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Diane Edwards
President at Jamaica Promotions Corporation
angel investor, china, credit rating agency, customs, democracy, developing country, digital divide, digital economy, diversification (finance), economic growth, economics, economy, economy of germany, emerging market, employment, food security, foreign exchange market, free trade, free-trade zone, globalization, gross domestic product, inflation, infrastructure, international monetary fund, internet, jamaica, japan, jerk (cooking), joint venture, kingston, jamaica, latin america, macroeconomics, market (economics), moody's investors service, offshoring, outsourcing, panama canal, protectionism, psychological resilience, renewable energy, s&p global ratings, tax, tax credit, thailand, tourism, trade agreement, unemployment, world trade organization
Francisca Oladipo
Executive Coordinator at VODAN Africa
africa, belgium, biology, breast milk, communication, computing, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19 pandemic, europe, ghana, information, interoperability, metadata, music, netherlands, nigeria, panama, panama canal, pineville, louisiana, science, social science, university, virus
Ayodele Awokoya
PhD student at University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State
africa, artificial intelligence in healthcare, belgium, belief, biology, breast milk, communication, community, computer, computer programming, computer science, computing, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19 pandemic, eminem, engineer, europe, fred g. sanford, ghana, ghost, health care, husband, information, institute of electrical and electronics engineers, interoperability, json, machine learning, marriage, metadata, music, netherlands, nigeria, panama, panama canal, pineville, louisiana, privacy, reason, robot, robotics, science, scientist, social science, software , statistics, university, virus
Jim Sabogal
Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America
5g, algorithm, authentication, basement, biology, biometrics, blockchain, canal, cargo, clinical trial, cloud computing, cold chain, computer hardware, computer network, coronavirus disease 2019, dose (biochemistry), electroencephalography, emergency department, fingerprint, food and drug administration, global positioning system, health, health care, health care in the united states, health informatics, internet of things, interoperability, inventory, logistics, lubricant, machine learning, medical record, medical ventilator, medication, nursing, operation warp speed, panama canal, patient, pharmacy, placebo, port, prescription drug, privacy, public health surveillance, reason, recycling, refrigerator, remote patient monitoring, science, scotty (star trek), shame, supply chain, surgery, surveillance, technology, telehealth, text messaging, the internet of things, time, transport, ventilation (architecture), wearable technology, wi-fi
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