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Selina Wang
Correspondent & Anchor at Bloomberg TV
ai in finance, amazon (company), analytics, ananth madhavan, apple inc., automation, bank, big tech, blackrock, blockchain, bloomberg, christina qi, cloud computing, computer security, consumer financial protection bureau, consumer price index, credit bureau, credit card, cryptography , data center, day trading, discover, domeyard fund, elon musk, encryption, exchange-traded fund, financial technology, fintech partnerships, flash boys, general data protection regulation, google, index fund, innovation, keith rabois, khosla ventures, lendit fintech, machine learning, market (economics), market analysis, mit, mit ai conference, mitcnc, organizational culture, payment system, price index, problem solving, quantitative analysis (finance), question, radioshack, ransomware, risk, rsa, selina wang, startup company, touchpoint, trading room, underwriting, venture capital, zestfinance, zulfikar ramzan
Lee Schneider
General Counsel at
bank, beneficial ownership, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, capital requirement, central bank, coin, coinbase, contract, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, currency, digital currency, digital identity, dispute resolution, equity (finance), financial services, food, future, general data protection regulation, initial coin offering, interest, internet of things, investor, lawyer, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, marketplace, mcdermett, mediation, monetization, money laundering, multilateral trading facility, nothing, paredes strategies, privacy, privacy law, privately held company, reason, right to be forgotten, security (finance), smart contract, startup company, stock, stock market, will & emery
Troy Paredes
Founder at Paredes Strategies LLC
bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, coin, coinbase, contract, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, dispute resolution, equity (finance), financial services, future, initial coin offering, interest, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, marketplace, mcdermett, mediation, monetization, paredes strategies, privately held company, reason, security (finance), smart contract, stock, stock market, will & emery
Ken DiCross
Co-Founder at AirWire
blockchain, blockfin, cryptocurrency, debit card, email, facebook, financial services, financial transaction, goal, instagram, lendit, lendit fintech, login, mastercard, money, news, password, payment, paypal, peer-to-peer, social media, social wallet, technology, twitter, user (computing), venmo, visa inc., wechat, western union, youtube
Joyce Lai
Law and Technology at ConsenSys
blockchain, business model, carsharing, communication protocol, computer, computer network, consensys, decentralization, digital asset, economy, education, financial services, fintech, goal, information, innovation, insurance, law, lawyer, leadership, lendit, lendit fintech, open-source software, policy, software , software framework, speculation, tokenization (data security), uber, world wide web
Sheldon Xia
Founder/CEO at BitMart
accessibility, accounting, adoption, apple inc., bitcoin, bitcoin network, bitmart, blockchain, blockchain technology, car, chevrolet, child, coin, concept, cryptocurrency, currency, deregulation, digital currency, disease, economy, fee, financial services, fintech, food, frog, geography, hedge (finance), inflation, interest, investment, investor, language, lendit, lendit fintech, longitude, lottery, major trends, massage, mind, mining, missouri, news, price, privacy, revelation, risk, shoe, spotify, tax, tool, usability, user interface, utah, utility, youtube
Wei Wang
Chairman at Chinese Museum of Finance
bank, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, contract, cryptocurrency, esports, financial services, financial technology, fintech, healthcare industry, initial coin offering, innovation, internet, investor, law, lawyer, lendingclub, lendit, lendit fintech, medical record, money, pharmaceutical industry, playstation (console), privacy, rule of law, singapore, sony, u.s. securities and exchange commission
Jase Wilson
Founder & VP of Growth at Ready
affordable housing, berkeley, blockchain, blockfin, bond (finance), cryptocurrency, distributed generation, economy, fiat money, financial services, future, george soros, hedge fund, homelessness, impact investing, infrastructure, interest, investment, investor, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), municipal bond, neigborly, ownership, pace financing, public finance, security (finance), u.s. securities and exchange commission, wall street
Ben Bartlett
Partner at Tackett Bartlett LLP
affordable housing, berkeley, blockchain, blockfin, bond (finance), cryptocurrency, distributed generation, economy, fiat money, financial services, future, george soros, hedge fund, homelessness, impact investing, infrastructure, interest, investment, investor, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), municipal bond, neigborly, ownership, pace financing, public finance, security (finance), u.s. securities and exchange commission, wall street
Matt Trudeau
Chief Strategy Officer at ErisX
