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121-150 of 37696
Charles Hoskinson
Founder at Cardano
ada, ada coin, algorand, api, apple inc., autonomy, bank, barack obama, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin protocol, bittorrent, blockchain, blockchain protocol, blockchain technology, book, botnet, brand, business model, c-fund, cardano, chainlink, charles hoskinson, civil forfeiture in the united states, command-line interface, commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, computer science, consensus (computer science), credibility, cryptocurrency, css , currency, dapps, dark ages (historiography), data center, decentralization, defi, derivative (finance), dignity, distributed computing, dividend, dlt, entrepreneurship, eos, ethereum, facebook, finacial, george w. bush, goguen, graduate school, haskell, haskell coding, hkblockchainweek, hkblockchainweek2020, hongkong, hoskinson, hyperledger, information, initial coin offering, innovation, input output, inputoutput, insurance, internet, iohk, know your customer, mass media, mathematics, mobile app, money, money laundering, multi-asset, national science foundation, native assets, newspaper, online and offline, ouroboros, parallel computing, personal data, physics, printing, printing press, privacy, proof of stake, proof of work, qr code, random number generation, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, science, scientific method, security (finance), shelley, shinkansen, smart contract, smart contracts, social credit, software , software development, stablecoin, steve jobs, tax, technology, terrorism financing, tezos, the theory of everything (2014 film), theory of everything, usability, vechain, visa inc., visualization (graphics), voltaire, wen, world wide web
Nic Carter
Partner at Castle Island Ventures
anonymity, asset, bank, banking in switzerland, benchmark (crude oil), bitcoin, blockchain, bloomberg, coinbase, consensus (computer science), cryptocurrency, currency, derivative (finance), digital currency, diversification (finance), equity (finance), financial market, financialization, fiscal policy, futures contract, futures exchange, hedge (finance), inflation, infrastructure, interest, interest rate, investigation, investment, investment management, investor, leverage (finance), margin (finance), market liquidity, market sentiment, microstrategy, money, network effect, price, privacy, startup company, stock, substance theory, tax, tezos, trade, valuation (finance), value proposition, wealth
Joey Krug
Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital
betting in poker, bitcoin, blockchain, bloomberg, book, coinbase, creativity, credit, decentralization, derivative (finance), ecosystem, email, ethereum, fee, finance, gmail, insurance, interest, investor, javascript, long tail, market (economics), market liquidity, momentum, money, odds, peer-to-peer, prediction, prediction market, price, reason, screw conveyor, sports betting, stock, stock market, swap (finance), time, truth, underwater diving, use case, value proposition, weather forecasting, western union
Katie Greifeld
Reporter & Anchor at Bloomberg
Lewis Cohen
Lawyer at DLx Law LLP
advertising, best practice, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain regulation, bloomberg, business, contract, conversation, copyright, copyright law of the united states, credit card, crime, cryptocurrency, dividend, employment, ethereum, financial crimes enforcement network, financial technology, incentive, income, inflation, innovation, intellectual property, interest, internet, investor, market (economics), medium of exchange, micropayment, money, nft, nftnyc, online copyright infringement liability limitation act, price, privacy, proof of work, risk, royalty payment, sec v. w. j. howey co., security (finance), semantic web, stock, sweepstake, tax, tezos, time, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states copyright office, web 2.0, world wide web
Peter Van Valkenburgh
Director of Research at Coin Center
Benjamin Elliott
Equity Research Analyst, Consumer Financials, Bloomberg Intelligence at Bloomberg LP
Colleen Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer at CMT Digital
2019, anna baydakova, art, bitcoin, blockchain, bloomberg, bloomberg l.p., bond (finance), caspian, cmt, coindesk, colleen sullivan, consensus, consensus 2019, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, decentralization, deregulation, digital holdings, ethereum, finance, fungibility, governance, initial coin offering, interest, investment management, investor, market (economics), market liquidity, markets, price, regulation, robert dykes, secondary market, security (finance), steve ehrlich, stock exchange, u.s. securities and exchange commission, voyager
Cuy Sheffield
Head of Crypto at Visa
Vildana Hajric
Reporter at Bloomberg LP
Joe Weisenthal
Editor at Bloomberg
Michael Saylor
Founder & CEO at $MSTR
