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Paul Leu
Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh
algorithm, atmosphere of earth, belief, computer simulation, curriculum, design of experiments, doctor of philosophy, education, experiment design, expert, factorial experiment, feeling, gas, genetic algorithm, glass, hail, intelligent experimentation, iron, knowledge, light, loss function, machine learning, machine learning platform, machine learning tools, manufacturing design, materials science, ml, ml experimentation, precipitation, prediction, rain, reason, reflection (physics), refraction, refractive index, reliability engineering, research, sampling (statistics), self-healing material, semiconductor device fabrication, silicon dioxide, simulation, six sigma, solar cell, spectrum, star, surrogate model, thought, training, transparency and translucency, ultraviolet, water, wave, wavelength
Graciela Chichilnisky
Co-Founder & CEO at Global Thermostat
algorithmic trading, atmosphere of earth, automation, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere, china, climate change, combustion, developing country, earth, energy, european union, exxonmobil, gasoline, human, intergovernmental panel on climate change, law, market (economics), money, pollution, russia, science, solar energy, star, technology
Bryan Liles
VP, Principal Engineer at VMware
albert einstein, atom, car controls, chemistry, convention over configuration, database, devops, energy, engine, helium, hydrogen, light, mass, metal, neutron, physics, piston, problem solving, spark plug, speed, speed of light, star, time, universe, web framework
Aravind Putrevu
Engineer | Tech Evangelist at Elastic
algorithm, analytics, api, autocomplete, cloud computing, computer hardware, elasticity (economics), elasticity (physics), elasticsearch, email, enterprise search, extract, transform, load, http cookie, kubernetes , login, machine learning, mobile app, salesforce, search engine, star, subscription business model, user (computing), web portal, wordpress, youtube
Bruno Andrade
Founder at Shipa
application software, banana, brand, cname record, command-line interface, community, concept, email, engineering, github, information, kubernetes , metal, music, namespace, pipeline (computing), productivity, server (computing), shell script, software , software engineering, space, star, steel, team
Maria Patterson
Machine Learning Engineer at High Alpha
analytics, apache kafka, big data, cloud architechure, cluod, computer programming, computing, data science, deployment environment, entrepreneurship, galaxy, gamma-ray burst, json, kubernetes , machine learning, observatory, palomar observatory, project jupyter, real-time computing, six feet up, sixfeetup, software , source code, star, supernova, tensorflow, use case, vera c. rubin observatory, vera rubin, virtual, virtual conference, xml
Daniel Black
CIO at MariaDB Foundation
bit, bracket, brute-force search, bus, chess, ct scan, cursor (databases), energy, god, inca empire, insert (sql), ip address, ipv6, ipv6 address, language, peach, rapid transit, spotify, sql, star, switch, tax, timestamp, train, united states
Ron Hu
Principal Big Data Architect at Huawei Technologies
apache spark, api, coffee, computer, computer hardware, computing, data, dvd, engine, food, food industry, foreign key, geometric mean, hamlet, histogram, horse, hotel, hydrogen, hyperloglog, hypothesis, information, job performance, mathematical optimization, mean, memory, motion, motivation, network packet, number, parameter, percentage, percentile, query optimization, rain, ratio, return on investment, select (sql), sim card, speculation, spotify, sql, standard deviation, star, statistics, uniform distribution (continuous), unique key
Venkata Krishnan Sowrirajan
Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn
apache spark, coffee, computer, computer hardware, engine, food, food industry, geometric mean, hamlet, horse, hydrogen, job performance, mean, memory, motivation, number, parameter, percentage, rain, ratio, return on investment, speculation, spotify, standard deviation, star, statistics
Patrick Hew
Australian Defence Science and Technology Group
algorithm, artificial intelligence, attention, bit, cartesian coordinate system, centroid, dead end (street), distance, euclidean distance, games, graph (discrete mathematics), grey, heart, heuristic, image segmentation, inflation, line segment, overworld, research, shortest path problem, star, technology, topology, trajectory, vertex (graph theory), water, watershed (image processing)
Meng Li
AI Research Scientist at Facebook Inc.
