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Noga Lewin
Sas programmer analyst at The EMMES Corporation
apple inc., batch file for excel spreadsheets, camera, communication protocol, computer file, computer programming, cross-platform software, data, distributed reporting systems, email, emmes, information, library, macro (computer science), microsoft excel, national drug abuse treatment clinical trials network, patient, pdf, programmer, samurai, sas, sas global forum, sas global forum 2021, sas programmer, sas programming, sas technology, software , standardization, statistics, switch, trash (computing), upload, virtual sas global forum, virtual sas global forum 2021, visual basic, web reporting, world wide web
Philip Holland
SAS Consultant / Trainer / Owner at Holland Numerics
64-bit computing, applications development, basic, bio statistician, bit, bulletin board system, business analyst, computer file, desktop metaphor, dynamic-link library, holland numerics, integrated circuit, macro (computer science), microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft windows, office open xml, open integration, patch (computing), personal computer, product bundling, programming style, sas, sas (software), sas 9.4, sas enterprise guide, sas global forum, sas global forum 2021, sas programming, sas studio, sas technology, spreadsheet, statistician, user interface, version control, virtual sas global forum, virtual sas global forum 2021, visual basic, world wide web, xbox
Mark Rendle
activex, ajax (programming), api, application programming interfaces, communication protocol, computer network, corba, cross-platform software, development, dynamic-link library, graphql, grpc, hypertext transfer protocol, infoq, internet explorer, internet protocol suite, javascript, json, kubernetes , library (computing), microservices, network socket, object oriented programming, proprietary software, protocols, qcon, qcon london, representational state transfer, rsocket, service-oriented architecture, soa, software architecture, transcripts, transmission control protocol, utf-8, visual basic, wcf, web browser, websocket, windows presentation foundation, world wide web
John deVadoss
Head of NGD Seattle at NEO Global Development
2019, applications, bank, best practices, bitcoin, blockchain, brand, c19, cash, client–server model, cloud computing, cmg impact 2019, cmgnews, coindesk, competition, computer network, condominium, conference, consensus, consensus (computer science), consensus 2019, construct, consumerism, consumption (economics), credit card, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, decentralization, diem (digital currency), distributed ledger, economics, edge computing, enterprise, ethereum, euro, eye, facebook, faith, financial transaction, future, great depression, great recession, grocery store, healthcare industry, ibm, income, information technology, infrastructure, interest, investment, it, it conference, john devadoss, linkedin, longfei wang, lowe's, loyalty , machine learning, mainframe computer, market (economics), market liquidity, mastercard, microservices, microsoft, mind, mining, neo, new york, new york city, news, online chat, paypal, question, randomized algorithm, reason, salon (website), serverless computing, service-oriented architecture, smart contract, social inequality, social media, space, speculation, stablecoin, test drive, thought, transaction cost, unit of account, venmo, visa inc., visual basic, vitalik buterin, walmart, whatsapp, world wide web
Joel Spolsky
TitleChairman at Stack Overflow
advertising, app store (ios), apple inc., book, burning man, ceo, cloudflare, code, coding, compiler, computer programming, conference, congress, data scraping, database, democracy, developer, developing, donald trump, due process, engineer, europe, facebook, fake news, first amendment to the united states constitution, fog creek software, freedom of speech, future, google, hashtag, headless computer, ibm 3270, internet, it, java (programming language), joel spolsky, law, libertarianism, lobbying, mainframe computer, microsoft windows, negotiation, news, order of operations, people, programmer, programming, punched card, reason, reddit, rule of law, silicon slopes tech summit 2019, software , software bug, spolsky, ssts19, stack overflow, tech, technology, terminal emulator, the social network, theory, transparency (behavior), trello, tumblr, twitter, uber, virtual machine, visual basic, wearedevelopers, wearedevs, youtube
Mark Lang
Software Engineer at Cisco
active directory, atlassian, atlassian summit 2019, cloud computing, computer file, data migration, database, json, macro (computer science), markdown, metadata, microsoft excel, parameter, python (programming language), scripting language, shell script, software , technical support, use case, user (computing), user identifier, user interface, version control, visual basic, world wide web, xml, zip (file format)
Scott Hanselman
Partner Program Manager at Microsoft
.net overview & roadmap, altimeter, altitude, amazon kindle, android (operating system), apple inc., apple watch, artificial pancreas, artificialpancreas, atlanta, azure, azure devops server, bit, blog, blood glucose monitoring, blood sugar level, bluetooth, brk2100, build2018, carbon copy, circulatory system, cloud, cloud computing, coding, computer data storage, computer file, computer hardware, conference, content delivery network, database, desktop computer, diabetes, digital video recorder, diversity, document object model, dynamic web page, electromagnetic spectrum, engineering, english language, extensible application markup language, facetime, fear of missing out, glycated hemoglobin, google translate, hard disk drive, heart, hyperglycemia, hypertext transfer protocol, hypodermic needle, hypoglycemia, inclusion, insulin, insulin pump, ios, javascript, kubernetes , library (computing), light, linkedin, linux, linux on ibm z, liver, loopkit, machine learning, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft excel, microsoft office, microsoft onenote, microsoft sql server, microsoft visual studio, mind, neo (the matrix), newline, openaps, opensource, operating system, pancreas, parsing, platform as a service, process (computing), programming, pull-to-refresh, punctuation, radiation, raspberry pi, red pill and blue pill, refactr, retina display, scalability, selenium (software), serverless computing, social media, software , software as a service, software-defined radio, source-to-source compiler, syringe, tech, thomas j. watson, tivo, typescript, universal windows platform, visual basic, watson (computer), webassembly, webdevelopment, whatsapp, windows forms, windows presentation foundation, words per minute, world wide web
