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Enrique Olivo
McData Scientist at McDonald's Canada
analytics, big data, book, computer, customer, data, data science, data scientist, education, experiment, fast food, function (mathematics), grocery store, humans, humans of data science, innovation, knowledge, learning, mathematics, microsoft powerpoint, network, pivot table, political science, politics, recommender system, restaurant, science, sql, statistics, video game
Mike Nader
Managing Director at EY
amazon web services, analytics, arrow keys, business intelligence, competitive advantage, computer file, conceptual model, cursor (user interface), data compression, data crunching, data visualization , database, database schema, design, fact table, file system, foreign key, google, graphical user interface, gross margin, ibm db2 family, incorta, java database connectivity, jd edwards, jdbc driver, join (sql), metadata, microsoft excel, microsoft sql server, oracle corporation, peoplesoft, pivot table, point of sale, postgresql, primary key, replication (computing), retail, science, sql, star schema, table (database), table (information), unique key, value proposition, web application, world wide web
Spencer Baucke
Principal Consultant, Data Viz Lead – Power BI at Tessellation
active directory, analytics 2021, analytics conferences 2021, analytics summit 2021 , app store (ios/ipados), artificial intelligence, bit, conversation, dashboard (business), data integration, data science, data science 2021, data science summit 2021, data visualization , dimension (data warehouse), extract, transform, load, geographic information system, goal, icon (computing), linkedin, microsoft excel, mobile app, motivation, pivot table, reason, screenshot, server (computing), spencer baucke, subscription business model, tableau & power bi, tablet computer, team, university of cincinnati, use case, visualization (graphics), workspace
Panayiotis Hios
Clinic Director at Excel Physical Therapy
api, automation, bit, bluetooth, book, calendar, centaurus, child, computer, computer hardware, computer program, data, dog, dubai, email, excel, experience, feedback, google, javascript, julia (programming language), kevin gates, laptop, lunar calendar, microsoft excel, mining, news, open api, pdf, pivot table, pluto, raspberry pi, servomechanism, software , sonic the hedgehog (character), stream, use case, web api, web browser, world wide web, xml
Susan Walsh
Founder/MD at The Classification Guru Ltd
accuracy and precision, business, dashboard (business), decision-making, forecasting, google search, google sheets, joke, linkedin, machine learning, microsoft excel, negotiation, open-source software, pivot table, postal code, procurement, reason, research, software , spelling, spreadsheet, table (information), tax, tinder (app)
Paul Moxon
SVP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist at Denodo
abstraction, abstraction (computer science), accessibility, algorithm, analytics, api, architect, architecture, business intelligence, business intelligence analyst, business model, cell (biology), child, cloud computing, data, data advisor, data analyst, data analytics, data architecture, data protection advisor, data science, data scientist, data virtualization, data warehouse, database, dyson (company), extract, transform, load, fax, galaxy, hsbc, hybrid conference, hybrid events, infor, infrastructure, innovation, lake, landscape, machine learning, managing data, managing data center, managing databases, microsoft excel, new york city, online conference, online conference meeting, online conference platform, online event, online summit, pivot table, retail, salesforce, scalability, server (computing), spreadsheet, tank, tax, technology, tesco, understanding, use case, virtual conference, virtual event, virtual event promo, virtual machine, virtual summit, virtualization, warehouse
Edward Upton
Founder and Technical Lead at Littledata
ai, analytics, avatar (computing), bank, blockchain, brand, consumer behaviour, creep (deformation), customer experience, customer lifetime value, data science, data scientist, email marketing, fast fashion, google, machine learning, online advertising, pivot table, point of sale, prediction, price, retail, sales, shopify, social media, space, subscription business model, touchpoint, yahoo!
