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Scottie Pippen
Professional basketball player at Retired
2018, 25th anniversary, anti-inflammatory, baby boomers, basketball, bone, business, car, cartilage, chicago, child, concept, conversation, convert your spending into earning, ecommerce, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, espn, experience, glucosamine, golf, health, hyaluronic acid, joint, knee, kobe bryant, lubricant, ma25, market america, mawc2018, mawc2020, medication, naismith memorial basketball hall of fame, national basketball association, news, oklahoma, oklahoma city thunder, pain, paul george, prayer, raffle, rebound (basketball), scottie pippen,, shopping, surgery, therapy, tree, unfranchise owner, united states, viscosity, world conference
Paul Gill
CEO at Lomiko Metals Inc.
aluminium, brake, carbon, coal, cobalt, copper, drilling, economy, electric vehicle, feasibility study, graphite, internal combustion engine, ion, li-ion batteries, lithium, lithium-ion battery, lubricant, manganese, metal, metallurgy, mining, price, rare-earth element, refractory, tesla, inc., vehicle
Deniz Omer
Co-Founder & CEO at Alphaday
aave, application software, ava labs, avalanche, avax, beauty, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), brand, collateral (finance), collateralized debt obligation, communication protocol, craig russo, crypto, cryptocurrency, debt, decentralization, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, deniz omer, derivative (finance), dex, emin gun sirer, end user, energy, english language, ethereum, ethics, experience, expert, finance, financial crisis, fintech, first-mover advantage, governance, hackathon, incentive, innovation, interest, internet, inventory, knc, kyber network, language, loan, lubricant, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, medium of exchange, money, moneydance, mortgage loan, network effect, nothing, olaf carlson wee, option (finance), payment system, polychain capital, polyient games, price, pricing, privacy, private equity, productivity, reason, risk, sales, sergey nazarov, smart contract, smart contracts, speculation, stani kulechov, status, stock, supply and demand, swap (finance), tech, thought, twitter, understanding, uniswap, venture capital, web3
Jim Sabogal
Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America
5g, algorithm, authentication, basement, biology, biometrics, blockchain, canal, cargo, clinical trial, cloud computing, cold chain, computer hardware, computer network, coronavirus disease 2019, dose (biochemistry), electroencephalography, emergency department, fingerprint, food and drug administration, global positioning system, health, health care, health care in the united states, health informatics, internet of things, interoperability, inventory, logistics, lubricant, machine learning, medical record, medical ventilator, medication, nursing, operation warp speed, panama canal, patient, pharmacy, placebo, port, prescription drug, privacy, public health surveillance, reason, recycling, refrigerator, remote patient monitoring, science, scotty (star trek), shame, supply chain, surgery, surveillance, technology, telehealth, text messaging, the internet of things, time, transport, ventilation (architecture), wearable technology, wi-fi
Dwight de Vera
SVP and General Manager of Healthcare at Inmar
basement, biology, clinical trial, cold chain, coronavirus disease 2019, dose (biochemistry), food and drug administration, health, health care in the united states, internet of things, logistics, lubricant, medication, nursing, operation warp speed, patient, pharmacy, prescription drug, refrigerator, science, scotty (star trek), shame, supply chain, text messaging, time
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