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91-120 of 37675
Ernest Mbenkum
Founder & CEO at Interstellar Inc.
Siddharth Singhal
Enterprise adoption at Parity Technologies
Jeff Mei
CMO at ChainUp Technology
Christopher Light
Founder & CEO at E-Livestock Global LLC
Chris Maurice
CEO at Yellow Card Financial
#atsnbo, africa, africa tech summit, bitcoin, crypto, yellowcard
Gideon Greaves
Managing Director at CV VC Africa
Cyrine Ben Fadhel
Venture Capital Associate at Global Ventures
Surabhi Nimkar
Partner at GreenHouse Capital
#atsnbo, africa, african tech, angel, funding, m&a, sydicate, venture capital
Anil Hansjee
General Partner at Fabric Ventures
bank, bitcoin, black market, blockchain, capital market, carbon offset, coinbase, cryptocurrency, decentralization, fidelity investments, financial technology, gulf cooperation council, hedge (finance), hedge fund, inflation, investment, investment fund, market (economics), money, pension, remittance, streaming media, tax, valuation (finance), venture capital
Samy Karim
Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Development at Binance
7th global blockchain congressf, abu dhabi, accessibility, agora blockchain event, agora event, asia, attention, auction, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain event, cash, central processing unit, contract, copyright infringement, cryptocurrency, culture of asia, decentralization, dubai, economic growth, education, employment, entrepreneurship, ethereum, experience, finance, hedge (finance), infrastructure, innovation, insurance, international system of units, investment, investor, knowledge, leadership, macroeconomics, malaysia, mining, momentum, money, non-fungible token, option (finance), organization, physical layer, ponzi scheme, reality, reason, renewable energy, research, security (finance), smart city, smart contract, southeast asia, spreadsheet, startup company, system, tax, tdefi blockchain event, tdefi event, technology, trade-off, truth, united arab emirates, venture capital, video game, x86
Norbert Amankwaa Adomako
Chief of Communications at
Piers Ridyard
CEO at Radix
defi x solo, 2021, adam levy, aditya asgaonkar, alon goren, ava labs, avalanche, avax, bank, benjamin pirus, best practice, bitcoin, blockchain, blockstack, business, capitalism, cash, censorship, central bank, cloud computing, cointelegraph, collateral (finance), commodity, communication protocol, conference, consensus (computer science), consensys, cost, credit, crypto, crypto 2020, crypto investments, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency investments, currency, de, decentralised finance, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, defi investments, derivative (finance), determinism, digital security, distributed computing, draper goren holm, draper venture network, due diligence, economics, economy, eli ben-sasson, emin gun sirer, energy development, engineering, entrepreneurship, eth, ethereum, ethereum ethereum network, ethereum researcher, etoro, evan shapiro, event, expansion of the universe, finance, financial market, forbes, future, gini coefficient, hedge fund, high-yield debt, income, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, interest, internet, internet of things, interoperability, intuition, investing in crypto, investing opportunity, investment, investment banking, investor, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), live, london, love, macroeconomics, market liquidity, marketplace, mina, mina foundation, mining, mining pool, monetary policy, money, muneeb ali, network effect, non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, nothing, option (finance), panel, phase zero, piers ridyard, power station, price, privacy, proof of work, property, quantitative easing, radix, radix dlt, reason, research, risk, scalability, scaling, skale, skale labs, smart contract, smartphone, social inequality, social media, software , speculation, spotify, stablecoin, stan kladko, starkware, strategic management, summit, surveillance, synchronicity, theorem, theory, throughput, tim beiko, tim draper, time, token2049, tokens 2020, twitter, usability, use case, venture capital, visa inc., zk
Lane Kasselman
Chief Business Officer at
Misha Lederman
Director of Communication at Klever Finance
Edward Obasi
Chief Operating Officer at DafriGroup PLC
Charles Hoskinson
Founder at Cardano
ada, ada coin, algorand, api, apple inc., autonomy, bank, barack obama, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin protocol, bittorrent, blockchain, blockchain protocol, blockchain technology, book, botnet, brand, business model, c-fund, cardano, chainlink, charles hoskinson, civil forfeiture in the united states, command-line interface, commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, computer science, consensus (computer science), credibility, cryptocurrency, css , currency, dapps, dark ages (historiography), data center, decentralization, defi, derivative (finance), dignity, distributed computing, dividend, dlt, entrepreneurship, eos, ethereum, facebook, finacial, george w. bush, goguen, graduate school, haskell, haskell coding, hkblockchainweek, hkblockchainweek2020, hongkong, hoskinson, hyperledger, information, initial coin offering, innovation, input output, inputoutput, insurance, internet, iohk, know your customer, mass media, mathematics, mobile app, money, money laundering, multi-asset, national science foundation, native assets, newspaper, online and offline, ouroboros, parallel computing, personal data, physics, printing, printing press, privacy, proof of stake, proof of work, qr code, random number generation, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, science, scientific method, security (finance), shelley, shinkansen, smart contract, smart contracts, social credit, software , software development, stablecoin, steve jobs, tax, technology, terrorism financing, tezos, the theory of everything (2014 film), theory of everything, usability, vechain, visa inc., visualization (graphics), voltaire, wen, world wide web
John Kamara
Founder at Afya Rekod
africa, bank, blockchain, china, cryptocurrency, democracy, economy, education, entrepreneurship, financial market, indian ocean, interest, internet, island, madagascar, market (economics), mobile app, mobile phone, money, poverty, skype, slum, technology, whatsapp, wright brothers
Zoe Cruz
Founder & CEO at Menai Financial Group
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Campbell Harvey
Professor at Duke University
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Lin William Cong
Rudd Family Professor of Management and Associate Professor of Finance at Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Jiasun Li
Assistant Professor of Finance at George Mason University School of Business
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Hanna Halaburda
Associate Professor of Information, Operations & Management Sciences at NYU Stern School of Business
