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Michael Terpin
Founder & CEO at Transform Group
advertising, africa, amazon web services, anarchism, android (operating system), aol, application software, audit, bank, beyoncé, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blip (website), blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), brand, brent crude, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business, business model, business-to-business, cash, central bank, charles schwab corporation, chicago mercantile exchange, cloud computing, commodity market, coupon, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, deadpool, decentralization, decentralized finance, dell, digital currency, digital marketing, e-trade, economics of coffee, equifax, ethereum, fee, fidelity investments, futures contract, google play, hedge (finance), hedge fund, initial coin offering, intercontinental exchange, internet, internet of things, intranet, investment, keynote, kroger, libertarianism, libra (digital currency), linkedin, mark zuckerberg, miami blockchain week, microcredit, microfinance, microsoft azure, morocco, net asset value, netscape, nft, nftnyc, nigeria, north american bitcoin conference, option (finance), otc markets group, over-the-counter (finance),, password, personal computer, poverty, privacy, privacy and blockchain, qr code, remittance, retail, securitization, security (finance), semantic web, snapchat, social media, speculation, stablecoin, stock, supply chain, supply chain management, tablet computer, tamperproofing, technology, tether (cryptocurrency), the north american bitcoin conference 2022, the world is flat, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, twitter, unicorn (finance), venture capital, virtual economy, virtual world, wall street, wechat, western union, whatsapp, youtube
Rahhal Boulgoute
Chairman at MARITA Group
africa, agriculture, bank, blockchain, brooklyn, chairperson, community, construction, cryptocurrency, economy, ecosystem, education, financial technology, insurance, joint venture, logistics, morocco, new york city, renewable energy, smart city, supply chain, technology, telecommunications, united states, virginia
Juwan Lee
Chairman and Group CEO at NexChange
africa, agriculture, amazon (company), apple inc., application software, asset, asset classes, balance of payments, bank, banks, big data, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, brooklyn, cbdc, central bank, central bank digital currencies, chairperson, cloud computing, community, computer security, computing, construction, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, currency, cyberwarfare, dcep, decentralised, decentralized, defi, demand, derivative (finance), developing country, digital assets, disaster recovery, economy, ecosystem, education, electrical grid, emerging market, european central bank, federal reserve, fiat, finance, financial institutions, financial market, financial statement, financial technology, fintech, fund of funds, futures contract, google, government, hedge (finance), hedge fund, innovation, institutional, insurance, intelligence, interest, investment, investment management, investor, investors, joint venture, logistics, margin (finance), market (economics), market data, market liquidity, market trend, mining, mobile app, money, morocco, mutual fund, nasdaq, new york city, nigeria, option (finance), outsourcing, poverty, power, price, public utility, regional integration, regulation, renewable energy, singapore, singapore blockchain week, smart city, speculation, stablecoin, state street corporation, stock, supply chain, sustainability, sustainable energy, technology, telecommunications, transparency (behavior), understanding, united states, venture capital, virginia, world wide web
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