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Cyrus Fazel
Founder at SwissBorg
2021, 3 defi yield hacks for best apy% - cyrus fazel (swissborg) - token2049 london, alex fazel, android (operating system), arbitrage, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin 2020, bitcoin event, bitcoin network, blockchain, blockchain event, business, business model, cash, ccdas, cefi, centralised exchanges, credit default swap, credit risk, crypto, crypto compare, cryptocompare, cryptocompare digital asset summit, cryptocurrency, cryptonites, cyrus fazel, das, das2020, decentralised exchanges, decentralization, defi, dex, digital asset summit, digital asset summit 2020, ethereum, evolution, finance, financial market, google, initial coin offering, internet, investor, keynote, leverage (finance), live, loan, london, london bitcoin, london blockchain, market liquidity, money, mortgage-backed security, pound sterling, price, pricing, prime brokerage, privacy, proof of stake, referendum, risk, risk management, risk–return spectrum, smart contract, speed, stablecoin, subprime lending, subprime mortgage crisis, swap (finance), swissborg, token2049, treasury management, truth, warren buffett, youtube
Ross Bates
Community & Event Management at PARSIQ
2021, apple inc., bitcoin, blockchain, communication protocol, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, decentralized finance, demand, ethereum, fee, fiat money, finance, innovation, keynote, live, logistics, london, market (economics), market liquidity, mining, money, netflix, non-fungible token, option (finance), parsiq, price, ross bates, subscription business model, the future of tokenomics - ross bates (parsiq) - token2049 london, token2049, use case, volatility (finance)
Jason Meyers
Founder, Lead Architect at Auditchain Labs AG
2021, accounting, apple inc., audit, auditchain labs ag, bailout, balance sheet, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, bookkeeping, business, communication protocol, crypto, ethereum, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial statement, information embargos in an open ledger based society - jason meyers (auditchain labs ag), investment management, jason meyers, keynote, live, london, microsoft, mind, money, open-source software, otc markets group, over-the-counter (finance), revenue, subscription business model, tightrope walking, token2049, tokenization (data security)
John Connolly
Chief Product Officer at Elliptic
2021, bank, bitcoin, brand, capital punishment, cash, command-line interface, compliance cost, computer, contract, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, decentralized finance, digital currency, elliptic, ethereum, infrastructure, investor, john connolly, keynote, legal liability, live, london, money, money laundering, nothing, profit (economics), regulation, regulatory compliance, securing the future of money - john connolly (elliptic) - token2049 london, society, space, technology, terrorism, token2049
Lucas Vogelsang
CEO at Centrifuge
2021, arbitrage, bank, bank of america, bitcoin, bond (finance), centrifuge, collateral (finance), cost of capital, credit, credit risk, crypto, ethereum, federal reserve, financial technology, flipping, gig worker, interest, internet, keynote, line of credit, live, loan, london, lucas vogelsang, market liquidity, mortgage loan, quantitative easing, real world assets: stealing tradfi's lunch - lucas vogelsang (centrifuge) - token2049 london, securitization, startup company, stock, token2049, underwriting, unicorn (finance)
David Wu
Founder at
2021, attention, bitcoin, blockchain, communication, communication protocol, computing, consensus (computer science), contract, crypto, cryptocurrency, david wu, decentralization, denial-of-service attack, ethereum, fee, information, keynote, live, london, metadata, misinformation, perishable proof of transactions - new consensus for day to day dapps - david wu (, prison, public-key cryptography, randomness, reason, recycling, snapchat,, technology, telephone, telephone number, token2049, user datagram protocol
Sami Start
Co-Founder & CEO at Transak
2021, bank, bank account, bitcoin, car, chocolate, computer, crypto, cryptocurrency, customer, email, email address, ethereum, experience, jargon, keynote, live, london, making blockchain applications available to mainstream users, minnie mouse, mobile app, money, nothing, one-time password, password, payment, payment processor, proposition, public-key cryptography, regulatory compliance, sami start, token2049, transak, united kingdom
Mike Taormina
