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Matej Zahradnik
Director of East Coast Operations at Czech Invest - CZECH REPUBLIC
3d printing, asset, austria, business, business intelligence, computer security, corporate tax, credit rating agency, employment, euro, european union, foreign direct investment, fourth industrial revolution, germany, gross domestic product, ibm, investment, joint venture, poland, price, slovakia, small business, tax, tax exemption
Karamjot Singh
Software Developer at Mettl
amazon (company), apartment, api, architecture, brain, camera, central processing unit, conversation, covid-19 pandemic, email, glass, health, information, kubernetes , microservices, microsoft, microsoft windows, poland, prometheus, singapore, telemetry, the matrix, tool, twitter
Cesar Rodriguez
Director, Engineering at Tenable
ambiguity, application software, architect, automation, cloud computing, cloud computing security, declarative programming, guard rail, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, kubernetes , open source, open-source software, pipeline transport, poland, privilege escalation, runtime (program lifecycle phase), runtime system, security, security guard, snippet (programming), software , software framework, software repository, tool
Isaac Sixtus Chizaram
Designer at Hovercast
advertising, amazon (company), amazon fire tablet, android (operating system), brand, dog, firefox, food, free and open-source software, google, icon, logo, marketing, media player software, mozilla, nigeria, odor, open-source software, poaceae, poland, privacy, stewie griffin, twitter, typeface, typography, vlc media player
Massimo Pellegrino
European Public Policy Program Manager at IEEE
ai, android (operating system), architecture, artificial intelligence, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, built environment, cash, cashflow, cbc2020, central bank, computer security, conference, construction, construction blockchain consortium, conversation, database, debate, decentralization, digital twin, distributed database, distributed ledger technology, dlt, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, engineering, european central bank, european parliament, european union, file format, ieee, information, information and communications technology, innovation, institute of electrical and electronics engineers, intelligence, internet, iot, knowledge, memory, money, net neutrality, new technologies, news, poland, question, right to be forgotten, smart contract, software , speed of light, supply chain, technology, technology policy, ucl, united nations, united states house of representatives, university college london, virtual conference, volunteering
Robyn Bergeron
Senior Principal Community Architect, Ansible at Red Hat
#thecube, #womenintech, @thecube, amazon (company), amazon web services, ansiblefest, ansiblefest 2020, apple inc., architect, automation, cloud computing, command-line interface, community, concept, dave vellante, devil, devops, ecosystem, empowerment, experience, expert, future, github, glass, grocery store, homeschooling, ibm, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, jazz, jeff frick, john furrier, knowledge, kubernetes , laboratory, library, linux, linux distribution, marketplace, matt jones, memory, mind, minimum viable product, mobile app, mobile phone, network effect, new orleans, new york city, number, open-source software, openshift, operationalization, organization, os-level virtualization, pandora (console), poland, proposition, quartz clock, question, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, religion, research, rhsummit, robyn bergeron, rocket, scalability, semantics, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software bug, team, telecommuting, thecube, tissue (biology), tool, twitter, united states, value proposition, virtual reality, wikibon, wisdom, women in tech
Stuart Miniman
Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat
#thecube, 5g, @thecube, adoption, ai-infused network , alejandro lopez osornio, amazing stories, amazon (company), amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, analogy, analytics, anand babu periasamy, antenna (radio), apartment, api, apple inc., application software, architect, architecture, argentina, argentine ministry of health, arm architecture, arvind krishna, ashesh badani, assistive technology, automation, bachelor's degree, backup, bank, behavior, bell, big data, bit, booting, boston, brand, buenos aires, bus, business, business model, business-to-business, california, cambrian explosion, car, carbon black (company), cartesian coordinate system, central processing unit, chat room, chief executive officer, chief information officer, child care, choice hotels international, chris wright, cisco systems, citrix systems, clayton coleman, cloud, cloud computing, cloud management, cloud storage, cloudera, communication, community, complexity, computer, computer appliance, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computing, continuous integration, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, cube conversation, customer, customer experience, data, data center, database, dave vellante, decision-making, delisa alexander, dell, dell emc, desktop virtualization, devil, devops, digital transformation, distributed computing, dividend, ecological resilience, economics, ecosystem, edenor, electricity, empathy, empowerment, end user, energy, engine, engineering, enterprise software, executable, experience, eye, feedback, fibre channel, file hosting service, firmware, flash memory, fleet management, free and open-source software, free software, geography, github, glass, goal, google, governance, greenlake, grocery store, hat, health, health care, health informatics, health system, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, homeschooling, hospital, hour, hp cloud, hpe, human, hybrid (biology), hypervisor, ibm, ibm cloud computing, ibm think, ibm think 2020, ibm websphere, industrial internet of things, information privacy, information system, information technology, infrastructure, innovation, insight, intel, intel xeon, intensive care unit, interest, internet, internet of things, investment, it infrastructure, java (programming language), java virtual machine, joe fernandes, joe fitzgerald, john furrier, kernel-based virtual machine, keynote, keynote analysis, kinect, knowledge, kubernetes , laboratory, lag, language, laptop, last mile, latency (engineering), law, leadership, learning, life-cycle assessment, lightweight directory access protocol, linux, linux distribution, linux foundation, lisa spelman, lol, louis v. gerstner jr., love, lucian, machine learning, mainframe computer, mana, manufacturing, maria alejandra trozzi, market (economics), mass media, mathematical optimization, matt hicks, medical record, megan byrd-sanicki, memory, mental disorder, mental health, metadata, metal, microphone, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, middleware, mind, minio, ministry of health (argentina), ministry of health (saudi arabia), mobile app, mobile