abra, alon goren, arbitrage, bitcoin, bitcoin network, blockchain, bloomberg, bond (finance), capital structure, cash, central bank, cisco systems, commercial property, conference, credit, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, data analytics, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, digital currency, digital security, digital transformation, digital wallet, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, ecosystem, education, elon musk, energy, energy development, ethereum, euro, event, fiat money, finance, fixed exchange rate system, fixed income, fossil fuel, franc, french franc, grocery store, hyperinflation, hyperinflation in the weimar republic, ice, inflation, interest, internet, investment, jerome powell, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, lever, market liquidity, mass media, matt boseo, michael j. saylor, michael saylor, microstrategy, mining, money, north korea, petrodollar recycling, progress, renewable energy, renminbi, renting, retail, social media, socialism, stock, summit, sustainability, technology, tim draper, twitter, venezuelan bolívar, wealth
Erik Schatzker
Editor-at-Large at Bloomberg Television
alpha (finance), bank, bloomberg, bond (finance), central bank, competition, cost of capital, credit default swap index, credit derivative, day trading, debt, decision-making, derivative (finance), discounting, diversification (finance), economic bubble, economics, economy of the united states, employment, equity (finance), federal reserve, financial analyst, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, fiscal policy, fixed income, globalization, hedge (finance), hedge fund, high-yield debt, impact investing, inflation, institute, institutional investor, interest, interest rate, investcorp, investment, investment management, investment strategy, investor, leverage (finance), libor, loan, luxury goods, macroeconomics, market liquidity, mathematical finance, mergers and acquisitions, mezzanine capital, milken, multistorey car park, negotiation, parking, portfolio manager, price, private equity, private-equity firm, profit (economics), property, race (human categorization), real estate investing, real estate investment trust, recession, renaissance technologies, sales, sam zell, security (finance), self-driving car, sell side, special-purpose acquisition company, stock, stock market, stock valuation, truck driver, unicorn (finance), valuation (finance), venture capital, violence
Glenn Hutchins
Chairman & Co-Founder at North Island Ventures LLC.
Lex Sokolin
Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys
data cryptocurrency , abstraction, aid, algorithmic trading, android (operating system), apple inc., asia blockchain summit, assets, automated clearing house, binary options, bitcoin, blockchain, btc, business, buy crypto, capitalism, central bank, chainlink, coinbase, communication protocol, computer, computer network, computing, conference, consensus (computer science), consensys, crowdfunding, crypto, crypto investment, cryptocompare, cryptocompare digital asset summit, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency 2020, crytpocurrency, daic, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, derivative (finance), digital assets, digital currency, digital securities, disruptive innovation, economics, equity (finance), equity crowdfunding, ethereum, exchanges, finance, finance magnates, finance magnates group, financial technology, fintech, fintech event, fm intelligence, goldman sachs, hyperledger, innovation, interest, interest rate, internet, investing, investment, investment conference, investment management, jpmorgan chase, know your customer, la blockchain summit, letter of credit, leverage (finance), lex sokolin, libra (digital currency), litecoin, london, money, money market, nfts, online trading , payment processor, point of sale, privacy and blockchain, regulatory compliance, security token, security token offering, smart contract, social media, société générale, software , software framework, stablecoin, startup company, sto, stobox, stock, stocks, this week in tech, tradeweb, underwriting, unicorn (finance), venture capital, wealth management, what is fintech
Ayla Kremb
Diffuse Inc at Chief Operating Officer
Matthew Roszak
Chairman & co-founder at Bloq
airport security, anarchism, android (operating system), arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, basic income, bit, bitcoin, bitmain, blockchain, bloq, bond (finance), brave (web browser), business, business ethics, business model, business process, car, cash, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, computer network, computing, cornell, corporation, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, database, decentralization, department of motor vehicles, digital currency, dividend, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, equifax, ethereum, ethics, facebook, fee, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial innovation, financial technology, firewall (computing), github, hash function, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internet, intranet, investment banking, it's-time-to-build, john d. rockefeller, kevin-werbach, libertarianism, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, market liquidity, matthew-roszak, mining, mining pool, mobile payment, money, monopoly, net neutrality, netscape,, peer-to-peer, petro (cryptocurrency), plug and play, productivity, proof of work, recession, regulatory compliance, remittance, risk, routing, security, smart contract, smartphone, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, speculation, statistics, supply chain, tax, tether (cryptocurrency), titan (supercomputer), tokenization (data security), trade, transportation security administration, twitter, unicorn (finance), user interface, value proposition, venture capital, wall street, wealth, western union, wharton
Brian Mahoney