Co-Head of Institutional Business at Index Cooperative
2021, bitcoin, blackrock, cooperative, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, decentralized finance, decentralizing blackrock - mike taormina (index cooperative) - token2049 london, entertainment, ethereum, exchange-traded fund, experience, finance, financial technology, governance, index cooperative, insurance, jpmorgan chase, keynote, leverage (finance), live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, mike taormina, news, non-fungible token, oracle corporation, reason, startup company, token2049, virtual world
Zachary Friedman
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at GDA Capital, and Secure Digital Markets
2021, aly madhavji, art market, automated teller machine, bitcoin, bitcoin latinum, bitcoin’s current adoption and unstoppable future - zachary friedman (chief operating officer), blockchain, blockchain founders fund, brand, conversation, creativity, credit card, crypto, crypto gaming, cryptocurrency, day trading, dcentral miami, dcentral miami day 2, dcentral miami day 2 nfts, dcentral miami stage, dcentralcon, dcentralcon nft stage, dcentralcon nftcon, dogecoin, economy, emergence, eric spivak, esports, ethereum, fashion, feeling, financial innovation, free-to-play, gala games, gda capital, hedge fund, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, interest, interoperability, investing in nfts, investing in nfts and p2e, investing in p2e, investing in play to earn, investing nfts, investor, keynote, live, london, market trend, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, metaverse, metcalfe's law, microstrategy, money, money made in nfts, motivate, nft, nft games play to earn, non-fungible token, play to earn, quantitative easing, reality, research, risk, runescape, social media, speculation, startup company, stock exchange, street fighter, supply and demand, tax, token2049, twitter, urconduit, valuation (finance), venture capital, virtual world, volatility (finance), zachary friedman
Will Harborne
Chief Executive Officer at DeversiFi
technologies blockchain, 2021, api, apple inc., asset, authentication, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain hackathon, broadband, computer hardware, criptocurrency 2020, crypto, crypto 2020, crypto events, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency event, cryptocurrency investments 2020, cryptocurrency strategy, cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency trading 2020, decentralized finance, deversifi, dial-up internet access, ethereum, ethereum 2020 , ethereum hackathon, ethglobal, experience, financial inclusion, fintech conference 2020, food security, hackathon ethereum, innovation, interest, interface (computing), internet, investments 2020, keynote, leverage (finance), library, live, london, marketing strategy, mobile app, money, music, news, online and offline, option (finance), payment, price, public-key cryptography, reading, representational state transfer, rocket, smart contract, space, spotify, swap (finance), tax, telephone, tesla, inc., theory, throughput, time, token2049, tokens, tokens 2020, trading, traiding bot, transaction cost, upgrading defi from dial-up to broadband, will harborne, will harborne deversifi, william harborne
Simon Yu
CEO & Co-Founder at StormX
2021, bitcoin, crypto, ethereum, keynote, live, london, simon yu, stormx, the road to a billion users - simon yu (stormx) - token2049 london, token2049
Simon Barnby
CMO at Archax
2021, archax, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, brand, business, capital market, cash, crypto, crypto exchange, crypto payments, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, dash next, dash thailand, decentralized finance, defi, defi staking, digital, digital business, digital security, disrupting financial markets - simon barnby (archax), dividend, economics, emergence, ethereum, finance, financial industry, fintech, future, generation z, globalization, goldman sachs, hedge fund, initial public offering, instagram, interview, investment, investment fund, investments, investor, inx, inx ipo, inxトークン, k-pop, keynote, leverage (finance), live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mutual fund, ownership, paypal, prime brokerage, privacy and blockchain, recycling, regulation, regulation d (sec), secondary market, security (finance), simon barnby, small business, smart contracts, spotify, stbu, sto, stobox, stock, stock exchange, stock market, stock trader, tech trends, token, token2049, u.s. securities and exchange commission, what is defi, what is defi crypto, whisky
