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Jim Tincher
Journey Mapper-in-Chief, Customer Experience Expert at Heart of the Customer
7-eleven, advertising, allstate, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., art, atb financial, atlanta, atlanta hawks, attention, bank, behavior, belief, best practice, bit, blog, brainstorming, brand, budget, business-to-business, canada, canadian imperial bank of commerce, car, case study, cave, charles, prince of wales, chatbot, cherry picking, chief executive officer, cloud computing, cognition, columbus, ohio, commercial off-the-shelf, competition, concept, conversation, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, credit union, culture, customer, customer experience, dashboard (business), data, demography, design, design thinking, digital transformation, e-book, education, email, empathy, employee retention, employment, engineering, ethos, experience, experiment, expert, extraversion and introversion, facebook, feedback, feeling, fellow, financial services, firefox, folk music, food safety, franklin county, ohio, future, ge healthcare, gift card, god, google ads, google chrome, grape, grocery store, hashtag, health, health care, hindsight bias, homeschooling, hope, hour, http cookie, hubspot, human, incentive, information, innovation, insurance, intelligence, internet, interview, investment, investor, jaw, jeff bezos, jim cantore, keynote, knowledge, knowledge management, lag, landing page, language, leadership, learning, leech, linkedin, loyalty program, luck, m&t bank, machine, machine learning, map, meaning of life, medallia, microsoft, millennials, mind, mindset, mining, minneapolis, minnesota, mirror, mobile phone, motivation, music, nashville, tennessee, neonatal intensive care unit, nerve, net income, net promoter, north america, north carolina, ocean, ohio, omaha, nebraska, omnichannel, onboarding, online advertising, online and offline, online chat, ontario, operationalization, organization, password, patient, persona, personalization, philadelphia, physical education, plant, poles, post-it note, price, prince of darkness (ozzy osbourne album), problem solving, property, property tax, psychological safety, psychology, quality assurance, question, quiz, raleigh, north carolina, rap-up, real-time computing, reason, research, restaurant, retail, risk, sales, sampling (statistics), san francisco, science, scotiabank, sentiment analysis, service blueprint, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, shopping, smartphone, social justice, social media, software engineering, space, startup company, state farm, strategy, supermarket, sympathy, target audience, target corporation, tax, tax levy, taxpayer, team, technology, ted (conference), telecommuting, telemetry, temperature, text messaging, the home depot, thought, ticketmaster, time, title insurance, tool, touchpoint, transparency (behavior), troubleshooting, trust (social science), twitter, understanding, united kingdom, united states, usability, usability testing, user experience design, vehicle insurance, verizon communications, vice president of the united states, videotelephony, virtual event, visa inc., weather, web browser, wi-fi, youtube, zendesk, zoom (software)
Jason Pryor
Warehouse Associate at Amazon
amazon web services, automation, aws, aws cloud, aws re:inforce, aws re:inforce 2019, aws re:inforce 2019 sessions, aws security, bastion host, best practice, castle, cloud, cloud computing, cloud security, cloud security community, compliance, culture, data center, data protection, database, dem05-r, demo session, demo theater, detective controls, governance, guard rail, health insurance portability and accountability act, identity, incident response, infrastructure security, internet of things, it infrastructure, learning conference, mentorship, payment card industry data security standard, penetration test, post-it note, regulatory compliance, risk, risk assessment, security, security best practices, social norm, software bug, static program analysis, supply chain, technology, trade secret, vulnerability (computing)
Anna Watt
Co-founder at WSCSeattle
accessibility, active listening, adjective, adoption, affordable housing, analgesic, art, art museum, atlassian, beach, best practice, bit, black hole, brainstorming, breakpoint, button, camera, campus, canvas, cat, chapel, chicken, communication, community, community of practice, commuting, computer keyboard, culture, data, decision-making, design, design thinking, drill, education, email, emoji, empathy, end user, experience, facial expression, fee, feedback, feeling, floor, forest, general data protection regulation, gentrification, geology, goal, google photos, google search, halloween, headphones, high fidelity, higher education, home page, hour, human, hypothesis, icon (computing), image, industry, information, infrastructure, internet, interrupt, irony, javascript, jsconfhi, laptop, lo-fi music, magazine, maine, maine coon, microphone, mobile phone, mockup, motivation, mural, museum, music, oregon, pageview, pain, portland, oregon, post-it note, pressure, pretzel, proposition, prototype, question, remote work, research, room, san francisco, san francisco bay area, seattle, sense of community, shared decision-making in medicine, side effect, social stigma, software , sorting, space, speakerphone, stairs, stanford university, startup company, take-out, the stig, thumb signal, time, tool, trainspotting (film), troubleshooting, twitter, understanding, university, user experience, user profile, value proposition, video, video camera, videotelephony, virtual office, wall, website wireframe, whiteboard, wi-fi, wire-frame model, word, work culture, working time, worksheet, workshop, youtube, zoo, zoom video communications
Tim Brown
Chairman at IDEO
adolescence, amazon rainforest, art, case study, creativity, design, design ethics, design thinking, end user, engineering, fresh water, hippocratic oath, human, idea, imagination, matter, microsoft powerpoint, post-it note, primum non nocere, problem solving, risk, theory, thought, tradition, truth, wealth
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