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Vinay Gupta
CEO at Mattereum
aave, advertising, aol, ava labs, avalanche, avax, beyoncé, bitcoin, blip (website), blockchain, brand, business, business-to-business, cms holdings, coupon, craig russo, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptography , dan matuszewski, deadpool, decentralized finance, defi, digital marketing, economic growth, economy, emin gun sirer, energy, energy policy, ethereum, facebook, finance, fintech, hackathon, homelessness, internet, internet of things, ip address, kroger, libertarianism, market (economics), moneydance, nature, nft, nftnyc, olaf carlson wee, password, polychain capital, polyient games, poverty, privacy, private equity, public key certificate, recycling, return on investment, rocket, securitization, self-driving car, semantic web, sergey nazarov, smart contracts, social media, stani kulechov, status, sustainability, tamperproofing, tech, trading, twitter, venture capital, vinay gupta, web browser, web3, world wide web, youtube, zero waste
Nick Spanos
Founder at Bitcoin Center NYC
airplane, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin atm, bitcoin conference 2022, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockchainconference, blockchainevent, bond (finance), btcmiami, btcmiami2022, contract, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital currency, dubai, finance, grandparent, gulfregion, index (economics), information, initial coin offering, keynote, libertarianism, license, lie, market maker, miami blockchain week, money, new york stock exchange, north american bitcoin conference, pricing, property, reason, renting, smart contract, smartphone, stock exchange, stock market, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, voting machine, wright brothers
Lori H. Schwartz
Principal, Curator of Experiences at Storytech | Storifying Experiences Everywhere
3d computer graphics, advertising, always be my maybe (2019 film), anarchism, android (operating system), animator, ar, auggie awards, auggie awards 2020, augmented reality, augmented world expo, awe conference, awe conference 2020, awe expo, awe expo 2020, awe online 2020, awe usa 2020, awe2019, bank, baobab studios, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), brand, business model, cassini–huygens, cbs, central bank, collaboration tool, computing, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital currency, entertainment, equifax, eric elder, fee, film, fortnite, future, hobby, imax, immersive theater, interactive storytelling, joe rogan, libertarianism, lori h. schwartz, loyola marymount university xr wizards lab, maureen fan, mehrad noori, microsoft hololens, minecraft, movie theater, mr, nasa, nasa jpl, nbcuniversal international networks, netscape, online chat,, paramount, pay television, playstation, reality, remittance, roblox, ryan bell, simulation, snapchat, social media, spatial computing, speculation, speech synthesis, spotify, storytech, storytelling, streaming media, ted (conference), ted schilowitz, toy story, toy story 2, traditional animation, twitter, use case, user-generated content, venture capital, video game development, virtual community, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, vr, wall street, western union, xr, youtube, zoom (software)
Alex Mashinsky
CEO at Celsius Network
2019, 2021, abra, adam levy, adobe flash, advertising, aiding and abetting, alex mashinsky, alon goren, analytics, anarchism, anarchism in the united states, android (operating system), antoni trenchev, application software, arbitrage, argent, asset, automated teller machine, bailout, bank, bank charge, ben liams yahoo finance, ben yablon, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bid–ask spread, bitcoin, bitcoin 2022, bitcoin 2022 conference, bitcoin conf 2022, bitcoin conference, bitcoin conference 2022, bitcoin conference 2022 january, bitcoin core, bitcoin for beginners, bitcoin miami 2022, bitcoin news today bitboy, bitcoin news today plan b, bitcoin open source software, bitcoin price prediction 2023, bitcoin price prediction 2024, bitcoin trading, bitconnect, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockfi, bond (finance), btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business model, buy cryptocurrency, capital market, capitalism, cash, celsius, celsius network, central bank, civility, coinbase, coindesk, collateral (finance), commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, complexity, computer security, conference, consensus, consensus 2019, contango, creativity, cred, credit, credit card, credit risk, crypto, crypto news today, crypto trading, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency for beginners, currency, data analytics, david bleznak, debt, decentralization, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, deflation, deposit account, derivative (finance), devaluation, digital currency, digital security, dividend, dividends, dlt, domain name system, draper goren holm, draper venture network, ebay, economic bubble, economic depression, economic system, economics, economy, equifax, equity (finance), ethereum, ethereum alex mashinsky, ethics, etoro, event, evolution, exchange-traded fund, experiment, externality, facebook, fahrenheit, federal reserve, fee, fiat money, finacial, finance, financial advice, financial crisis, financial stability oversight council, financial system, financial technology, financial transaction, fractional-reserve banking, futures contract, gender, gold standard, google, hedge (finance), hedge fund, hkblockchainweek, hkblockchainweek2020, hongkong, hope, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, html5, inflation, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, investment, investment fund, irrational exuberance, james alexander, jamie dimon, jeff pulver, josef holm, jpmorgan chase, kevin mehrabi, knowledge, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), libertarianism, libra (cryptocurrency), libra (digital currency), loan, london, margin (finance), market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, market sentiment, matt boseo, matt odell, miami blockchain week, mobile app, modern monetary theory, monero (cryptocurrency), money, money laundering, money supply, natural rights and legal rights, near-field communication, netscape, next, nft, nftnyc, nfts, north american bitcoin conference 2022, open-source software, option (finance), overdraft,, pandora radio, parker lewis, passive income, payment, peter mccormack, petro (cryptocurrency), poverty, price, price discovery, privacy and blockchain, reason, recession, remittance, renminbi, research, reserve currency, revenue, ripple labs, risk-free interest rate, robert breedlove, salt, satoshi nakamoto, science, securities lending, security (finance), self, simplex, smart contract, snapchat, social media, software , solar lamp, sovereign individual, speculation, sponsored, stablecoin, stabletech, startup company, stock, stock certificate, stock market, summit, technology, telecommunication, telephone, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, theory, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token coin, token2049, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, totle, transaction account, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, underwriting, unicorn (finance), united states dollar, utility, value proposition, velocity of money, venmo, venture capital, video game, virtual world, visualization (graphics), voice over ip, wall street, wealth, wells fargo, western union, what bitcoin did, whatsapp, whistleblower, wire transfer, yield curve, youtube, zac prince, zack guzman, zero-knowledge proof
Jonathan Johnson
CEO at
anarchism, android (operating system), bank, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), business model, central bank, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital currency, equifax, fee, libertarianism, netscape,, remittance, snapchat, social media, speculation, venture capital, wall street, western union
Michael Terpin
Founder & CEO at Transform Group
advertising, africa, amazon web services, anarchism, android (operating system), aol, application software, audit, bank, beyoncé, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blip (website), blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), brand, brent crude, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business, business model, business-to-business, cash, central bank, charles schwab corporation, chicago mercantile exchange, cloud computing, commodity market, coupon, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, deadpool, decentralization, decentralized finance, dell, digital currency, digital marketing, e-trade, economics of coffee, equifax, ethereum, fee, fidelity investments, futures contract, google play, hedge (finance), hedge fund, initial coin offering, intercontinental exchange, internet, internet of things, intranet, investment, keynote, kroger, libertarianism, libra (digital currency), linkedin, mark zuckerberg, miami blockchain week, microcredit, microfinance, microsoft azure, morocco, net asset value, netscape, nft, nftnyc, nigeria, north american bitcoin conference, option (finance), otc markets group, over-the-counter (finance),, password, personal computer, poverty, privacy, privacy and blockchain, qr code, remittance, retail, securitization, security (finance), semantic web, snapchat, social media, speculation, stablecoin, stock, supply chain, supply chain management, tablet computer, tamperproofing, technology, tether (cryptocurrency), the north american bitcoin conference 2022, the world is flat, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, twitter, unicorn (finance), venture capital, virtual economy, virtual world, wall street, wechat, western union, whatsapp, youtube
Matthew Roszak
Chairman & co-founder at Bloq
airport security, anarchism, android (operating system), arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, basic income, bit, bitcoin, bitmain, blockchain, bloq, bond (finance), brave (web browser), business, business ethics, business model, business process, car, cash, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, computer network, computing, cornell, corporation, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, database, decentralization, department of motor vehicles, digital currency, dividend, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, equifax, ethereum, ethics, facebook, fee, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial innovation, financial technology, firewall (computing), github, hash function, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internet, intranet, investment banking, it's-time-to-build, john d. rockefeller, kevin-werbach, libertarianism, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, market liquidity, matthew-roszak, mining, mining pool, mobile payment, money, monopoly, net neutrality, netscape,, peer-to-peer, petro (cryptocurrency), plug and play, productivity, proof of work, recession, regulatory compliance, remittance, risk, routing, security, smart contract, smartphone, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, speculation, statistics, supply chain, tax, tether (cryptocurrency), titan (supercomputer), tokenization (data security), trade, transportation security administration, twitter, unicorn (finance), user interface, value proposition, venture capital, wall street, wealth, western union, wharton
Aaron Smith
Chief Executive Officer at National Cannabis Industry Association
arizona, attention, backhoe, california, colorado, competition, fee, incest, libertarianism, market (economics), medical cannabis, midwestern united states, money, montana, news, pharmaceutical industry, rights, santa barbara county, california, southern united states, trade association, united states, united states congress, washington (state)
Tim Lordan
Executive Director / General Counsel at Internet Education Foundation
aol, brewster kahle, civil liberties, computer, computer science, conversation, freedom of speech, hashtag, information privacy, internet, internet education foundation, josip broz tito, leadership, libertarianism, password, policy, privacy, science, social media, state of the net, streaming media, texas, texas a&m university, twitter, united states congress, wi-fi, will hurd
Wassim Alsindi
Managing Editor at Cryptoeconomic Systems journal
