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Victor Veitch
Machine Learning Researcher at Google
alternator, bit, car, complement fixation test, data, data set, dimensionality reduction, elk, gender, information, insight, jihad, language, millville, new jersey, natural language, oil, paper, prediction, principle, reddit, rochester, new york, within temptation, wwe
Usama Naseer
Research Intern at Brown University
adoption, application software, association football, communication protocol, data center, downtime, ebay, end user, engine, facebook, health, internet, kill switch, matter, network, network socket, password, plaster, principle, proxy server, quake (video game), server (computing), switch, thread (computing), transmission control protocol, uber
David Vellante
Co-host at theCUBE
postgres vision 2021, #thecube, @thecube, abstraction (computer science), accessibility, accuracy and precision, adherence (medicine), adoption, agnosticism, ai-infused network , altitude, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon pay, amazon redshift, amazon web services, analytics, anomaly detection, api, apple inc., application software, architecture, archive, arm architecture, arvind krishna, attention, automation, backup, bell, bias, big data, bill gates, biodiversity, biology, bit, book, boston, brand, business, business-to-business, california, cam, car, carbon black (company), cartesian coordinate system, cash, caveat emptor, central processing unit, cherry, chief information officer, christianity, cisco systems, client–server model, clinical trial, cloud, cloud computing, cloud storage, cloudera, coffee, comma-separated values, communication protocol, complexity, computer, computer appliance, computer data storage, computer file, computer hardware, computer performance, computer vision, computing, concept, conceptual model, consumerization of information technology, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, cost, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, critical thinking, culture, curve, customer, customer experience, data, data center, data compression, data governance, data integration, data model, data quality, data sharing, data type, data warehouse, database, database design, database transaction, dave cutler, dave vellante, david, debate, debugger, deep learning, dell, dell emc, design, diabetes, digital health, digital transformation, digitization, disease, disney+, distributed computing, dividend, dogma, dream, dynamic pricing, earth, economics, economies of scale, ecosystem, edge computing, educational technology, elasticsearch, electronic cigarette, elevator, email, encryption, energy, engineer, engineering, entrepreneurship, exascale computing, experiment, expert, extract, transform, load, facebook, fee, feeling, fiction, flight, floating-point arithmetic, flops, forecasting, free fall, future, github, goal, google, governance, graphics processing unit, gravity, greenlake, greenplum, grocery store, hashtag, health, health care, health informatics, health system, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, hindsight bias, hp cloud, hpe, human, hybrid (biology), ibm, ibm cloud computing, ibm db2 family, ibm think, ibm think 2020, ibm websphere, information, information security, information technology, infrastructure, innovation, insurance, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, interest, international space station, internet of things, interoperability, investment, ireland, iron, it, it infrastructure, java (programming language), jedi, john furrier, keynote, keynote analysis, knowledge, kubernetes , laptop, latency (engineering), leadership, learning, learning curve, lenovo, life-cycle assessment, linux, linux foundation, logistics, louis v. gerstner jr., love, luxury goods, machine learning, mainframe computer, mana, manufacturing, market (economics), mathematical optimization, matter, medical history, medical record, memory, mergers and acquisitions, metadata, metal, microprocessor, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft sql server, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, middleware, milestone, mind, misinformation, mobile app, modernization theory, money, mongodb, monopoly, moore's law, netflix, neural network, news, nigger, nike, inc., node (networking), nosql, nvidia, object storage, observation, office 365, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openshift, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, orchestration (computing), organization, outsourcing, overdrive (mechanics), pain, personal computer, pixar, platform as a service, plumbing, podcast, point of care, population health, postgres, postgresql, prediction, predictive maintenance, pressure, price, pricing, principle, privacy, product lifecycle, question, real-time computing, reason, red hat, red hat summit, red hat summit 2020, regulatory compliance, relational database, reproducibility, research, retail, rhsummit, risk, road, robot, sales, salesforce, sas (software), satya nadella, scalability, science, scientist, security, self-driving car, server (computing), serverless computing, share repurchase, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, simultaneous multithreading, skepticism, ski, ski resort, skiing, slack (software), smart tv, snowflake, social media, software , software framework, software release life cycle, space, speeds and feeds, sql, stack (abstract data type), startup company, statistics, stock, streaming media, stu miniman, studio, subscription business model, supercomputer, supercritical fluid, supply chain, supply chain optimization, system, tableau software, technology, telecommuting, telehealth, telephone, television, tensorflow, teradata, tetris, the twilight zone tower of terror, thecube, therapy, think2020, throughput, tool, transport, twitter, typing, united states, university of edinburgh, use case, value added, value proposition, venmo, verizon communications, vertica, video on demand, virtualization, visibility, visualization (graphics), vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, warehouse, water, watson (computer), wearable technology, weather forecasting, wikibon, windows server, world wide web, yoda, youtube, zoom (software)
