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Harish K Saini
Director at Recherche Digital
alicia keys, attention, backup, bending, brand, candy, competition, competitive advantage, computer, customer, customer retention, entrepreneurship, grocery store, homework, india, nike, inc., online and offline, pain, payment, price, question, sail, shooting, solution, usb
Robson Porto
Senior web developer at Loft47
basil, bit, blog, carpet, email, future, google search, hand, ice, kitchen, logbook, methodology, notebook, nothing, open-source software, software , software development, solution, spider, spider bite, timestamp, trail, tree, united kingdom, youtube
Emily Harber
Developer at Shopify
accessibility, bat, coffee, concept, conversation, dialogue, engineer, experience, knowledge, leading question, lens, mentorship, opinion, recruit training, resource, shopify, skill, solution, technology, twitter
Travis Allan
President & CEO at Eddy Solutions
5g, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., apple tv, big data, business model, chief executive officer, communication, competition, computer security, consumption (economics), covid-19 apps, customer experience, digital twin, distributed workforce, emblem, employment, entrepreneurship, expert, forest, franchising, indoor air quality, information, innovation, insurance, internet, internet of things, investor, julie moran, kitchen, luck, manufacturing, market (economics), microsoft, mobile app, occupational safety and health, pleasure, privacy, property, puja (hinduism), retail, risk, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, smart city, smartphone, solution, startup company, technology, time, toronto, trade, trade fair, use case, utility submeter, virtual team, web conferencing, zoo
Indrani Malkani
Chairman at Citizens Action Network
automation, behavior, communication, community, communityliving, conference2021, connecticut, covid-19 pandemic, emergency, energy, fake news, fire safety, golf, hartford, connecticut, human behavior, information, lucian, misinformation, news, pain, qualityliving, security, social media, society management, societyliving, solution, stroke, technology, trustee, war, webinar2021
Jaydip Popat
Founder at Zipgrid
accounting, apartment, bread, car, communityliving, computer hardware, conference2021, covid-19 pandemic, drama, energy, europe, experience, flagship, kentucky, knowledge, metaphysics, money, mumbai, property, property management, qualityliving, question, real property, security, society management, societychanges, societyliving, software , solution, space, technology, webinar2021, zipgrid
Dennis Wakabayashi
Chief Collaboration Officer at WakabayasHI
amazon (company), attention, brand, conversation, courage, creativity, customer experience, design, distributed workforce, empathy, facebook, force, information, internet, logistics, mind, reason, ritual, self-reflection, supply chain, touchpoint, use case
Simon Back
General Manager at MaCher
behavior, brand, champagne, coffee, consumer behaviour, customer, direct-to-consumer, drink, emoji, food, gift, health, mind, money, new york city, packaging and labeling, pharmacy, price, recycling, retail, solution, sustainability, whisky, wine
Talor Holloway
CTO at Advent One
agnosticism, ansible (software), architect, architecture, automation, best practice, cloud computing, color, computing, data center, dave vellante, devops, distributed computing, ibm, it infrastructure, john furrier, learning, machine learning, open source, question, red hat, server (computing), siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software , solution, systems architect, technology, thecube, wikibon
Camille Lamy
Staff Software Engineer at Google
#googleio, api, arbitrary code execution, beach, carpet, central processing unit, cerritos, california, chrome, chrome developer, chrome development, chrome spectre updates, clickjacking, cross-site scripting, crossword, developers, document, emoji, fence, google, google announcement, google conference, google developer conference, google i/o, google io, google maps, google spectre, hash function, html element, insurance, microsoft windows, personal data, petal, polity, pop-up ad, port harcourt, pr_pr: chrome, pr_pr: google i/o, proof of concept, provo, utah, purpose: educate, quest, risk, same-origin policy, server (computing), solution, spectre (security vulnerability), spectre updates, subdomain, teen pop, text messaging, tornado, type: conference talk (full production), type: conference talk (full production);, updates to website security, vulnerability (computing), weapon, web, web browser, web page, website, website security, world wide web, youtube
San Gultekin
Ph.D., Research Scientist at Verizon Media
air pollution, algorithm, bomb, car, child, concentration, constitution of texas, earth, experiment, exponentiation, facebook, function (mathematics), hypothesis, inner product space, learning, likelihood function, mcdonald's, ratio, research, risk, sample size determination, solution, summation, texas, triangle
