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Laura Shin
Podcast producer and host at Unchained and Unconfirmed podcasts
3d printing, adam levy, agriculture, ai, algorithm, alon goren, ar, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automated teller machine, automation, bank, banknote, belief, binance, biometrics, biotechnology, birth certificate, bitcoin, blockchain, blood diamond, capital control, central bank, china, choice, climate change, computing, conference, credit card, crispr, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, cz, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, deflation, derivative (finance), designing thinking, diamond, digital identity, digital security, discounting, distributed generation, draper goren holm, draper venture network, driver's license, economics, economy, education, entrepreneurship, etherealsummit, etherealvirtual, ethereum, ethereum securities and exchange commission, etoro, event, exchange rate, exchange-traded fund, exchange-traded note, facebook, feeling, finance, financial crisis, financial transaction, fintech, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futures exchange, futurism, futurist, genetics, global summit, goal, governance, health, healthtech, hester peirce, hindsight bias, identity document, information, interest, internet, internet access, investor, josef holm, jumpstart our business startups act, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laura shin, lawyer, leadership, learning, leverage (finance), libra (digital currency), long tail, market (economics), market liquidity, medtech, meme, money, money laundering, nanotechnology, news, option (finance), password, perception, personal data, peter diamandis, poverty, price, privacy, proof of stake, ray kurzweil, reason, regulation a, regulatory compliance, renminbi, right to know, robotics, science, sec commissioner, sec commissioner hester peirce, securities act of 1933, securities regulation in the united states, security (finance), singularity hub, singularity university, smart contract, solar panel, stablecoin, steam (service), summit, system, talks, technology, tim draper, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states congress, usability, use case, user interface, user-generated content, venture capital, virtual reality, vr
Changpeng Zhao
CEO at Binance
academy awards, actor, adam levy, adoption, aesthetics, africa, al capone, aldi, alon goren, amazon alexa, android (operating system), anna irrera, anthony-pompliano, arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, asset, attention, bailey-reutze, bailout, bank, behavior, big bang, binance, bitcoin, blacklist (computing), blockchain, bnb, bond (finance), bsc, business model, capital control, capital formation, car, cash, cd2020, cefi, cell (biology), central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, changpeng-zhao, chief correspondent, chief executive officer, china, cogx2021, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, colorist, competition, concept, conference, conscience, contactless payment, contract, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, covid-19 pandemic, credibility, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cuan, currency, cybercrime, cz, cz-stays-home, debit card, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, definition, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital economy, digital security, doge, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, economy of the united states, entrepreneurship, etherealsummit, etherealvirtual, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, facial recognition system, fiat money, finance, financial crisis, financial market, financial technology, fintech, fireside chat, fireside chats, first-mover advantage, flag, flag of indonesia, food, founder, free trade, frédéric bastiat, future, futures contract, galaxy, ghetto, goal, hacker, hedge (finance), horizon, hotel, human, ibw, indonesia, indonesian language, inflation, interest, interest rate, internet, investment, ios, jersey, jesus, jointheconversation, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, kripto, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laura shin, lebanon, legal tender, leverage (finance), libra (digital currency), loan, logo, luck, machine, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mass-adoption, metamask, mind, mobile app, mobile phone, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneyness, moon, morgan-creek, netflix, network effect, new jersey, news, nigeria, option (finance), password, payment, paypal, perception, pharmacy, physical therapy, pine, plantation, politics, price, privacy, proof of stake, property, quarantine, question, race (human categorization), radio, rebate (marketing), regulatory compliance, renminbi, satoshi nakamoto, security (finance), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, singapore, smart contract, social media, sonar, southeast asia, spamming, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, steam (service), stock, stock market, summit, super bowl, surgery, tax, telecommuting, telegram (software), terraria, the perfect storm (film), tim draper, time, tko, toko token, tokocrypto, too big to fail, tool, trade, trading, twitter, unemployment, united states, upload, usability, use case, user (computing), user experience, user interface, visa inc., wechat, whatsapp, wheel, xrp, youtube, zhaochangpeng
Michael Casey
Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk
advertising, amazon (company), analytics, anonymity, apple inc., art, authentication, axios (website), bailout, bank, ben bernanke, bernie sanders, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bias, big data, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin for beginners, blockchain, bloomberg l.p., brand, business model, business-to-business, buy cryptocurrency, capitalism, cash, caucus, cd2020, central bank, cheque, china, clickbait, cloud computing, coindesk, coindesktv, commerce, commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, community, competition, computer, concept, consensus (computer science), consensus: distributed 2020, copyright, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for beginners, currency, database, debt, decentralization, deposit insurance, digital currency, digitization, dividends, double-spending, echo chamber (media), elon musk, entertainment, entrepreneurship, ethereum, ethics, eureka effect, european central bank, exchange value, facebook, federal reserve, financial market participants, financial system, financial technology, first-sale doctrine, fiscal policy, free market, future, futures contract, global governance, google, governance, hedge (finance), hedge fund, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, human nature, idea, incentive, inflation, inflationism, information, infrastructure, innovation, intellectual property, interest, interest rate, international monetary fund, internet, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, investor, journalism, journalism ethics and standards, know your customer, language, larry summers, legal tender, libor, libra (cryptocurrency), libra (digital currency), license, machine learning, market (economics), mass media, meme, microgrid, mind, monetary, monetary system, money, money laundering, money reimagined, money supply, narrative, news, news media, nft, nftnyc, nfts, non-fungible tokens, nothing, ownership, passive income, payment, paywall, peer-to-peer, policy, price, prism (surveillance program), privacy, privacy and blockchain, programming language, property, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, reputation, research, reserve currency, richard dawkins, ripple labs, risk, sales, semantic web, short (finance), shoshana zuboff, social media, social security (united states), society, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, space, special drawing rights, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, stock, storytelling, surveillance capitalism, sustainability, systemic risk, tank, tax, technology, tesla, inc., the godfather, the wall street journal, time, too big to fail, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, transparency (behavior), transport layer security, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states congress, united states senate, united states treasury secretary, usability, valuation (finance), viral phenomenon, virtual world, wall street, world wide web, zero-knowledge proof
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