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Viswanath Swamy
Associate Architect at AIS (Applied Information Sciences)
acura, cloud computing, computer, computer file, conscience, debugging, google, infrastructure, internet, language, linux, microsoft visual studio, mobile app, powershell, python (programming language), seat belt, siri, snowboard, string (computer science), symbol, tab (interface), typescript, video game, world wide web
Ravikanth Chaganti
Distinguished Member Technical Staff at Dell EMC
android (operating system), ansible (software), atom, automation, command-line interface, computer program, computer programming, continuous integration, contract, data center, database, declarative programming, deployment environment, domain-specific language, dyslexia, electricity, end user, environment variable, imperative programming, infrastructure as code, integer, json, kodi (software), kubernetes , language, microsoft, microsoft windows, nothing, operating system, parameter, parameter (computer programming), phoenix, arizona, powershell, prayer, programming language, property, provisioning (telecommunications), reason, scripting language, software , source code, specification (technical standard), string (computer science), subnetwork, subroutine, temperature, unit testing, variable (computer science), version control
Eric Biewener
Staff Software Engineer at Walmart Global Tech
boot camp, bootcamp, c++, command-line interface, computer file, computer programing, computer programming, control flow, data type, debugging, dev team, document object model, ecmascript, es5, es6, front end development, java (programming language), javascript, javascript syntax, kotlin (programming language), npm (software), parameter (computer programming), primitive data type, programming language, python (programming language), scripting language, senior developer, software bug, software developer, software development, string (computer science), subroutine, tech career, tech school, type system, typescript, variable (computer science), web apps, website development
Sourav Das
Cryptography PhD Candidate at UIUC
aquarium, bird, brock osweiler, capitalism, code, communication, communication protocol, computer, concrete, cryptographic hash function, dam, data, dog, energy, imovie, jordan, laundry, node (networking), nothing, number, podcast, prison, radio, solidarity, string (computer science), symbol
Daniel Chen
Doctoral Candidate at Virginia Tech
academic publishing, accuracy and precision, anaconda (python distribution), andré roberge, anonymous function, apache arrow, apache hadoop, application programming interface, bash (unix shell), binary data, boolean data type, brace notation, bracket, categorical variable, chiin-rui tan, closure (computer programming), code, colon (punctuation), comma-separated values, command-line interface, compiler, computer, computer file, computer graphics, concept, concept map, css , curriculum, daniel chen, data, data analysis, data processing, data set, data type, data visualization , database, database index, definition, dependent and independent variables, directory (computing), django (web framework), drupal, dummy variable (statistics), education, educational technology, engineer, eval, experiment, expert, exponential function, file format, for loop, foreign language, function (mathematics), git, graduate school, histogram, indentation style, inheritance (object-oriented programming), insert (sql), integrated development environment, ironpython, json, kirby urner, knitting, learning, lesson plan, library (computing), linear regression, linux, logistic regression, machine learning, makefile, marley kalt, mean, memory, mentorship, microsoft excel, microsoft outlook, microsoft powerpoint, motivation, number, numpy, nursing, object (computer science), off-by-one error, pandas, parameter (computer programming), password, path (computing), pdf, perception, php, physician, pipeline (computing), pipeline (unix), pivot table, prediction, problem solving, programming language, project jupyter, pycon us, pycon us 2021, python, python (programming language), python 2021, python community, python software foundation, quasi-quotation, quotation mark, raw data, reason, redis, regression analysis, regular expression, reproducibility, reuven m. lerner, sas (software), scatter plot, school, science, scikit-learn, scipy, secure shell, shell script, software , software bug, software design pattern, source code, spreadsheet, statistical classification, statistics, string (computer science), subroutine, superuser, support-vector machine, synergetics (fuller), system, table (database), training, validation, and test sets, twitter, unix, variable (computer science), version control, virtual education summit , visualization (graphics), web server, wordpress, working directory, world wide web
Darren Broemmer
Freelance Developer Evangelist & Software Engineer at The Broemmer Group LLC
api, business model, cloud computing, data visualization , database, design, devops, end user, github, information retrieval, interface (computing), javascript, method (computer programming), microservices, object (computer science), reason, ruby on rails, select (sql), separation of concerns, server-side, software , sql, string (computer science), web application, world wide web
Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Senior Production Engineer at Shopify
