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151-180 of 37696
Sam Bankman-Fried
aave, adam levy, alex wearn, algorithmic trading, alon goren, amazon (company), angel investor, architecture, ava labs, avalanche, avax, ben affleck, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin for beginners, blockchain, business model, buy cryptocurrency, candy, cash, centralized exchange, cex, chief executive officer, coinbase, coincidence, cointelegraph, communication, communication protocol, computer security, conference, contract, craig russo, credit, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for beginners, decentralized exchange, decentralized finance, defi, democratization, dex, digital security, dividends, downtime, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, ecosystem, egypt, emin gun sirer, ethereum, ethereum uniswap, etoro, event, experience, fee, finance, fintech, firewall (computing), food, fruit, ftx, future, gene, global financial system, goal, hackathon, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, idex, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internal revenue service, internet, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, jargon, jesus, josef holm, kendrick nguyen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, light, lightning network, loan, long tail, magdiela rivas, market liquidity, market maker, mass, microsoft powerpoint, mind, mit'a, mobile app, money, moneydance, moore's law, news, nothing, olaf carlson wee, ordinal data, passive income, paxful, pension, pleasure, polychain capital, polyient games, price, private equity, reality, reason, republic, research, risk, salon (website), sam bankman-fried, scalability, security, seed, sergey nazarov, shark, smart contract, smart contracts, speculation, stani kulechov, startup company, status, stream, summit, sushiswap, tax, tech, technology, telephone, throughput, tim draper, ting peng, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, torus, totle, transport, twitter, understanding, usability, use case, value proposition, venture capital, web3, zhen yu
Nazia Siddiqi
Head of Counterparty Credit Risk at Galaxy Digital
Gabriella Kusz
CEO at Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association
Travis Schwab
CEO at Eventus Systems
bank, capital market, capitalism, contract, currency, decentralization, derivative (finance), efficient-market hypothesis, equity (finance), exchange-traded fund, finance, futures contract, interest, investment, leverage (finance), market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, over-the-counter (finance), passive management, proprietary trading, stablecoin, stock, stock market
Peter Johnson
Co-Head of Private Investments at Brevan Howard
Merav Ozair
Affiliated faculty at New York University
Dominic Ward
Managing Director at Iconic Holdings
Susan Joseph
Executive Director, Fintech at Cornell Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University at Cornell University
Arun Ghosh
Climate Data & Technology GTM Leader at KPMG US
Noah Baalessanvu
Head Of Technology at CryptoSavannah
Chris Zuehlke
Global Head of Cumberland and Partner at DRW
Ari Burstein
Founder at Trading Evolved
Jeff Bandman
Principal at Bandman Advisors
Alex Tapscott
Co-Founder at Blockchain Research Institute
alex tapscott, arkansas, balance sheet, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, bitcoin for beginners, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, bond (finance), bookkeeping, bretton woods system, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business, buy cryptocurrency, capitalism, cash, cheque, clearing (finance), college, credit, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for beginners, cybercrime, debits and credits, degree, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital economy, dividends, double-entry bookkeeping, economy, education, ethereum, federal reserve, financial market, financial transaction, helicopter money, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, interchange fee, interest, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, jamie dimon, keynote, libra (digital currency), market (economics), mergers and acquisitions, miami blockchain week, micropayment, money, money laundering, north american bitcoin conference, passive income, payment system, peasant, privacy, retail, security (finance), serfdom, smart contract, social media, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, stablecoin, stock, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, twitter, university, valuation (finance), walton, wealth, yt:cc=on
Julian Sawyer
Chief Executive Officer at Bitstamp
aaliyah, american express, apple inc., apple pay, bank, big tech, business model, cash, central bank, coindesk, contactless payment, cryptocompare, cryptocompare digital asset summit, cryptocurrency, customer experience, debt, digital currency, faster payments service, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial technology, financial transaction, fintech, gemini, google pay, hsbc, infrastructure, interest rate, investment, joint venture, libra (digital currency), london, m-pesa, management, market (economics), market liquidity, marketplace, mastercard, mobile payment, monetary policy, money, monzo (bank), myspace, partnership, payments, payments infrastructure, point of sale, price, qr code, stablecoin, target corporation, transferwise, use case, valuation (finance), visa inc.
Anna Irrera
Chief Correspondent - Fintech at Reuters
adam levy, ai technology, alon goren, anna irrera, bank, bank of america, banking technology, binance, bitcoin, blockchain, bofa, bond (finance), business, business process, central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, chief correspondent, collision conference, computer network, conference, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, cz, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, derivative (finance), digital assistant, digital security, digital signatures, digital transformation, distributed ledger technology, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, email, encryption, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, exchange-traded fund, facial recognition system, finance, financial crisis, financial stability oversight council, financial transaction, fintech, fireside chat, founder, future, futures contract, hedge (finance), hi tech, initial coin offering, insurance, interest, internet, internet of things, investment fund, jobs of the future, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, loan, market liquidity, market maker, metamask, monero (cryptocurrency), money, money laundering, money supply, netflix, petro (cryptocurrency), privacy and blockchain, public-key cryptography, question, regulatory compliance, ripple labs, security (finance), spotify, startup company, summit, tax, tim draper, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, upload, venmo, wechat, wire transfer
Aqsa Zubair
Bermuda Blockchain & Fintech Regulator
Harris Kay
Managing Partner, Chicago Office at Murphy & McGonigle
Roger Brown
Global Head of Tax Strategy at Chainalysis Inc.
Alan Konevsky
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer and Board Secretary at tZERO Group
Kevin Kang
Founding Principal at BKCoin Capital LP
Jerome Dwight
Chairman & Co-Founder at BoomerangFX
Jill Richmond
Partner at Stealth Venture
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151-180 of 37696