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Marc Benioff
Chairman and C.E.O. at Salesforce
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Rebecca Blumenstein
Deputy Managing Editor at The New York Times
4ir, advertising, agriculture, ai, alibaba group, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon go, amazon web services, apple inc., automation, beijing, bias, bit, bloomberg, business model, chief operating officer, climate apocalypse, climate change, climate change mitigation, climate justice, coal, communication, conversation, creativity, davos, davos 2020, deep learning, democracy, desertification, dinner, distributed generation, documentary, ebay, economic, economist, economy, education, electrical grid, electricity generation, employment, energy development, engineering, entrepreneurship, equal pay for equal work, external affairs minister, facebook, facial recognition system, factory, filter bubble, finance, food security, forum, fossil fuel, fossil fuel divestment, freedom of speech, future, gender, gender equality, global warming, globalization, google, greta thunberg, happiness, hashtag, health care, heron tower, human, idealism, individual and political action on climate change, industrial revolution, innovation, intelligence, internet, justice, law, leadership, lean manufacturing, learning, linkedin, logistics, louis vuitton, low-carbon economy, machine, machine learning, mark zuckerberg, meritocracy, mike pence, mobile app, mobile payment, monster, moon, narrative, new york city, news, nuclear power, paris agreement, point of sale, politics, pollution, poverty, prime video, privacy, reality, reason, recommended for you, reforestation, research, robotics, salary, sales, salesforce, salesforce tower, science, science education, sexism, social issue, social justice, social media, solar energy, speech recognition, startup company, sustainability, sustainable energy, switzerland, tata power, tech, technological revolution, technology, tencent, the finger, the new york times, time, truth, twitter, uber, understanding, venture capital, wealth, whole foods market, work, world, world bank, world economic forum, world news, world news today, worldeconomicforum
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