machine learning approaches, accelerometer, accuracy and precision, algorithm, android (operating system), art, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, basement, brain, brain implant, central processing unit, computer, computer data storage, computer network, computer science, computer science 2021, computer science event, computer science event 2021, convolution, data compression, deep learning, distillation, email, embedded system, encryption, engineering, facebook, filter (signal processing), graph (abstract data type), information, innovation, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, keyboard technology, language, law, lawyer, learning, learning rate, library, low-pass filter, machine learning, machine learning 2021, machine learning architectures, machine learning techniques, machine learning technologie, machine learning tools, mass, mass media, memory, meng li, microsoft, microsoft windows, network optimization , neural network, parameter, perception, pipeline (computing), pixel, plug and play, protein, random-access memory, raster graphics, read-only memory, reason, recurrent neural network, refrigerator, sanitation, sears, semiconductor, sensor, signal, signal processing, silicon, snapchat, star, switch, talk by meng li, talk by peter schulmeyer, tax, technology, tinyml foundation, tinyml talks 2021, tinyml2021, tinyml2021 talk, truth, tuner (radio), uncertainty, walt disney world
Shouqian Shi
Software Engineer at Google
bandwidth (computing), bit, bit rate, code comments, communication, domestic pig, future, gigabyte, goal, information, internet, knowledge, mathematics, memory, music, quantum entanglement, quantum network, quantum state, research, restaurant, routing, star, throughput, time, tree, workflow
Dmitry Khovratovic
Ethereum Foundation at Cryptography Researcher
#realworldcrypto, 64-bit computing, algorithm, bit, block cipher mode of operation, complexity, computer, cryptanalysis, cryptocurrency, curve, differential cryptanalysis, equation, exponentiation, force, function (mathematics), hash function, integer, linear combination, number, permutation, planet, prime number, reason, rsa (cryptosystem), star, truth
Nigel Smart
Professor at COSIC (KU Leuven)
#realworldcrypto, 64-bit computing, algorithm, api, array data structure, bit, block cipher mode of operation, communication protocol, compiler, complexity, computer, computer programming, conditional (computer programming), cryptanalysis, cryptocurrency, curve, data type, differential cryptanalysis, domain-specific language, equation, exponentiation, force, fraud, function (mathematics), functional programming, hash function, imperative programming, integer, key management, linear combination, number, openssl, permutation, planet, prime number, program optimization, programming language, prototype, public-key cryptography, reason, research, reserved word, rsa (cryptosystem), runtime system, software repository, star, statistics, system, truth, usability
Craig Sellars
Member at Omni Foundation
atom, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, bitcoin network, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, coin, computer, cryptocurrency, currency, darwinism, electron, ethereum, initial coin offering, keynote, metal, miami blockchain week, money, music, natural environment, natural selection, nature, north american bitcoin conference, price, proof of stake, resource, smart contract, spamming, stablecoin, star, survival of the fittest, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, yap
Andrew Chael
NASA Einstein Fellow at Princeton University
astronomical interferometer, atacama large millimeter array, bit rate, black hole, communication protocol, digitization, event horizon, event horizon telescope, frequency, galaxy, general relativity, gigabyte, hard disk drive, hubble space telescope, interrupt, library (computing), lighting, messier 87, milky way, minute and second of arc, observable universe, pixel, python, space telescope, star, universe
Maarten Breddels
Professional Freelancer at Maarten Breddels
3d computer graphics, amazon (company), amazon web services, android (operating system), apache arrow, api, application software, argument, array data structure, benchmark (computing), big data, bit, boolean data type, bootstrap (front-end framework), c++, cascading style sheets, cie 1931 color space, client (computing), command-line interface, communication, communication protocol, compiler, computer, computer file, constructor (object-oriented programming), css flexible box layout, cuda, dashboard (macos), dashboarding, data science, dataframe, desktop computer, document object model, dom events, encoding (memory), fahrenheit, fax, file format, firefox, floating-point arithmetic, function object, generic programming, gmail, gradient boosting, graphical user interface, graphical widget, graphics processing