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Patricia Flanagan
President at Work Visa Lawyers, P.A.
architect, attorney's fee, audit, bitcoin, bitcoin latinum, blockchain, brand, child support, coin, contract, courtroom, cryptocurrency, currency, dcentral miami, dcentral pow, dcentral proof of workshop, dcentralcon miami, defi, defi lawyers, defi making the world a safer place, defi world safer place, dividend, economics, engineer, escrow, euro, experience, fiat money, gift card, god, health insurance, hedge fund, howtomanage,, http cookie, human rights, interest, investment, judgment (law), jury, kansas, law, law firm, lawyer, lawyers defi, market (economics), mediation, medical record, midas, money, nothing, organized crime, orlando, florida, patricia flanagan, police, police officer, postnuptial agreement, practice of law, pride, privacy, privacy policy, promise, proof of workshop lawyers, property, real estate agent, reason, renting, rights, roblox, smart contract, sunpass, tax, thailand, the way i see it, thought, tide, toll road, tonto, venezuela, venture capital, western union, what is defi, wire transfer, work visa lawyers
Laura McDonald
Commercial Account Executive at ThoughtSpot
analytics, application software, bank, business, chief data officer, cloud computing, credit card, data, data science, data scientist, debit card, digital native, humans, humans of data science, innovation, investment, market segmentation, mergers and acquisitions, millennials, mobile app, network, option (finance), sales, target corporation, technical analysis, warehouse, western union
Nathaniel Luz
Lead at Dash Nigeria
bank, bitcoin, cash, cryptocurrency, currency, digital currency, ecobank, fee, fiat money, google, immigration, investment, mastercard, money, nigeria, nigerian naira, payment, police brutality, privacy, remittance, venezuela, visa inc., western union, wikileaks, zimbabwe
Joey Krug
Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital
betting in poker, bitcoin, blockchain, bloomberg, book, coinbase, creativity, credit, decentralization, derivative (finance), ecosystem, email, ethereum, fee, finance, gmail, insurance, interest, investor, javascript, long tail, market (economics), market liquidity, momentum, money, odds, peer-to-peer, prediction, prediction market, price, reason, screw conveyor, sports betting, stock, stock market, swap (finance), time, truth, underwater diving, use case, value proposition, weather forecasting, western union
Lori H. Schwartz
Principal, Curator of Experiences at Storytech | Storifying Experiences Everywhere
3d computer graphics, advertising, always be my maybe (2019 film), anarchism, android (operating system), animator, ar, auggie awards, auggie awards 2020, augmented reality, augmented world expo, awe conference, awe conference 2020, awe expo, awe expo 2020, awe online 2020, awe usa 2020, awe2019, bank, baobab studios, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), brand, business model, cassini–huygens, cbs, central bank, collaboration tool, computing, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital currency, entertainment, equifax, eric elder, fee, film, fortnite, future, hobby, imax, immersive theater, interactive storytelling, joe rogan, libertarianism, lori h. schwartz, loyola marymount university xr wizards lab, maureen fan, mehrad noori, microsoft hololens, minecraft, movie theater, mr, nasa, nasa jpl, nbcuniversal international networks, netscape, online chat,, paramount, pay television, playstation, reality, remittance, roblox, ryan bell, simulation, snapchat, social media, spatial computing, speculation, speech synthesis, spotify, storytech, storytelling, streaming media, ted (conference), ted schilowitz, toy story, toy story 2, traditional animation, twitter, use case, user-generated content, venture capital, video game development, virtual community, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, vr, wall street, western union, xr, youtube, zoom (software)
Alex Mashinsky
CEO at Celsius Network
2019, 2021, abra, adam levy, adobe flash, advertising, aiding and abetting, alex mashinsky, alon goren, analytics, anarchism, anarchism in the united states, android (operating system), antoni trenchev, application software, arbitrage, argent, asset, automated teller machine, bailout, bank, bank charge, ben liams yahoo finance, ben yablon, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bid–ask spread, bitcoin, bitcoin 2022, bitcoin 2022 conference, bitcoin conf 2022, bitcoin conference, bitcoin conference 2022, bitcoin conference 2022 january, bitcoin core, bitcoin for beginners, bitcoin miami 2022, bitcoin news today bitboy, bitcoin news today plan b, bitcoin open source software, bitcoin price prediction 2023, bitcoin price prediction 2024, bitcoin trading, bitconnect, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockfi, bond (finance), btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business model, buy cryptocurrency, capital market, capitalism, cash, celsius, celsius network, central bank, civility, coinbase, coindesk, collateral (finance), commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, complexity, computer security, conference, consensus, consensus 2019, contango, creativity, cred, credit, credit card, credit risk, crypto, crypto news today, crypto trading, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency for beginners, currency, data analytics, david bleznak, debt, decentralization, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, deflation, deposit account, derivative (finance), devaluation, digital currency, digital security, dividend, dividends, dlt, domain name system, draper goren holm, draper venture network, ebay, economic bubble, economic depression, economic system, economics, economy, equifax, equity (finance), ethereum, ethereum alex mashinsky, ethics, etoro, event, evolution, exchange-traded fund, experiment, externality, facebook, fahrenheit, federal reserve, fee, fiat money, finacial, finance, financial advice, financial crisis, financial stability oversight council, financial system, financial technology, financial transaction, fractional-reserve banking, futures contract, gender, gold standard, google, hedge (finance), hedge fund, hkblockchainweek, hkblockchainweek2020, hongkong, hope, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, html5, inflation, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, investment, investment fund, irrational exuberance, james alexander, jamie dimon, jeff pulver, josef holm, jpmorgan chase, kevin mehrabi, knowledge, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), libertarianism, libra (cryptocurrency), libra (digital currency), loan, london, margin (finance), market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, market sentiment, matt boseo, matt odell, miami blockchain week, mobile app, modern monetary theory, monero (cryptocurrency), money, money laundering, money supply, natural rights and legal rights, near-field communication, netscape, next, nft, nftnyc, nfts, north american bitcoin conference 2022, open-source software, option (finance), overdraft,, pandora radio, parker lewis, passive income, payment, peter mccormack, petro (cryptocurrency), poverty, price, price discovery, privacy and blockchain, reason, recession, remittance, renminbi, research, reserve currency, revenue, ripple labs, risk-free interest rate, robert breedlove, salt, satoshi nakamoto, science, securities lending, security (finance), self, simplex, smart contract, snapchat, social media, software , solar lamp, sovereign individual, speculation, sponsored, stablecoin, stabletech, startup company, stock, stock certificate, stock market, summit, technology, telecommunication, telephone, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, theory, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token coin, token2049, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, totle, transaction account, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, underwriting, unicorn (finance), united states dollar, utility, value proposition, velocity of money, venmo, venture capital, video game, virtual world, visualization (graphics), voice over ip, wall street, wealth, wells fargo, western union, what bitcoin did, whatsapp, whistleblower, wire transfer, yield curve, youtube, zac prince, zack guzman, zero-knowledge proof
Jonathan Johnson
CEO at
anarchism, android (operating system), bank, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), business model, central bank, cryptocurrency, decentralization, digital currency, equifax, fee, libertarianism, netscape,, remittance, snapchat, social media, speculation, venture capital, wall street, western union
Michael Terpin
Founder & CEO at Transform Group
advertising, africa, amazon web services, anarchism, android (operating system), aol, application software, audit, bank, beyoncé, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blip (website), blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), brand, brent crude, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business, business model, business-to-business, cash, central bank, charles schwab corporation, chicago mercantile exchange, cloud computing, commodity market, coupon, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, deadpool, decentralization, decentralized finance, dell, digital currency, digital marketing, e-trade, economics of coffee, equifax, ethereum, fee, fidelity investments, futures contract, google play, hedge (finance), hedge fund, initial coin offering, intercontinental exchange, internet, internet of things, intranet, investment, keynote, kroger, libertarianism, libra (digital currency), linkedin, mark zuckerberg, miami blockchain week, microcredit, microfinance, microsoft azure, morocco, net asset value, netscape, nft, nftnyc, nigeria, north american bitcoin conference, option (finance), otc markets group, over-the-counter (finance),, password, personal computer, poverty, privacy, privacy and blockchain, qr code, remittance, retail, securitization, security (finance), semantic web, snapchat, social media, speculation, stablecoin, stock, supply chain, supply chain management, tablet computer, tamperproofing, technology, tether (cryptocurrency), the north american bitcoin conference 2022, the world is flat, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, twitter, unicorn (finance), venture capital, virtual economy, virtual world, wall street, wechat, western union, whatsapp, youtube
Matthew Roszak
Chairman & co-founder at Bloq