Mengxiao Zhang
Doctoral Candidate at The University of Aucklan
aquarium, asymmetry, country music, data, differential privacy, facebook, ice, information, information asymmetry, license, magnesium, medication, money, pharmacy, privacy, solution, university of auckland
Patrick Dallaire
AI Scientist at SmartyfAI
artificial neural network, bible, budget, cheetah, cnn, continuous uniform distribution, density, density estimation, depression (mood), engine, graphical model, matrix (mathematics), mayor, nest, noise (electronics), paper, peter kay, random measure, random variable, random walk, randomness, sidon, solution, top chef, tramadol
Hermanni Hälvä
Student at University of Helsinki
air conditioning, correlation and dependence, equation, exponential family, feature learning, function (mathematics), goal, hidden markov model, independent component analysis, interval (mathematics), latent variable, learning, lighting, likelihood function, markov chain, markov model, mean, nonlinear system, parameter, simulation, solution, stationary process, time series, truth, unsupervised learning
Xu He
Student at Nanyang Technological University
baseball, cigarette, dog, experiment, germany, jersey, solution, trespass, united states
Soumyasundar Pal
Ph.D. student at McGill University
artificial neural network, atom, calculator, citation, convolution, data, dimension, experiment, future, graph (discrete mathematics), information, laptop, learning, lighting, likelihood function, machine, machine learning, metal, parameter, parametric model, patient, polynomial, proposition, question, solution
Honghua Zhang
Computer Science student at UCLA
airpods, color, computational complexity theory, computer, computer science, computing, customer, determinant, determinism, graphical model, language, machine, matrix (mathematics), parameter, personal computer, polynomial, potato, probability, probability distribution, pump, question, science, solution, time complexity
John Dickerson
Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Maryland
algorithm, altruism, best, worst and average case, determinism, earth, expected value, graph (discrete mathematics), health, kidney, length, mass, maximum weight matching, organ donation, organ transplantation, patient, policy, probability, risk, solution, stochastic, two-stroke engine, uncertainty, university of pittsburgh, variance, weight
Alessandro De Palma
Student at University of Oxford
brazil, breakfast, conversation, dewalt, door, electrician, great dane, irondequoit, new york, lebron james, meat, outback, property, puritans, solution, super crazy, sylvania, ohio, taco, temperature, the bronx, the walt disney company, tool, tory, weather, william floyd
Martin Pawelczyk
ML PhD Student at University of Tuebingen
architecture, bard, barranca province, cartesian coordinate system, categorization, confectionery, cost, counterfactual conditional, definition, dentist, explanation, facial expression, horse, information, linear model, linearity, orange county, california, question, reason, solution
Jie Shen
Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology
absolute zero, android (operating system), coffee, compressor, computer multitasking, concentration, currency, email, function (mathematics), infinity, information, loss function, magnitude (mathematics), mathematical optimization, metric (mathematics), metronome, number, probability, property, quantity, signal, singing, solution, statistics, truth
Krikamol Muandet
Lecturer at Department of Mathematics, Mahidol University
air conditioning, alternative hypothesis, bootstrapping (statistics), car, conch, estimator, expected value, experiment, function (mathematics), hypothesis, if and only if, infinity, linear regression, mathematical optimization, parameter, prom, reason, regression analysis, siri, smoke, sms, socioeconomic status, solution
Yun Lu
PHD Student at University of Edinburgh
boat, continuous uniform distribution, determinism, dichotomy, differential privacy, function (mathematics), green, information, license, map, privacy, probability, random variable, solution, telephone, united states
Ehsan Amid
Research Scientis at Google
breaking bad, california, cash, equation, experiment, goal, information, marginal distribution, markup language, microphone, mountain view, california, national grid (great britain), new york city, online game, paper, pay-per-view, salami, solution, space
Kevin Swersky
Research Scientist at Google
basalt, dna, emotion, evolution, experiment, food, hotel, inner loop, insurance, iteration, learning, license, mathematical optimization, neural network, parameter, patient, protein, reinforcement, reinforcement learning, revolution, silver, solution, space
Jecelyn Yeen
Developer advocate at Google
