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Daria Phoebe Brashear
Technologist, Evangelist, Architect, Developer at AuriStor
auristor, andrew file system, buildbot, cache (computing), clustered file system, continuous integration, cross-platform network, cross-platform software, encrypting file system, file system, file system api, filesystems , hypervisor, in-kernel interface, it, kernel (operating system), kernel-based virtual machine, kvm, library (computing), loadable kernel module, network file system, network filesystems, operating system, remote procedure call, server message block, tap, unix, version control, virtual file system, virtual machine, virtualization, vmware, vmware esxi, x86-64
Joe Fernandes
VP and GM, Core Cloud Platforms at Red Hat
#ansiblefest2020 #thecube, #thecube, @thecube, amazon web services, analytics, ansiblefest 2020, application software, automation, cloud computing, community, computer, containerization, cross-platform software, data center, dave lindquist, dave vellante, engineering, enterprise software, fedora (operating system), google, google drive, governance, hypervisor, ibm cloud computing, immutable object, innovation, internet of things, it infrastructure, jeff frick, joe fernandes, john furrier, kernel-based virtual machine, kubernetes , language, life-cycle assessment, linux, load balancing (computing), microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, open innovation, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openshift, openstack, operating system, over-the-air programming, packaging and labeling, payment card industry data security standard, product lifecycle, programmer, provisioning (telecommunications), reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, research, rhsummit, scalability, security-enhanced linux, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, technology, thecube, tom anderson, use case, virtual machine, virtualization, vmware, wikibon
Stuart Miniman
Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat
#thecube, 5g, @thecube, adoption, ai-infused network , alejandro lopez osornio, amazing stories, amazon (company), amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, analogy, analytics, anand babu periasamy, antenna (radio), apartment, api, apple inc., application software, architect, architecture, argentina, argentine ministry of health, arm architecture, arvind krishna, ashesh badani, assistive technology, automation, bachelor's degree, backup, bank, behavior, bell, big data, bit, booting, boston, brand, buenos aires, bus, business, business model, business-to-business, california, cambrian explosion, car, carbon black (company), cartesian coordinate system, central processing unit, chat room, chief executive officer, chief information officer, child care, choice hotels international, chris wright, cisco systems, citrix systems, clayton coleman, cloud, cloud computing, cloud management, cloud storage, cloudera, communication, community, complexity, computer, computer appliance, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computing, continuous integration, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, cube conversation, customer, customer experience, data, data center, database, dave vellante, decision-making, delisa alexander, dell, dell emc, desktop virtualization, devil, devops, digital transformation, distributed computing, dividend, ecological resilience, economics, ecosystem, edenor, electricity, empathy, empowerment, end user, energy, engine, engineering, enterprise software, executable, experience, eye, feedback, fibre channel, file hosting service, firmware, flash memory, fleet management, free and open-source software, free software, geography, github, glass, goal, google, governance, greenlake, grocery store, hat, health, health care, health informatics, health system, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, homeschooling, hospital, hour, hp cloud, hpe, human, hybrid (biology), hypervisor, ibm, ibm cloud computing, ibm think, ibm think 2020, ibm websphere, industrial internet of things, information privacy, information system, information technology, infrastructure, innovation, insight, intel, intel xeon, intensive care unit, interest, internet, internet of things, investment, it infrastructure, java (programming language), java virtual machine, joe fernandes, joe fitzgerald, john furrier, kernel-based virtual machine, keynote, keynote analysis, kinect, knowledge, kubernetes , laboratory, lag, language, laptop, last mile, latency (engineering), law, leadership, learning, life-cycle assessment, lightweight directory access protocol, linux, linux distribution, linux foundation, lisa spelman, lol, louis v. gerstner jr., love, lucian, machine learning, mainframe computer, mana, manufacturing, maria alejandra trozzi, market (economics), mass media, mathematical optimization, matt hicks, medical record, megan byrd-sanicki, memory, mental disorder, mental health, metadata, metal, microphone, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, middleware, mind, minio, ministry