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Viktor Farcic
Developer Advocate at Upbound
automation, barometer, christmas, communication, control flow, github, grievance (labour), hypertext transfer protocol, internet, load balancing (computing), logic, nothing, parameter, parsing, password, pipeline (computing), reason, spotify, temperature, template (c++), truth, user (computing), video, world wide web, youtube
Jordan Raine
Software Engineer at GitHub
abstraction, adjective, ambiguity, bit, class (computer programming), comma, computer programming, concept, curse of knowledge, english language, f. scott fitzgerald, feeling, hash function, integer overflow, method (computer programming), mind, mobile app, modular programming, news, nominalization, noun, online and offline, outliers (book), parsing, passive voice, patch (computing), php, phrase, practice (learning method), reading, reading comprehension, reason, ruby (programming language), runtime system, sentence (linguistics), software , software bug, software framework, software testing, sql injection, the great gatsby, time, twitter, type introspection, understanding, verb, web browser
Derek Li
Program Manager at Microsoft
api, azure, azure devops server, breakpoint, build, business logic, business process, c1x9, cloud computing, database, debugger, derek li, dynamic web page, github, internet of things, json, kubernetes , linux, logic apps: powering the future of integration | od548, machine learning, macintosh, macos, microsoft, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, msft build, msft build 2021, od548, on-demand, parameter (computer programming), parsing, regular expression, subroutine, use case, variable (computer science), xml, xml schema
Maxim Fedorov
Performance and scalability engineer at WhatsApp Inc.
android (operating system), application software, booting, command-line interface, computing, core dump, debugging, email, freebsd, function (mathematics), garbage collection (computer science), gas, health, instruction set architecture, interface (computing), kernel (operating system), library (computing), linux, map, memory leak, memory management, microsoft windows, modular programming, online and offline, open-source software, operating system, parsing, regular expression, remote procedure call, scalability, scheduling (computing), server (computing), software , software bug, software framework, string (computer science), subroutine, switch, system, usb flash drive, virtual machine, whatsapp, windows phone, world wide web
Manuel Rubio
Senior Erlang Developer at Erlang Solutions Ltd.
bracket, compiler, computer programming, control character, database, domain-specific language, http cookie, hypertext transfer protocol, immutable object, input/output, interpreter (computing), letter case, lexical analysis, lol, parsing, perception, php, programming language, question, regular expression, semicolon, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), thread (computing), use case
Frederic Hebert
Systems Architect at Genetec
application programming interface, application software, black box, blockchain, board of directors, booting, by-law, central processing unit, chaos engineering, code coverage, command-line interface, communication, community, compiler, computer data storage, computer file, computer programming, concept, continuous integration, corporation, database, debugging, desk, digital marketing, docker (software), domain name system, drawing, dtrace, embedded system, environment variable, exception handling, expected value, exploratory testing, fault tolerance, fellow, freebsd, functional programming, garbage collection (computer science), hash function, html, hypothesis, internal revenue service, internationalization and localization, interpreter (computing), knowledge, kubernetes , language, law, learning, library (computing), linux, linux kernel, load balancing (computing), login, macro (computer science), mentorship, microsoft windows, music, nginx, open-source software, operating system, package manager, parent process, parsing, powershell, prayer, programmer, programming language, public key certificate, raspberry pi, return statement, runtime system, scheduling (computing), scientific method, shell (computing), signal (ipc), software , software bug, source code, sql, subroutine, system, system call, transmission control protocol, transport layer security, twitter, type system, web server, whatsapp, world wide web
Tristan Sloughter
Senior Software Engineer at Splunk
application software, central processing unit, command-line interface, compiler, concept, continuous integration, debugging, desk, docker (software), environment variable, knowledge, kubernetes , language, linux, macro (computer science), microsoft windows, parent process, parsing, powershell, prayer, scheduling (computing), shell (computing), signal (ipc), source code, subroutine
Robert Virding
Senior Systems Architect at Erlang Solutions Ltd.
