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Taylor Palmer
Product Design Lead at Range
airplane, attention, attitude (psychology), belief, bias, brand, communication, conversation, email spam, facebook, holacracy, hubspot, leadership, myth, mythbusters, nike, inc., orchestration, product design, product management, sales, salesforce, startup company, team, understanding, user-centered design, ux, zoom (software)
Attila Klenik
Ph.D. Student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
attention, benchmark (computing), bit, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, calipers, computer file, computing, contract, contributing to open source, definition, demo, end user, function (mathematics), goal, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, implementation, information, infrastructure, interface (computing), introduction to hyperledger, linux, logic, mentorship, metadata, open source, open source software, orchestration, scalability, smart contract, technology, usability, video, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source
Daron Yondem
Azure Application Development Lead for Middle East and Africa at Microsoft
adir ron, api, application software, bit, breakpoint, build, c sharp (programming language), c1x9, cloud computing, comma-separated values, communication, con019, conditional (computer programming), connection zone, daron yondem, data science, database, experience, god, google, json, language, lawrence muthoga, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, mind, mobile app, msft build, msft build 2021, nothing, online shopping, optical character recognition, orchestra, orchestration, other areas, parameter, parameter (computer programming), perimeter, personal data, pie, prediction, rapid innovation framework in middle east & africa: demo extravaganza | con019, real-time computing, research, river, samuel adranyi, serverless computing, sms, speed limit enforcement, sql, telephone, telephony, template (c++), text messaging, tree, twitter, vered segal, videotelephony, web portal, world wide web
Juergen Etzlstorfer
Technology Strategist at Dynatrace
android (operating system), apple inc., architect, cat, concept, continuous delivery, education, engineering, evolution, experiment, hypothesis, infrastructure, kubernetes , life-cycle assessment, military strategy, nothing, open-source software, orchestration, paradigm, screenshot, sms, survivalism, text messaging, time
Karthik Satchitanand
LitmusChaos Maintainer at ChaosNative
android (operating system), apple inc., architect, cat, concept, continuous delivery, education, engineering, evolution, experiment, hypothesis, infrastructure, kubernetes , life-cycle assessment, military strategy, nothing, open-source software, orchestration, paradigm, screenshot, sms, survivalism, text messaging, time
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Chief Technology Officer at Six Feet Up, Inc.
agnosticism, amazon (company), amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, ansible (software), apartment, api, application software, archimedes, asia, asynchronous i/o, automation, autoscaling, aws, azure, big data, bluetooth, board game, boolean data type, booting, broadcasting, business process, camera, clock, closing, closing remarks, cloud, cloud computing, cloud conference, cocktail, command-line interface, common gateway interface, communication protocol, community, computer, computer hardware, computer network, computer program, computer vision, configuration management, content delivery network, conversation, costa rica, covid-19 pandemic, cryptographic hash function, data, data center, database, debugging, denver, deployment environment, devops, diamond, discord (software), django (web framework), download, drink, early access, email, emoji, encryption, environment variable, europe, exercise, experience, feedback, file system, finite-state machine, firefox, folk music, future, gcp, general-purpose input/output, gift card, google, greengrass, hash function, health, home page, http persistent connection, human factors and ergonomics, hypertext transfer protocol, identifier, immutable object, indiana, indianapolis, information, instagram, international system of units, internet, internet of things, iot, iowa, keg, key (cryptography), keynote, kubernetes , latin, latin america, learning, library (computing), live demo, livestreaming, load balancing (computing), load testing, logic, login, machine learning, map, mario kart, matter, metadata, microsoft windows, mqtt, naive bayes spam filtering, netflix, network socket, new relic, node.js, npr, ohio, online chat, opening, opening remarks, optical character recognition, orchestration, over-the-air programming, password, pdf, platinum, pleasure, port (computer networking), postgresql, prediction, prison, project jupyter, provisioning (telecommunications), proxy server, purdue university, push technology, python (programming language), python conference, qr code, race condition, raspberry pi, react (web framework), reality, reason, representational state transfer, research, router (computing), salesforce, salt, saltstack, seattle, selfie, server (computing), serverless computing, signal, siri, six feet up, sixfeetup, social distancing, socialism, socialization, software , software bug, south america, splunk, string (computer science), subroutine, surveillance, switch, system, terminal, thread (computing), time, tractor, twitch (service), ubuntu, united states, unix, upload, url, use case, version control, virtual, virtual conference, visualization (graphics), web application, web browser, web conferencing, web framework, web server gateway interface, web service, websocket, wfyi (tv), white paper, world wide web, youtube, zoom (software)
