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Lou Kerner
Advisory Board Member at Blockchain Coinvestors
advertising, amazon (company), ami ben-david, angel investor, apple inc., architecture, asset, asset classes, bitcoin, blockchain, cloud computing, communication protocol, computer hardware, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptomondays, david weild, decentralization, desktop computer, economics, economy, education, error, ethereum, facebook, faith, first-mover advantage, fund of funds, goldman sachs, google, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, incentive, industrial revolution, initial coin offering, innovation, intelligence, interest, internet, investment, investment management, investor, jor law, jumpstart our business startups act, lou kerner, mainframe computer, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), market liquidity, market trend, mason borda, microsoft, mining, money, myspace, nasdaq, nasdaq-100, natural law, nft, nftnyc, nfts, nigeria, non-fungible tokens, occam's razor, online advertising, option (finance), oracle corporation, private equity, regional integration, regulatory compliance, religion, right to be forgotten, risk, self-driving car, smart contract, social media, startup company, stock, stock exchange, sustainability, technology, the social network, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states, venture capital, wall street, wealth
Mason Borda
CEO & Co-founder at TokenSoft
ami ben-david, apple inc., arbitrage, architecture, bank, berne convention, bitcoin, blockchain, broker-dealer, capital market, communication protocol, computer security, confidentiality, copyright, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, david weild, debt, defi, digital assets, digital currency, error, ethereum, euronext, facebook, finance, first-mover advantage, goldman sachs, google search, hope, initial coin offering, initial public offering, insurance, intellectual property, interest, internet meme, internet protocol suite, investment, investment banking, investor, jor law, jumpstart our business startups act, know-how, law, libra (cryptocurrency), loan, lou kerner, market (economics), market liquidity, market value, marketplace, mason borda, micropayment, money laundering, monopoly, nasdaq, natural law, network effect, nyse american, paddle (spanking), patent, point of sale, price, private equity, regulatory compliance, risk, rsa security, secondary market, securitization, security (finance), social media, software patent, startup company, stock, stock exchange, stock market, stos, tax, tezos, trade secret, trademark, transparency (behavior), u.s. securities and exchange commission, valuation (finance), venture capital, wall street
David Weild
Chairman & CEO at Weild & Co.
alternative investments, ami ben-david, apple inc., architecture, banking, barclays, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), closed-end fund, collective intelligence, communication protocol, corporate governance, crowdfunding, crypto, crypto exchange, cryptocurrency, daily current affairs, dave ramsey, david weild, digital assets, digital securities, entrepreneurship, error, ethereum, finance, financial analyst, financial technology, fintech, first-mover advantage, fundraising, goldman sachs, initial coin offering, interest, invest, investing, investment, investment banking, investor, joe biden, jor law, jumpstart our business startups act, libra, liquidity, lou kerner, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mason borda, mergers and acquisitions, money, nasdaq, natural law, net asset value, option (finance), p2p, presidential transition of donald trump, private equity, regulatory compliance, ripple, risk, sec, securities, security (finance), smart contract, stakeholders, startup company, stbu, sto, stobox, stock, stock exchange, stock market, stock market for beginners, stocks, token, tokenization, tokenization of securities, tokens, transactions, u.s. securities and exchange commission, unicorn (finance), valuation (finance), value investing, venture capital, wall street, warren buffett, yield (finance)
Ami Ben-David
Co-Founder & CEO at Ownera
abn amro, abra, adam levy, addx, alon goren, amazon (company), ami ben david, ami ben-david, amir blachman, angel investor, annuity (american), apple inc., application software, architecture, avichal garg, axiom space, bank, berit fuss, bitcoin, blackrock, blockchain, board of directors, bond (finance), broker-dealer, business model, capital (economics), capital market, cash, central bank, ceo, chief executive officer, cold calling, communication protocol, computer network, conference, contract, credit, crowdfunding, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptography , data analytics, david weild, decentralization, decentralized autonomous organization, decentralized finance, defi, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital security, draper goren holm, draper venture network, due diligence, economy, electric capital, entrepreneurship, equity (finance), error, ethereum, ethereum digital shares, ethereum lifecycle, etoro, euro, event, expert, family office, feeling, finance, financial technology, financial transaction, first-mover advantage, fixed income, founder, gilad amir, goldman sachs, google, governance, grasshopper capital, hedge fund, high-net-worth individual, hyperledger, initial coin offering, initial public offering, innovation, institutional investor, interest, internet, investment, investment banking, investor, jor law, josef holm, jp morgan chase & co, jpmorgan chase, jumpstart our business startups act, know your customer, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, lawyer, leverage (finance), loan, lou kerner, market (economics), market liquidity, market sentiment, mason borda, matt boseo, microsoft, mobile app, money, money laundering, nasdaq, natural law, nisa amolis, nomura, oi-yee, option (finance), ownera, ownership, payment, pollen street capital, privacy and blockchain, private digital company, private equity, private equity secondary market, privately held company, regulatory compliance, repurchase agreement, reputation, risk, robyn friedman, scott lucas, security, security (finance), social media, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, startup company, stock, stock exchange, summit, tesla, inc., tim draper, u.s. securities and exchange commission, underwriting, unicorn (finance), valuation (finance), venture capital, wall street
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