Robert Rhodin
CEO at KeychainX LLC
100bn usd in crypto lost can it be recovered? - robert rhodin (keychainx) - token2049 london, 2021, biometrics, bitcoin, brute-force attack, client (computing), crypto, cryptographic hash function, database, dogecoin, encryption, ethereum, fingerprint, github, initial coin offering, jesus, keychainx, keynote, live, london, online and offline, passphrase, password, patent, pound sign, price, public-key cryptography, reddit, robert rhodin, server (computing), software , token2049, wallet, world wide web
Oleg Kurchenko
Founder at Binaryx
2021, abra, alon goren, alternative trading system, asset, balance sheet, bank, bankruptcy of lehman brothers, bernie madoff, binaryx, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), brian korn, broker-dealer, business, coinbase, commodity futures trading commission, conference, copper, crowdfunding, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, data analytics, decentralized finance, decrypt, defi, digital security, douglas borthwick, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, equity (finance), ethereum, event, exchange-traded fund, finance, financial market, foreign exchange market, futures contract, glenn barber, gross domestic product, hedge fund, information, initial coin offering, initial public offering, investment, investor, inx limited, jeff benson, josef holm, keynote, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, live, london, manatt financial services, market (economics), market liquidity, matt boseo, mergers and acquisitions, money, oleg kurchenko, over-the-counter (finance), pension, price, privacy and blockchain, sales, security (finance), social media, solidblock, stock, stock market, summit, sustainability, the unstoppable rise of tokenization era - oleg kurchenko (binaryx) - token2049 london, tim draper, token2049, u.s. securities and exchange commission, wealth, yael tamar
Michael Jackson
Non Executive Director at Volvo Cars
2021, anonymity, audit, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, business, central counterparty clearing, concordium, consensus (computer science), credit, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrency, ethereum, finance, foreign exchange market, interest, investor, keynote, live, lobbying, london, market (economics), michael jackson, privacy, proof of stake, regulatory compliance, security (finance), smart contract, software bug, token2049, u.s. securities and exchange commission, unleash the power of blockchain - michael jackson (concordium) - token2049 london, zero-knowledge proof
Lorien Gabel
Co-Founder at Figment Networks
2021, advertising, apple inc., best practice, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain regulation, community, contract, conversation, credit card, crime, crypto, cryptocurrency, dividend, economic equilibrium, economics, economy, employment, ethereum, feeling, figment, finance, financial system, incentive, income, inflation, interest, internet, investor, keynote, live, london, lorien gabel, market (economics), online copyright infringement liability limitation act, price, privacy, proof of work, property, proxy server, risk, risk-free interest rate, sec v. w. j. howey co., security (finance), smart contract, staking: the foundation of web 3 - lorien gabel (figment) - token2049 london, store of value, tax, tezos, token2049, u.s. securities and exchange commission, valuation (finance), world wide web
Ingo Ruebe
Project Lead at KILT Protocol
2021, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin exchange,, exchange, blockchain, business, computer, contract, credential, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, customer, decentralization, decentralized finance, decentralized identity, decentralized identity & privacy, decentralized privacy, defi, defi conference day, defi conference day 2, defi identity and privacy, defi ingo ruebe, defi kilt, defi regulation and dexs - opportunity or threat? - ingo rübe (kilt protocol) - token2049 london, defi summit, defi summit 2021, digital identity, driver's license, dystopia labs, ethereum, experience, facebook, fingerprint, general data protection regulation, gmail, google, honeypot (computing), hsin ju, hsin-ju chuang, identifier, identity and privacy, infrastructure, ingo ruebe, ingo ruebe kilt, ingo ruebe kilt protocol, ingo rübe, interest, internet, internet privacy, keynote, kilt protocol, kilt protocol explained, live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, metamask, money, myspace, naomi oba, nothing, passport, personal data, privacy, property, public-key cryptography, tax, token2049, united states, websocket, what is bitcoin, what is defi, whatsapp
