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Kathleen Breitman
Cofounder at Tezos
2021, 3d computer graphics, aave, abra, adam levy, adoption, algorithm, alon goren, amber group, android (operating system), annabelle huang, api, apple inc., art, arthur breitman, asset, attention, autonomy, ava labs, avalanche, avatar (computing), avax, bakers, baking, battle-for-the-base-layer, big tech, bioshock, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockfin, brady dale, brady-dale, brand, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business model, capital (economics), capital market, cash register, cd2020, clock, coase, cogx2021, coinbase, coindesk, coindesk-tv, coindesktv, collectible card game, comic book, communication protocol, community, competition, computer, conference, consciousness, consensus decision-making, contract, craig russo, creativity, creator economy, credit, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, data analytics, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, design, digital collectible card game, digital identity, digital security, disability, dividend, dogecoin, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, ecosystem, edge & node, education, elias simos, emergence, emin gun sirer, emotion, equal opportunity, ethereum, ethereum kathleen breitman, ethics, etoro, event, experience, experiment, facebook, finance, financial technology, fintech, food, fortnight, fortnite, future, gaming, genre, gnosis, god, goldman sachs, google, graph, grassroots, hackathon, history, inflation, infrastructure, innovation, instagram, interest, internet, jointheconversation, josef holm, kathleen breitman, kathleen-breitman, kernel (operating system), keynote, kyle rojas, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, language, law, layer 1, learning, lendit fintech, live, loan, logic, london, magic (supernatural), magic: the gathering, market (economics), market liquidity, martin koppelmann, mass, matt boseo, matter, meme, miami blockchain week, mind, money, moneydance, narrative, new york city, news, north american bitcoin conference, olaf carlson wee, option (finance), panel, paradigm, password, paypal, perception, polychain capital, polyient games, precedent, prediction, price, privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, private equity secondary market, proof of stake, proof of work, property, protocols, psychological resilience, quantity, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, research, retail, roblox, robustness (computer science), scalability, science, sergey nazarov, siri, smart contract, smart contracts, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, spades (card game), speedo, spotify, stani kulechov, startup company, status, steve jobs, summit, tax, tech, technological convergence, technology, tesla, inc., tezos, the beatles, the gathering (lan party), the graph, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, theory, thought, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token2049, trade-off, tradition, transaction cost, transparency (behavior), truth, twitter, uber, use case, venture capital, virtual economy, virtual reality, virtue, war, web 2.0, web 3.0, web3, will-foxley, wizards of the coast, xtz
Mike Swiontkowski
Director Consumer Insights at Blizzard
ads, advertising, apps, battle pass, blizzard entertainment, business, business model, call of duty, computer keyboard, computer mouse, conferences, development, education, fortnite, free-to-play, growth, hearthstone, industry, lectures, loot box, mario kart tour, marketing, markets, mgs, microtransaction, mobile, mobile growth summit, netflix, overwatch (video game), pay television, playerunknown's battlegrounds, pokimane, reinforcement, role-playing video game, software , strategy video game, subscription business model, tech, technology, the gathering (lan party), use case, world of warcraft
Robert Foss
Software Engineer at Collabora Ltd.
adreno, advanced micro devices, android (operating system), apple inc., arm architecture, blender (software), central processing unit, compiler, cuda, device driver, firmware, graphics core next, graphics processing unit, hypervisor, intel, kernel (operating system), linux kernel, mesa (computer graphics), nouveau (software), nvidia, open-source hardware, open-source software, open-source-software movement, opencl, opengl, operating system, program optimization, proprietary software, radeon, raspberry pi, reverse engineering, software bug, software framework, source code, the gathering (lan party), use case, vulkan (api)
Jimmy Song
Bitcoin Core Contributor & Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital
2018, 2019, acl, aesthetics, amazon (company), analytics, angela walch, apple pay, application software, austin, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin core contributor, bitcoin core maintainer, bitcoin culture, bitcoin history, bitcoin journalism, bitcoin lightning, bitcoin magazine, bitcoin network, bitcoin news, bitcoin news today, bitcoin node, bitcoin open source, bitcoin price, bitcoin price prediction, bitcoin programming, bitcoin talk, bitcoiners, blockchain, bretton woods system, brrr (real estate), business, by, byzantine fault, capital, carthago delenda est, cato the elder, central bank, ces, cesare fracassi, christopher ferris, civilization, code refactoring, coin, coindesk, comic con, computing, concert, conference, conscience, consensus, consensus (computer science), consensus 2019, consumer price index, consumption (economics), contract, creative, credit, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrency, culture, currency, cut, copy, and paste, database, deathmatch, decentralization, development, digital currency, dogecoin, double-spending, dropbox (service), economic bubble, economics, edu, employment, entertainment, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, ethereum, euro, facebook, federal funds rate, federal reserve, fest, festival, fiat money, film, financial crisis, fleer, free open source software, future, futures contract, gaming, gold as an investment, gold standard, goods, governance, grocery store, guarantee,, hedge fund, http cookie, hyperinflation, hyperinflation in the weimar republic, hyperledger, idea, incentive, index (economics), index fund, inflation, initial coin offering, innovation, interactive, interest, interest rate, internet, interview, investor, ivy league, japanese yen, jimmy song, john maynard keynes, justice, ken liu, keynesian economics, keynote, knowledge, lawyer, leader election, lightning network, lightning network node, lineup, live, loan, login, lucian, mainstage, malware, market (economics), market liquidity, mastercard, matt odell, media, medium of exchange, meltdown (security vulnerability), meme, messaging apps, microstrategy, mind, mining pool, mit license, monero (cryptocurrency), monetary policy, money, money laundering, money supply, monopoly, movie, multi-factor authentication, music, myspace, narrative, news, nixon shock, online and offline, open source hacking, open source software, open source tutorial, option (finance), panel, password, password manager, patch (computing), paypal, peer-to-peer, performance, pound sterling, poverty, price, price–earnings ratio, privacy, proof of work, quantity theory of money, question, raspiplitz, reality, reason, red carpet, rent-seeking, s&p 500, samsung pay, satoshi, science, shannon liao, showcase, social programs in the united states, software , south, southby, southwest, speaker, stacking sats, stagflation, startup company, stock, stored-value card, storytelling, surveillance, sxsw, system, talk, tax, taxicab, taxicabs of new york city, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, the gathering (lan party), the verge, training, truth, tv, twitter, united states dollar, usability, video games, visa inc., wallet, walmart, west, “south by southwest”
Ken Liu
2019, aesthetics, bitcoin, blockchain, capital, civilization, code refactoring, coindesk, consensus, consensus 2019, cryptocurrency, culture, decentralization, employment, facebook, future, idea, ivy league, jimmy song, justice, ken liu, keynote, knowledge, lucian, mainstage, money, narrative, question, reality, science, shannon liao, software , storytelling, the gathering (lan party), the verge, truth
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