apache groovy, api, autocad, bios, c++, class (computer programming), conceptual model, constructor (object-oriented programming), datsun, environment variable, evaluation, example, honda, hypothesis, immutable object, inheritance (object-oriented programming), instance (computer science), logic,, method (computer programming), mp3, named parameter, object (computer science), object copying, oriflame, parameter (computer programming), programming, python, reserved word, return statement, ruby, rubyconf, samsung, shopify, singleton pattern, sqlite, string (computer science), time, troubleshooting, type signature, type system, whatsapp, афганистан, винница, воронеж, индия, интернет, интерфейс (шаблон проектирования), о’кей (сеть магазинов), союз советских социалистических республик, таджики, файл, человек-паук
Sweta Sanghavi
Software Developer at BackerKit
abstraction, api, array data type, basil, butterfly, carrot, caterpillar, codebase, database, debugging, gardening, leaf, medical error, memory, observation, patch (computing), root, ruby (programming language), seed, software bug, software framework, string (computer science), system, vegetable, weed
Joel Hawksley
Software Engineer at GitHub
ajax (programming), api, application software, boolean data type, cascading style sheets, chromebook, class (computer programming), code coverage, code refactoring, component-based software engineering, conceptual model, css , database, empathy, enterprise resource planning, github, hash function, html, html element, innovation, integral, leadership, mean, method (computer programming), mobile app, mutator method, object (computer science), polyfill (programming), progressive enhancement, react (web framework), regression analysis, ruby (programming language), ruby on rails, software quality, string (computer science), system, template (c++), text editor, unit testing, user interface, web application, web browser, wiki
Leaf Petersen
Software Engineer at Google
#flutterengage, 64-bit computing, app development, bit, central processing unit, code refactoring, compiler, conceptual model, constructor (object-oriented programming), control flow, dart, dart (programming language), dart migration, data, debugging, dynamic programming language, dynamic web page, experience, flutter, flutter 2, flutter conference, flutter designers, flutter developers, flutter developers news, flutter engage, flutter events, flutter live, flutter migration, flutter news, flutter null safe, flutter null safety, flutter online event, flutter updates, function (mathematics), generic programming, google chrome, google developers, google flutter, information, inline function, javascript, just-in-time compilation, library (computing), logic, memory, null safe, null safe migration, pain, parameter (computer programming), porting, pr_pr: flutter, programmer, purpose: educate, question, reason, software bug, stack (abstract data type), static program analysis, string (computer science), subroutine, switch statement, technology, type inference, type system, type: conference talk (full production);, url, variable (computer science), web app developers, web application, web browser, web server, world wide web
Susan Steinman
Software Engineer at Google
adapter pattern, api, binary file, bit, capacitor, central processing unit, computer file, debugging, exit status, input/output, interrupt, ipod, java (programming language), java virtual machine, json, multiplication, number, operating system, parallel computing, pr_pr: bazel, proxy server, purpose: educate, random-access memory, scrap, string (computer science), tool, type: conference talk (full production);, woodworking
Lars Clausen
Software Engineer at Google
adapter pattern, api, binary file, bit, capacitor, central processing unit, computer file, debugging, exit status, input/output, interrupt, ipod, java (programming language), java virtual machine, json, multiplication, number, operating system, parallel computing, pr_pr: bazel, proxy server, purpose: educate, random-access memory, scrap, string (computer science), tool, type: conference talk (full production);, woodworking
Alvise Susmel
CTO at Knowsis
binary file, central processing unit, computer, computer programming, delimiter, email, embedded system, emoji, input/output, jpeg, language, machine learning, message passing, neural network, operating system, phrase, python (programming language), queue (abstract data type), real-time computing, schema (psychology), standard streams, string (computer science), syntax, tensorflow, webcam
Maxim Fedorov
Performance and scalability engineer at WhatsApp Inc.
android (operating system), application software, booting, command-line interface, computing, core dump, debugging, email, freebsd, function (mathematics), garbage collection (computer science), gas, health, instruction set architecture, interface (computing), kernel (operating system), library (computing), linux, map, memory leak, memory management, microsoft windows, modular programming, online and offline, open-source software, operating system, parsing, regular expression, remote procedure call, scalability, scheduling (computing), server (computing), software , software bug, software framework, string (computer science), subroutine, switch, system, usb flash drive, virtual machine, whatsapp, windows phone, world wide web
Manuel Rubio
Senior Erlang Developer at Erlang Solutions Ltd.