Lisa Scuzzo
Ambassador & Co-Anchor at Snowflake
adolescence, analytics, architecture, bit, board of directors, cherry, cloud, cloud computing, coffee, collaboration tool, computer programming, conversation, data, data science, database, dave vellante, debate, decision-making, design, digital transformation, dogma, electronic cigarette, engineer, health, ireland, jedi, john furrier, knowledge worker, leadership, leverage (finance), mentorship, metadata, mind, pressure, principle, python (programming language), question, reason, science, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, skepticism, ski, ski resort, skiing, snowflake, software as a service, thecube, typing, user interface, wikibon, women in the workforce, yoda
Grant Sanderson
Creator at 3blue1brown
abstract nonsense, abstraction, category theory, classroom, data visualisation, deep learning, edge detection, empathy, function (mathematics), idea, lesson plan, machine learning, math, mathematics, matrix (mathematics), mind, nervous system, neural network, odsc, odsc_india, pattern recognition, phrase, principle, speech recognition, summation, symbol, theory, understanding, vector space
Andrzej Białecki
Senior Software Engineer at Lucidworks
apache solr, autoscaling, behavior, biology, bit, color, command-line interface, complexity, computer, computer science, concept, control theory, covid-19 pandemic, cultural assimilation, engineer, etiquette, feedback, for loop, grain boundary, horse colic, information, innovation, italy, json, lag, lifeguard, lucidworks, mathematical optimization, mechanics, parameter, physics, pid controller, price, principle, question, reality, reason, risk, science, shark, simulation, snapchat, soil, solr developer, solrcloud, system, theory, time, unit testing, united states postal service, vonage, weather, workflow
Jen Weber
Engineer at Cardstack
activism, altruism, americorps, basic needs, behavior, child, ecosystem, ember, ember.js, emberjs, experience, failure, google, grassroots, javascript, obligation, open source, open-source model, percentage, persuasion, principle, psychology, reciprocity (social psychology), robert cialdini, social norm, social proof, sustainable development, technology, tomster, volunteering
Bobby Ren
Software Engineer at Square
bicycle, bicycle handlebar, bikes, bit, brake, breakpoint, car, concept, craigslist, engineer, engineering, ete 2019, gear, mechanics, philly ete, principle, reinventing the wheel, smoke, software , software bug, software development process, software engineering, software framework, speed, tire, unit testing, version control, wheel, xfinity
Garry Tan
Managing Partner at Initialized Capital
advertising, andreessen horowitz, anthropomorphism, application programming interface, application software, architect, art, attention, avatar (computing), billionaire, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, blockchain, blog, bootstrap (front-end framework), car, cascading style sheets, coinbase, communication, communication design, computer, computer scientist, consumer, conversation, cryptocurrency, culture, database, decentralization, description, design, documentary, dropbox (service), edward tufte, email, emergence, empathy, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, ethereum, exercise, experience, eye, facebook, first principle, flat design, fork (blockchain), fundraising, future, garry tan, globalization, google chrome, google search, gradient, great depression, home page, how to, how to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, human, information, innovation, inspiration, interaction, interview, invention, investing, iteration, language, lightning network, linkedin, login, major depressive disorder, market (economics), medium of exchange, microsoft, mining, modal logic, money, money supply, motivation, news, nothing, npr, online and offline, online service provider, open market operation, pain, passive voice, password, paul graham (programmer), pet, pet peeve, pizza, plumage, pride, principle, project management, proof of work, question, reality, reason, résumé, safari (web browser), san francisco, scalability, scientist, signal, silicon valley, silicon valley startups, social media, solution, specification (technical standard), speculation, stablecoin, startup advice, startup business tips, startup company, startup entrepreneurs, startup grind, startup ideas, startup news, startup school, startup stories, startup tips, startups, steve jobs, steve krug, strabismus, success story, technology, technology news, technology roadmap, time, tool, unicorn, usability testing, use case, venture capital, web page, weight, wire, wire-frame model, world wide web, writer, y combinator, yc
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