Rob Sewell
authentication, book, code, command-line interface, computer file, cross-platform software, data, database, directory (computing), excel, github, icon, information retrieval, infrastructure as code, intelligent code completion, jupiter, linux, macintosh, magic (supernatural), microsoft excel, microsoft sql server, open-source software, operating system, parameter (computer programming), path (computing), pivot table, planet, platform as a service, powershell, question, replication (computing), screenshot, select (sql), shell script, software , software bug, sql, symbol, twitter, unit testing, user (computing), verb, version control, virtualization, vmware, witchcraft, worksheet
Marco Russo
Business Intelligence trainer and consultant at OKViz
60-minute breakout, advanced (300), apple lisa, application software, attention, average, book, brand, browser engine, business application developer, calculator, calculus, cartesian coordinate system, central processing unit, cloud computing, community session, compass, computer data storage, consultant (technical), data compression, data visualization , database, definition, fact table, formula, function (mathematics), html5, internet, it professional / developer, iterator, javascript, matrix (mathematics), mbas19, mbas2019, memory, microsoft excel, microsoft power bi: deep dive into dax evaluation context - brk3060, microsoft power bi: my power bi report is slow. what should i do? - brk3022, microsoft sql server, mobile app, music, percentage, pivot table, power bi, primary key, quantity, question, reality, server (computing), snapchat, solution implementer, sql, star schema, statistics, string (computer science), table (database), theory, time, visualization (graphics), web browser, web portal, web search engine, zillow
Joseph McDaid
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
20-minute theater, 60-minute breakout, analyst, analytics, argument, arithmetic, array data structure, big data engineer, bit, boolean algebra, business analyst, business manager / director / executive management, business process, business process mapping, business process owners, calculator, camera, cell (biology), community, computer file, computer keyboard, computer mouse, consultant (functional), consultant (technical), cut, copy, and paste, data type, data visualization , database, desktop computer, dimensional analysis, dynamic array, emotion, error, excel, expert (400), eye, financial analyst, first line workers, flowchart, forecasting, formula, foundational (100), fraction (mathematics), function (mathematics), integer, intermediate (200), it professional / developer, language, line of business specialist, logic, lookup table, machine learning, mathematics, matrix (mathematics), mbas19, mbas2019, metadata, microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft excel: advanced spreadsheet modeling using dynamic arrays - brk4001, microsoft excel: getting started with dynamic arrays in excel - thr2010, microsoft excel: whirlwind tour 2019 - brk1002, microsoft windows, mobile app, monte carlo method, nothing, office 365, operating system, optical character recognition, other, pivot table, price, reddit, sequence, server (computing), spreadsheet, statistics, subject matter expert led session, tab key, time, truck, truth, two-dimensional space, variable (computer science), witchcraft, zombie
Peter Myers
Owner at Bitwise Solutions Pty Ltd
60-minute breakout, advanced (300), analytics, average, business application developer, comma-separated values, community session, computer file, conceptual model, consultant (technical), data integration, data integrity, data modeling, data warehouse, database, database schema, dimension (data warehouse), email, end user, fact table, food, foreign key, formula, html, image file formats, integral, intermediate (200), it professional / developer, latency (engineering), line of business specialist, mbas19, mbas2019, mean, menu, microsoft excel, microsoft power bi: end-to-end power bi desktop data modeling - brk2078, microsoft power bi: the do’s and don’ts of power bi relationships - brk3019, microsoft sql server, multidimensional expressions, pivot table, power bi, question, referential integrity, relational database, relational model, science, scientific notation, significant figures, social media, solution implementer, star schema, surrogate key, system, table (database), table (information), theory, time, transact-sql, usability, use case, web server, world wide web
Ken Puls
President and Chief Training Officer at Excelguru Consulting Inc.