bracket, compiler, computer programming, control character, database, domain-specific language, http cookie, hypertext transfer protocol, immutable object, input/output, interpreter (computing), letter case, lexical analysis, lol, parsing, perception, php, programming language, question, regular expression, semicolon, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), thread (computing), use case
Robert Virding
Senior Systems Architect at Erlang Solutions Ltd.
aaa (video game industry), abstract syntax tree, actor model, application software, atheism, bracket, byte, class (computer programming), code refactoring, coffeescript, communication, compiler, computer programming, concept, cone, control character, database, deadlock, design, domain-specific language, email, emergence, engineering, error detection and correction, evaluation, expert system, feeling, food, function (mathematics), garbage collection (computer science), gelatin dessert, generosity, homoiconicity, http cookie, hypertext transfer protocol, immortality, immutable object, indie game, input/output, interpreter (computing), java virtual machine, jell-o, json, kernel (operating system), letter case, lexical analysis, library, library (computing), linux, lisp (programming language), lol, lua (programming language), luck, macro (computer science), method (computer programming), microsoft windows, motivation, nested function, nothing, object (computer science), object-oriented programming, operating system, parsing, perception, personal computer, php, pointer (computer programming), pricing, procedural programming, program optimization, programming language, prototype, question, ransomware, real-time computing, reality, recall (memory), regular expression, reserved word, return statement, rust (programming language), science, self-awareness, semicolon, sense, sequence, sim card, siri, software , software bug, software release life cycle, source lines of code, space, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), subroutine, swift (programming language), thread (computing), tool, type system, unix, use case, user interface, virtual machine, web browser, web server, webassembly, world wide web, xbox one
Chris Keathley
Principal Engineer at
algorithm, argument, autoscaling, beauty, bit, blender (software), c++, cascading failure, central processing unit, chrono trigger, community, computer, computer hardware, computer programming, contract, demand response, ecosystem, function (mathematics), google, internet, intuition, knowledge, kubernetes , latency (engineering), law, mathematics, microsoft notepad, mind, mixing console, nasa, netflix, network congestion, pressure, programmer, proposition, question, queueing theory, reason, research, risk, rpg maker, scalability, secret of mana, social norm, source lines of code, string (computer science), type system
Shane Milton
Technical Architect at CleanSlate
active directory, algorithm, algorithm selection, api, automated machine learning, automation, azure, bayesian inference, bundle (macos), central processing unit, cloud, cloud conference, command-line interface, computer, computer data storage, computer file, computing, cosmos db, database, devops, ensemble learning, entry point, hard coding, hypertext transfer protocol, input/output, intelligence, internet of things, kaggle, kernel (operating system), linear regression, machine learning, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows,, multiclass classification, operating system, platform as a service, regression analysis, representational state transfer, server (computing), serverless computing, six feet up, sixfeetup, software as a service, software bug, stack (abstract data type), statistical classification, string (computer science), system call, tensorflow, training, validation, and test sets, unsupervised learning, virtual, virtual conference, web application, world wide web
Nathan Van Gheem
Principal Platform Engineer at Onna Technologies
api, communication protocol, database, database schema, django (web framework), exception handling, html, java (programming language), javascript, json, metadata, parameter (computer programming), postgresql, relational database, representational state transfer, scheme (programming language), serialization, six feet up, sixfeetup, string (computer science), subroutine, swagger (software), web framework, world wide web, xml, xml-rpc
Hynek Schlawack
Developer at Variomedia AG
abstraction, abstraction (computer science), abstractions, api, behavior, bracket, coding, complexity, computer file, computer programming, conceptual model, continuous integration, debugging, deployment environment, directory (computing), django (web framework), easter egg (media), emotional labor, error, experiment, feeling, finite-state machine, function (mathematics), high-level programming language, https, human factors and ergonomics, hynek schlawack, instagram, internet, internet relay chat, ipv6, json, keynote, linux, microsoft, microsoft windows, occupational burnout, organization, password, patch (computing), prison, program optimization, pycon, python, python (programming language), satellite, six feet up, sixfeetup, software bug, software testing, source lines of code, string (computer science), time, tutorial, unicode, unix, user interface
Rob Zuber
CTO at CircleCI
