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481-510 of 37675
Sebastien Borget
Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox
2021, 3d computer graphics, accessibility, adoption, aleksander leonard larsen,, alien worlds, altcoin, amazon (company), android (operating system), animal crossing, app store (ios), apple inc., application software, art, asset, attention, augmented reality, avatar (computing), axie, axie infinity, axs, bank, beryl li,, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, bitkraft, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchain game alliance, blockchain game partners, blockchain games, blockchain gaming, blockchain play to earn games, blockchaintechnology, boredapes , borget sebastien, boson protocol, brand, btc, business, business model, capital control, capitalism, central bank, cesc, chainguardians, chanel, circular economy, cisco systems, collectible card game, communication, communication protocol, community, concept art house, conference, creativity, credit, credit card, crypto, crypto art, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptonews, cryptopunks, cryptotrading, currency, debt, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, defi summit, defi summit 2021, delphi, digital economy, dowsing, dragon quest, economic inequality, economic system, economy, ecosystem, education, emerging market, emfarsis, end user, entertainment, epic games, erc-1155, eth, ethereum, etsy, event, facebook, facebook platform, farmville, fashion, finance, financial inclusion, free-to-play, frozen (2013 film), game, gamesbeat, gamesbeat summit 2020, gaming, generation, gmail, goods, google, hearthstone, hope, horizon blockchain games, htc, hyperinflation, identity (social science), identity theft, incentive, income, inflation, information asymmetry, innovation, instagram, intellectual property, intelligence, interest, internet, interoperability, invest, investing, investment, investor, jeffrey zirlin, justin banon, l'atelier, labour economics, leadership, leah callon-butler, leasehold estate, legends of runeterra, leverage (finance), litecoin, live, loan, london, loot box, magic leap, market (economics), marketplace, mass media, mathematics, meebits, metaverse, metaverse dcommerce, microsoft, microtransaction, mind, minecraft, mobile app, mobile game, money, morphing, mortgage loan, network effect, news feed, nft, nft and blockchain, nft day, nft economy, nft game economy, nft games, nft games explained, nftnyc, nfts, non-fungible token, oculus (brand), oculus go, oculus vr, online game, open world, openai, option (finance), ownership, password, paypal, pewdiepie, piers kicks, play-to-earn, playstation, pokémon go, price, privacy, procurement, proof of stake, proof of work, property, provenance, reality, reason, research, resource, ridesharing company, robbie cochrane, roblox, sales, san francisco blockchain week, sandbox, sandbox game, scarcity, score (game), sebastien borget, self, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, shopping, smart contract, smartphone, snow crash, sony, space, spatial computing, spotify, square enix, stablecoin, startup company, streaming media, subscription business model, system, the sandbox, the sandbox game, token, token2049, top-down and bottom-up design, trader, trading, transparency (behavior), turing test, twitch (service), twitter, uber, ubisoft, usability, user-generated content, utility, valuation (finance), venturebeat, video game, video game industry, viral phenomenon, virtual currency, virtual economy, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, virtual world, virtualworld, volumetric video, web 2.0, what is defi, whatsapp, world wide web, xbox (console), xbox one, yield guild, yield guild games, youtube
Layne Lafrance
Flow Product Lead at Dapper Labs
Steven Wong
Associate professor and project director at Provost’s office of Polytechnic University of Singapore
Poh June Kok
Group Director at JTC Corporation
Vincent Y. Wang
Executive President at Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.