2019, alternative investment, asset, audit, b2c2, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, bond (finance), bullion, capital market, cftc, coin, coindesk, commodity, commodity futures, commodity futures trading commission, commodity market, consensus, consensus 2019, cryptocurrency, currency, derivative (finance), disintermediation, equity (finance), erisx, financial transaction, foreign exchange market, futures contract, futures exchange, george pullen, gold, hedge (finance), innovation, investment, investor, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, markets, matt trudeau, max boonen, mint (facility), noelle acheson, overproduction, palladium, platinum, precious metal, price, price discovery, retail, royal canadian mint, silver, speculation, stock, stock exchange, supply chain management, tradewind, value chain, virtual currency
Bulent Tekmen
Co-Founder at Colendi
algorithm, bank, blockchain, blockfin, car, colendi, credit, credit bureau, credit history, credit score, economy, finance, financial services, financial technology, lendit, lendit fintech, mastercard, microcredit, mobile phone, open source, open-source model, prototype, sharing economy, shopping, target corporation, technology, turkey, twitter, unbanked, united states
Yoav Keren
CEO at BrandShield
ai, anti-scam, anti-spam techniques, antivirus software, application software, blockchain, blockfin, computer, computer security, credit card, cryptocurrency, cyber security, cybercrime, data, email, facebook, financial services, financial technology, fintech, initial coin offering, lendit, lendit fintech, myshield, personal message, research, social media, software , spamming, subscription business model, telegram (software), visa inc., wisdom of the crowd, world wide web, zero-day (computing)
Joe Gits
CEO and Co-Founder at Social Market Analytics, Inc.
accuracy and precision, analytics, asset, blockfin, cryptocurrency, database, equity (finance), finance, financial services, hedge (finance), hedge fund, investment management, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), microblogging, mutual fund, normal distribution, prediction, price, reblogging, research, risk, security (finance), social markets analytics, social media, standard deviation, standard score, statistics, time, twitter
David Merin
Co-Founder at Coven
authentication, backup, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, capacitance, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptography , data, decentralization, ethereum, euro, financial services, information, internet, lendit, lendit fintech, money,, online and offline, ownership, pound sterling, public-key cryptography, risk, user interface, utility, wallet
Michael Myers
Chairman and CEO at Quoin Pharmaceuticals
api, application software, bit, blockchain, blockfin, client (computing), computer data storage, credential, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptography , digital asset, digital signature, encryption, equation, escrow, financial services, fincryption, fintech, hacker, key (cryptography), lending, lendit, lendit fintech, patent, public-key cryptography, risk, safe deposit box, software , solution, telephone, wallet, web application, world wide web
Wendy Spies
SVP UX & New Businesses
amazon (company), analytics, android (operating system), audit, bank, blockchain, blockfin, brand, business model, cheque, chief executive officer, consensus (computer science), consultant, consumer behaviour, customer experience, database, design thinking, empathy, employment, encryption, financial services, go to market, hyperledger, insight, insurance, k9 (doctor who), leadership, lendit, lendit fintech, letter of credit, marine insurance, mentorship, microsoft, microsoft excel, option (finance), outsourcing, perception, price, pricing, procurement, reliability engineering, risk, risk assessment, rosenfeld media, security, software , spreadsheet, staples inc., strategic management, supply chain, team, transparency (behavior), user experience, ux, workflow
Eugene Lobachev
bank, big bang, blockchain, blockfin, car, chief executive officer, creatinine, credit, credit score, creditor, cryptocurrency, data, debt, debt collection, fiat money, lending, lendit, lendit fintech, liver, loan, money, new york city, p2p, p2p lending, peer to peer lending, phil collins, risk, solution, suretly, unbanked, united states
Spencer Bogart
General Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC
bank, bitcoin, bitcoin network, blockchain, blockchain capital, blockfin, business model, coinbase, communication protocol, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, equity (finance), financial services, fintech, initial coin offering, internet, internet protocol suite, investment banking, investor, jpmorgan chase, lendit, lendit fintech, leverage (finance), mergers and acquisitions, option (finance), price, regulation d (sec), securities research, smart contract, utility, valuation (finance)
Hongfei Da
Founder of NEO, CEO at Onchain
5g, adoption, bank, bank of china, blockchain, blockfin, brand, business model, capitalism, central bank, china–united states trade war, chinese language, cost, covid-19 pandemic, cryptocurrency, custodian bank, depository trust & clearing corporation, digital identity, economics, economy, ethereum, federal reserve, file system, financial market, financial services, fintech, globalization, gopro, inflation, initial coin offering, internet, internet of things, interoperability, investment banking, investment management, java virtual machine, json, know your customer, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, mobile app, money, money laundering, money supply, price, privacy and blockchain, reason, regulatory compliance, thought