aaa (video game industry), abstract syntax tree, actor model, application software, atheism, bracket, byte, class (computer programming), code refactoring, coffeescript, communication, compiler, computer programming, concept, cone, control character, database, deadlock, design, domain-specific language, email, emergence, engineering, error detection and correction, evaluation, expert system, feeling, food, function (mathematics), garbage collection (computer science), gelatin dessert, generosity, homoiconicity, http cookie, hypertext transfer protocol, immortality, immutable object, indie game, input/output, interpreter (computing), java virtual machine, jell-o, json, kernel (operating system), letter case, lexical analysis, library, library (computing), linux, lisp (programming language), lol, lua (programming language), luck, macro (computer science), method (computer programming), microsoft windows, motivation, nested function, nothing, object (computer science), object-oriented programming, operating system, parsing, perception, personal computer, php, pointer (computer programming), pricing, procedural programming, program optimization, programming language, prototype, question, ransomware, real-time computing, reality, recall (memory), regular expression, reserved word, return statement, rust (programming language), science, self-awareness, semicolon, sense, sequence, sim card, siri, software , software bug, software release life cycle, source lines of code, space, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), subroutine, swift (programming language), thread (computing), tool, type system, unix, use case, user interface, virtual machine, web browser, web server, webassembly, world wide web, xbox one
Sebastian Spaink
Software Engineer at InfluxData
3d modeling, 3d printing, api, bash (unix shell), comma-separated values, communication protocol, counter (digital), database, file format, fused filament fabrication, input/output, internet protocol, json, knowledge, octoprint, parsing, plugin, postgresql, python (programming language), rust (programming language), scheme (programming language), software , source lines of code, sql, use case, user interface
Jason Odoom
DevSecOps Engineer at Clarity Innovations, LLC
amazon web services, apache groovy, apache http server, command-line interface, computer file, database, deployment environment, downtime, google, hard coding, internet protocol, ip address, ipv4, java (programming language), jenkins (software), library (computing), microservices, online and offline, parsing, pipeline (computing), provisioning (telecommunications), scalability, symbolic link, user (computing), world wide web
Rosemary Wang
Developer Advocate at HashiCorp
automation, blog, cloud computing, collaboration, command-line interface, continuous integration, control plane, credential, cut, copy, and paste, dashboard (business), data, data center, database, debugging, distributed version control, domain name system, engineer, enterprise software, git, github, github universe, github universe 2020, information, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, innersource, internet, kubernetes , library, metadata, microsoft azure, octocat, open source, open-source software, parsing, password, pdf, pipeline (computing), postgresql, programming, proxy server, python (programming language), question, resource, reverse engineering, schnucks, security, social media, software development, thin client, troubleshooting, truth, twitter, uber, unit testing, user (computing), version control, virtual lan
Stephane Jourdan
CTO & Founder at CloudSkiff
access control, app migration, asynchronous, automation, best practice, caching patterns, cgroups, cloud computing, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, credential, cron, data lakes, distributed database, door, elevator, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, galls law, gatekeeper, gating service, github, graalvm, graviton2, hdfs, health check, iam reliability, infrastructure as code, infrastructure drift, internet, ipv4, ipv6, jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes cloud, language, microservice, microservices, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, parsing, pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, polystyrene, public cloud, quarkus, reason, robot, security, server (computing), serverless, snapchat, soul, tariff, telemetry, telephone
Adam Gordon Bell
Developer Advocate at Earthly Technologies
anonymous function, app migration, assembly language, asynchronous, automation, binary file, caching patterns, cgroups, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, communication protocol, compiler, computer architecture, data lakes, distributed database, executable, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, galls law, gatekeeper, gating service, graalvm, graphics processing unit, graviton2, hdfs, health check, iam reliability, infrastructure drift, javascript, json, julia (programming language), jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes , kubernetes cloud, llvm, machine code, microservice, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, operating system, parsing, pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, program optimization, public cloud, quarkus, runtime system, serverless, serverless computing, software , source code, telemetry, virtual machine, webassembly, world wide web, x86
Helena Edelson
Principal Engineer at Lightbend
alphago, artificial neural network, beekeeping, belief, big data, brain, butterfly effect, collective intelligence, complex system, computer, computer programming, computer security, consciousness, continuous integration, cyberwarfare, data mining, database, emergence, genetic algorithm, intelligence, internet forum, knowledge, learning, machine learning, mind, natural selection, parsing, pattern, pattern recognition, perception, program optimization, programmer, reason, science, self-organization, software bug, source code, swarm behaviour, swarm intelligence, thought, trial and error, vehicle routing problem, voting, waggle dance