altcoin, automation, bank, bargaining, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoin network, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, btc, business, cesc, coffee, collusion, competition law, computer, computer program, contract, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptography , cryptonews, cryptotrading, currency, database, decentralization, design, digital currency, double-spending, economic equilibrium, economic surplus, education, email, eth, ethereum, file sharing, food, frank hawkins, immutable object, incentive, internet of things, invest, investing, investment, investor, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, litecoin, luck, market (economics), market liquidity, money, price, pricing, proof of work, property, reason, refrigeration, refrigerator, san francisco blockchain week, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, smart contract, smartphone, state-space representation, tarheel, temperature, trader, trading, truth, unc, utility
Andreas Park
Associate Professor at University of Toronto
american recovery and reinvestment act of 2009, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, capital market, cash, cbdc, central bank, central bank digital currencies, central bank digital currency, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency in circulation, dcep, debt, diem (digital currency), digital assets, digital currency, digital economy, economy, federal reserve, fiat, fiat money, finance, financial inclusion, financial innovation, fintech, food security, frank hawkins, government, infrastructure, initial public offering, innovation, insurance, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, libra (digital currency), logistics, monetary policy, money, money laundering, money supply, payment system, power, regulation, singapore, singapore blockchain week, stablecoin, tarheel, technology, unc, united states congress
Christine Parlour
Professor Of Finance at Haas School of Business
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Alfred Lehar
Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation Limited Term Professor at University of Calgary
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Igor Makarov
Finance professor at London School of Economics
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Antoinette Schoar
Stewart C. Myers-Horn Family Professor of Finance at MIT Sloan School of Management
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Michael Sockin
Assistant Professor of Finance at McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
frank hawkins, kenan institute of private enterprise, kenan-flagler business school, tarheel, unc
Alex Mashinsky
CEO at Celsius Network
2019, 2021, abra, adam levy, adobe flash, advertising, aiding and abetting, alex mashinsky, alon goren, analytics, anarchism, anarchism in the united states, android (operating system), antoni trenchev, application software, arbitrage, argent, asset, automated teller machine, bailout, bank, bank charge, ben liams yahoo finance, ben yablon, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bid–ask spread, bitcoin, bitcoin 2022, bitcoin 2022 conference, bitcoin conf 2022, bitcoin conference, bitcoin conference 2022, bitcoin conference 2022 january, bitcoin core, bitcoin for beginners, bitcoin miami 2022, bitcoin news today bitboy, bitcoin news today plan b, bitcoin open source software, bitcoin price prediction 2023, bitcoin price prediction 2024, bitcoin trading, bitconnect, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockfi, bond (finance), btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business model, buy cryptocurrency, capital market, capitalism, cash, celsius, celsius network, central bank, civility, coinbase, coindesk, collateral (finance), commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, complexity, computer security, conference, consensus, consensus 2019, contango, creativity, cred, credit, credit card, credit risk, crypto, crypto news today, crypto trading, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency for beginners, currency, data analytics, david bleznak, debt, decentralization, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, deflation, deposit account, derivative (finance), devaluation, digital currency, digital security, dividend, dividends, dlt, domain name system, draper goren holm, draper venture network, ebay, economic bubble, economic depression, economic system, economics, economy, equifax, equity (finance), ethereum, ethereum alex mashinsky, ethics, etoro, event, evolution, exchange-traded fund, experiment, externality, facebook, fahrenheit, federal reserve, fee, fiat money, finacial, finance, financial advice, financial crisis, financial stability oversight council, financial system, financial technology, financial transaction, fractional-reserve banking, futures contract, gender, gold standard, google, hedge (finance), hedge fund, hkblockchainweek, hkblockchainweek2020, hongkong, hope, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, html5, inflation, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, investment, investment fund, irrational exuberance, james alexander, jamie dimon, jeff pulver, josef holm, jpmorgan chase, kevin mehrabi, knowledge, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), libertarianism, libra (cryptocurrency), libra (digital currency), loan, london, margin (finance), market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, market sentiment, matt boseo, matt odell, miami blockchain week, mobile app, modern monetary theory, monero (cryptocurrency), money, money laundering, money supply, natural rights and legal rights, near-field communication, netscape, next, nft, nftnyc, nfts, north american bitcoin conference 2022, open-source software, option (finance), overdraft,, pandora radio, parker lewis, passive income, payment, peter mccormack, petro (cryptocurrency), poverty, price, price discovery, privacy and blockchain, reason, recession, remittance, renminbi, research, reserve currency, revenue, ripple labs, risk-free interest rate, robert breedlove, salt, satoshi nakamoto, science, securities lending, security (finance), self, simplex, smart contract, snapchat, social media, software , solar lamp, sovereign individual, speculation, sponsored, stablecoin, stabletech, startup company, stock, stock certificate, stock market, summit, technology, telecommunication, telephone, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, theory, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token coin, token2049, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, totle, transaction account, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, underwriting, unicorn (finance), united states dollar, utility, value proposition, velocity of money, venmo, venture capital, video game, virtual world, visualization (graphics), voice over ip, wall street, wealth, wells fargo, western union, what bitcoin did, whatsapp, whistleblower, wire transfer, yield curve, youtube, zac prince, zack guzman, zero-knowledge proof
Marloes Pomp
Blockchain advisor at Dutch Blockchain Coalition
bitcoin around the world, bitcoin conference 2022, blockchain conference, blockchain week, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, keynote, miami blockchain week, north american bitcoin conference, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami
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