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Liang Zhang
Global Sales Strategy & Operations at LinkedIn
before deep learning , artificial intelligence , artificial intelligence tutorial, computer science conference , feed and ads modeling, introduction to multimedia, visio-lingual representations, 3d cnns, accent (sociolinguistics), accuracy and precision, acm 2020 tutorial, acoustic model, action recognition, ads recommendation, advertising, algorithm, angle, apache hadoop, apache spark, api, application software, applications at linkedin, array data structure, array data type, art, artificial intelligence tutorial, artificial neural network, assembly language, association for computing machinery, attention, attention (machine learning), average, baby talk, bag-of-words model, bangalore, beef, before deep learning , bible, bichon frise, cartesian coordinate system, castle, central processing unit, click-through rate, closed captioning, code-division multiple access, codec, coherence (physics), color, common technologies for feed and ads recommendation, compass, computer, computer graphics, computer performance, computer science tutorial, computer science tutorials, computer vision, computer vision 2020, computing, concept, convolution, convolutional neural network, cosine similarity, data, data compression, data conversion, data science tutorial, data type, debugging, deconvolution, deep learning, deep learning and cnns, deep learnning, deep learnning tutorial, definition, depiction, design, desk, diagram, diamond, digital image processing, dimension, dsgmm and deep cluster-and-aggregate method, dynamic programming, education, email spam, energy, engine, enzyme kinetics, equation, essay, euclidean vector, experiment, extract, transform, load, feature (machine learning), feature extraction, feature learning, feed recommendation , file system, film frame, finite set, function (mathematics), gas, gender, gradient, grayscale, hidden markov model, histogram, history, hyperparameter optimization, image embeddings, image representations , image segmentation, image understanding, imagenet, improvements on 3d cnn, improvements on 3d cnns and two-stream, infection, information, information retrieval, input/output, inspection, instagram, intelligence, interface (computing), internet, introduction - feed, ads, search and spam, inverted index, k-means clustering, kdd2020 tutorials, language, language model, learning, lecture-style tutorials, letter case, library (computing), likelihood function, linear combination, linearity, linkedin, literature, loader (computing), logic, long short-term memory, machine, machine learning, map, markov chain, markov model, mathematical optimization, matrix (mathematics), mean, meme, memory, metric learning for images, metric space, microsoft, mixture model, mobile app, monotonic function, motivation, moving average, mp3, multimedia, multimedia infrastructure, multimedia search, multimodality, multivariate random variable, music, nature, navigation, neural network, news, non-local networks and slowfast, nothing, number, object detection, online and offline, optical character recognition, optical flow, optimization for cnns, oracle corporation, parameter, parameter (computer programming), parity bit, phoneme, pixel, plasterwork, podcast, precision and recall, prediction, preprocessor, protein–protein interaction, python (programming language), radio, reason, recommender system, recurrent neural network, research, robust statistics, satya nadella, search algorithm, search engine, search engine indexing, self-supervised learning, self-supervised video embeddings, sense, signal, similarity learning, simulation, sms, social media, social networking service, softmax function, software , source lines of code, space, spam detection, spamming, spectral density, spectrogram, speech, speech recognition, speech technologies for video understanding, spotify, statistical classification, statistics, streaming media, string (computer science), subroutine, summation, supervised learning, support-vector machine, temporal topic localization, tensor, texas, three-dimensional space, training, validation, and test sets, transcription (linguistics), transformer (machine learning model), transmission (mechanics), truck, two-stream networks, typing, understanding, unsupervised learning, upload, use case, variance, vector graphics, vector space, video, video captioning, video classification, video embeddings and networks, video game, video game console, video game live streaming, video representations used in production, video search, video search engine, video understanding, weight, youtube
Patrick Wiener
Research Scientist at FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
analytics, android (operating system), apache flink, apache iotdb, apache kafka, central processing unit, comma-separated values, communication protocol, computer data storage, database, email, input/output, interface (computing), internet of things, kinect, machine learning, manufacturing business, operating system, pewdiepie, pipeline (computing), pipeline (software), preprocessor, software , software development kit, system, transport layer, xml schema, youtube