Omar Alonso
Sr. Engineering Manager at Instacart
alphago, belief, big data, computer, computer programming, computer security, continuous integration, cyberwarfare, database, emergence, intelligence, internet forum, knowledge, mind, parsing, pattern recognition, program optimization, programmer, reason, science, software bug, source code, thought, voting
Vitaly Gordon
VP of Engineering and Data Science at Salesforce Einstein
accuracy and precision, alphago, analogy, belief, big data, binary data, brute-force attack, categorical variable, computer, computer programming, computer security, continuous integration, cyberwarfare, database, determinism, emergence, facebook, fitbit, gambling, geodetic datum, health care, intelligence, internet, internet forum, internet of things, knowledge, logistic regression, machine learning, mind, parsing, pattern recognition, privacy, program optimization, programmer, quicksort, reason, science, software bug, soul, source code, statistical classification, theory, thought, voting, xml schema
Bryan Cantrill
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Oxide Computer Company
algorithm, alphago, api, beagleboard, belief, big data, bluetooth, central processing unit, class (computer programming), clock rate, computer, computer programming, computer security, consensus (computer science), continuous integration, cross compiler, cross-platform software, cyberwarfare, database, debugging, demand, dennard scaling, docker (software), dynamic linker, economies of scale, electronics, emergence, field-programmable gate array, garbage collection (computer science), hash function, home computer, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, internet forum, java (programming language), java virtual machine, knowledge, linux, mathematical optimization, microcontroller, microservices, mind, moore's law, operating system, parsing, pattern recognition, price, program optimization, programmer, programming language, proprietary software, python (programming language), reason, rust (programming language), science, semiconductor device fabrication, software , software bug, source code, stm32, system, thought, time, titanic, tsmc, type system, typescript, voting, william stanley jevons
Gene Linetsky
CTO at TrueAccord
alphago, belief, big data, computer, computer programming, computer security, continuous integration, cyberwarfare, database, emergence, intelligence, internet forum, knowledge, mind, parsing, pattern recognition, program optimization, programmer, reason, science, software bug, source code, thought, voting
Patrick Martin
Developer Advocate at Google
64-bit computing, a/b testing, analytics, android, android (operating system), app development, app store (ios/ipados), attention, audience engagement, backup, bit, building games, bundle (macos), c++, cocoa bean, compiler, computer file, computer hardware, crashlytics, custom experiences, databases, debugging, developers, dialog box, firebase, firebase developers, firebase features, firebase for games, firestore, game development, game development conference, game development event, game engine, gameplay, games, games and apps, games developers conference, games developers summit, gdc 2020, ggds, ggds 2021, github, google analytics, google developers, google for games, google for games 2021, google game development, google games, google gdc '20, google gdc 2020, google play services, googleforgames, graphics processing unit, idiom, ios, liveops, managing databases, microsoft windows, microtransaction, mobile app, mobile game, mobile gaming, mobile phone, monetization, native crash reporting, new features, new releases, nothing, optimizing the fun with firebase, package manager, parsing, pedophilia, personalization, playstation, powershell, pr_pr: google for games, program optimization, purpose: inform, radar, random-access memory, real-time computing, scaling databases, social media, software bug, software development kit, software testing, texture mapping, tool, type: conference talk (full production), unity, usability testing, video game, what's new with gdc, x86
Tim Bandos
VP at Digital Guardian
7-zip, command-line interface, computer file, computer network, computer security, cyberwarfare, email, hunting, incident management, internet, malware, operating system, parsing, path (computing), powershell, proxy server, remote desktop services, risk, risk management, shared resource, splunk, surveillance, threat intelligence, use case, world wide web
Chelsea Troy
Staff Software Engineer, Machine Learning & Backend Systems at Mozilla
android (operating system), attention, behavior, best practice, binary search algorithm, bracket, breakpoint, class (computer programming), compiler, computer programming, concept, conditional (computer programming), correlation and dependence, debugger, debugging, declarative programming, domain-specific language, end user, error, evidence, expert, guilt (emotion), homework, interpreter (computing), ios, java virtual machine, json, language, markdown, markup language, mobile app, object (computer science), parsing, programmer, programming language, reality, risk, scope (computer science), software , software bug, software release life cycle, system, truth, turing completeness, uncertainty, understanding, value (ethics), youtube
Paul Everitt
PyCharm and WebStorm Developer Advocate at JetBrains