Edd Carlton
Institutional Digital Asset Trader at Flow Traders
2021, alpha (finance), asset classes, asset management, bank, belief, bequant, binance, bitcoin, blockchain, blockfi, brand, capital (economics), capital market, capital requirement, capitalism, cash, commodity, contract, credit, credit risk, cryptocompare, cryptocompare digital asset summit, cryptocurrency, currency, david olsson, decentralization, derivative (finance), direct market access, edd carlton, efficient-market hypothesis, equity (finance), ethereum, exchange-traded fund, finance, flow traders, futures contract, george zarya, goldman sachs, hedge (finance), hedge fund, huobi, infrastructure, interest, interoperability, investment, investor, jean-marc bonnefous, leverage (finance), live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, marketplace, okex, option (finance), over-the-counter (finance), panel, passive management, portfolio (finance), prime brokerage, proprietary trading, reason, risk, robinhood (company), solution, stablecoin, stock, stock market, tellurian capital, token2049, trading, treasury management, value chain, volatility (finance)
Jean-Marc Bonnefous
Managing partner at Tellurian Capital
2021, alpha (finance), asset classes, asset management, bank, bitcoin, blockfi, capital (economics), capital requirement, cash, commodity, credit, cryptocurrency, david olsson, derivative (finance), edd carlton, ethereum, exchange-traded fund, flow traders, hedge (finance), hedge fund, infrastructure, investment, investor, jean-marc bonnefous, leverage (finance), live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, option (finance), panel, portfolio (finance), prime brokerage, risk, tellurian capital, token2049, trading, value chain, volatility (finance)
Nuno Fernandes
Co-Founder & CEO at Exeedme
2021, attention, basketball, bitcoin, blockchain, call of duty, community, cross-platform software, crowdfunding, crypto, decentralization, economics, economy, exeedme, free-to-play, indie game, internet, league of legends, leap of faith, live, london, microtransaction, nuno fernandes, playstation, playstation 4, playstation 5, police, sport, super bowl, telegram (software), token2049, twitch (service), web 3.0, xbox
Sid Shekhar
Blockchain Research Lead at Coinbase
2021, adoption, analytics, arbitrage, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain research lead, coinbase, collateral (finance), communication protocol, complexity, contract, crypto, cryptocurrency, ecosystem, end user, ethereum, jpeg, keychain, live, loan, london, map, market liquidity, measurement, money, onchain, prime brokerage, question, research, sid sekhar, token2049, usability
Hugh Karp
Founder at Nexus Mutual
2021, adam levy, alon goren, arbitrage, b.protocol trustless insurance, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain insurance, capital market, car, cat, collateral (finance), communication protocol, conference, construction of electronic cigarettes, contract, crypto, crypto briefing, crypto insurance, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, engineering, ethereum smart contracts, etoro, event, federal deposit insurance corporation, fee, finance, formal verification, guild, hazard, health system, hedge (finance), hedge fund, hedging risk, hugh karp, incentive, inflation, infrastructure, insurance, interest, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), liam kelly, life insurance, live, lloyd's of london, loan, london, market liquidity, mathematics, merchant, money, moral hazard, nexus mutual, oxygen, parameter, phoenicia, piracy, price, profit (economics), rail transport, reason, regulation, risk, ship, siri, smart contract, stablecoin, stock, summit, syndicate, tax, technology, tim draper, token2049, truck, underwriting, usb-c, value chain, vulnerability (computing), yaron velner
George Harrap
Co-Founder at Step Finance
2021, annual percentage rate, at&t, bank, blockchain, boomtown, brave (web browser), business model, car, cat, central bank, contract, crypto, crypto farm, cryptocurrency, currency, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, defi conference day, defi conference day 2, defi crypto farming, defi farming, defi harvest finance, defi red, defi summit, defi summit 2021, defi yield farming, derivative (finance), dollar cost averaging, ethereum, event, facebook, fee, finance, financial services, fixed exchange rate system, george harrap, google, harvest finance, how to yield farm, how to yield farm crypto, incentive, internet, intro to yield farming, investor, iron man, live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mining, money, news, option (finance), order (exchange), programming language, risk, solana, space, stablecoin, step finance, swap (finance), tax, theorem, token2049, twitter, understanding, what is crypto farming, what is defi, wi-fi, yield farming with harvest finance
