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361-390 of 37696
Gina Abrams
Chief Of Staff at Trust Machines
Orlando Cosme
Co-Founder at StackerDAO Labs
Ryan Waits
Lead Developer at StackerDAO
Pavitthra Pandurangan
Distributed Systems Engineer at Hiro Systems
Daniel Nelson
EVP, Product Management at CPA Global
amazon (company), application software, autonomy, business, cloud computing, competition, competitive advantage, daniel nelson, dave vellante, dr. thomas di giacomo, experience, innovation, insight, john furrier, kubernetes , linux, memory, microsoft, mind, nature, open-source software, open-source-software movement, operating system, oprah winfrey, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, strategic management, suse, susecon, susecon digital, teavana, thecube, unix, virtual machine, wikibon
Mason Borda
CEO & Co-founder at TokenSoft
ami ben-david, apple inc., arbitrage, architecture, bank, berne convention, bitcoin, blockchain, broker-dealer, capital market, communication protocol, computer security, confidentiality, copyright, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, david weild, debt, defi, digital assets, digital currency, error, ethereum, euronext, facebook, finance, first-mover advantage, goldman sachs, google search, hope, initial coin offering, initial public offering, insurance, intellectual property, interest, internet meme, internet protocol suite, investment, investment banking, investor, jor law, jumpstart our business startups act, know-how, law, libra (cryptocurrency), loan, lou kerner, market (economics), market liquidity, market value, marketplace, mason borda, micropayment, money laundering, monopoly, nasdaq, natural law, network effect, nyse american, paddle (spanking), patent, point of sale, price, private equity, regulatory compliance, risk, rsa security, secondary market, securitization, security (finance), social media, software patent, startup company, stock, stock exchange, stock market, stos, tax, tezos, trade secret, trademark, transparency (behavior), u.s. securities and exchange commission, valuation (finance), venture capital, wall street
Pieter Aerts
Core Contributor at Arkadiko
Eric Wall
Blogger at EricaDAO
2021, arbitrage, arcane assets, asset, bitcoin, blockchain, btc, conference, consensus (computer science), cryptocurrency, currency, decentralized exchange, eric wall, eth, ethereum, event, fiat money, gross domestic product, hard currency, hard money, inflation, investment, live, london, market (economics), market liquidity, medium of exchange, monetary policy, money, proof of stake, proof of work, property, speculation, token2049, value (economics), wealth
Hadan Esperidiao
Community Lead at ALEX Foundation
Zuby Udezue
Rapper, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Coach
Jude Nelson
Research Scientist at Stacks Open Internet Foundation
Aubrey Strobel
Head of Communications at Lolli
adam levy, adi sideman, advertising, alon goren, amy wan, android (operating system), attention, aubrey strobel, bitcoin, bling, blockchain, business model, conference, crypto, crypto beadles, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, education, ethereum props, etoro, event, facebook, finance, gamification, google play, identity document, instagram, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, lolli, mike lee, mobile app, monarch token, money, payment system, psychology, question, regulatory compliance, robert beadles, stablecoin, summit, tim draper, twitter, united states, web 2.0, yanolja, youtube
Kyle Hill
President, Head of Digital Assets at Troika
Rafael Cárdenas
Software Engineer at Hiro Systems
Ileana Malacrino
NFT Resident at Stacks Open Internet Foundation
Bradford van Voorhees
Co-Founder at Sustainable Bitcoin Standard
Tycho Onnasch
Co-founder at Zest Protocol
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