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Ritesh Shah
TitleSenior Program Manager at Vanguard
300 - advanced, active directory, ai, algorithm, amazon, amazon (company), amazon web services, artificial intelligence, automation, aws, aws cloud, aws machine learning summit, aws ml summit, aws re:inforce, aws re:inforce 2019, aws re:inforce 2019 sessions, aws security, chatbot, cloud, cloud computing, cloud security, cloud security community, command-line interface, compliance, computer network, data protection, data quality, data science, deployment environment, design, detective controls, encryption, engineering, environment variable, executable compression, experiment, facebook, governance, hyperparameter (machine learning), identity, iml205, impact of machine learning, incident response, infrastructure security, internet, internet access, ip address, java (programming language), kodi (software), laptop, learning conference, linkedin, machine learning, metadata, microservices, moral development, parachute, pipeline (computing), pointer (computer programming), policy, product lifecycle, proof of concept, risk, science, sdd315, security, security best practices, security deep dive, session, usability, use case, user identifier, variable (computer science), war, water, web application, workflow, world wide web
Vikram Singh
Product Owner at Finzly
apple inc., apple watch, banking, bitcoin, blockchain, canada, carbon dioxide, charlotte, north carolina, chief executive officer, clock, cloud-based platform, energy, financial technology, fishing, goal, halloween, halloween costume, it, kuwait, marshmallow, money, north carolina, parachute, point of sale, potential energy, smartwatch, stream, united states–mexico–canada agreement
Gary Bolles
Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
3d printing, acceleration, adhesive, ai, aldi, alexander the great, algorithm, altec lansing, amman, analogy, analytics, apprenticeship, ar, artificial intelligence, attention, augmented reality, australia, automation, avatar (computing), avature, behavior, biotechnology, bit, blockchain, book, box, brainiac (character), brand, brassring, broom, business model, calculus, canada, car, cathedral, centre court, ceo, charter school, chile, classical element, classroom, closeted, college, columbidae, common core state standards initiative, communication, communication protocol, company, competition, computer, computing, concept, consultant, consumer behaviour, contract, conversation, creativity, crispr, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, culture, curiosity, curriculum, cyborg, database, decision-making, deepfake, definition, design, design thinking, designing thinking, desk, digital identity, disruptive innovation, diversity, dna, dystopia, economy, education, educational technology, elephant, embalming, employee engagement, employment, energy, entrepreneurship, error, ethiopia, exercise, exponential medicine, father, fax, fintech, florida, fluid, forced displacement, freelancer, fuel, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, gateway (telecommunications), gender, generation, genetics, genome, genome project, ghost, glassdoor, global summit, god, google, grace cathedral, san francisco, great recession, greenhouse, hand, happiness, harry potter, health, healthtech, hedge (finance), hierarchy, higher education, hiring, hiring success, homing pigeon, hope, hour, hr, human, human resource management, iceberg, icims, inclusion, industry, information, infrastructure, innovation, inspiration, intelligence, internet, internet of things, investment, japan, jenna dewan, jesus, job, jobs, jobvite, jordan, knowledge, labour economics, law, leadership, learning, lecture, lever, lifelong learning, linkedin, lowell high school (san francisco), luxembourg, machine learning, macroeconomics, magical objects in harry potter, malala yousafzai, market (economics), maryland, matter, medtech, memory, mentorship, mercy corps, mind, mindset, mining, money, music, nanotechnology, narrative, natural environment, neon, noah's ark, novartis, nursing, okinawa prefecture, onboarding, organization, organizational behavior, organizational culture, organizational structure, paper, parachute, pension, peter diamandis, planet, police, portfolio (finance), poverty, problem solving, question, radio, ray kurzweil, reality, reason, recession, refugee, refugees of the syrian civil war, restaurant, risk, robotic process automation, robotics, samsung, san francisco, sap, science, secondary education, self, sharing economy, shelf life, sherpa people, silicon, silicon valley, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, skill, skynet (terminator), smartphone, smartrecruiters, social media, software , solution, speed dating, star, startup company, success, successfactors, superpower, talks, tax, teacher, team, technological singularity, technology, telecommunication, textbook, think tank, thought, time, toronto, training, trial and error, uber, unemployment, united states, university, university of maryland, college park, use case, user guide, utopia, valve, valve corporation, virtual reality, vr, war, william gibson, wisdom, witchcraft, workday, workforce, working time, world bank, world food programme, xmed, youth unemployment, youtube, yuval noah harari
Nate Franklin
Product Nerd at Amplitude
ai, air jordan, atmosphere, belief, bit, career, coding for managers, customer experience, data analytics, direct-to-consumer, experiment, facebook, generation, growth product management, how to become a pm, how to get a job, linkedin, machine learning, mars, metrics, nike, inc., parachute, peloton (company), planet, pm tools, product, product management, product management basics, product management training, product manager, product manager interview, product manager resume, product manager salary, product school, reality, reason, rocket, rover (space exploration), software , space capsule, spacecraft, strategic management, technology, what is a product manager, what is product management
Willian Martins
JavaScript Formatter at Netflix