unit, grindr, histogram, html, html element, http cookie, human–computer interaction, interface (computing), internet, ipod, ipython, isosurface, java virtual machine, javascript, jquery, json, julia (programming language), jupyter, jupyter widgets, just-in-time compilation, key frame, laptop, library, linear regression, longitude, look and feel, luck, mean, memory, menu (computing), microsoft excel, midi controller, minimax, named parameter, nothing, numpy, nvidia, open source, opengl, page layout, parallax, parameter (computer programming), parsec, password, percentage, pipeline (computing), prediction, project jupyter, python, python (programming language), reading, regression analysis, reinventing the wheel, scaling, scikit learn, scipy, scrollbar, server (computing), software , spreadsheet, stack (abstract data type), star, statistics, string (computer science), subroutine, tablet computer, tetrahedron, time, triangle, trs-80, typescript, understanding, vaex, video, visualization (graphics), volume rendering, waiting staff, web application, web browser, web template system, webcam, webgl, webrtc, wechat, wikipedia, world wide web, youtube
Michael Gully-Santiago
Scientist and technologist researching exoplanet atmospheres at University of Texas at Austin
astronomy , astronomy and astrophysics, astrophysics, atmosphere, atomic orbital, chi-square distribution, computation, correlation and dependence, covariance matrix, data, earth, errors and residuals, gravity, hamiltonian monte carlo, jacobian matrix and determinant, light, likelihood function, matrix (mathematics), metropolis–hastings algorithm, model, motion, multivariate normal distribution, principal component analysis, probability, python, scipy, spectroscopy, spectrum, star, star formation, sun
Monica Bobra
Research Scientist at Monica Bobra Stanford University
accuracy and precision, asteroid, astronomy and astrophysics, aurora, autoregressive model, comet, complexity, curl (mathematics), data analysis, data science, earth's magnetic field, electromagnetic spectrum, emission spectrum, euclidean vector, heliophysics, heliophysics science division, heliosphere, hubble space telescope, lagrange point, machine learning, magnetohydrodynamics, nasa, open access, parker solar probe, planet, plasma (physics), prediction, python, satellite, scientific method, solar and heliospheric observatory, solar dynamics observatory, solar flare, solar flares, solar orbiter, solar physics, solar system, solar wind, space exploration, space probe, star, statistical classification, stereo, sun, time series, venus, wind, x-ray astronomy
Beena Emerson
Senior Software Engineer at EnterpriseDB
automation, bank, cartesian coordinate system, check constraint, clothing, computer keyboard, database, education, experiment, foreign key, function (mathematics), hash function, hospital, integer, matter, parameter, parameter (computer programming), postgresql, pound sterling, primary key, rain, rice, software , star, upper and lower bounds
Avi Loeb
Israeli-American theoretical physicist at Harvard Univeresity
2018, 2019, acl, aristotle, astronomy , astrophysics, austin, avi loeb, belief, business, by, ces, comic con, concert, conference, creative, development, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, extraterrestrial life, fest, festival, film, galileo galilei, gaming, geocentric model, gravitational wave, history of astronomy, interactive, interstellar object, interview, keynote, knowledge, ligo, lineup, live, matter, media, movie, music, new horizons, news, nicolaus copernicus, outer space, panel, performance, physics, red carpet, research, science, showcase, solar system, south, southby, southwest, speaker, star, sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, training, truth, tv, universe, video games, voyager program, west, “south by southwest”
Leah Crane
Physics & Space Reporter at New Scientist
2018, 2019, acl, aristotle, astronomy , astrophysics, austin, avi loeb, belief, business, by, ces, comic con, concert, conference, creative, development, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, extraterrestrial life, fest, festival, film, galileo galilei, gaming, geocentric model, gravitational wave, history of astronomy, interactive, interstellar object, interview, keynote, knowledge, ligo, lineup, live, matter, media, movie, music, new horizons, news, nicolaus copernicus, outer space, panel, performance, physics, red carpet, research, science, showcase, solar system, south, southby, southwest, speaker, star, sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, training, truth, tv, universe, video games, voyager program, west, “south by southwest”
John MacKay
Founder at Synergistic Tech Research