airport security, anarchism, android (operating system), arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, basic income, bit, bitcoin, bitmain, blockchain, bloq, bond (finance), brave (web browser), business, business ethics, business model, business process, car, cash, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, computer network, computing, cornell, corporation, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, database, decentralization, department of motor vehicles, digital currency, dividend, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, equifax, ethereum, ethics, facebook, fee, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial innovation, financial technology, firewall (computing), github, hash function, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internet, intranet, investment banking, it's-time-to-build, john d. rockefeller, kevin-werbach, libertarianism, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, market liquidity, matthew-roszak, mining, mining pool, mobile payment, money, monopoly, net neutrality, netscape,, peer-to-peer, petro (cryptocurrency), plug and play, productivity, proof of work, recession, regulatory compliance, remittance, risk, routing, security, smart contract, smartphone, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, speculation, statistics, supply chain, tax, tether (cryptocurrency), titan (supercomputer), tokenization (data security), trade, transportation security administration, twitter, unicorn (finance), user interface, value proposition, venture capital, wall street, wealth, western union, wharton
Isaiah Jackson
Author at Bitcoin and Black America
adolescence, balance sheet, bitcoin, blockchain, consumer price index, contrarian investing, credit, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, debt, delayed gratification, digital currency, economic growth, education, emergence, ethereum, game theory, i like it like that (film), income, inflation, investor, joe biden, kids, market (economics), mobile phone, money, moneygram, peter schiff, price, racial segregation in the united states, reason, recession, remittance, smart contract, summer camp, tax, the daily show, trade, twitch (service), twitter, video game, wallet, wealth, western union, white privilege, youtube
King Bless
Co-Host at The Gentlemen of Crypto Show
balance sheet, bitcoin, consumer price index, credit, cryptocurrency, currency, debt, delayed gratification, economic growth, game theory, income, inflation, joe biden, money, moneygram, racial segregation in the united states, reason, recession, remittance, tax, the daily show, trade, wealth, western union, white privilege
Rodney Burton
Business Owner at The Bit Group LLc
balance sheet, bitcoin, consumer price index, credit, cryptocurrency, currency, debt, delayed gratification, economic growth, game theory, income, inflation, joe biden, money, moneygram, racial segregation in the united states, reason, recession, remittance, tax, the daily show, trade, wealth, western union, white privilege
Chris J Snook
Managing Director at LODE Studio
access to information, action figure, adolescence, algorithm, algorithmic composition, allen iverson, amazon (company), api, apple inc., architecture, argentine peso, art, artificial general intelligence, atheism, attention, avatar (2009 film), avatar (computing), backdoor (computing), balance sheet, barack obama, beyoncé, big data, big tech, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, body language, book, brand, brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, business model, c++, capitalism, catholic church, celebrity, certainty, charles hoskinson, christianity, civil forfeiture in the united states, coaching, color, command-line interface, commerce, computer, computer hardware, computer performance, computer programming, computer science, computing, consciousness, consumer price index, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, credit, cryptocurrency, cryptography , culture, currency, database, david, debt, decentralization, deepfake, delayed gratification, demand, dictatorship, digital identity, dividend, drake (musician), economic growth, education, elon musk, emotion, encryption, energy, entrepreneurship, ethos, existence, experience, facebook, faith, feeling, finance, fireside chats, functional programming, future, game theory, generosity, george w. bush, gerolamo cardano, ghost, god the father, google, grammy award, gratitude, heat, hip hop, hip hop music, holy spirit in christianity, hope, idea, idris (programming language), income, inflation, innovation, instagram, insurance, interest, internet, interoperability, islam, jeff bezos, jesus, joe biden, joe paterno, knowledge, kobe bryant, learning, lil wayne, literacy, logic, love, lower manhattan, madonna, market (economics), marketplace, martin hellman, mass, mass media, master of puppets, mathematical model, mathematics, medium of exchange, mentorship, mergers and acquisitions, metadata, mind, modularity, money, moneygram, multi-agent system, myspace, natural language processing, news, news media, newspaper, oprah winfrey, outsourcing, ownership, password, peer-to-peer, podcast, printing, printing press, privacy, programmer, programming language, psychology, public-key cryptography, python (programming language), question, racial segregation in the united states, ralph merkle, randomness, real-time computing, reality, reason, recession, religion, remittance, reputation, rights, robert de niro, science, security token, self, sense, sharing economy, smart contract, social credit, social media, software , software agent, sophia (robot), spacex, steve jobs, surveillance, synergy, system, tamper-evident technology, tax, technology, the daily show, thought, tim draper, trade, twitter, united nations development programme, united states, usability, utility, venture capital, viral marketing, wealth, web 2.0, welfare, western union, white privilege, whitfield diffie, wisdom, world wide web, yellow, youtube
Lorien Gamaroff
CEO at Centbee