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder at Alkemi
Mariano Conti
Head of Smart Contracts at MakerDAO
argentine peso, bank, bitcoin, black market, blockchain, capital control, cryptocurrency, currency, dai, decentralized finance, defi, digital currency, ethereum, finance, fixed exchange rate system, goal, hedge (finance), inflation, maker, makerdao, market liquidity, mexico, money, multiculturalism, paypal, poverty, price, risk, stablecoin, tax
Michael Shaulov
CEO, co-founder at Fireblocks
andrew tauhert, customer panel: applying confidential computing with intel sgx in regulated industries | db401, db401, digital breakout, ig20, ignite, ignite 2020, michael shaulov, microsoft, microsoft ignite, microsoft ignite 2020, ms ignite, ms ignite 2020, msft ignite, msft ignite 2020, sara drakeley hall, steve cvetko, vikas bhatia
Michael Sidgmore
Co-Founder & Partner, Broadhaven Ventures at Broadhaven Capital Partners
Duong Phan
Product Manager / Co-founder at Metavis Lab
Jason Price
Director of Regulatory Relations at Blockdaemon
Katherine Cooper
Shareholder at Murphy & McGonigle PC
Brian Quintenz
Commissioner at U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
adjustable-rate mortgage, asset and liability management, brent crude, cash, commodity futures trading commission, credit, derivative (finance), federal funds rate, federal reserve, federal reserve bank of new york, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial stability board, financial transaction, hedge (finance), institute, interbank lending market, interest rate, libor, loan, market liquidity, milken, option (finance), repurchase agreement, supply and demand, swap (finance), west texas intermediate
Nisa Amoils
Venture Tech Investor at Grasshopper Capital
adam levy, adverse selection, alon goren, ami ben david, amir blachman, angel investor, annuity (american), asset management, avichal garg, axiom space, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, broker-dealer, capitalism, cash, china–united states trade war, coinbase, conference, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, crowdfunding, crypto, crypto bulls, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, dark pool, database, decentralized finance, defi, digital assets, digital security, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, electric capital, emerging market, employment, entrepreneurship, ethereum lifecycle, etoro, event, exchange-traded fund, expert, feeling, finance, financial transaction, fintech, fixed income, food, gilad amir, governance, grasshopper capital, initial coin offering, initial public offering, innovation, institutional investor, internet, investment, investor, joke, josef holm, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, leverage (finance), market (economics), market liquidity, market sentiment, money, news, nisa amolis, pollen street capital, poverty, private digital company, private equity, private equity secondary market, proxy voting, public company, research, return on investment, ripple (payment protocol), securitization, security (finance), security tokens, smart contract, stablecoin, startup company, steven mnuchin, stock, stock exchange, stos, summit, surveillance capitalism, tax, tim draper, trchnology, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, underwriting, valuation (finance), venture capital, wood
Mary Beth Buchanan
President, Americas and Global Chief Legal Officer at Merkle Science
2021, asset management, bank, bcb group, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blair halliday, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, central bank, coinbase, conference, crypto, cryptocurrency, education, ethereum, europe, event, federal trade commission, fence, food, forgiveness, gemini, innovation, investor, keynote, law, live, london, market (economics), mary beth buchanan, matter, merkle science, miami blockchain week, north american bitcoin conference, office of the comptroller of the currency, oliver tonkin, price, property, regulation, regulatory compliance, ripple, science, sendi young, stablecoin, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token2049, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states congress
Glenn Barber
Head of Sales - Americas at
abra, alon goren, alternative trading system, bank, bankruptcy of lehman brothers, bernie madoff, binaryx, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), brian korn, broker-dealer, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, coinbase, commodity futures trading commission, conference, copper, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, data analytics, decentralized finance, decrypt, defi, digital security, douglas borthwick, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, ethereum, event, exchange-traded fund, finance, financial market, foreign exchange market, futures contract, glenn barber, hedge fund, initial coin offering, investment, inx limited, jeff benson, josef holm, keynote, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, manatt financial services, market (economics), market liquidity, matt boseo, miami blockchain week, money, north american bitcoin conference, oleg kurchenko, pension, privacy and blockchain, security (finance), social media, solidblock, summit, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, u.s. securities and exchange commission, yael tamar
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