accuracy and precision, acid, adenosine diphosphate, alkane, alpha-pinene, analytical chemistry, analytics, antioxidant, apple, assay, avery gilbert, bacteria, bioavailability, biofuel, biology, biotechnology, bit, blackberry, book, bootleg recording, botany, brand, brand loyalty, breakfast, breast cancer, brewery, butter, calibration, cancer, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinoid would be, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, cannabis smoking, cannabis strain, carbon dioxide, centrifuge, certificate of analysis, certification, certified reference materials, chemical compound, chemical equilibrium, chemical substance, chemist, chemistry, chromatography, cigarette, cis–trans isomerism, clinical trial, coconut oil, coffee, coffee preparation, colorado river, column chromatography, compliance training, contamination, conversation, countercurrent chromatography, court, crisis management, critical mass, crystal, crystallization, decaffeination, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, diet (nutrition), dietary supplement, distillation, double bond, dynamic light scattering, eicosapentaenoic acid, electrical equipment in hazardous areas, electrospray ionization, elution, end-user, entourage effect, epilepsy, ethanol, evaporator, experiment, expert, extraction (chemistry), farmer, field of dreams, filtration, first pass effect, fish oil, food, fraud, frosted mini-wheats, fume hood, gas, gene, genetics, genomics, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hashish, heat, hemp, herbal medicine, hexane, high-performance liquid chromatography, horticulture, humidity, hydrogen, hydrophile, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, infection, information, institutional review board, inventory, iso/iec 17025, isomer, juice, knowledge, laboratory, laboratory glassware, laboratory., lecithin, light, lipophilicity, liquid, m&m's, macintosh, marketplace, mass spectrometry, measurement, medical cannabis, medical prescription, medication, membrane, mill (grinding), mining, mirror, mixture, molecular mass, molecule, motion, national institutes of health, natural product, nothing, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, nutraceutical, observational error, occupational safety and health, occupational safety and health administration, odor, oil refinery, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, ontario, orange juice, organic chemistry, organic compound, over-the-counter drug, oxygen, packaging and labeling, packaging, and labeling, paper chromatography, partition coefficient, password, personal protective equipment, pesticide, petroleum, ph, ph meter, pharmaceutical formulation, pharmacognosy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacy school, phase (matter), physics, pipette, plant, plumbing, potato, pre-medical, prescription drug, principal component analysis, question, rancidification, ratio, reason, recrystallization (chemistry), recycling, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, reproducibility, research, right to know, risk, river, root, rotary evaporator, sampler (musical instrument), scattering, science, scientific community, scientific method, sedative, sesame, simulated moving bed, small molecule, sodium bicarbonate, solubility, solvent, spectroscopy, spectrum, star, starbucks, statistics, steel, steel-toe boot, stimulant, stove, subscription business model, supercritical fluid, supercritical fluid chromatography, supercritical fluid extraction, superheated water, synthetic cannabinoids, tax, technology, temperature, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase, tetrahydrocannabivarin, the end-user, the matrix, thermodynamics, thin-layer chromatography, time, tractor, tree, truth, ultraviolet, ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy, uncertainty, understanding, vitamin, vitamin c, vitamin e, vodka, warehouse, warranty, waste, water, waters corporation, wheat, yield (chemistry)
Christopher Sebastiano
Owner at New Level Process Solutions
bit, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, chemistry, chromatography, crystal, crystallization, dynamic light scattering, elution, extraction (chemistry), heat, light, motion, password, pesticide, recrystallization (chemistry), scattering, star, supercritical fluid, supercritical fluid extraction, tetrahydrocannabinol, thermodynamics, ultraviolet, vodka
Jake Starkey
Founder and Chief Scientist at Integrity Extraction Solutions LLC
bit, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, chemistry, chromatography, crystal, crystallization, dynamic light scattering, elution, extraction (chemistry), heat, light, motion, password, pesticide, recrystallization (chemistry), scattering, star, supercritical fluid, supercritical fluid extraction, tetrahydrocannabinol, thermodynamics, ultraviolet, vodka
Ezra Pryor
Applied Markets Specialist at Heidolph North America