#chromedevsummit, #googleio, accessibility, adobe inc., analytics, angular, api, apple inc., audio video interleave, audit, authentication, brand, checkbox, chrome, chrome browser, chrome design tips, chrome dev, chrome dev summit, chrome dev summit '20, chrome dev summit 20, chrome dev summit 2020, chrome dev summit 2020 keynote, chrome dev summit highlights, chrome dev summit recap, chrome developer, chrome developer summit, chrome developer summit 20, chrome developer summit 2020, chrome developers, chrome developers keynote, chrome development, chrome devtools, color, color blindness, community, computer, concept, constructor (object-oriented programming), contract, css , css flexible box layout, deadpool, debugging, debugging chrome devtools, decision-making, design tooling, dev summit, developers, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, emotion, engine, engineering, experiment, facebook, fire phone, fish, food, fried rice, github, google, google analytics, google announcement, google chrome, google chrome developers, google conference, google developer conference, google developers, google i/o, google io, google play, google search, image, internet privacy, inventory, javascript, jecelyn yeen, justice, lawyer, menu, mining, mpeg-4 part 14, music, myspace, navigation, ngatlanta, ngxs, object-oriented programming, online and offline, open-source software, page layout, pain, parameter (computer programming), point of sale, pr_pr: chrome, pr_pr: google i/o, price, privacy, property, purpose: educate, purpose: inform, recipe, redux, screenshot, search engine, shopping, simulation, solution, soul, speed, state management, thread (computing), tree, truth, twitter, type: conference talk (full production), type: conference talk (full production);, type: event highlights;, typescript, typographical error, unit price, use case, video, web, web browser, web widget, webp, website, world wide web, youtube
Adam Argyle
UX Engineer at Google
#chromedevsummit, #googleio, adam argyle, android (operating system), application programming interface, application software, asynchronous i/o, audio video interleave, callback (computer programming), canvas element, cascading style sheets, checkbox, chrome, chrome design tips, chrome dev summit, chrome dev summit '19, chrome dev summit 19, chrome dev summit 2019, chrome developer, chrome developer summit, chrome developer summit 19, chrome developer summit 2019, chrome developers, chrome development, chrome devtools, color, command-line interface, computing, contract, css , css features, css flexible box layout, deadpool, debugging chrome devtools, design tooling, developers, document object model, emotion, event (computing), exception handling, experiment, google, google announcement, google chrome, google conference, google developer conference, google developers, google i/o, google io, google nexus, graphics, graphics pipeline, houdini, html, illusion, image, ios, javascript, macintosh, microsoft windows, mobile app, motion, mpeg-4 part 14, navigation, new css features, next gen web styling, next generation web styling, nexus 5, page layout, paragraph, polyfill (programming), pr_pr: google i/o, progressive enhancement, property, purpose: educate, reliability engineering, right-to-left, ripple (electrical), screenshot, scrolling, sense, solution, speed, tablet computer, thread (computing), twitter, type system, type: conference talk (full production), typographical error, una kravets, user interface, video, web, web browser, web styling, webp, world wide web, youtube
Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli
Professor at MIT
algorithm, astronaut training, atom, atomistic simulation, autoencoder, big data, bit, cell (biology), chemical formula, chirality, computer, continuum mechanics, data, deep learning, energy, entropy, experiment, formula, geometry, gradient descent, information, isomer, knowledge, learning, machine learning, machine learning platform, machine learning tools, materials design, materials science, memory, message passing, ml, molecule, prediction, protein, prototype, reality, reason, science, simulation, siri, solution, space, stack (abstract data type), statistics, technology, temperature, time, truth, variational autoencoder
Marc Kassubeck
Student at Technische Universität Braunschweig
3d printing, 3d-printed glass, coffee, coffee preparation, coffeemaker, design, experiment, food, future, glass, image, incandescent light bulb, jersey, laundry, length, machine, mass production, measurement, mill (grinding), printer (computing), ship, solution, space, united states, volume, wavelength
Itamar Yona
Co-Founder & CEO at
3d printing, aerospace, aerospace manufacturer, art, automotive industry, chief executive officer, child, creativity, database, doctor of philosophy, evaluation, inspection, investment, iron, manufacturing, parameter, productivity, science, software , solution, strategic partnership, supply chain, technology, value chain, workflow
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