phone, money, monopoly, natural disaster, nature, netflix, netha hussain, network function virtualization, news, nick barcet, nigger, nike, inc., node (networking), nosql, nothing, number, nursing, nvidia, nvm express, object storage, office 365, online community, open innovation, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openjdk, openshift, openstack, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, orbit, organization, overdrive (mechanics), packaging and labeling, palo alto, california, patch (computing), patient, paul cormier, percentage, persistence (computer science), pinterest, platform as a service, point of care, poland, price, privacy, procurement, product lifecycle, property, proprietary software, pure storage, quality of service, quarkus, question, reality, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, regulatory compliance, research, rhsummit, rich sharples, robot, robyn bergeron, runtime system, satya nadella, security, security-enhanced linux, self-driving car, sensor, server (computing), serverless computing, share repurchase, ship, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, snowflake, social distancing, software , software bug, software development, software framework, software-defined networking, space, species, specification (technical standard), startup company, stefanie chiras, stereoscopy, stock, stu miniman, studio, subscription business model, tax, technology, technology roadmap, telecommunication, telecommuting, tesla, inc., thecube, think2020, throughput, tim cramer, trademark, truth, twitter, understanding, united states, university of gothenberg, use case, value proposition, vaughn stewart, verizon communications, video on demand, videotelephony, virtual machine, virtual private network, virtualization, vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, vulnerability (computing), watson (computer), wi-fi, wikibon, wikipedia, wisdom, word, world wide web, xbox one, youtube, zoom (software)
Moojan Asghari
Founder & CEO at Thousand Eyes On Me
analytics, australia, basic needs, bias, blockchain, business, canada, compassion, computing, consciousness, consumer electronics show, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19 pandemic in the united kingdom, creationism, critical thinking, digital economy, digital identity, distributed computing, education, empathy, england, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, estonia, ethiopia, expert, explainable artificial intelligence, food, france, gender, gender pay gap, generation, germany, global governance, google, gratitude, gratitude journal, grief, happiness, india, information, information society, innovation, intelligence, inventory, justice, language, law, leadership, learning, linkedin, love, machine learning, median, medical imaging, memory, mental health, mentorship, microsoft, mind, mindfulness, mindset, motivation, music, netflix, news, nothing, oregon, pakistan, password, poland, portland, oregon, poverty, privacy, property, reason, research, réunion, salary, self, self-care, self-driving car, simulation, skynet (terminator), social exclusion, social media, software , south africa, startup company, stereotype, strategic management, supercomputer, sweden, technology, thailand, thought, translation, transparency (behavior), truth, united nations, united states, university of alberta, vaccination, volunteering, working poor
Swaha Pattanaik
Global Economics Editor at Reuters Breakingviews
accountability, austria, bangladesh, canada, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, diplomacy, equal opportunity, germany, human rights, india, multilateralism, organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons, poland, quality of life, question, society, south korea, sovereignty, switzerland, truth, unemployment, united kingdom, united nations human rights council, westphalian sovereignty
Matthew Boyse
Deputy Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of State
accountability, austria, bangladesh, canada, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, diplomacy, equal opportunity, germany, human rights, india, multilateralism, organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons, poland, quality of life, question, society, south korea, sovereignty, switzerland, truth, unemployment, united kingdom, united nations human rights council, westphalian sovereignty
Paul Marsden
Technical Sales and Marketing Advisor at Nordic Iron Ore
art, diesel fuel, eye, feasibility study, finland, ford motor company, geology, germany, hematite, innovation, iron, lens, magnetite, mining, poland, prototype, reflection seismology, research and development, seismic source, seismology, sweden, tailings, truck, waste, water
Lia Bresnahan
Snr Director - Product Management at TiVo
advertising, analytics, android (operating system), android tv, api, app store (ios), apple inc., application software, auction, backup, bit, brand, cable television, chromecast, cloud computing, conversation, end user, general data protection regulation, google, google ads, google play, google search, http cookie, information, internet privacy, investment, ios, long tail, mobile app, multicast, over-the-top media service, playstation, poland, pumpkin, rain, solution, streaming media, technology, television, tivo, united states, user experience, wire, youtube
Amelia Brodka
Founder at Exposure: A Women's Benefit Movement
academy awards, aerial (skateboarding), afghanistan, amelia brodka, best girl skateboarders, bird, competition, documentary film, domestic violence, elissa steamer, finland, girl dad, girl skateboarders pro, gymnastics, half-pipe, lizzie armanto, luck, makers, makers conference, makers conference 2020 location, makers women, neverland, olympic games, poland, skateboard, skateboarding, sky brown, sky brown interview, sky brown skateboarding, sky brown skateboarding 2019, sky brown skateboarding competition, sky brown skating, skype, supermarket, tony hawk, tony hawk 900, tony hawk highlights, tony hawk pro skater soundtrack, toy, united states, video game, violence
Dominik Hahn
Head of People & Culture at KONUX
attention, avature, brassring, ceo, chief executive officer, communication, culture, debriefing, definition, diversity, economy, employment, extraterrestrial life, facebook, failure, feedback, feeling, firefighter, goal, greenhouse, happiness, hell, hiring, hiring success, hr, icims, inclusion, innovation, inspiration, intrapreneurship, jobs, jobvite, leadership, lever, money, organizational culture, poland, reason, sap, self-care, smartrecruiters, steve jobs, success, successfactors, typographical error, witchcraft, workday, youtube
Slawek Potasz
CEO at InMotion Labs
android (operating system), billboard, closed-circuit television, electric car, english language, form factor (mobile phones), germany, inspection, light, mobile app, multistorey car park, parking lot, poland, russia, samsung galaxy, samsung galaxy s7, samsung galaxy s9, smart city, smartphone, smartthings, startup company, thermography, traffic ticket, vehicle, vehicle registration plate
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