apache http server, application software, autocomplete, blog, book, bracket, c++, client (computing), command-line interface, common gateway interface, computer file, concept, corporation for national research initiatives, database, digital library, docstring, electronic mailing list, facebook, filename, gender, graphics, html, information, internet, java (programming language), javascript, jetbrains, knowledge, language, library, logic, lucky duckies, make (software), markdown, markdown support myst, mind, modular programming, numpy, open-source software, parc (company), parsing, paul everitt, paul everitt python, pdf, postscript, pycharm, pycharm tutorial, pycon us, pycon us 2021, python, python (programming language), python 2021, python code, python community, python software foundation, python talks 2021, python tutorials 2021, reality, reason, restructuredtext, revelation, science, scripting language, search engine optimization, server-side, six feet up, sixfeetup, software bug, sphinx, sphinx for websites, string (computer science), structure, symbol, syntax highlighting, talk by paul everitt, tutorial, url, usenet newsgroup, web application, web browser, web search engine, world wide web, zdnet
David Hagen
Software Engineer at MicroStrategy
array data type, artificial intelligence, bracket, class (computer programming), computer engineering, computer file, computer science, computer science 2021, constructor (object-oriented programming), data learning, delimiter, file format, floating-point arithmetic, forward declaration, function (mathematics), language, lexical analysis, machince learning, metaclass, number, object (computer science), operator overloading, parser combinator, parsing, pizza, python (programming language), regular expression, scipy2021, sequence, string (computer science), xml
Clark C. Evans
Software Developer
bit, boilerplate code, checkbox, css , data type, database, div and span, html, hypertext, interpolation, javascript, julia (programming language), library, macro (computer science), parsing, planet, pluto, postgresql, relational database, string interpolation, subroutine, template (c++), tool, twitter, web beacon
Robert Nishihara
Co-founder and CEO at Anyscale
abstraction, accessibility, apache http server, api, application programming interface, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, asynchronous i/o, c++, central processing unit, cloud computing, computer programming, conceptual model, continuous function, data science, database, deep learning, distributed computing, distributed systems, educational technology, fault tolerance, garbage collection (computer science), generic programming, hyperparameter (machine learning), hyperparameter tuning, kubernetes , library (computing), machine learning, maintainers, memory, metadata, microsoft windows, model serving, molecular dynamics, neuroscience, numpy, object (computer science), openai, page layout, parallel computing, parsing, personal computer, porting, python, python (programming language), python virtual conference, pytorch, reinforcement learning, reliability engineering, scalable python, scheduling (computing), scheme (programming language), science, science research, scientific computing, scipy library, scripting language, serialization, server (computing), simulation, siri, software engineering, software framework, software testing, streaming media, subroutine, supercomputer, system call, technical computing , tensorflow, type safety, web browser, world wide web, youtube
Henry Schreiner
Associate Professional Specialist at Princeton University
accessibility, analysis, api, apple inc., array data structure, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, binary file, command-line interface, computer, conceptual model, continuous function, data processing, data reduction, data science, deep learning, density, dimension, energy, function (mathematics), generic programming, gnu compiler collection, high performance python, histogram, hyperparameter (machine learning), integer overflow, laptop, library, library (computing), machine learning, maintainers, metadata, microsoft visual studio, mind, neuroscience, number, numpy, object (computer science), page layout, parallel computing, parsing, pointer (computer programming), porting, python, python virtual conference, reason, scheme (programming language), science, science research, scientific computing, scipy library, siri, software bug, software engineering, software testing, string (computer science), subroutine, technical computing , truth, type safety, volume, water, web browser, world wide web, youtube
Jeremiah Lewis
Staff Data Scientist at Volkswagen AG
ambiguity, application software, compiler, computer, computer programming, computer science, computing, decision-making, documentation, julia (programming language), language, macro (computer science), markdown, open-source software, parsing, potential of markdown, programming language, python (programming language), science, software , string (computer science), syntax, twitter, typing, usability, user experience
Connor Burns
Software Developer
accuracy and precision, api, bit, client (computing), convolutional neural network, email, eval, function (mathematics), hypertext transfer protocol, javascript, julia (programming language), mnist database, named parameter, neural network, parameter (computer programming), parsing, prediction, reserved word, return statement, server (computing), statistics, vector space, web apis, web application, world wide web, youtube
Andrew Brookins
Software Engineer at Redis Labs
api, apple inc., autocomplete, client (computing), cloud computing, css , discord (software), full-text search, github, html, html element, internet protocol suite, library (computing), load balancing (computing), parsing, real-time computing, real-time full-text website search , redis, scheduling (computing), search engine, search engine indexing, server (computing), web framework, web scraping, web widget, world wide web
William Oberman
CTO at CivicScience
abstraction, amazon (company), backup, big data, code coverage, database, enterprise search, ghost, information, internet, language, machine learning, memory, parsing, privacy, privacy policy, proxy server, python (programming language), redis, server (computing), snippet (programming), source lines of code, unit testing, use case, wikipedia
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