60-minute breakout, analyst, analytics, array data structure, business analyst, business process owners, consultant (functional), consultant (technical), database, dimension (data warehouse), dimensional modeling, excel, fact table, financial analyst, foreign key, function (mathematics), gross income, identifier, income, intermediate (200), join (sql), mbas19, mbas2019, microsoft excel, microsoft excel: best practices for spreadsheet modeling data shaping and data - brk2035, net income, office 365, option (finance), other, permutation, pie chart, pivot table, price, revenue, spreadsheet, star schema, subject matter expert led session, table (database), unique key, visualization (graphics)
David Monroy
Product Management at Microsoft
60-minute breakout, analyst, analytics, array data structure, business analyst, business application developer, business manager / director / executive management, business process, business process mapping, business process owners, camera, comma-separated values, computer file, computer keyboard, computer mouse, consultant (functional), consultant (technical), customer relationship management, cut, copy, and paste, data model, data visualization , database, desktop computer, dimension (data warehouse), dimensional modeling, email, excel, fact table, financial analyst, first line workers, flat-file database, flowchart, forecasting, foreign key, foundational (100), function (mathematics), gross income, identifier, income, information retrieval, intermediate (200), interview, it professional / developer, join (sql), leadership, library (computing), line of business specialist, logistics, lookup table, machine learning, mbas19, mbas2019, metadata, microsoft excel, microsoft excel: best practices for spreadsheet modeling data shaping and data - brk2035, microsoft excel: how i leveraged excel microsoft flow power query and power bi to - brk2066, microsoft excel: whirlwind tour 2019 - brk1002, microsoft flow, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows, mobile app, net income, office 365, onedrive, operating system, optical character recognition, option (finance), other, permutation, pie chart, pivot table, power bi, price, relational database, revenue, sales, server (computing), sharepoint, solution implementer, spreadsheet, star schema, subject matter expert led session, supply chain, tab key, table (database), twitter, unique key, visualization (graphics), web portal, work–life balance
Ryan Angerami
Performance Lead at Reddit, Inc.
ads, advertising, apps, auction, automation, business, client (computing), computer, conferences, development, education, ethiopia, future, google, google glass, growth, industry, initial public offering, instagram, lectures, linkedin, login, lookup table, marketing, markets, mgs, microsoft, microsoft windows, mobile, mobile app, mobile growth summit, pivot table, privacy, reason, reddit, server (computing), software , tech, technology, twitter, understanding, windows phone
Sean Kroger
Sr. Partnerships Lead at Adjust
ads, advertising, apps, auction, automation, business, client (computing), computer, conferences, development, education, ethiopia, future, google, google glass, growth, industry, initial public offering, instagram, lectures, linkedin, login, lookup table, marketing, markets, mgs, microsoft, microsoft windows, mobile, mobile app, mobile growth summit, pivot table, privacy, reason, reddit, server (computing), software , tech, technology, twitter, understanding, windows phone
AJ Ruizesparza
Premium Support Representative at Zoho
advertising, analytics, average, bracket, comma-separated values, computer mouse, customer relationship management, directory (computing), email, engine, file format, goal, learning, microsoft excel, music, organization, pdf, percentage, performance indicator, pie chart, pipeline (computing), pivot table, question, spreadsheet, table (information), zoho, zoholics, zoholics 2019, zoholics austin
Ricky Thakrar
Solutions Architect at Zoho
accessibility, amazon alexa, amazon echo, analytics, aol, app store (ios), application software, automation, background check, bit, blog, brand, business process, business process management, call centre, chatbot, command-line interface, cost per action, cost per lead, coupon, customer experience, customer relationship management, dashboard (business), database, email, email marketing, facebook, flowchart, forecasting, future, google, google ads, google assistant, instagram, instant messaging, internet bot, interview, inventory, laptop, lutein, management, microsoft excel, mobile app, online shopping, orchestra, orchestration, parameter (computer programming), parsing, pivot table, revenue, sales, siri, social media, spreadsheet, statistics, string (computer science), subroutine, time, twitter, use case, virtual assistant, warehouse, web conferencing, widget (gui), world wide web, zoho, zoholics, zoholics 2019, zoholics austin
Joel Bernstein
Senior Data Engineer at Lucidworks
activate19, analysis, analytics, apache solr, cartesian coordinate system, cartesian product, chart, comma-separated values, concatenation, data analysis, delimiter, dependent and independent variables, deviation (statistics), errors and residuals, information retrieval, java database connectivity, let expression, line (geometry), linear regression, lucidworks, machine learning, mathematical model, mathematics, nonlinear regression, normal distribution, normality test, p-value, parsing, pipeline (unix), pivot table, polynomial regression, prediction, probability distribution, programming language, regression analysis, regular expression, scope (computer science), simple linear regression, solr developer, sql, standard deviation, statistics, stochastic process, string (computer science), time series, variable (mathematics), visualization (graphics), volatility (finance)
Aubrey Tucker
Director Innovation + Technology at ETRO Construction
analytics, application programming interface, aubrey tucker, bim, canbim, canbimvan20, cloud computing, data visualization , database, designing your tech stack: the company's digital dna, etro construction, expert, g suite, goal, google sheets, innovation, internet forum, leverage (finance), microsoft excel, office 365, password manager, pivot table, reason, software , spreadsheet, storytelling, system, virtual tour
Glenn Chenier
Chief Product Officer at ProntoForms
adobe flash, analytics, app store (ios), application software, cheating in online games, collection, conference, connect 2020, customer relationship management, data, elevator, end user, enterprise resource planning, fleet management, geotab, goal, internet forum, it service management, library, marketplace, microsoft excel, mobile app, partner, password, pdf, pivot table, prontoforms, quality of service, salesforce, san diego, software , software development, solution, telematics, use case
John Athayde
VP of Design at CargoSense, Inc.
