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211-240 of 37696
Tessy Mosindi
Chief Operations Officer at Kingdom Of Kush
Yele Bademosi
Co-Founder & CEO at Nestcoin
africa, african americans, asset, bitcoin, blockchain, capital (economics), capitalism, cryptocurrency, economy, entrepreneurship, facebook, finance, innovation, internet, market (economics), marketplace, nigeria, payment, south africa, sustainable development, venture capital, west africa, youtube
Jackson Vaughan
Managing Partner at Konvoy Ventures
Carmelle Cadet
Founder & CEO at EMTECH
api, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), bookkeeping, business model, cash, central bank, credit, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, currency, digital currency, digital economy, digital wallet, economic integration, efficient energy use, elevator, emerging market, ethereum, feasibility study, fiat money, finance, financial inclusion, financial stability board, financial transaction, foreign exchange market, fraction, innovation, internet, internet of things, justin trudeau, language, libra (digital currency), liquidity risk, market (economics), market liquidity, micropayment, mind, money, money laundering, narrative, poverty, price, proof of work, resource, sales, security (finance), south africa, stablecoin, swap (finance), terrorism financing, text messaging, traceability, united states dollar, value proposition
Arushi Goel
Data Policy and Blockchain at World Economic Forum
Ashlin Perumall
Partner at Baker McKenzie South Africa
Wiehann Olivier
Partner and Digital Assets Lead at Mazars South Africa
accounting, asset, balance sheet, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, consultant, contract, cryptocurrency, digital currency, equity (finance), ethics, financial statement, goldman sachs, income statement, interest, international financial reporting standards, inventory, law, liability (financial accounting), option (finance), ponzi scheme, transaction account, trust law, youtube
Herco Steyn
Senior Fintech Specialist at South African Reserve Bank
Ian Putter
Head Blockchain COE at Standard Bank Group
bitcoin, blockchain, bond (finance), bookkeeping, cash, cryptographic hash function, digital currency, efficient energy use, ethereum, finance, financial transaction, foreign exchange market, fraction, market (economics), market liquidity, micropayment, money, price, proof of work, sales, stablecoin, swap (finance), traceability, united states dollar, value proposition
Sophia Shluger
Managing Director for Europe at Amber Group
altcoins, amber coinbase, amber crypto, amber group, amber group crypto, asset, bank, bitcoin, blockchain, business model, crypto market, crypto metaverse, cryptocurrency, currency, customer, economic bubble, fiat money, financial technology, future of digital assests, hedge (finance), how to invest in metaverse, hyperinflation, infrastructure, investing in digital assest, investing in metaverse, investment, investor, leverage (finance), mobile banking, money, quantitative easing, retail, unicorn (finance), valuation (finance), value investing in digital assests, web 2.0
Sabrina Tachdjian
Head of Fintech & Payments at Hbar Foundation
Gerhard Dinhof
Senior Architect, Blockchain Lead South Africa at IBM
Nathan Williams
Founder & CEO at Minespider
Anzill Adams
Founder & CEO at BeefLedgerSA
Michael Awori
Chief Operating Officer at Trade and Development Bank - TDB
Lohan Spies
Board of Trustees at Sovrin Foundation
authentication, bit, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, bohemian rhapsody, business logic, client (computing), contributing to open source, digital identity, digital literacy, disability, economics, email, empowerment, financial inclusion, future, governance, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, ice, identifier, incentive, information privacy, interface (computing), internet, introduction to hyperledger, ipod, know your customer, laptop, linux, machine, machine learning, mobile payment, notebook, onboarding, open source, open source software, password, physics, playground, price, privacy, project jupyter, public-key cryptography, qr code, reason, risk, rock music, server (computing), siri, smartphone, sustainable development, the substation, url, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source
Sean Mouton
Chief Technology Manager at Absa
Dalene Deale
Executive Head at Secure Citizen
Mark Brits
Executive Director at Centre of Excellence in Financial Services
Anushka Soma-Patel
Product Manager, Ecosystem at Input Output (IOHK)
Terry Kelly
Founder & Director at The Digital Databank
Kamran Shahin
Vice President Blockchain Product Development & Innovation at Mastercard
Emmanuel Babalola
CEO at Bundle
#atsnbo, 3air, africa tech summit, binance, bundle, data privacy, decentralization, internet, pravica, web 3.0
Elizabeth Rossiello
Founder and CEO at AZA Finance
bitcoin, blockchain, business, capital market, capital structure, coinbase, cryptocurrency, currency, cyrpto, digital currency, funding, hedge fund, institute, investment, know your customer, milken, mobile payment, money laundering, mt. gox, privacy and blockchain, private equity, proof of work, technological convergence, throughput, tokenization (data security), venture capital, wind power
Ernest Mbenkum
Founder & CEO at Interstellar Inc.
Siddharth Singhal
Enterprise adoption at Parity Technologies
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