Feng Liu
Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at
Juan Benet
Founder, CEO at Protocol Labs
airbnb, brady-dale, bribery, cd2020, cloud computing, coindesk-tv, comparative advantage, computer, computer data storage, cryptocurrency, decentralization, desk, filecoin, france, full, internet, interplanetary, juan-benet, marketplace, mathematics, netflix, only-segment, open access, price, protocol labs, protocol-labs, rat, regulatory compliance, reputation, stock, supermarket, video, wikipedia, youtube
Kendrick Nguyen
Championing the Retail Revolution at Republic
aave, altcoin, alternative investment, arbitrage, ava labs, avalanche, avax, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, btc, business, capital market, cash, cesc, coinbase, craig russo, credit risk, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptonews, cryptotrading, currency, decentralized finance, defi, digital security, education, email, emin gun sirer, entrepreneurship, eth, ethereum, extreme poverty, female entrepreneurs, finance, fintech, google, hackathon, index fund, innovation, institutional investor, internet, invest, investing, investment, investor, kendrick nguyen, litecoin, money, moneydance, olaf carlson wee, palantir technologies, paypal, polychain capital, polyient games, poverty, private equity, profit (economics), proof of work, regulatory compliance, san francisco blockchain week, scalability, security (finance), sergey nazarov, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, silicon valley, smart contracts, social media, stani kulechov, startup company, status, stock, stock market, tech, trader, trading, u.s. securities and exchange commission, uber, venmo, venture capital, web3, world wide web
Yu Jun
Investments at DeFiance Capital
Harry Behrens
Founder, Chairman and CTO at bloXmove
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder at Chainlink
2019, aave, abstraction (computer science), adam levy, agriculture, alon goren, altcoin, api, arbol, asset, audit, automation, ava labs, avalanche, avax, bank, bill of lading, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, brand, btc, business, business model, business process, c19, carbon credit, central bank, cesc, chainlink, climate change, climate change mitigation, cloud computing, coindesk, communication protocol, community, computer network, computer security, conference, consensus, consensus (computer science), consensus 2019, construct, conversation, craig russo, credit, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptography , cryptonews, cryptotrading, cybercrime, data quality, data validation, database, database transaction, decentralization, decentralized finance, default (finance), defi, demand, derivative (finance), determinism, devops, digital security, digital transformation, distributed computing, diversification (finance), draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, education, effects of climate change, email, emin gun sirer, encryption, end-to-end principle, enterprise software, eth, ethereum, ethereum oracles, etoro, event, externality, farming, finance, financial crisis, fintech, force, global financial system, globalization, goal, google, governance, hackathon, hedge (finance), homomorphic encryption, hyperledger, imovie, inflation, information, innovation, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, interoperability, invest, investing, investment, investor, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, library, life-cycle assessment, litecoin, loan, logic, market (economics), market data, metamask, microsoft excel, mobile web, money, money laundering, moneydance, network, new york, olaf carlson wee, option (finance), parametric insurance, polychain capital, polyient games, port, price, privacy, private equity, proof of work, property, public-key cryptography, reason, reforestation, reliability engineering, renewable energy, reputation, research, reverse engineering, risk, risk management, san francisco blockchain week, scalability, securitization, security (finance), sergey nazarov, server (computing), sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, sid jha, siri, smart contract, smart contracts, social media, society, software , specification (technical standard), sputnik 1, stablecoin, stani kulechov, startup company, status, summit, system, tech, telecommunication, test drive, tim draper, tokenization (data security), trader, trading, transparency (behavior), trial and error, trust (social science), truth, twitter, usability, value (economics), value proposition, venture capital, volatility (finance), weather risk, web 2.0, web application, web of trust, web service, web3, world wide web, zero-knowledge proof
Gavin Wood
Founder/Inventor at Polkadot
accountability, altcoin, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, btc, business, cesc, communication protocol, computer hardware, consensus decision-making, corruption, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptonews, cryptotrading, currency, decision-making, democracy, double-spending, economy, education, eth, ethereum, governance, invest, investing, investment, investor, law, lawyer, litecoin, money, police, program optimization, san francisco blockchain week, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, smart contract, social norm, software , theory, trader, trading, veto, wikipedia
Robert Townsend
Professor of Economics at MIT
Whitfield Diffie
Cryptographer and Security Expert at Cryptomathic
amazon web services, apple inc., application software, artificial neural network, authentication, blockchain, bluetooth, computing, covid-19 pandemic, cryptanalysis, cryptograph, cryptography , cybersecurity, database, differential privacy, diffie–hellman key exchange, digital signature, economics, ethics, expectation of privacy, facial recognition system, general data protection regulation, immunity passport, information, information security, information theory, infosec, intel, key (cryptography), key exchange, machine learning, medical privacy, microcode, monopoly, multi-factor authentication, password, post-quantum cryptography, precedent, prepaid mobile phone, privacy, programming language, proof of work, psychological resilience, public-key cryptography, qr code, quantum computing, quantum supremacy, reason, recidivism, right to be forgotten, ron rivest, rsa, rsa (cryptosystem), rsac, rsaconference, secret sharing, secure multi-party computation, security, security hacker, sim card, sms, supply chain, supply chain attack, surveillance, transport layer security, trust (social science), verifiable secret sharing, voter-verified paper audit trail, web search engine