of health (argentina), ministry of health (saudi arabia), mobile app, mobile phone, money, monopoly, natural disaster, nature, netflix, netha hussain, network function virtualization, news, nick barcet, nigger, nike, inc., node (networking), nosql, nothing, number, nursing, nvidia, nvm express, object storage, office 365, online community, open innovation, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openjdk, openshift, openstack, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, orbit, organization, overdrive (mechanics), packaging and labeling, palo alto, california, patch (computing), patient, paul cormier, percentage, persistence (computer science), pinterest, platform as a service, point of care, poland, price, privacy, procurement, product lifecycle, property, proprietary software, pure storage, quality of service, quarkus, question, reality, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, regulatory compliance, research, rhsummit, rich sharples, robot, robyn bergeron, runtime system, satya nadella, security, security-enhanced linux, self-driving car, sensor, server (computing), serverless computing, share repurchase, ship, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, snowflake, social distancing, software , software bug, software development, software framework, software-defined networking, space, species, specification (technical standard), startup company, stefanie chiras, stereoscopy, stock, stu miniman, studio, subscription business model, tax, technology, technology roadmap, telecommunication, telecommuting, tesla, inc., thecube, think2020, throughput, tim cramer, trademark, truth, twitter, understanding, united states, university of gothenberg, use case, value proposition, vaughn stewart, verizon communications, video on demand, videotelephony, virtual machine, virtual private network, virtualization, vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, vulnerability (computing), watson (computer), wi-fi, wikibon, wikipedia, wisdom, word, world wide web, xbox one, youtube, zoom (software)
Jerry Eshbaugh
Director at Dovel Technologies
api, application software, best practice, cloud computing, command-line interface, computer data storage, database, devops, edb, enterprisedb, kernel-based virtual machine, kubernetes , law, linux, microservices, multi-core processor, operating system, postgres, postgresql, privacy, replication (computing), scalability, simulation, software-defined networking, virtual machine, virtualization, world wide web
Marc Brooker
Sr Principal Engineer at AWS
amazon web services, backup, big data, bios, booting, chrome os, cloud computing, command-line interface, communication protocol, computer data storage, computer keyboard, concept, conference, consensus (computer science), data, database, device driver, distributed computing, emulator, formal methods, hyper-threading, java (programming language), joke, kernel (operating system), kernel-based virtual machine, license compatibility, linearizability, linux, linux kernel, mathematical optimization, metadata, microkernel, microsoft, microsoft windows, open access, operating system, program optimization, property, raid, reason, replication (computing), scheduling (computing), serializability, server (computing), serverless computing, simultaneous multithreading, software , software bug, technology, trade-off, usb, usenix, virtualization
Richard A. Brunner
Principal Engineer, CTO Server Platform Technologies at VMware
3d xpoint, advanced configuration and power interface, application checkpointing, booting, cpu cache, device driver, device file, hyper-v, hypervisor, ios, kernel-based virtual machine, live migration, load balancing (computing), memory controller, microsoft windows, nvdimm, operating system, persistent memory, random-access memory, skylake (microarchitecture), snia, storage, storage networking industry association, vcenter, virtual machine, virtualization, vmware, x86 virtualization
Josh Triplett
Principal Engineer at Intel
ambiguity, anger, blog, code refactoring, command-line interface, compiler, consensus decision-making, dropbox paper, experiment, food, human factors and ergonomics, introspection, kernel-based virtual machine, library (computing), macro (computer science), namespace, parsing, python (programming language), reason, rust, rust (programming language), rust-lang, rustlang, satisficing, scope (computer science), semicolon, source code, usability
Roger Pau Monné
Software Engineer at Citrix Systems R&D
32-bit computing, 64-bit computing, advanced configuration and power interface, bit, communication protocol, computer, computer data storage, flash memory, graphics processing unit, instruction set architecture, interface (computing), internet, interrupt, kernel-based virtual machine, laptop, linux kernel, memory address, motherboard, pci express, pdf, peripheral component interconnect, personal computer, usb, x86
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