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Érico Andrei
Founder, Technical Lead at Plone Foundation
alexa internet, bbc news, communication, covid-19 vaccine, customer, database, electronic publishing, email, emoji, english language, equifax, facebook, facetime, file system, google, google allo, google news, google play music, google workspace, gossip, infinite loop, internet, internet troll, journalism, laptop, law, login, mobile app, nightmare, password, science, search engine, search engine optimization, six feet up, sixfeetup, telephone, the new york times, tumblr, twitter, web application, web portal, wikipedia, world wide web, xbox one, youtube
Yan Tian
Student at ZJGSU
action figure, baseball, clock, hoosick, new york, jude law, new york (state), new york city, pain, pensacola, florida, the matrix, tumblr, victoria (australia), weight
Kevin Lesht
Senior Software Engineer at Home Chef
amazon dynamodb, api, application software, authentication, cloud computing, computer file, database, deep learning, google photos, machine learning, mobile app, nothing, password, race condition, reason, scheduling (computing), serverless computing, social media, timestamp, training, validation, and test sets, tumblr, upload, vlog, world wide web, youtube
Emin Gun Sirer
Founder & CEO at Ava Labs
2021, aave, adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, amazon (company), api, arbitrage, art, auction, ava labs, ava-labs, avalanche, avax, bakers, bank, barbara liskov, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin network, bjorn wagner, blacklist (computing), blockchain, blockchain governance, blockchain interoperability, bloq, business, business ethics, cash, cash register, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coindesk, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, community, computer network, computer programming, computing, conference, consensus (computer science), consensus decision-making, contract, conversation, cornell, corporation, covenant (law), craig russo, crowdfunding, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, currency, data, database, decentralization, decentralized finance, default (finance), defi, democracy, design, diem (digital currency), digital asset, digital security, disability, distributed computing, double-spending, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, eli ben-sasson, email, emergence, emin gun sirer, emin gün sirer, emin-gun-sirer, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, ethics, etoro, evan shapiro, event, facebook, finance, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, fintech, food, game theory, global financial system, globalization, goal, god, goldman sachs, governance, hackathon, heterogeneous network, history, imagination, imovie, information, information privacy, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insight, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, internet protocol suite, interoperability, investor, it's-time-to-build, jeans, jihan wu, josef holm, kathleen breitman, kernel (operating system), kevin-werbach, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, language, latency (engineering), law, layer 1, leslie lamport, libra (digital currency), library, live, london, machine learning, macroeconomics, managing editor, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), market liquidity, mathematics, matthew-roszak, mina, mina foundation, mind, mining pool, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneydance, narrative, natural language processing, near protocol, news, non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, olaf carlson wee, ownership, panel, password, peer-to-peer, piers ridyard, polar bear, polkadot, polychain capital, polyient games, price, printer (computing), privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, productivity, programming language, progress, promise, proof of stake, proof of work, protocols, quantitative easing, radix, reality, reason, recession, regulatory compliance, rocket, scalability, scaling, security, sergey nazarov, server (computing), siri, skale, skale labs, smart contract, smart contracts, social contract, social media, society, space, speculation, sputnik 1, stablecoin, stan kladko, stani kulechov, starkware, startup company, status, steve jobs, summit, supply chain, supply chain management, swap (finance), system, tax, tech, technology, telecommunication, telephone, tezos, throughput, tim draper, time, token2049, trial and error, truth, tumblr, twitter, usability, use case, user interface, venmo, venture capital, virtual economy, virtual machine, visa inc., wall street, wealth, web3, welfare, wharton, world wide web, wrapped btc, yap, zack seward, zcash, zk
Alex Skidanov
Co-Founder at NEAR Protocol
adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, auction, ava labs, bitcoin, bjorn wagner, blockchain, blockchain interoperability, coindesk, communication, communication protocol, community, conference, crypto, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, disability, distributed computing, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, emergence, emin gün sirer, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, etoro, event, finance, food, internet, interoperability, investor, josef holm, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, managing editor, money, near protocol, password, polkadot, price, privacy and blockchain, security, smart contract, society, summit, tim draper, tumblr, use case, visa inc., wrapped btc, zack seward
Bjorn Wagner
Co-Founder & CCO at Parity Technologies
adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, auction, ava labs, bitcoin, bjorn wagner, blockchain, blockchain interoperability, coindesk, communication, communication protocol, community, conference, crypto, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, disability, distributed computing, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, emergence, emin gün sirer, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, etoro, event, finance, food, internet, interoperability, investor, josef holm, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, managing editor, money, near protocol, password, polkadot, price, privacy and blockchain, security, smart contract, society, summit, tim draper, tumblr, use case, visa inc., wrapped btc, zack seward