A m4dz
Developer Advocate at ‹div›RIOTS
app migration, application software, asynchronous, automation, booting, caching patterns, cgroups, clock, cloud computing, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, computer, computer hardware, data lakes, desk, distributed database, facebook, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, future, galls law, gatekeeper, gating service, graalvm, graviton2, hdfs, health check, iam reliability, infrastructure drift, internet, jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes cloud, memory, microservice, microservices, microsoft, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, opera, orchestra, orchestration, pdf, pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, proxy server, public cloud, quarkus, secure shell protocol, serverless, software bug, tax, technology, telemetry, telephone, word
Mark Mandel
Developer Advocate at Google
agones, api, application programming interface, asset, autoscaling, best practice, binary file, bit, booting, brand, central processing unit, client (computing), client–server model, cloud, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, computer, computer cluster, computer network, computing, concept, console game, containers, copper, database, dedicated hosting service, determinism, developer, developer summit, developers, docker, docker (software), ecosystem, engineering, experience, game, game development, game development conference, game development event, game servers, game servers product, games, games and apps, gaming, gc, gcp, gdc 2020, ggds, ggds 2021, github, gke, gke clusters, global agones cluster, go (programming language), google, google cloud, google cloud platform, google developers, google for games, google for games 2021, google game development, google games, google gdc '20, google gdc 2020, google play, googleforgames, grenge, ibm, icloud, internet, interrupt, ip address, knowledge, kubernetes , laptop, latency (engineering), life-cycle assessment, linux, load balancing (computing), login, maintenance (technical), map, matchmaking (video games), mathematical optimization, memory, microsoft windows, multiplayer, multiplayer gaming, multiplayer video game, network socket, new features, new releases, nothing, open source project, open-source software, orchestration, overwatch (video game), password, patch (computing), physics, pr_pr: google for games, product lifecycle, purpose: educate, reality, reason, reddit, redis, rocket, rocket league, scalability, scale with game servers and agnoes, scaling, server (computing), servers, simulation, skype, software , software release life cycle, twitter, type: conference talk (full production), unity (game engine), unreal engine, video game, video games, virtual machine, what's new with gdc, workflow, youtube
Ali Siddiqui
Chief Product Officer at BMC Software
ade foundation, amazon web services, ami, automation, autonomous digital enterprise, bmc, bmc software, business, chief information officer, cloud computing, control-m, customer experience, customer satisfaction, dave vellante, disability, economics, employee engagement, exchange 2020, ford motor company, helix, infrastructure, innovation, intel, it service management, john furrier, learning, machine learning, management, mindset, orchestration, productivity, random-access memory, revenue, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software , thecube, virtual queue, wikibon
Ram Chakravarti
Chief Technology Officer at BMC Software
2020 trends, ade foundation, ami, application workflow orchestration, automation, autonomous digital enerprise, autonomous digital enterprise, bmc, control-m, digital transformation, exchange 2020, helix, helix control-m, innovation labs, orchestration, saas, wla, workload automation
Ayman Sayed
CEO at BMC Software
actionability, adaptive cybersecurity, ade foundation, aiops, ami, automation, autonomous digital enterprise, bmc, control-m, digital transformation, enterprise 2025, exchange, exchange 2020, helix, helix control-m, infoblox, it operations, itsm, leadership, mainframe, orchestration, security, service management, xdr
Josh Long
‎Spring Developer Advocate at VMware
alibaba group, amazon (company), anonymous function, apache cassandra, apache groovy, apache maven, apache tomcat, api, apple inc., application software, asynchronous i/o, authentication, authenticator, c sharp (programming language), c++, class (computer programming), client (computing), command-line interface, communication protocol, computer file, constructor (object-oriented programming), couchbase server, cut, copy, and paste, database, datasource, ebay, ecosystem, elasticsearch, embedded database, entry point, for loop, github, grails (framework), greed, groundbreakers, guitar, hash function, hibernate (framework), html, html5, hypertext transfer protocol, immutable object, in-memory database, input/output, insert (sql), integrated development environment, interface (computing), jakarta persistence, java (programming language), java management extensions, java virtual machine, javascript, jeeconf, jetbrains, knowledge, kotlin (programming language), library (computing), load balancing (computing), macro (computer science), message queue, method (computer programming), microservices, microsoft, modular programming, mongodb, mysql, netbeans, netflix, network socket, object (computer science), oracle cloud, oracle developers, orchestration, parameter, parameter (computer programming), password, php, postgresql, proxy server, reactive, reason, redis, search engine, search engine indexing, security token, server (computing), software , software framework, specification (technical standard), spring, spring boot, spring framework, sql, streaming media, string (computer science), subroutine, summit, template (c++), thread (computing), twitter, unit testing, user (computing), variable (computer science), von neumann architecture, web application, web server, web template system, websocket, world wide web, xml, zoombombing
