates
adolescence, bias, cognition, confederate states of america, connect ny, current real estate news, father, for real estate agents, gender, georgia (u.s. state), housewife, iced tea, information, inman, inman connect, inman new york, inman news, inman real estate, inman real estate news, inman realty, inman select, inmannews, instinct, jefferson davis, latest real estate news, marriage, memory, mississippi, parenting, police, president of the confederate states of america, question, real estate agent help, real estate agent news, real estate broker, real estate companies, real estate marketing news, real estate news and advice, real estate news today, real estate news websites, real estate newspaper, realty news, siri, southern united states, subconscious, the real estate people, truth, websites for realtors, wife
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Independent Photography Professional
alcohol consumption in russia, arctic ocean, bear, brown bear, desert, dorothy gale, dream, frankenstein, harpoon, hunting, icebreaker, instinct, internet, music, ocean, richard nixon, russia, snowmobile, suicide, the wizard of oz (1939 film), tundra, walrus, water, whale
Yihui Xie
Software Engineer at RStudio, Inc.
application software, art, book, cascading style sheets, chromium (web browser), civilization and its discontents, css grid layout, email, facebook, faith, github, google, google chrome, html, instinct, javascript, knowledge, pdf, question, repression (psychology), software , typesetting, web browser, world wide web
Jeffery Martin
Co-Founder & Research Director at TTL
abraham maslow, american psychological association, bias, business-to-business, capitalism, ethics, feeling, gratitude, information, instinct, ivan pavlov, learning, martin seligman, memory, mood (psychology), positive psychology, protocol (science), psychology, reason, science, thought, toy, transcendence (philosophy), venture capital, well-being
Rebecca Murphey
Front-End Core Engineer Lead at Indeed
air traffic control, airliner, airplane, analogy, bit, concept, conversation, crew resource management, developer conference, elephant, engineering leadership, feeling, flight, flight attendant, horse, human, instinct, laguardia airport, lead developer, learning, management, matter, reason, risk, tech conference, tech lead, technical leader, twitter, understanding, us airways, us airways flight 1549, white october events
Louisa Barret
Director, Front-End Engineering Program at Turing School of Software & Design
accessibility, alan turing, beacon hill, boston, beam (nautical), bit, blood, blood pressure, blue, blues, brand, breathing, bulb, cleanliness, clergy, color, color blindness, color theory, color vision, color wheel, colorfulness, communication, complementary colors, concept, confidence, conspiracy theory, crayon, creativity, culture, darkness, deep purple, denver, design, devil, donatello (teenage mutant ninja turtles), dye, energy, engineer, engineering, error, error message, eye, fashion, fat, fedex, force, godzilla, grayscale, green, grey, hamburger, hat, hip hop music, holiday, humidity, icon, instinct, insurance, intelligence, jersey, jsconfhi, leonardo (teenage mutant ninja turtles), light, lightness, love, loyalty , mcdonald's, metabolism, michelangelo (teenage mutant ninja turtles), monarchy, money, music, palette (computing), percentage, pitbull (rapper), pizza, pressure, primary color, property, pure tone, radioactive decay, raphael (teenage mutant ninja turtles), rat, reason, rectangle, red, reddit, reptile, research, sadness, science, secondary color, sensory cue, simulation, solution, song, splinter (teenage mutant ninja turtles), supersaturation, synonym, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tent, the thumb, the turtles, thumb, toronto, triangle, truth, turtle, twitter, united states, ux, vacuum, vibration, visible spectrum, visual impairment, visual perception, vocabulary, western culture, wheel, witchcraft, word, x-men, yellow
Joel Bailey
Director at EY Seren
bank, business model, customer experience, design, design strategy, design talks, ecosystem, event, experiment, facebook, financial literacy, fintech desgn summit, food bank, headphones, human, instinct, insurance, junior ux crunch, literacy, love, nursing, reason, research, risk, service economy, target audience, tech circus, technology, time, user experience, ux conference, ux crunch, ux crunch london, ux live, ux london, value proposition, vanilla ice, wedding invitation
Ed Nathanson
Founder at Red Pill Talent
cancer, chatbot, customer service, emotion, facebook, humour, instagram, instinct, iron man, leadership, linkedin, mind, parody, psychology, reality, recruitment, sarah connor (terminator), social media, space, terminator (franchise), trust (social science), truth, twitter, viral phenomenon, voicemail
Fareed Mosavat
TitleDirector of Product, Lifecycle at Slack
analytics, andrew stanton, brainstorming, business model, creativity, daniel mccallum, design, engineering, expert, finding nemo, goal, industrial revolution, instinct, logic, machine learning, matter, mind, mind the product, mtpcon, pixar, prodmgmt, product management, research, science, slack, specification (technical standard), startup company, storytelling, the incredibles, wall-e
Katie Helton
Mid-Market Account Executive at Mixmax
analogy, attention, entrepreneurship, ethics, extraversion and introversion, founder sales, humility, infrastructure, instinct, interview, leadership, learning, mind, organization, pain, product/market fit, question, reason, saas founder, sales, sales process engineering, security, self-service, startup company, thought, understanding, who wants to be a millionaire?
Olof Mathe
Co-founder & CEO at Mixmax
alexa internet, analogy, attention, automation, best practice, credit card, employment, entrepreneurship, ethics, evaluation, extraversion and introversion, founder sales, freemium, friction, humility, infrastructure, instinct, interview, leadership, learning, market (economics), mind, onboarding, option (finance), organization, pain, pricing, product/market fit, prototype, question, reason, revenue model, saas founder, sales, sales process engineering, salesforce, science, security, self-service, startup company, target audience, tax, thought, understanding, use case, who wants to be a millionaire?
Suzanne Gildert
Founder & CEO at Sanctuary AI
3d printing, ai, amazon echo, analytics, ar, architecture, artifical intelligence, artificial general intelligence, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, augmented reality, automation, biotechnology, blockchain, boston dynamics, brain–computer interface, computing, concept, consciousness, crispr, deep learning, designing thinking, dolphin, edmonton, education, educational technology, engineer, entrepreneurship, ethics, evidence-based medicine, evolution, expert, exponential canada, exponential thinking, feeling, fintech, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, genetics, global summit, graphics processing unit, hanson robotics, hawaii, health, healthtech, humanoid, humanoid robot, hypercholesterolemia, hypothesis, idea, inclusion, innovation, instinct, intelligence, internet of things, leadership, learning, machine learning, medtech, memory, mind, nanotechnology, new york (state), perception, perceptron, peter diamandis, predation, privacy, problem solving, qualia, rain, ray kurzweil, reality, reason, risk, robot, robotics, science, self-driving car, sentience, simulation, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, singularityu canada, siri, sophia (robot), summit, talks, technological singularity, technology, thought, time, time travel, uncanny valley, understanding, virtual reality, vr, westworld (film)
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