3d computer graphics, apple inc., buzz lightyear, computer graphics, design thinking, dreamworks animation, edwin catmull, font, human factors and ergonomics, industrial light & magic, innovation, ios, javascript, john lasseter, kung fu panda, lean startup, lean thinking, lucasfilm, microsoft excel, microsoft office, minivan, pivot table, pixar, rendering (computer graphics), reyes rendering,, shader, sheriff woody, software bug, sony, star trek ii: the wrath of khan, steve jobs, storyboard, texture mapping, the brave little toaster, the little mermaid (1989 film), touchpoint, toy story, toyota production system, toyota sienna, traditional animation, typography, understanding, usability, usability lab, whiteboard, wire-frame model
Jamie Harrell
Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead at Emory University - Goizueta Business School
analytics, atlanta, brand, business, business model, businessintelligence, chief executive officer, cnn, comcast, comma-separated values, community, conference, control flow, copyright, crowdfunding, dashboard (business), data, data analysis, database, datavisualization, decision-making, disability, diversity, entrepreneurship, extract, transform, load, facebook, gender, gmail, hindsight bias, implicit stereotype, implicit-association test, inclusion, investors, justice, mentorship, microsoft excel, microsoft sql server, nothing, office 365, pivot table, powerbi, predictive analytics, product, pspp, refact, refactr, risk, sas (software), sensitivity analysis, social media, software bug, spss, ssis, ssrs, startup company, statistics, team, tech, text editor, tinder (app), transgender, twitter, version control, visualization (graphics), women of color
Rick Viscomi
Developer Advocate at Google
#perfmatters, accelerated mobile pages, analytics, apple inc., application programming interface, calibration, cascading style sheets, chrome, click-through rate, computer network, computer performance, crux, dashboard (business), document object model, domain name, g suite, github, gmail, google, google chrome, google drive, google pagespeed tools, google search, https, interactivity, internet, javascript, online and offline, pinterest, pivot table, search engine optimization, software testing, spotify, stata, tab (interface), tablet computer, url, usability, user experience, user-generated content, ux, web browser, web page, web performance, web server, website, wi-fi, world wide web
Michael Jassowski
Principal Engineer at Intel
analytics, application software, automation, cloud computing, dashboard (business), data center, data model, design, electronic design automation, high cardinality data, integrated circuit, intel, join 2019, join 2019 sessions, laptop, license, looker conference, looker conference 2019, lookml top n reporting, michael jassowski intel, microprocessor, oscilloscope, outsourcing, pivot table, power user, research and development, server (computing), simplify top n reporting, software , software testing, stack (abstract data type), top n reporting, user (computing), web browser
Mike Nelson
Co-founder at Really Good Emails
accessibility, adobe photoshop, advertising, agnosticism, attention, automation, bit, blockchain, blog, boy scouts of america, brand, business, computing, conference, confucianism, creativity, culture, design, digital marketing, ecommerce, ecommerce email marketing, ecommerce marketing, ecommerce marketing strategy, effective email marketing, email, email analysis, email best practices, email design , email industry , email marketing, email marketing 2019, email marketing analysis, email marketing best practices, email marketing campaign, email marketing strategies, email marketing strategy, email marketing tips, experience, expert, facetime, future, gmail, influencer marketing, information, internet, ios, justice, knowledge, law, lawyer, linkedin, logo, mailchimp, marketing, mobile app, money, pain, panel, patsy cline, pivot table, pop music, prediction, price, privacy, psychometrics, reality, really good emails, reason, research, sample size determination, social media, spreadsheet, starbucks, technology, telephone, temperature, tide, tool, truth, unspam
Daniel Chen
Doctoral Candidate at Virginia Tech
