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Tulika Mitra
Professor at ational University of Singapore
analytics, arm architecture, arm cortex-a53, artificial intelligence, attention, automated teller machine, automation, brute-force attack, central processing unit, computer, computer hardware, computer science, computer vision, computing, data compression, deep learning, embedded system, energy level, field-programmable gate array, frame rate, gesture recognition, graphics processing unit, human, imagenet, imax, information, information technology, information technology & services , information technology conference , integrated circuit, internet, internet of things, low-power electronics, machine learning, machine learning 2020, machine learning technologies , machine learning tutorials, meltdown (security vulnerability), microcontroller, parallel computing, parking lot, polygraph, real-time computing, sensor, smart city, smartphone, smartwatch, stack (abstract data type), tensorflow, tinyml asia 2020, tinyml foundatio, video, wearable technology
Zylberberg Zylberbrg
CEO at Emza
algorithm, amazon (company), application-specific integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, authentication, central processing unit, computer vision, evaluation, home automation, internet of things, laptop, low-power electronics, machine code, machine learning, memory, microcontroller, mobile app, motion detector, neural network, power machine learning, privacy, quantization (signal processing), sensor, surveillance, tinyml asia 2020, tinyml conference 2020, tinyml foundation, use case, visual perception
Selina Wang
Correspondent & Anchor at Bloomberg TV
ai in finance, amazon (company), analytics, ananth madhavan, apple inc., automation, bank, big tech, blackrock, blockchain, bloomberg, christina qi, cloud computing, computer security, consumer financial protection bureau, consumer price index, credit bureau, credit card, cryptography , data center, day trading, discover, domeyard fund, elon musk, encryption, exchange-traded fund, financial technology, fintech partnerships, flash boys, general data protection regulation, google, index fund, innovation, keith rabois, khosla ventures, lendit fintech, machine learning, market (economics), market analysis, mit, mit ai conference, mitcnc, organizational culture, payment system, price index, problem solving, quantitative analysis (finance), question, radioshack, ransomware, risk, rsa, selina wang, startup company, touchpoint, trading room, underwriting, venture capital, zestfinance, zulfikar ramzan
Amar Saxena
Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Amritsar
Aishwarya Verma
Associate Data Scientist at Analytics India Magazine
Krishna Rastogi
Associate Director at Association of Data Scientists
Krishnav Dave
Teaching Assistant at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies
Bill Schmarzo
Corporate Advisor at Data Science & Monetization
Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru
Founder and President at INSOFE
ai, analytics, big data, communication, conditional random field, data science, deep learning, education, elman networks, encoding (memory), engineering, hidden markov model, hidden markov models, internet of things, language model, machine learning, markov chain, markov model, mathematics, matrix (mathematics), natural language processing, neural networks, nlp, odsc, odsc india, password, prediction, question, regression analysis, research, softmax function, understanding, word2vec
Sourish Das
Associate Professor at Chennai Mathematical Institute
Arjun Nair
Co Founder at Great Learning
Prasad Srinivasa
Principal Consultant at Genpact
Sourav Saha
Academic Dean at Praxis Business School
machine learning
Nitin Gupta
Technology Head for Digital Innovations at India Today
Arnab K. Laha
Associate Professor at IIM - Ahmedabad
Subarna Roy
Group Manager and Principal data scientist at IBM India Private Limited
Sourangshu Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Anindita Das
Student and Member PlaceCom at Praxis Business School
Kaushik Sarkar
Head - Corporate Relations at Praxis Business School
Arpit Malhotra
Data Scientist at Genpact
Abhinanda Sarkar
Academic Director Data Science & ML at Great Learning
abstraction, artificial neural network, coefficient of determination, computer programming, computer vision, conversation, curve, deep learning, economics, equation, geoffrey hinton, information, kernel method, linear regression, machine learning, neural network, p-value, prediction, reason, recurrent neural network, regression analysis, regression model, science, speech recognition, support-vector machine, technology, understanding
Rajeeva Karandikar
Director at Chennai Mathematical Institute
Harish Subramanian
Vice President at Great Learning
Matthew Covi
CEO & Co-Founder at Signal Intent
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Stanley Chow
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Foxit Software
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Lloyd Roberts
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at LoanPro
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Mason Gerrard
Sales Manager at LoanPro
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Jake Canaan
Sales Engineering Leader at Quantum
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Trevor Pyle
Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
Rahm McDaniel
VP Business Development - Strategic Solutions at Q2
automation, financial, financial technology, findevr, finovate, fintech
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