Zack Seward
Managing Editor at CoinDesk
abra, adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, asset, auction, ava labs, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin network, bjorn wagner, blockchain, blockchain interoperability, central bank, coindesk, communication, communication protocol, community, conference, credit, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, currency, darknet market, data analytics, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital security, disability, distributed computing, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economic bubble, economy, emergence, emin gün sirer, entrepreneurship, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, ethereum yoni assia, etoro, event, fiat money, finance, food, infrastructure, innovation, internet, interoperability, investor, josef holm, justin rice, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, managing editor, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, matt boseo, monetary policy, money, moneygram, near protocol, option (finance), password, payment, polkadot, price, privacy and blockchain, ripple (payment protocol), sales, security, smart contract, social media, society, stablecoin, stellar (payment network), stellar development foundation, stock, stock market, stock trader, summit, swap (finance), tax, tim draper, tumblr, use case, visa inc., warren buffett, world currency, wrapped btc, zack seward
Zach Lendon
Director - Application Development at AIM Consulting Group
abstraction, amazon web services, api, application software, cloud computing, compiler, dependency injection, developer, developerweek, domain name system, engineer, engineering, function (mathematics), graphql, hard problem of consciousness, javascript, mobile app, open source, procurement, research, schema (psychology), server (computing), serverless computing, software development, software engineering, software framework, specification (technical standard), technology, tumblr, typescript, web application, world wide web
Kazuaki Matsuo
Senior Software Engineer, Device Automation at HeadSpin
android (operating system), anthropomorphism, app store (ios), appium, appium conference, apple inc., automation, backend testing, bit, brain, c sharp (programming language), code review, command-line interface, compiler, computer, credibility, design, distributed version control, dog, engineer, english language, environment variable, eval, feeling, goal, google, google chrome, hewlett-packard, hypertext transfer protocol, ios, japanese language, java (programming language), javascript, json, language, library, memory, microsoft, microsoft windows, mind, mobile app, mobile testing, nothing, open-source software, oss, paper, parsing, password, programming language, prototype, proxy server, python (programming language), q & a, reason, ruby (programming language), selenium (software), server (computing), siri, social media, software , software development, software release life cycle, string (computer science), test automation, touch id, tracking user logs, translation, truth, tumblr, twitter, unit testing, westworld (tv series), wi-fi, work–life balance, world wide web
Joel Spolsky
TitleChairman at Stack Overflow
advertising, app store (ios), apple inc., book, burning man, ceo, cloudflare, code, coding, compiler, computer programming, conference, congress, data scraping, database, democracy, developer, developing, donald trump, due process, engineer, europe, facebook, fake news, first amendment to the united states constitution, fog creek software, freedom of speech, future, google, hashtag, headless computer, ibm 3270, internet, it, java (programming language), joel spolsky, law, libertarianism, lobbying, mainframe computer, microsoft windows, negotiation, news, order of operations, people, programmer, programming, punched card, reason, reddit, rule of law, silicon slopes tech summit 2019, software , software bug, spolsky, ssts19, stack overflow, tech, technology, terminal emulator, the social network, theory, transparency (behavior), trello, tumblr, twitter, uber, virtual machine, visual basic, wearedevelopers, wearedevs, youtube
Prastudy Fauzi
Postdoctoral Fellow at Simula UiB
anonymity, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, bluetooth, cash, communication, cryptocurrency, fast food, food, key (cryptography), monero (cryptocurrency), money, plausible deniability, privacy, program optimization, proof of knowledge, property, public-key cryptography, randomness, ransomware, ring signature, switch, tumblr, use case
Bob Filbin
Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder at Crisis Text Line
algorithm, bob filbin, bullying, coronavirus disease 2019, crisis text line, data science, do something, emergency, facebook, food bank, health, incest, mental health, native americans in the united states, over-the-counter drug, people analytics, poverty, queue area, rape, social media, startup company, suicide, tax, text messaging, the wharton school, triage, tumblr, viral phenomenon, wharton
Dennis Crowley
CEO & Co-founder at Foursquare