academic publishing, accuracy and precision, anaconda (python distribution), andré roberge, anonymous function, apache arrow, apache hadoop, application programming interface, bash (unix shell), binary data, boolean data type, brace notation, bracket, categorical variable, chiin-rui tan, closure (computer programming), code, colon (punctuation), comma-separated values, command-line interface, compiler, computer, computer file, computer graphics, concept, concept map, css , curriculum, daniel chen, data, data analysis, data processing, data set, data type, data visualization , database, database index, definition, dependent and independent variables, directory (computing), django (web framework), drupal, dummy variable (statistics), education, educational technology, engineer, eval, experiment, expert, exponential function, file format, for loop, foreign language, function (mathematics), git, graduate school, histogram, indentation style, inheritance (object-oriented programming), insert (sql), integrated development environment, ironpython, json, kirby urner, knitting, learning, lesson plan, library (computing), linear regression, linux, logistic regression, machine learning, makefile, marley kalt, mean, memory, mentorship, microsoft excel, microsoft outlook, microsoft powerpoint, motivation, number, numpy, nursing, object (computer science), off-by-one error, pandas, parameter (computer programming), password, path (computing), pdf, perception, php, physician, pipeline (computing), pipeline (unix), pivot table, prediction, problem solving, programming language, project jupyter, pycon us, pycon us 2021, python, python (programming language), python 2021, python community, python software foundation, quasi-quotation, quotation mark, raw data, reason, redis, regression analysis, regular expression, reproducibility, reuven m. lerner, sas (software), scatter plot, school, science, scikit-learn, scipy, secure shell, shell script, software , software bug, software design pattern, source code, spreadsheet, statistical classification, statistics, string (computer science), subroutine, superuser, support-vector machine, synergetics (fuller), system, table (database), training, validation, and test sets, twitter, unix, variable (computer science), version control, virtual education summit , visualization (graphics), web server, wordpress, working directory, world wide web
Sameer Al-Sakran
CEO at Metabase
analytics, aquarium, contract, conversation, data analytics startups, data science startups, data startups, data warehouse, database, datasets, datasets vs dashboards, dog, engineering, food, fraud, gender, history, horse, human, insurance, jargon, language, metabase, nothing, pet, pivot table, reason, sameer al sakran, sameer al sakran metabase, science
Hannah Stepanek
Software Developer at
application software, boolean data type, comma-separated values, concatenation, concept, conversation, data analysis, data compression, data migration, data type, data validation, database, debugging, domain name, email, foreign key, function (mathematics), garbage collection (computer science), gif, hash function, keepalive, language, learning, loader (computing), login, number, numpy, password, pivot table, python (programming language), regression analysis, relational database, ruby (programming language), siri, sql, startup company, string (computer science), table (database), text messaging, transmission control protocol, unique key, user (computing), web application, world wide web
Tara Bryant
Senior VP of Sales at Pipedrive
adele, app store (ios), attention, automation, becoming an entrepreneur, behavior, brain, budget, business, cell (biology), cisco systems, cold calling, customer, data, docusign, dollar, dropbox (service), economics, emotion, entrepreneur ideas, entrepreneurship, finance, global sales, goal, good problems, how to be a successful tech entrepreneur, innovation, invoice, map, mathematics, mind, money, nbc, nothing, percentage, pipedrive, pivot table, productivity, reason, revenue, revenue model, saas, saastr, sales, skype, software as a service, start up business, starting a business, startup company, startups saas startups, stereotype, successful entrepreneurs, sustainable development, tara bryant, tech startups, tool, truth, ugly side of growth, unemployment, webex
Kathleen Maley
Transformative Analytics Executive at KeyBank
alternative medicine, analytic philosophy, analytics, attention, awareness, bank, brand, business, causality, communication, competitive advantage, computer, computer science, conversation, credibility, credit, credit card, culture, data analysis, dave vellante, decision-making, expert, investment management, john furrier, leadership, luck, machine learning, mind, organization, organizational culture, password, pivot table, probability, psychoanalysis, psychology, question, reason, risk, science, service quality, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, situation awareness, statistics, strategic management, technology, thecube, theory, trade-off, understanding, wikibon
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