academic publishing, altcoin, aspirator (pump), bank, bias, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, brain, btc, business, cesc, communication, communication protocol, concept, conversation, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptonews, cryptotrading, currency, dancing queen, debate, definition, digital currency, ecology, economic system, economics, education, epistemology, eth, ethereum, existence, feedback, friedrich hayek, history, human, information, intelligence, interdisciplinarity, internet, invest, investing, investment, investor, language, law, libertarianism, linguistics, litecoin, massachusetts institute of technology, microsoft, mind, money, money supply, natural kind, navolato, sinaloa, ontology, open access, photography, physics, politics, preprint, property, public sphere, publish or perish, publishing, question, race (human categorization), research, resource, ripple (payment protocol), san francisco blockchain week, science, scientific method, semantics, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, siri, social norm, social science, sound, space, switch, tax, tent, the economist, theory, thought, time, trader, trading, university, waze
Angela Walch
Professor of Law at St. Mary's University School Of Law
2018, 2019, acl, ambiguity, angela walch, application software, austin, bailout, bank, bear stearns, bitcoin, blockchain, board of directors, brainstorming, business, by, byzantine fault, ces, cesare fracassi, christopher ferris, coin center, coindesk, comic con, communication, computing, concert, conference, conflict of interest, consensus, consensus (computer science), consensus 2019, construct, contract, creative, critical thinking, crypto, cryptocurrency, damages, deathmatch, debate, decentralization, definition, development, distributed computing, duty of care, duty of confidentiality, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, ethereum, ethics, existence, fest, festival, fiduciary, film, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, friedrich hayek, gaming, governance, guarantee, hyperledger, immutable object, information, information asymmetry, initial coin offering, insurance, interactive, interdisciplinarity, internet, interview, investor, jargon, jimmy song, jurisprudence, katherine wu, keynote, knowledge, language barrier, law, leader election, legal realism, libertarianism, lineup, live, media, messari, mining pool, mit license, money, money supply, moral responsibility, movie, music, natural kind, negligence, news, oliver wendell holmes jr., ontology, open source, panel, patch (computing), performance, peter van valkenburgh, physics, politics, price, privacy, proof of work, property, public sphere, pure economic loss, question, race (human categorization), reason, red carpet, shareholder value, showcase, smart contract, software bug, south, southby, southwest, space, speaker, st. mary’s, startup company, sxsw, system, systemic risk, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, the economist, thought, time, tort, training, translation, truth, tv, understanding, university, university of british columbia, video games, west, “south by southwest”
Jacky Mallett
Assistant Professor at Reykjavik University
bank, behavior, bitcoin, communication, computer programming, cryptocurrency, debate, definition, distributed computing, economic bubble, economic model, economics, existence, feeling, friedrich hayek, information, interest, internet, law, libertarianism, market (economics), market system, mesh networking, mind, money, money supply, natural kind, nothing, ontology, paradigm, physics, politics, price, property, psychology, public sphere, question, race (human categorization), science, space, the economist, thought, time, understanding
Joel Spolsky
TitleChairman at Stack Overflow
advertising, app store (ios), apple inc., book, burning man, ceo, cloudflare, code, coding, compiler, computer programming, conference, congress, data scraping, database, democracy, developer, developing, donald trump, due process, engineer, europe, facebook, fake news, first amendment to the united states constitution, fog creek software, freedom of speech, future, google, hashtag, headless computer, ibm 3270, internet, it, java (programming language), joel spolsky, law, libertarianism, lobbying, mainframe computer, microsoft windows, negotiation, news, order of operations, people, programmer, programming, punched card, reason, reddit, rule of law, silicon slopes tech summit 2019, software , software bug, spolsky, ssts19, stack overflow, tech, technology, terminal emulator, the social network, theory, transparency (behavior), trello, tumblr, twitter, uber, virtual machine, visual basic, wearedevelopers, wearedevs, youtube
Palmer Luckey
Founder at Oculus VR and Anduril Industries
artificial intelligence arms race, board of directors, cold war, cyberwarfare, facebook, facial recognition system, iron man, jeff bezos, libertarianism, lockheed martin, mark zuckerberg, oculus vr, palmer luckey, raytheon, reason, robotics, startup company, surveillance, unicorn (finance), unmanned aerial vehicle, virtual reality, y combinator
Deirdre Bosa
Technology Reporter at CNBC
amazon (company), artificial intelligence arms race, bank, banking, big tech, bitcoin, blockchain, board of directors, business, coinbase, cold war, credit card, credit score in the united states, cryptocurrency, cyberwarfare, darknet market, debit card, digital currency, digital media, employment, equal opportunity, facebook, facial recognition system, fake news, financial services, financial technology, financial transaction, fintech, food, goal, google, innovation, internet, iron man, jeff bezos, journalism, jpmorgan chase, libertarianism, lockheed martin, lyft, mark zuckerberg, market liquidity, mastercard, news, newspaper, oculus vr, palmer luckey, paypal, paytm, raytheon, reason, ripple (payment protocol), robotics, social media, softbank group, stablecoin, starbucks, startup company, surveillance, technology, the wall street journal, transferwise, uber, unicorn (finance), unmanned aerial vehicle, user-generated content, venmo, violence, virtual reality, visa inc., wechat, y combinator
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