2018, 2019, 2019 tech picks, aaron levie, acl, advertising, advertising campaign, analytics, android (operating system), apple inc., ashton kutcher, augmented reality, austin, blockchain, brand new tech, business, by, ces, comic con, computing, concert, conference, context awareness, cool, creative, creepy, cryptocurrency, database, dennis crowley, development, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, facebook, fashion, fest, festival, film, foursquare, foursquare city guide, gadgets, gaming, general data protection regulation, gmail, google maps, grocery store, hitrecord, hottest gadgets 2019, hottest technology, in between, instagram, interactive, interview, ios, iphone 5, itunes, joseph-gordon levitt, keynote, laurie segall, lineup, live, location-based service, marc benioff, mass media, media, microsoft, mobile app, mobile technology, movie, music, newest technology, news, panel, performance, personal data, pilgrimage, prediction, privacy, red carpet, retail, showcase, snapchat, social media, software development kit, south, southby, southwest, speaker, starbucks, startup company, steve jobs, sxsw, talk, tc disrupt 2019, tcdisrupt, tech, tech ethics, techcrunch, techcrunch disrupt, technology, technology gadgets, ted, television, texas, training, tumblr, tv, twitter, understanding, video games, west, whatsapp, will smith, “south by southwest”
Guru Gowrappan
CEO at Verizon Media Group
5g, advertising, android (operating system), aol, apple inc., apple music, blockchain, business-to-business, click-through rate, cloud computing, cloud gaming, competition (economics), digital divide, digital economy, digital transformation, disney+, electrical grid, electrical substation, espn, facebook, fuse (electrical), gmail, google, hulu, innovation, instagram, institute, internet of things, microsoft, milken, mobile phone, moore's law, online shopping, pay television, qualcomm, robocall, second screen, section 230, siri, startup company, streaming media, sustainability, telehealth, tumblr, twitter, verizon communications, videotelephony, walmart, yahoo!, youtube
Reynold Xin
Co-founder at Databricks
algorithm, analytics, apache arrow, apache hadoop, apache spark, architect, architecture, benchmark (computing), big data, book, bottleneck (production), central processing unit, communication, compassion, computer, computer data storage, data warehouse, database, facebook, file system, function (mathematics), general-purpose computing on graphics processing units, graphics processing unit, internet, machine learning, mapreduce, megatron, mile, money, netflix, physics, pipeline (computing), prayer, program optimization, prototype, querying capabilities, receipt, recommender system, research, scheduling (computing), sd card, single sign-on, software , sql, technology, thread (computing), truth, warehouse
Evan Nisselson
General Partner at LDV Capital
3d computer graphics, 3d modeling, actor, advent, allen & company, amazon (company), analytics, animation, applause, apple inc., assembly line, asset, behavior, bionics, bit, brain, brand, brownsville, brooklyn, business, camera, camera phone, cancer, capital (economics), car, carmageddon, chief executive officer, clothing, cloud computing, co-creation, coffee, commerce, communication, community, company, composer, computer, computer graphics, computer hardware, computer vision, computing, consumer, conversation, cornell tech, crowdsourcing, crutch, cryptocurrency, data, data center, digital imaging, economic inequality, ecosystem, electrical engineering, engineering, entrepreneurship, everything everything, evolution, expert, exponential growth, eye, face, facebook, facial expression, factory, fedex, feeling, finance, folk music, frog, future, gamification, generation, gentrification, glass, goal, google, google play, health, health care, heart, heart rate, image, image-guided surgery, impostor syndrome, income, information, innovation, instagram, interactivity, internet, interview, intuition, inventory, investor, language, learning, leonardo da vinci, lidar, light, logistics, love, lyft, machine learning, macro photography, mass media, mechanics, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft, microsoft hololens, microsoft powerpoint, mind, mobile app, money, nanometre, nanophotonics, nanotechnology, netscape, network effect, news, nothing, oculus vr, openai, opportunity zone, optics, ownership, paper, password, pharmacy, photonics, pinterest, planet labs, policy, procter & gamble, prostate cancer, prototype, psyonix, radar, radiology, revolution, robot, sales, satellite, science, scientist, seed money, self-driving car, self-driving truck, sensor, serendipity, silicon, silicon photonics, small satellite, smart city, social-network game, society, space, spark capital, spectrum, spotify, startup company, strobe light, surgery, synthetic data, synthetic media, synthetic-aperture radar, tax, technology, telehealth, the beatles, thesis, time, traffic congestion, truck, tumblr, twitter, uber, unicorn (finance), united parcel service, valuation (finance), vehicle, venture capital, video, videotelephony, virtual reality, vision science, weed, wi-fi, youtube
Gillian Munson
Member Board Of Directors at Duolingo
accountable care organization, allen & company, android (operating system), asset, augmented reality, biopsy, brand, business, business model, capital (economics), climate change, coffee, colorectal cancer, computer vision, computing, content marketing, cryptocurrency, ct scan, digital health, everything everything, evolution, facebook, finance, frog, hyperspectral imaging, internet, interview, ios, learning, medical imaging, melanoma, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, mobile app, multispectral image, netscape, network effect, news, password, shopping, spotify, streaming media, tax, tumblr, twitter, valuation (finance)
Jason Kassin
CEO at Filmtrack
2016, aerospace engineering, amazon (company), aws, business, cbs, ceo, cic, cloud, cloud computing, cloud innovation conference, digital distribution, dvd, email, engineering, enterprise resource planning, etc, etc usc, filmtrack, hulu, intellectual property, jason kassin, library, m&e, media, metadata, miramax, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, netflix, point of sale, psychohistory (fictional), rights management, rights management systems, royalty payment, synergy, the walt disney company, toy, tumblr, usc, usc sca, valuation (finance), vnab, vnab 2016, youtube
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