Scott Hunter
Director of Program Management at Microsoft. .NET
.net, .net overview & roadmap, android (operating system), application software, azure, beth massi, breakout session, brk2100, brk213, build, build 2018, build2018, c sharp (programming language), c1x9, c9l14, channel9, cloud, cloud computing, cloud native computing foundation, computer file, computer programming, cross-platform software, css , daniel roth, database, desktop computer, directx, dmitry lyalin, document object model, dotnet, dots per inch, dynamic web page, dynamic-link library, extensible application markup language, google native client, html, hypertext transfer protocol, ios, jared parsons, javascript, jquery, laptop, library (computing), linkedin, linux, machine learning, macos, maira wenzel, microsoft, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, microsoft sql server, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, mobile operating system, monodevelop, msft build, msft build 2021, node.js, one ui, operating system, package manager, patch (computing), pixel density, porting, programming language, roslyn (compiler), scott hunter, selenium (software), server (computing), software bug, source-to-source compiler, special folder, the future of .net on the desktop, the future of modern application development with .net | brk213, typescript, universal windows platform, universal windows platform apps, value proposition, visual basic, web application, webassembly, windows 10, windows api, windows communication foundation, windows forms, windows installer, windows presentation foundation, world wide web, xamarin
Brandon Minnick
Developer Advocate at Microsoft
android (operating system), api, apple inc., bluetooth, boilerplate code, c sharp (programming language), client-side, computer file, computer programming, cross-platform software, database, domain name system, graphql, hard coding, hypertext transfer protocol, intelligent code completion, ios, java (programming language), javascript, json, kotlin (programming language), library (computing), linux, microsoft visual studio, mobile app, near-field communication, nothing, package manager, programming language, samsung galaxy, smart tv, software development kit, string (computer science), swift (programming language), twitter, universal windows platform, user interface, visual basic, wearable technology, web browser, whatsapp, world wide web, xamarin
Hobum "Vincent" Kwon
Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics
android (operating system), apple inc., bluetooth, c sharp (programming language), computer programming, cross-platform software, intelligent code completion, java (programming language), kotlin (programming language), library (computing), linux, microsoft visual studio, near-field communication, package manager, programming language, samsung galaxy, smart tv, swift (programming language), universal windows platform, user interface, visual basic, wearable technology, whatsapp, xamarin
Ibrahim Abdelkareem
Software Developer at BannerFlow
airline, amazon alexa, application software, computer file, database, devops, docker (software), downtime, experience, experiment, language, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows, operating system, question, server (computing), snippet (programming), software , sql, unit testing, visual basic
Brujo Benavides
Staff Engineer at NextRoll
30 rock, 3d printing, acura, airline, amelia island, android (operating system), anomaly detection, anonymous function, apple inc., application software, aquarium, aurora (disney), ballistics, barometer, behavior, binary file, bit, blog, boolean data type, brown dwarf, california, callback (computer programming), canada, cell site, central processing unit, cisco systems, classical element, classical guitar, code, colombia, color, command-line interface, communication, compiler, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computing, confidentiality, covid-19 pandemic, cut, copy, and paste, database, dell, dental braces, directory (computing), dog, ebay, elijah, elmo, elvis presley, email, emoji, employment, encapsulation (computer programming), error, espn, feedback, feeling, floating-point arithmetic, food, function (mathematics), functional programming, glasses, google, gradient descent, graphics processing unit, guitar, hippie, hispanic and latino americans, http cookie, information, information retrieval, interface (computing), internet, internet of things, interview, intrusion detection system, ios, java (programming language), knowledge, language, lawyer, learning curve, lease, library, library (computing), list comprehension, logic, love, luck, machine, machine learning, magic (supernatural), makefile, mars, mars landing, mathematical optimization, mathematics, meme, memory, metadata, metallica, method (computer programming), mobile app, modular programming, mother, motivation, music, navigation, neural network, news, nothing, nvidia, observation, open source, open-source-software movement, oregon, paragraph, parameter (computer programming), perception, perseverance (rover), philadelphia, philippines, playstation, playstation vita, price, property, random-access memory, raspberry pi, real-time computing, reason, recursion, recursion (computer science), reddit, reliability engineering, research, return statement, rock music, ruby (programming language), runtime system, samsung galaxy s4, satellite, sauce, semicolon, server (computing), sibling, siri, software , source code, source lines of code, space, spain, spanish language, speech synthesis, statistics, string (computer science), stroke, stylus, subroutine, text messaging, the home depot, the runaways (2010 film), time, timer, truth, twitter, type system, united states, vector processor, version control, video card, visual basic, wind, youtube
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