Evgeny Gaevoy
Founder & CEO at Wintermute
2021, adoption, art, asset, balance sheet, bitcoin, blockchain, chile, concept, conference, crypto, cryptocurrency, emotional self-regulation, ethereum, evgeny gaevoy, experience, investment, investor, keynote, knowledge, live, london, market maker, market making, motivation, nothing, otc, reality, risk, sovereignty, tax, technology, terrorism, token2049, tractor, visa inc., wintermute
Chris Harmse
Managing Director at BVNK
2021, amazon (company), balance sheet, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, business model, bvnk, cash, chris harmse, conference, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, entrepreneurship, equity (finance), financial system, generation z, hedge (finance), infrastructure, innovation, interest, investment, investor, live, london, market liquidity, millennials, retail, self-driving car, smart contract, token2049, treasury management
Humayun Sheikh
CEO & Founder at
2021, ai, android (operating system), blockchain, business model, car, cloud computing, collective intelligence, communication protocol, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, ethereum,, humayun sheikh, information, keynote, language, layer 2, liquid, live, london, machine learning, multi-agent system, peer-to-peer, privacy, software agent, software framework, system, token2049, tool, value (economics), web application
Bozena Rezab
CEO & Co-founder at GAMEE
2021, android (operating system), attention, behavior, blockchain, bozena rezab, crypto, culture, economy, ecosystem, funeral, gamee, gaming, gay men, google now, google+, keynote, knowledge, linkedin, live, london, metaverse, mobile game, mobile technology, money, motivation, news, percentage, property, ritual, technology, token2049, value (economics)
Johann Eid
Head of Integration at Chainlink Labs
2021, auction, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, brand, chainlink, conference, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, defi, dollar, ethereum, event, finance, insurance, johann eid, keynote, link, live, london, money, pawn (chess), prediction, prediction market, random number generation, rental agreement, reputation, smart contract, stablecoin, statistics, telecommunication, token2049, united states dollar, use case
Alex Blagirev
2021, abra, adobe photoshop, alex blagirev, alexey blagirev, alon goren, amazon (company), anger, anime, apollo, apple inc., artwallet, augmented reality, avatar (computing), bank, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), brand, cash, celebrity, christopher deschenes, cloud computing, commercial property, computer security, conference, creativity, crypto, cryptocurrencies, data analytics, david guetta, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, documentary film, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, equity (finance), ethereum, euan macdonald, event, eye, facebook, fee, finance, financial technology, future, gaming, google, hrish lotlikar, infiniteworld, innovation, intelligence, internet, internet celebrity, joel dietz, josef holm, kalamint, keynote, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, live, london, market liquidity, matt boseo, meditation, metaverse, millennials, mindfulness, money, motion capture, netflix, nft, oculus (brand), oculus quest, only1, ownership, privacy, proof of stake, proof of work, reality, sensorium, social media, social networking service, steam (service), stock, streaming media, summit, superworld, tezos, tiktok, tim draper, tin shing lee, token2049, twitch (service), twitter, virtual reality, virtual world, wakatta
Rossen Yordanov
Co-Founder at Azuro
2021, accounting, afterlife, azuro protocol, bet her, betting disrupting a massive incumbent industry on chain - token2049 london 2021, bitcoin, blockchain, bookmaker, conference, cristiano ronaldo, crypto, cryptocurrency, decentralization, diego maradona, ethereum, event, future, gambling, god, live, london, luck, matter, money, nothing, paypal, prediction, prediction market, reason, receipt, rossen yordanov, sports betting, the hand of god, token2049, twitter, understanding, weather
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