Dominic Williams
Founder at DFINITY
abra, algorithm, alon goren, amazon (company), amazon web services, auction, big tech, bitcoin, bitcoin network, blockchain, cloud computing, communication protocol, computer, computer network, computer science, computing, conference, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptography , data, data analytics, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, dfinity, digital security, distributed control system, dominic williams, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economic growth, economy, emergence, ethereum, event, face id, facebook, finance, free market, google chrome, government by algorithm, hypertext transfer protocol, information system, infrastructure, initial coin offering, internet, internet computer system, internet service provider, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laptop, liquid democracy, market (economics), matt boseo, money, node (networking), online chat, option (finance), playstation (console), public utility, public-key cryptography, research and development, smart contract, social media, software , summit, technology, tim draper, understanding, uniswap, unity (game engine), web browser, webassembly, world wide web, youtube
Vitalik Buterin
Founder at Ethereum
advertising, altcoin, api, apple inc., arbitrage, archive, arithmetic, automated teller machine, best, worst and average case, bill gates, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoin network, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, blockchaine 2020, blockchaintechnology, blockhaine hackathon, bond (finance), btc, business, cash, catch-22 (logic), cesc, charitable organization, communication protocol, community, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, concept, consensus (computer science), consensus decision-making, contract, contributing to open source, coronavirus disease 2019, covid19, crowdfunding, crypto, crypto 2020, cryptocarrency , cryptocarrency 2020, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency investing, cryptocurrency investments, cryptocurrency investments 2020, cryptoeconomics, cryptographic hash function, cryptography , cryptonews, cryptotrading, data structure, database, database transaction, decentralization, demand, democracy, denial-of-service attack, derivative (finance), direct-to-consumer, donation, donations, door, dvd, economics, ecosystem, education, emotion, employment, encryption, equation, eth, eth 2020, eth conference, eth london, eth london uk, eth vitalik buterin, ethereum, ethereum 2020 , ethereum london, ethereum2.0, ethglobal, ethlondonuk , facebook, fee, fentech conference 2020, fintech, fintech conference, flash memory, fraud, friedrich nietzsche, function (mathematics), fundraising, genesis (band), gitcoin, glen wyl, grocery store, hackathon eth, hackathon ethereum, hacker, hard disk drive, hash function, hashtag, hope, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, imovie, initial public offering, innovation, insurance, interest, international association for cryptologic research, internet, interpolation, introduction to hyperledger, invest, investing, investment, investments, investor, ios, joe lubin, joe lubin 2020, laptop, law, leadership, liberal radicalism, linux, litecoin, load balancing (computing), luck, magnitude (mathematics), mahatma gandhi, market (economics), market design, market liquidity, matching funds, mathematics, merkle tree, money, municipal bond, number, nyblockchainweek, open source, open source software, open-source software, optimism, organization, privacy, privacy and blockchain, program optimization, proof of stake, proof of work, psychology, public goods, quadratic equation, quadratic formula, quadratic funding, radicalxchange, randomness, reason, recursion, replication (computing), research, resource, risk, sampling (statistics), san francisco blockchain week, scalability, scarcity, security (finance), sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, shard (database architecture), simulation, smart contact wallets, smart contract, smart wallets, social media, social networking service, social psychology, software , specification (technical standard), speculation, square root, statistics, stock, structure, supply chain, synchronization, system, technologies, technologies blockchain, technology, technology roadmap, tehnology, theory, third eye blind, trader, trading, transparency (behavior), twitter, usability, use case, verifiable credentials, vitalik buterin, vitalik buterin 2020, weather, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source, zoë hitzig
Aaron Tindiseega
Lead Consultant at ThankUCash
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Nika Naghavi
Executive Director - MNOs at MFS Africa
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Charlene Chen
Board Member at AZA
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Kevin Kigima Ng'ang'a
Country Lead at Verto
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Boris Reznikov
Senior Director, Business Development & Partnerships at Stellar Development Foundation
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Nielsimms Sangho
Regional Manager, East Africa at Flutterwave
#atsnbo, africa, fintech, payments, remittence
Lisa Karanja
Kenya Country Head at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#atsnbo, africa tech summit, african tech ecosystem, partnership, technology
Wawira Njiru
Founder and Executive Director at Food for Education Foundation
#atsnbo, africa tech summit, african tech ecosystem, partnership, technology
Georgie Ndirangu
Multimedia Broadcast at BBC News
#atsnbo, africa tech summit, african tech ecosystem, partnership, technology
Ochieng Ogunde
Co-Founder at Damu-Sasa System Limited
#atsnbo, africa tech summit, african tech ecosystem, partnership, technology
Joshua Kibera
Founder & CEO at The Pathology Network
#atsnbo, africa tech summit, african tech ecosystem, partnership, technology
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