android (operating system), apple inc., bank, barcode, bitcoin, blockchain, clearing (finance), cryptocurrency, digital currency, fee, financial action task force on money laundering, financial transaction, interest, know your customer, market (economics), monetization, money, payment, price, regulatory compliance, retail, terrorism financing, value proposition, western union, wire transfer
Ken DiCross
Co-Founder at AirWire
blockchain, blockfin, cryptocurrency, debit card, email, facebook, financial services, financial transaction, goal, instagram, lendit, lendit fintech, login, mastercard, money, news, password, payment, paypal, peer-to-peer, social media, social wallet, technology, twitter, user (computing), venmo, visa inc., wechat, western union, youtube
Brandon Mintz
President at Bitcoin Depot
atlanta, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin atm, bitcoin depot, brandon mintz, btm, cash, chargeback, coinbase, credit, credit card, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency atm, darknet market, debit card, fiat money, financial transaction, foreign exchange market, inflation, investor, migrant worker, money, money laundering, moneygram, option (finance), remittance, tabconf, united states dollar, valuation (finance), western union, wire transfer
Patricia Kemp
General Partner at Oak HC/FT
analytics, anonymity, authentication, bank, big data, bitcoin, blockchain, business-to-business, capital market, cash, cheque, cloud computing, consensus (computer science), credit, credit card, cryptocurrency, digital currency, direct-to-consumer, double-spending, hedge (finance), hedge fund, insurance, interest, internet, loan, machine learning, money, mortgage insurance, mortgage loan, overdraft, peer-to-peer, privacy, privacy and blockchain, recession, regulatory compliance, regulatory technology, risk, social security (united states), startup company, tax, transaction account, transparency (behavior), valuation (finance), western union
Carla Johnson
International Keynote Speaker at Best-Selling Author and Storyteller
agriculture, attention, behavior, brand, communication, complexity, content marketing, cross-functional team, customer experience, education, energy development, innovation, job interview, lightsaber, natural environment, natural resource, new media, news, organization, résumé, sustainability, target audience, telegraphy, western union, wright brothers
Philippe Creux
Senior Software Developer at Kickstarter
api, application software, asynchronous i/o, characters of overwatch, data migration, data warehouse, database, database schema, email, grafana, metadata, mobile app, psychology, race condition, ruby (programming language), ruby on rails, select (sql), software framework, sql, subscription business model, time, time travel, truth, western union, world wide web
Bill Barhydt
Founder and CEO at Abra
2021, 3d printing, abra, ai, algorithm, alon goren, american express, apple inc., ar, argent, artificial intelligence, asset, assets under management, augmented reality, automated teller machine, automation, bank, banknote, belief, bill barhydt, biotechnology, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, bitconnect, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), btcmiami, btcmiami2022, capital gains tax in the united states, capital market, cash, cashback reward program, celsius, coinbase, collateral (finance), commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, computing, conference, cprx, credit, credit card, credit risk, crispr, crowdfunding, cryproperx, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, data analytics, debt, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, deflation, deposit account, derivative (finance), designing thinking, digital security, discounting, down payment, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economic bubble, economics, economy, education, employee benefits, entrepreneurship, ethereum, euro, event, exchange rate, exchange-traded fund, facebook, feeling, finance, financial stability oversight council, financial transaction, fintech, fixed exchange rate system, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futures contract, futurism, futurist, genetics, global summit, google play, hawala, health, healthtech, high-yield debt, hyperinflation, incentive, inflation, initial coin offering, instagram, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, investment fund, josef holm, keynote, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leadership, learning, lightning network, live, loan, london, long tail, margin (finance), market liquidity, market maker, market sentiment, matt boseo, medtech, meme, miami blockchain week, misery index (economics), monero (cryptocurrency), money, money supply, nanotechnology, north american bitcoin conference, open-source software, option (finance), organization, password, peter diamandis, petro (cryptocurrency), point of sale, price, prime brokerage, privacy and blockchain, proof of work, ray kurzweil, remittance, ripple labs, robotics, science, security (finance), sha-2, sim card, simplex, singularity hub, singularity university, social media, solar lamp, stablecoin, stagflation, stock, student loan, summit, switzerland, system, talks, tax, technology, tether (cryptocurrency), the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token, token economy, token2049, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states dollar, use case, user-generated content, utility, venmo, virtual reality, vr, western union, whatsapp, wire transfer, zug
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