Gregory Keough
Founder at Blockchain Credit Partners
bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, brand, capitalism, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital native, equity (finance), financial services, finova financial, fintech, ford motor company, indiegogo, initial coin offering, initial public offering, investment, investor, jamie dimon, lendit, lendit fintech, mastercard, millennials, nothing, public company, reason, security (finance), stock, u.s. securities and exchange commission
Radoslav Albrecht
Founder & CEO at Bitbond
amazon (company), bank, bitbond, blockchain, blockchain technology, blockfin, bond (finance), credit, ebay, financial services, financial transaction, fixed income, funding, initial coin offering, institutional investor, interest, inventory, investment fund, investor, jumia, lending, lendit, lendit fintech, loan, loan origination, machine learning, mergers and acquisitions, money, online shopping, payment system, security (finance), sme lending, stock, underwriting
Tim Swanson
Head of Market Intelligence at Clearmatics
bbc, bitcoin, blockfin, business, business-to-business, capital market, criminal defense lawyer, crypto, cryptocurrency, financial services, fintech, initial coin offering, larry ellison, law, lawyer, lendit, lendit fintech, liberty reserve, litecoin, money, money laundering, new york city, oracle corporation, post oak labs, research, social media, technology, the new york times, the wall street journal, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states, visa inc.
Mark Jackson
Scientific Lead, Business Development at Cambridge Quantum Computing
alice and bob, binary number, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, cambridge quantum computing, compiler, computer, computer security, computing, credit card, cryptocurrency, encryption, finance, financial services, fintech, graphics processing unit, hardware, instruction set architecture, intel, knapsack problem, learning, lendit, lendit fintech, machine learning, mathematical optimization, monte carlo method, moore's law, multiplication, numerical digit, password, paypal, personalized medicine, physics, quantum computing, quantum entanglement, quantum key distribution, quantum machine learning, quantum programming, quantum superposition, quantum supremacy, reason, recursion, risk, scenario analysis, simulation, software , tech giants, truth, world wide web
Howard Marks
CEO and co-founder at StartEngine Crowdfunding
blockchain, blockfin, broker-dealer, convertible bond, credit, debt, finance, financial services, general partnership, ico, initial coin offering, investment, investor, jobs act, jumpstart our business startups act, legal liability, lendit, lendit fintech, marketplace, money, partnership, royalty payment, security (finance), security token, share (finance), starbucks, startengine, stock, stock certificate, u.s. securities and exchange commission, youtube
Ari Shpanya
Co-Founder at Zent
bank, blockchain, blockfin, capital (economics), cryptocurrency, currency, equity (finance), fundrise, innovation, institutional investor, internal rate of return, investment, investor, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, money laundering, ownership, private equity, real estate investing, risk, secondary market, security (finance), slice, stock, tax, water, wealth, wealth management
Paul Menchov
Co-founder, CTO at CoinList
amazon (company), angellist, blockchain, blockfin, coinlist, computer security, correlation and dependence, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, financial services, hedge fund, incentive, initial coin offering, interest, know your customer, lendit, lendit fintech, market (economics), market liquidity, mining, money laundering, option (finance), paul menchov, private equity, protocol labs, security (finance), startup company, stock, tokenization (data security), touchpoint, valuation (finance)
Robert Brown
CTO at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
accessibility, amazon web services, api, apple, application software, automation, blockchain, blockfin, business logic, business process, cloud computing, collateral (finance), compiler, concept, construction, continuous delivery, continuous integration, credit, database, debt, denial-of-service attack, design, devops, ethereum, financial services, global debt registry, hard problem of consciousness, human, hyperledger, infrastructure as code, innovation, interoperability, javascript,, lendit, lendit fintech, life-cycle assessment, linux, linux foundation, loan, microservices, modeling language, mp3, open source, open-source software, peugeot,, privacy and blockchain, prototype, runtime system, smart contract, software , source code, supply chain management, technology, test automation, version control, web service, wi-fi, workload, валютный рынок, вконтакте, выставка достижений народного хозяйства, германия, донецкая народная республика, испания, лондон, марс, нейролингвистическое программирование, нтв, полтава, рязань, санкт-петербург, соединённые штаты америки, союз советских социалистических республик, томск, франция