George Buckman
Senior Network Architect at Gainwell Technologies
automation, cambrian explosion, cloud computing, data center, decision-making, definition, design, devops, ecosystem, education, factory, goal, google, interoperability, lawyer, methodology, nature, orchestration, risk, science, security, silicon valley, understanding, use case, weed
Derrick Monahan
Director of Business Development, Strategic Initiatives at Aviatrix
automation, cambrian explosion, cloud computing, data center, decision-making, definition, design, devops, ecosystem, education, factory, goal, google, interoperability, lawyer, methodology, nature, orchestration, risk, science, security, silicon valley, understanding, use case, weed
Steve Mullaney
President & CEO at Aviatrix
aircraft pilot, amazon (company), amazon web services, analytics, andy jassy, api, application software, architect, attention, automation, banyan vines, bit, brand, business, cambrian explosion, category 5 cable, chief information officer, cisco systems, citrix systems, client–server model, cloud computing, communication protocol, competitive advantage, computer network, conversation, cryptography , customer, data center, data in use, dave vellante, decision-making, definition, design, devops, ecosystem, education, encryption, engineer, entrepreneurship, ethernet, experience, factory, financial technology, future, gateway (telecommunications), global catastrophic risk, goal, google, hewlett-packard, ibm, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, innovation, insurance, internet, internet protocol, internet protocol suite, interoperability, john furrier, juniper networks, knowledge, knowledge base, kubernetes , language, lawyer, machine learning, methodology, microservices, microsoft azure, mind, mining, multiprotocol label switching, nature, network switch, open world, oracle corporation, orchestration, outsourcing, pain, price, protocol stack, reality, rights, risk, router (computing), science, screw, security, server (computing), silicon valley, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, space, startup company, streaming media, subnetwork, systems theory, teradata, terraforming, thecube, thought, token ring, transmission control protocol, transport layer security, troubleshooting, truth, understanding, unicellular organism, use case, vmware, weed, wikibon, wireless ad hoc network
John Furrier
Cofounder & CEO at SiliconANGLE Media
#thecube, 19-inch rack, 2021, 3d computer graphics, 5g, @thecube, abstraction, abstraction (computer science), accenture, accessibility, addiction, advanced micro devices, advertising, aerospace, agile software development, air traffic control, aircraft pilot, algorithm, alibaba group, amazon, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, analysis, analytics, andy jassy, ansible, ansiblefest 2020, apache hadoop, api, app store (ios), apple inc., apple tv, apple watch, application software, architect, architecture, assembly line, attention, augmented reality, automated teller machine, automation, autonomous robot, aws, aws summit digital 2020, aws summit online 2020, backup, bank, banner, banyan vines, base station, behavior, bell, best practice, bias, big data, bill gates, bit, bitcoin, blackboard inc., body language, boston, brand, brand loyalty, bsd licenses, business, business model, california, california institute of technology, call centre, cambrian explosion, capacity planning, capital (economics), capital market, capital one, car, carbon black (company), caregiver, cash, cash transfer, category 5 cable, cellular network, central processing unit, change your mind (steven universe), charles de gaulle, chief executive officer, chief information officer, child abuse, child and family services, chris foster, cisco systems, citrix systems, civility, client (computing), client–server model, cloud, cloud computing, cloud native computing foundation, cloud storage, cloud- microservices architecture, cloudera, clustered file system, cold chain, communication protocol, community, competitive advantage, compliance (psychology), computer, computer architecture, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computer science, computer security, computer vision, computing, consumer privacy, consumerization of information technology, containerization, continuous delivery, contract, control theory, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19 pandemic, covid-19 pandemic in the united states, covid-19 vaccine, creativity, credit card, crime, critical thinking, cryptography , culture, customer, customer experience, customer relationship management, customer service, data, data center, data governance, data in use, data lake, data quality, data security, data warehouse, database, database design, dave brown, dave vellante, david brown, dean grey, debit card, debt, debugging, decision-making, deep learning, definition, dell, dell emc, design, desktop computer, desktop virtualization, devops, digital transformation, dimension, distance education, distributed computing, distributed workforce, dividend, docker (software), dog food, donald trump, downtime, dream, dropbox (service), dunkin' donuts, dvd, ecological resilience, economy, ecosystem, edge computing, education, elasticsearch, electric battery, electronic benefit transfer, email, emergence, employment, encryption, end