amazon web services, app migration, application software, array data structure, asynchronous, automation, backup, bit, caching patterns, cgroups, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, comma-separated values, computer data storage, computer file, computer programming, data lakes, data type, database, disk storage, distributed computing, distributed database, file system, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, galls law, garbage collection (computer science), gatekeeper, gating service, graalvm, graviton2, hdfs, health check, iam reliability, infrastructure drift, java (programming language), journaling file system, jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes cloud, microservice, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, pareto principle, pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, public cloud, quarkus, relational database, serverless, software , software development, solid-state drive, string (computer science), table (database), telemetry, virtual machine
Brian Vermeer
Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk
apache maven, app migration, asynchronous, automation, binary file, booting, caching patterns, cgroups, cloud sidecar, clusters gitops, computer file, data lakes, debian, directory (computing), distributed database, fintech, flagger , fluentd save, flux2 multi-cloud, galls law, gatekeeper, gating service, graalvm, graviton2, hdfs, health check, hospital, iam reliability, infrastructure drift, interface (computing), java (programming language), java development kit, java virtual machine, jumpstart, kotlin, kubernetes cloud, microservice, multi-cloud magic, need for speed, opa, open liberty, openjdk, operating system, parameter (computer programming), password, patch (computing), pipelines ci/cd, poilcy-as-code, principle of least privilege, public cloud, quarkus, runtime system, screen reader, serverless, software bug, source code, sql, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), telemetry, vulnerability (computing)
Aaron Krajeski
Graphics Engineer at Google
api, attention, canvas element, chromium (web browser), css , document object model, firefox, google chrome, google sheets, internet, javascript, kerning, opera (web browser), playstation, pr_pr: chrome, purpose: educate, rendering (computer graphics), romantic comedy, safari (web browser), scalable vector graphics, spacex dragon, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), texture mapping, type: conference talk (full production);, web browser, webgl, world wide web
Julien Truffaut
Functional Scala trainer at fp-tower
api, class (computer programming), computer programming, expert, function (mathematics), functional programming, goal, haskell (programming language), http cookie, immutable object, java (programming language), learning curve, library, library (computing), mentorship, object (computer science), paypal, race condition, rust (programming language), scala (programming language), statistics, string (computer science), thread (computing), use case, variable (computer science)
Vlad Patryshev
Programmer at Salesforce
belief, concatenation, data structure, door, finger tree, fold (higher-order function), function (mathematics), generation, hand, hash function, hash table, interpolation, javascript, matter, nothing, object-oriented programming, phrase, positional notation, prototype, reason, serialization, space, string (computer science), the finger, the raven
Steve Cosenza
Senior Staff Software Engineer at Twitter
api, business logic, computer file, contig, declarative programming, desktop environment, graphql, hypertext transfer protocol, instagram, interface (computing), json, language, microservices, mobile app, open api, parameter (computer programming), reliability engineering, research, ruby on rails, scala (programming language), service-level objective, string (computer science), system, twitter, xml schema
Justin Heyes-Jones
Staff Software Engineer at Treasure Data
behaviorism, category theory, computer programming, concurrency (computer science), constructor (object-oriented programming), data type, data validation, database, fold (higher-order function), function (mathematics), functional programming, immutable object, information, mathematics, nothing, number, parameter (computer programming), persistent data structure, reason, referential transparency, return statement, string (computer science), subroutine, theory, type class
Jason Swartz
Head of Golang Developer Productivity at Stripe
anonymous function, array data type, boolean data type, bracket, class (computer programming), ecmascript, generic programming, html, hypertext transfer protocol, immutable object, java (programming language), javascript, library (computing), modular programming, node.js, object (computer science), polymorphism (computer science), python (programming language), react (javascript library), scala (programming language), scripting language, string (computer science), typescript, variable (computer science), web server
Alejandro Hernandez Samaniego
Embedded Software Engineer at Microsoft
bit, bitcoin, booting, c standard library, data, embedded system, input/output, linker (computing), linux, linux distribution, login, macro (computer science), open-source software, peek and poke, ping (networking utility), random-access memory, reason, secure copy protocol, secure shell protocol, server (computing), string (computer science), subroutine, tablet computer, web server, world wide web
Tom Bonner
Distinguished Threat Researcher at BlackBerry
16-bit computing, 32-bit computing, api, bit, booting, byte, compiler, computer file, core dump, covid, data, database, entropy, entry point, http cookie, itch, lighting, malware reverse engineering, memory, operating system, portable executable, reverse engineering, signature, sky, software bug, string (computer science)
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