american chemical society, aromaticity, audit, automation, bacteria, biofuel, biotechnology, bit, botany, brand, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinoid would be, cannabis, cannabis sativa, carbon dioxide, cargo, chemist, chemistry, chromatography, chromium, cloud computing, cold medicine, combustibility and flammability, competition, consultant, cotton, crime, crystal, crystallization, dietary supplement, dna sequencing, dose (biochemistry), drug, dynamic light scattering, economics, education, elution, email, employment, entourage effect, epilepsy, ethanol, extraction (chemistry), federal bureau of investigation, federal government of the united states, fire, food, food and drug administration, gasoline, gene, genetics, genomics, good manufacturing practice, health claim, heat, hemp, herbal medicine, horticulture, hydrophile, infection, interdisciplinarity, ipad, iphone, laboratory, lecithin, ligand (biochemistry), light, limonene, market (economics), medication, medicine, microbiota, mind, motion, natural product, natural resource, news, nonprofit organization, organic farming, over-the-counter drug, partition coefficient, password, pesticide, pharmaceutical industry, recrystallization (chemistry), regulatory compliance, reputation, research, research and development, research, and development, risk, route of administration, safety, scattering, science, social stigma, solvent, star, supercritical fluid, supercritical fluid extraction, synergy, synthetic cannabinoids, tablet computer, tariff, technology, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol acid, thermodynamics, time, traditional chinese medicine, truck driver, ultraviolet, united states court of appeals for the ninth circuit, united states courts of appeals, videotelephony, vodka, water, wheat
Liam Missin
Senior Software Engineer at nChain
application programming interface, bandwidth (computing), bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin network, bitcoin sv, blockchain, bsv, central processing unit, china, code, coinbase, coingeek, communication protocol, conference, cryptographic hash function, cryptography , data services, document, elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, engineer, face, fee, google search, hard disk drive, hash function, infection, information, innovation, interview, language, liam missin, lise li, luck, memory, mesonet, microtransaction, milky way, mind, mining, mining pool, money, moon, multiplexing, nchain, nothing, oil, outsourcing, owen vaughan, pagerank, paranoia, price, public-key cryptography, question, receipt, regulation, reputation, research, seoul, software , software engineer, solar power, soul, south korea, star, steve shadders, technology, time, universe, watt, wei zhang
Mitchell Lavery
President and Director at Seahawk Ventures Inc
breakwater (structure), choir, cisco systems, conversion (gridiron football), drill, eastern bloc, electromagnetism, geography, geophysics, gold, lithium, map, metal, mining, money, property, prospecting, quebec, skyfall, star, the blitz, tonne, touchdown
Sam Altman
Co-Founder & CEO at Altman Technologies Inc.
2019 tech picks, aaron levie, anger, artificial general intelligence, ashton kutcher, attention, basic income, behavior, belief, brand new tech, business model, cloud computing, communications decency act, competitive advantage, complexity, computational complexity theory, conversation, courage, dennis crowley, economic growth, elevator, ethics, evangelicalism, evolution, experience, exponential growth, externality, facebook, facebook, inc., fake news, freedom of speech, gadgets, global warming, google, hitrecord, hottest gadgets 2019, hottest technology, how to succeed with a startup, humanities, individualism, innovation, intelligence, intuition, joseph-gordon levitt, law, marc benioff, mark zuckerberg, mind, mobile app, momentum, monopoly, moore's law, network effect, newest technology, nonprofit organization, openai, optimism, philosophy, quality of life, quantum mechanics, reason, reinforcement learning, sam altman, science, self, self-driving car, simulation, social class, star, startup company, startup school, steve wozniak, supercomputer, tc disrupt 2019, tcdisrupt, tech, techcrunch, techcrunch disrupt, technology, technology gadgets, theory, united states congress, video game, wealth, will smith, work–life balance, y combinator, yc
David Moore
President & CEO at Serengeti Resources Inc.
brand, british columbia, brownfield land, bull market, cambridge house, canada, capital, centerra gold, chalcopyrite, confernece, copper, drilling, economics, events, explorer, finance, gold, gold price, heck reaction, investment, laser, mass, metal, mineral, mineral resource estimation, mining, money, newcrest mining, open-pit mining, palladium, porphyry, porphyry copper deposit, precious metals, private placement, prospecting, public company, publicly traded, resource, sensitivity analysis, shareholder value, silver, star, stock market, stocks, tax, vancouver, vric 2020
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