abstract syntax tree, algorithm, ambiguity, android (operating system), apple inc., apple music, application programming interface, application software, arkansas, array data structure, arrow, association football, attention, babbling, babylon, backward compatibility, beagle, bento, binary number, bit, bitcoin, blog, blood, blood type, boolean algebra, boxing, bracket, brain, budget, cable television, campervan, car, cascading style sheets, cat, cheese, clock, coal, communication protocol, compile time, compiler, complaint, concept, conditional (computer programming), connecticut, constructor (object-oriented programming), control flow, conversation, conversion (gridiron football), curve, curveball, data, definition, design, design patterns, desktop computer, devil, digital audio broadcasting, dog, doll, drive time, earth, ecosystem, education, electron, email, emoji, epcot, europe, experiment, expert, exploit (computer security), facebook, finite set, firefox, fish, fishing, fitbit, folk music, food, function (mathematics), function composition, future, garbage collection (computer science), gas, github, gmail, google chrome, hammer, hawaii, html, ice, ice cream, imax, industry, information, innovation, insurance, interface (computing), internet, ios, irrigation, itunes, java (programming language), javascript, jazz, joke, jsconfhi, jsparty, knowledge, ladder, language, language development, learning, learning curve, lettuce, lexical analysis, lincoln, england, machine, manor, matter, megabyte, meme, metal, microsoft windows, mind, minification (programming), mobile phone, molecule, money, monkey, motivation, mucus, multilingualism, multiple choice, music, neck, news, nothing, object (computer science), object-oriented programming, odds, operating system, opinion, pacsun, panama, panama city, parachute, park lane, parsing, pattern matching, percentage, performance tuning, permutation, pipeline (computing), podcast, porsche panamera, printing press, productivity, professional wrestling aerial techniques, program optimization, programming language, python (programming language), quantum, quarterback, question, rat, reagent, reason, receipt, red square, research, rice, rust, scripting language, security, semantics, seminar, sequence, shape, sink, skin condition, software design pattern, solution, species, speed, spider, spider monkey, spidermonkey, spirit, spotify, startup company, string (computer science), strong and weak typing, subroutine, subset, sugar, switch, switch statement, syntactic sugar, syntax, syntax error, tab (interface), tamagotchi, tax, tc 39, tc39, tea, technical committee 39, temperature, time, triangle, truth, truth value, twitter, type system, typescript, united states, use case, user (computing), user interface, vulnerability (computing), waiting staff, wallet, walmart, weather, web browser, web developer, web development, webassembly, weight, winchester, wing, wok, word, world wide web
Alex Witt
Correspondent at NBC News
advertising, carbon dioxide, carpool karaoke, cbs, climate change, climate change mitigation, competition, complaint, contract, david letterman, democratic party (united states), deterrence (penology), discrimination, domestic violence, economics, economy, effects of climate change, employment discrimination, externality, fossil fuel, free market, gary barlow, gender, gender role, george michael, george shultz, green new deal, greenhouse gas, group of seven, homosexuality, impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the environment, instagram, institute, into the woods, jay leno, jimmy kimmel, jimmy kimmel live!, joe biden, justin trudeau, keira knightley, law, lawsuit, leadership, margaritaville (south park), market (economics), me too movement, meryl streep, milken, mission: impossible (film), national association of manufacturers, oppression, parachute, parachuting, paul mccartney, politics of climate change, poverty, product placement, public health, racial segregation, republican party (united states), sexism, sexual harassment, social equality, social inequality, statute of limitations, the late late show (american talk show), the rolling stones, the tonight show, theory, twitter, u.s. state, united states congress, viral video, women of color, youtube
Ben Winston
Executive Producer, The Late Late Show; Partner at Fulwell73
advertising, carpool karaoke, cbs, david letterman, gary barlow, george michael, instagram, institute, into the woods, jay leno, jimmy kimmel, jimmy kimmel live!, keira knightley, margaritaville (south park), meryl streep, milken, mission: impossible (film), parachute, parachuting, paul mccartney, product placement, the late late show (american talk show), the rolling stones, the tonight show, twitter, viral video, youtube
James Corden
Host, The Late Late Show; Partner at Fulwell73
advertising, carpool karaoke, cbs, david letterman, gary barlow, george michael, instagram, institute, into the woods, jay leno, jimmy kimmel, jimmy kimmel live!, keira knightley, margaritaville (south park), meryl streep, milken, mission: impossible (film), parachute, parachuting, paul mccartney, product placement, the late late show (american talk show), the rolling stones, the tonight show, twitter, viral video, youtube
Richard Browning
Founder at Gravity
3d printing, ai, ar, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, backpack, bicycle, biotechnology, bird, blockchain, car, cold war, computer-generated imagery, computing, crispr, deep impact (spacecraft), designing thinking, education, energy, engine, entrepreneurship, experiment, fintech, flight, fly, formula one, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, gas turbine, genetics, gliding flight, global summit, gravity, hangman (game), health, healthtech, hindsight bias, horsepower, human, jet engine, leadership, learning, matter, mc hammer, medtech, mind, mining, moon, motivation, nanotechnology, nothing, parachute, perception, peter diamandis, ray kurzweil, reason, red bull, risk, robotics, science, sense, singularity hub, singularity university, space, species, talks, tank, technology, theatre, transportation, turbine, virtual reality, vr, water
Steve Blank
Co-Author Hacking For Diplomacy and Defense at Stanford University
asshole, birthmark, bit, blog, brand, business card, business model, capitalism, cash, cash flow, castle, chief executive officer, coffee, community, company, conversation, crate, culture, customer, defender (association football), definition, desk, dysfunctional family, education, elon musk, employment, energy, engineering, epiphany (holiday), experience, future, god, google, grape, greece, greek tragedy, grenade, half-life, height, hindsight bias, horizon, integrated circuit, intel, inventory, investor, irony, keybank, knowledge, lean startup, literature, lumber, market (economics), market capitalization, mind, minimum viable product, momentum, money, mountain, odds, organization, parachute, product/market fit, question, reason, restricted stock, revenue, salad, sea, semiconductor, semiconductor industry, shakespearean tragedy, silicon, silicon valley, skill, startup company, stomach, survival skills, tide, time, tragedy, united states, venture capital, west coast of the united states, word
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