Thomas France
Co-Founder at Cygni
best practice, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, business, competition, computer hardware, computer keyboard, cryptocurrency, ethereum, financial services, form factor (mobile phones), hedge fund, infrastructure, key management, ledger, lendit, lendit fintech, linux, mobile app, nanotechnology, option (finance), price, pricing, property, smart card, smart contract, tokens, tool, usb
Catherine Wood
Founder and CEO at ARK Investment Management, LLC
bitcoin, blockchain, blockfin, bond (finance), crypto, cryptocurrency, enterprise value, equity (finance), facebook, financial services, friction, gross domestic product, high-yield debt, incentive, infrastructure, internet of things, lendit, lendit fintech, money, mortgage-backed security, pension, price, reserve currency, robotics, security (finance), stock market, throughput, twitter, utility, valuation (finance)
Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director of Hyperledger at The Linux Foundation
accenture, ada, ada coin, adrestia, algorand, amazon (company), amazon web services, analytics, android (operating system), anti-spam techniques, apache http server, api, arkansas, attention, authentication, automation, belief, bird, bitcoin, bitcoin protocol, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain protocol, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, blog, blood diamond, blythe masters, board of directors, book, brand, break (work), business, business ethics, business-to-business, c-fund, cambridge, massachusetts, capital market, cardano, central bank, chainlink, charles hoskinson, cie 1931 color space, climate change mitigation, cloud computing, coffee, college, commercial off-the-shelf, committee, commodity futures trading commission, common gateway interface, communication protocol, compiler, computer network, computer programming, computer security, computing, concept, consensus (computer science), contactless payment, contributing to open source, cooperative, credit bureau, credit card, credit history, credit score, cryptocurrency, dapps, database, decentralization, defi, degree, design, diamond, digital currency, digital identity, digital signature, digital wallet, domain name system, dynamic discounting, economy, ecosystem, education, educational software, electricity, email, engineering, enterpriseblockchain, entrepreneurship, eos, erc-20, ethereum, expert, exposure notification, ey, fee, feeling, financial inclusion, financial services, financial transaction, food security, foreign exchange market, gemstone, general data protection regulation, github, gmail, goguen, governance, greenhouse gas, haskell, haskell coding, hitachi, hoskinson, hsbc, html, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, hypertext transfer protocol, ibm, identity (social science), identity document, identity theft, identity verification service, india, information system, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, input output, insurance, integration, intellectual property, internet, internet forum, internet of things, interoperability, introduction to hyperledger, inventory, iohk, kerala, kimberley process certification scheme, know your customer, knowledge, kubernetes , landscape, language, learning, learning curve, lendit, lendit fintech, letter of credit, libra (digital currency), library, library (computing), linus torvalds, linux, linux foundation, love, mahatma gandhi, market (economics), market segmentation, mastercard, matter, medication, mentorship, metadata, microcredit, microphone, microsoft, mind, money, motivation, multi-asset, native assets, netscape, network effect, news, non-repudiation, open innovation, open source, open source software, open standard, open-source software, open-source-software movement, operating system, oracle corporation, organization, ouroboros, paris agreement, partnership, payment system, peer-to-peer, pharmacist, policy, price, privacy, privacy law, program, proof of stake, proof of work, property, proxy server, public-key cryptography, qr code, r3, reason, research, revolution, salesforce, satoshi nakamoto, security (finance), self, server (computing), shelley, simple mail transfer protocol, singapore, smart contract, smart contracts, social media, social networking service, society, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, software , software development, software framework, solidity, space, spamming, specification (technical standard), startup company, stock, supply chain, surveillance, sustainable development, sustainable development goals, technology, technology roadmap, television licence, test (assessment), tezos, theory, thought, tim berners-lee, touchpoint, tourism, traceability, trade finance, tradeshift, transaction account, transmission control protocol, transparency (behavior), twitter, university, use case, user (computing), vaccine passports during the covid-19 pandemic, vechain, voltaire, walton, weather, web of trust, web server, wen, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source, world economic forum, world wide web, yt:cc=on
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