Jeff Hajewski
Software Engineer at Noom
artificial neural network, brain, coefficient of determination, computer network, containers, data analysis, database, deep learning, dimension, distributed computing, docker, graphics processing unit, hypertext transfer protocol, localhost, machine learning, mathematical model, natural language processing, neural network, nvidia, parameter, plane (geometry), preprocessor, regression analysis, scalability, statistical model, tensorflow, unit testing
Suzanne Foss
Product Manager with the Real-Time GIS team at ESRI
agriculture, air pollution, analytics, arcgis, arm architecture, automation, backup, big data, central processing unit, cloud computing, cloud storage, computer file, computer network, configuration file, data visualization , database, esri, esri events, geographic information system, gis, input/output, internet of things, json, machine learning, microsoft azure, microsoft windows, mqtt, parameter (computer programming), password, pipeline (computing), predictive analytics, preprocessor, race condition, sas (software), sensor, situation awareness, smartphone, sms, software , streaming media, subscription business model, text editor, throughput, time series, transport, transport layer security, web application, web portal, world wide web
Josh Joyner
Product Manager at ESRI
analytics, arcgis, arcgis server, arm architecture, backup, big data, central processing unit, cloud storage, computer file, computer network, configuration file, data visualization , database, email, esri, esri events, geographic information system, gis, global positioning system, graphical widget, hypertext transfer protocol, input/output, internet of things, microsoft windows, mobile app, parameter (computer programming), password, pipeline (computing), preprocessor, race condition, real-time computing, representational state transfer, sensor, server (computing), sms, statistics, streaming media, subscription business model, symbol, text editor, throughput, time, transport layer security, tutorial, web application, web portal, websocket, world wide web
Andrew Ferlitsch
Developer Program Engineer/ Machine Learning / AI at Google
ai, algorithm, apache hive, api, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, big data, class (computer programming), compressed sensing, computer programming, computer vision, convolutional neural network, coursera, data model, database, deconvolution, deep learning, devops, drawing, extract, transform, load, floating-point arithmetic, generative model, google, google brain, google developers, graphics processing unit, hyperparameter (machine learning), hyperparameter optimization, inheritance (object-oriented programming), input/output, inverse problem, kirkland ml summit, machine learning, machine learning developments, machine learning news, machine learning recent developments, machine learning summit, mapreduce, mathematical optimization, mirror, ml, ml conference, ml summit, motion planning, multi-core processor, natural language processing, object (computer science), object-oriented programming, parameter (computer programming), polymorphism (computer science), preprocessor, privacy, raw data, reality, reinforcement learning, robotics, system, tensorflow, tensorflow 2.0, tensorflow extended, tfx, using ai, what’s going on in machine learning
Danielle Gordon
Software Engineer at Nift
a/b testing, application software, attention, bit, calculator, call to action (marketing), cascading style sheets, coffeescript, compiler, computer file, database, directory (computing), email, entry point, experiment, file format, formula, hash function, html, inheritance (object-oriented programming), javascript, loader (computing), logic, minification (programming), mobile app, nothing, pdf, percentage, preprocessor, random number generation, reason, regular expression, sass (stylesheet language), scope (computer science), snippet (programming), software framework, startup company, student's t-test, style sheet (web development), truth, typescript, use case, variance, web browser, whitespace character, world wide web, zip code
Richard Carlsson
Yak Farmer at Klarna AB
abstraction, anonymous function, application directory, application software, binary file, c preprocessor, c++, call stack, cloud computing, code, code generation (compiler), communication protocol, compiler, computer file, computer keyboard, computer program, computer programming, data type, database, design, downtime, embedded system, kodi (software), lambda lifting, lexical analysis, macro (computer science), memory leak, message queue, microsoft windows, parameter (computer programming), parse tree, parsing, preprocessor, programming language, queue (abstract data type), random-access memory, read-only memory, reserved word, scope (computer science), sequence, simulation, software bug, string (computer science), subroutine, syntactic sugar, system, term (logic), twitter, utf-8
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