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Andrew Bower
General Manager at Hellyers Road Distillery
amazing stories, banana, barrel, beer, charcoal, cream, dairy, distillation, elvis presley, farmer, jewellery, liquor, milk, oak, powdered milk, reason, sauce, shelf life, single malt whisky, sugar, taste, the beatles, water, whisky
Kit Wilkinson
Channel and Brand Development Manager at Hellyers Road Distillery
amazing stories, banana, barrel, beer, charcoal, cream, dairy, distillation, elvis presley, farmer, jewellery, liquor, milk, oak, powdered milk, reason, sauce, shelf life, single malt whisky, sugar, taste, the beatles, water, whisky
Zhiqiang Xu
Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
galveston, texas, gear, gradient, gradient descent, huawei, information, israel, luck, map, matrix (mathematics), mexico, mirror, panama, radiator, retraction (topology), romania, sauce, space, spain, stochastic gradient descent, subspace topology, tomato, united states, universe, yellow ribbon
Wei Xiang
Researcher at BIGO Ltd
ablation, aldi, alkylation, attention, blog, continent, deep learning, experiment, fat, father, flow measurement, food network, human image synthesis, information, initial public offering, mask, neural network, optical flow, paper, ratification, salad, sauce, video, word
Kee Wee Teng
CEO at Lionsforge
3d printing, cat, class 1 laser, co2 laser cutter, coffee, compassion, computer hardware, concept, condom, craftlaser, demon, electronics, engineer, experiment, food, fossasia, gear, indiegogo, kitchen, korea, laser, laser cutter, laser cutting, law, law school, lego, library, lionsforge, machine, mechanical engineering, national fire protection association, occupational safety and health administration, open hardware, open source, open tech, open-source hardware, open-source model, open-source software, piracy, pricing, printer (computing), prototype, rapid prototyping, regulatory compliance, rihanna, samsung, sauce, saudia, securities and exchange board of india, singapore, soft drink, software , stem, technology, underwriting, washing machine, wine
Derek Ross
Solutions Engineer at Sauce Labs
agile, all along the watchtower, api, automation, battle pass, bit, bread, car, car rental, cd, ci, cloudbees, coke (fuel), command-line interface, compiler, configuration file, continuous delivery, continuous integration, continuous testing, css , database, derek ross, devops, devops world, devops world jenkins world 2019, devops world | jenkins world 2018, distributed version control, dolphin, elizabeth ii, engineer, flight, georgia (country), georgia (u.s. state), gift, github, google chrome, hail, information, inventory, ios, javascript, jenkins, jenkins (software), jenkins world, json, linkedin, macintosh, macos, manual testing, metadata, microsoft windows, mobile phone, node.js, npm (software), operating system, password, payload (computing), plug-in (computing), program optimization, protractor, restaurant, router (computing), sauce, sauce labs, saucelabs, screenshot, scrum (software development), selenium (software), shell script, single-page application, sloth, software development, software testing, tattoo, test automation, twitter, user story, watchtower, web browser, wheel, windows 10, windows 7
Brujo Benavides
Staff Engineer at NextRoll
30 rock, 3d printing, acura, airline, amelia island, android (operating system), anomaly detection, anonymous function, apple inc., application software, aquarium, aurora (disney), ballistics, barometer, behavior, binary file, bit, blog, boolean data type, brown dwarf, california, callback (computer programming), canada, cell site, central processing unit, cisco systems, classical element, classical guitar, code, colombia, color, command-line interface, communication, compiler, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computing, confidentiality, covid-19 pandemic, cut, copy, and paste, database, dell, dental braces, directory (computing), dog, ebay, elijah, elmo, elvis presley, email, emoji, employment, encapsulation (computer programming), error, espn, feedback, feeling, floating-point arithmetic, food, function (mathematics), functional programming, glasses, google, gradient descent, graphics processing unit, guitar, hippie, hispanic and latino americans, http cookie, information, information retrieval, interface (computing), internet, internet of things, interview, intrusion detection system, ios, java (programming language), knowledge, language, lawyer, learning curve, lease, library, library (computing), list comprehension, logic, love, luck, machine, machine learning, magic (supernatural), makefile, mars, mars landing, mathematical optimization, mathematics, meme, memory, metadata, metallica, method (computer programming), mobile app, modular programming, mother, motivation, music, navigation, neural network, news, nothing, nvidia, observation, open source, open-source-software movement, oregon, paragraph, parameter (computer programming), perception, perseverance (rover), philadelphia, philippines, playstation, playstation vita, price, property, random-access memory, raspberry pi, real-time computing, reason, recursion, recursion (computer science), reddit, reliability engineering, research, return statement, rock music, ruby (programming language), runtime system, samsung galaxy s4, satellite, sauce, semicolon, server (computing), sibling, siri, software , source code, source lines of code, space, spain, spanish language, speech synthesis, statistics, string (computer science), stroke, stylus, subroutine, text messaging, the home depot, the runaways (2010 film), time, timer, truth, twitter, type system, united states, vector processor, version control, video card, visual basic, wind, youtube
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