user, energy, engineer, engineering, enterprise software, entrepreneurship, ethernet, evolution, experience, expert, extract, transform, load, facebook, factory, fee, file system, financial industry regulatory authority, financial technology, firmware, food, force, franklin d. roosevelt, future, gateway (telecommunications), generation, generation z, gigabit ethernet, github, global catastrophic risk, goal, google, governance, graph database, graphics processing unit, grocery store, hashtag, headphones, headset (audio), health care, help desk, herain oberoi, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, hillary clinton, history, human, humour, hybrid (biology), ibm, ibm z, ieee 1394, immersion (virtual reality), information, information technology, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, initial public offering, innovation, instagram, insurance, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, interest, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internet protocol suite, interoperability, interview, invention, inventory, investment, jeff frick, jimmy chen, john furrier, juniper networks, keynote, keynote analysis day 1, keynote analysis day 2, knowledge, knowledge base, kubernetes , language, laptop, latency (engineering), lawn, lawyer, leadership, learning, letter box, leverage (finance), license, life-cycle assessment, linkedin, linux, linux foundation, load balancing (computing), logos, los angeles unified school district, lumber, mac mini, macbook, machine learning, macintosh, macos, mainframe computer, mana, management, manufacturing, mark lohmeyer, market (economics), marketplace, mass media, mathematical optimization, mathematics, mergers and acquisitions, metadata, metal, methodology, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft excel, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows, microstrategy, mind, mindset, mining, mobile app, mobile banking, mobile phone, money, monopoly, moore's law, motivation, multiprotocol label switching, music, nature, negotiation, netflix, network switch, neural network, new york city, news, nigger, nike, inc., nitrous oxide engine, node (networking), nothing, nvidia, office 365, onboarding, online and offline, online banking, open innovation, open source, open world, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openshift, openstack, operating model, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, oracle database, orchestration, organization, outsourcing, overdrive (mechanics), package manager, pain, partnership, patch (computing), permissive software license, personal data, personal trainer, physics, physics engine, pixar, plastic, platform as a service, postgresql, prayer, prediction, predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, pressure, price, pricing, privacy, procurement, productivity, program optimization, programmer, project jupyter, propel, protocol stack, proton, provenance, psychology, punishment, quality of life, quantum algorithm, quantum computing, rackspace technology, radar, radio, rapid transit, raspberry pi, real-time computing, real-time data, real-time performance, reality, reason, recommender system, red hat, red hat summit, reddit, redis, redis labs, redshift, regulatory compliance, reinforcement, reinforcement learning, reliability engineering, rendering (computer graphics), reputation, research, retail, rhsummit, rights, risk, robot, robotics, router (computing), runtime system, sales, sales process engineering, salesforce, san francisco, sanjay poonen, scalability, scat singing, science, screw, secret superstar, security, self-service, selfie, semantics, sensor, server (computing), serverless computing, sewing, share repurchase, silicon valley, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, simulation, skylab, skylab apps, slack (software), smart tv, snowflake, social media, social norm, social stigma, software , software as a service, software framework, software release life cycle, solar power, space, specification (technical standard), spectrum, speech recognition, splunk, sql, standardization, startup company, statistics, stock market, streaming media, stu miniman, studio, subnetwork, supercomputer, supplemental nutrition assistance program, supply chain, surveillance, synergy, system, systems theory, t-shirt, tablet computer, take-out, tattoo, taxonomy (biology), tc energy, technology, telco cloud, telecommunication, telecommuting, telehealth, telemetry, television, tensorflow, teradata, terraforming, tesla, inc., thecube, theory, thought, thoughts and prayers, thread (computing), throughput, thunderbolt (interface), token ring, tool, tornado, touchscreen, transmission control protocol, transparency (behavior), transport layer security, troubleshooting, truth, twilio, twitter, understanding, unemployment, unicellular organism, united states, unity (game engine), university, unstructured data, use case, value proposition, venmo, verizon communications, vibe (magazine), video on demand, videotelephony, virtual private network, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, virtualization, visualization (graphics), vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, vulnerability (computing), warehouse, water, waterfall model, watson (computer), wearable technology, web application, web browser, web service, weed, white-label product, wi-fi, wide area network, wikibon, wikipedia, wireless ad hoc network, women in the workforce, workload, world wide web, writer, youtube, zoom (software), zoom video communications
Grant T Timmerman
Developer Platform Engineer at Google
#googleio, android (operating system), api, application software, back end development, backend development, cloud computing, cloud developer, cloud development, cloud run, command-line interface, communication, complexity, computer programming, computing, cross-platform software, dart, dart (programming language), dart multiplatform, database, desktop environment, docker (software), event-driven architecture, eventarc, file format, flutter (software), foundry, full stack, full stack dev, full stack developer, full stack development, full-stack, full-stack kotlin, fullstack, google, google announcement, google cloud, google conference, google developer conference, google drive, google i/o, google io, identifier, javascript, kotlin, kotlin multiplatform, library, linux, metadata, microservices, microsoft windows, open-source software, orchestration, pr_pr: google i/o, purpose: educate, python (programming language), representational state transfer, server (computing), serverless computing, service-oriented architecture, siri, software , software cracking, speech recognition, spreadsheet, type: conference talk (full production), type: conference talk (full production);, united states, upload, web application, web browser, world wide web, xml schema
Bernd Ruecker
Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at Camunda
airport check-in, amazon (company), api, boarding pass, check-in, communication, credit card, distributed computing, distributed systems, electricity, feeling, general data protection regulation, infoq, infrastructure, internet, inventory, latency (engineering), method (computer programming), microservices, mind, nothing, orchestration, pdf, qcon, qcon london, reactive, reason, software architecture, staple (fastener), stapler, summit, system, text messaging, transcripts, web browser
Egor Pakhomov
Spark contributor and Senior Software Engineer at Airbnb
ambiguity, android (operating system), apache hive, api, calendar date, database, databricks, engineering, food, i want you (marvin gaye album), logic, mind, nothing, orchestration, overhead (computing), parameter, parameter (computer programming), personal data, reason, science, single source of truth, software , statistics, truth, writer, youtube
Prathan Thananart
Chief Technology Officer at Softbaked Co., Ltd.
ansible (software), api, application software, autoscaling, cloud computing, computing, configuration management, container, contract, docker, facebook, fault tolerance, food, internet, kubernetes , library (computing), machine, nothing, open tech, orchestration, paas, parameter, platform as a service, promise, python (programming language), reason, server (computing), serverless, serverless computing, software , violin
Narasimha Pai
Presales Consultant - Solution Engineer at JFrog
application software, authentication, automated teller machine, central processing unit, client (computing), continuous delivery, devops, end user, engineer, frog, india, liquid, microservices, muses, orchestration, philosophy, pipeline transport, server (computing), software , solution, technology, tool, united states, x-ray
Rehan Jalil
President & CEO at
ai, attention, automation, bit, business event, canada, car, competition, computer hardware, computer security, conference, conversation, cybersecurity, data, deer, dimension, door, education, emerging tech, engineer, entrepreneur conference, entrepreneurship, experience, face, google drive, human rights, information, information privacy, infosec, innovation & startups, intelligence, inventory, japan, lightning, luck, machine learning, ml, music, northeastern university, nortonlifelock, nothing, orchestration, personal data, pleasure, privacy, promise, question, rights, rihanna, rsa, rsac, rsaconference, security, software , technology, understanding, unmanned aerial vehicle, wireless
Priyanka Sharma
api, birthday, bit, button, china, cloud computing, committee, computer architecture, continuous delivery, conversation, culture, dave vellante, devops, earth, engineer, feedback, folk music, greenfield project, infrastructure, innovation, john furrier, kubernetes , language, leadership, legacy system, mentorship, mexico, money, news, nothing, open-source software, orchestration, organization, past, post-production, rabbit, red hat, rotation, ship, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software bug, software framework, space, thecube, thought, tiktok, twitter, version control, vmware, whitelisting, wikibon, witness, workflow, workforce
Károly Kass
Community Leader at Docker Community
austin, texas, austria, automation, birthday, community theater, covid-19 pandemic, devops, drum machine, engineer, engineering, feeling, fourth doctor, google, hungary, infrastructure, internet, internet service provider, machine, midlife crisis, notebook, open-source software, orchestration, playground, sanyo, we got married, youtube
Renno Reinurm
Senior Devops Engineer at Pipedrive
authentication, automation, docker for devs, electronic cigarette, experience, facebook, github, hell, internet, ios, language, liberty, microservices, money, orchestra, orchestration, package manager, pink floyd, printer (computing), prometheus (2012 film), reason, source code, statistics, transport layer security, troubleshooting, youtube
Steve Hammer
President at RankHammer
brand, brand ambassador, business value, conducting, confluence, confluence conference, digital marketing, digital marketing conference, digital marketing speaker, duplicate content, experience, expert, goal, google, html, keyword research, lynx (web browser), news, nothing, orchestra, orchestration, question, reason, research, search engine optimization, seo, social media, wealth, wikipedia, youtube
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