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Matt Kulukundis
Senior Software Engineer at Google
64-bit computing, android (operating system), application programming interface, array data structure, c++, control system, cpu cache, doubly linked list, function (mathematics), gradient, hash function, hash table, interpreter (computing), linked list, metadata, pointer (computer programming), program optimization, random-access memory, robin hood, software bug, source lines of code, string (computer science), theory of forms, x86
Andreas Weis
Projektsteuerer at BMW AG
adobe inc., adobe lightroom, anonymous function, application programming interface, application software, array data structure, associative array, c++, closure (computer programming), constructor (object-oriented programming), function object, interpreter (computing), linked list, local variable, method (computer programming), namespace, object (computer science), parameter (computer programming), polymorphism (computer science), runtime system, scope (computer science), software , subroutine, twitter, variable (computer science)
Simon Hausmann
Principal Software Engineer at The Qt Company
android (operating system), bit, c++, calculator, call stack, computer keyboard, computer programming, constructor (object-oriented programming), graphical user interface, information, interface (computing), linked list, macro (computer science), memory, memory management, message passing, news, oneplus, parameter (computer programming), psychosis, receipt, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), subroutine, time
Honggyu Kim
Software Engineer at LG Electronics
application software, c++, calculator, cat, file format, function (mathematics), google chrome, html, json, library, linux kernel, memory, pain, pointer (computer programming), program optimization, protein, python (programming language), reason, spectre (security vulnerability), subroutine, system call, twitter, web browser, writer, youtube
Eddie Elizondo
Software Engineer at Facebook
abstract syntax tree, apache thrift, art, class (computer programming), code generation (compiler), compiler, cut, copy, and paste, interface (computing), metadata, mind, parsing, patch (computing), program optimization, python (programming language), reality, reason, recursion, reflection (computer programming), runtime system, spamming, subroutine, template (c++), time, translation unit (programming), understanding
Phil Nash
Developer Advocate at JetBrains
64-bit computing, algebra, attention, bank, benchmarking, best, worst and average case, binary search algorithm, data structure, dictionary, functional programming, green computing, hash function, hash table, language, linked list, mathematics, memory, motivation, persistent data structure, pointer (computer programming), programming language, property, red–black tree, ring (mathematics), wikipedia
Sergey Ignatchenko
Software Architect at
bijection, boilerplate code, c++, central processing unit, clock rate, clock signal, complexity, computer, computer programming, control flow, debugging, definition, internet, language, lock (computer science), message passing, node.js, programming language, reason, reputation, serializability, source lines of code, thread (computing), translation, unit testing
Diego Franco
Senior Software Engineer at Virgin Orbit
energy, ethics, exception handling, floating-point arithmetic, gamma ray, infrared, integer overflow, ionizing radiation, mars, momentum, multistage rocket, number, operating system, photon, pointer (computer programming), real-time computing, real-time operating system, reason, reliability engineering, rocket, single-event upset, ultraviolet, unit testing, universe, x-ray
Tomasz Kapela
Software Engineer at Intel
algorithm, application software, c++, central processing unit, database transaction, device file, exception handling, file system, flash memory, garbage collection (computer science), implementation, library (computing), memory controller, ntfs, operating system, pointer (computer programming), random-access memory, reference counting, software , subroutine, synchronization (computer science), template (c++), typedef, windows installer, write amplification
Peter Goldsborough
Software Engineer at Facebook
artificial neural network, brain, central processing unit, computer, coprocessor, deep learning, distributive property, floating-point arithmetic, flops, generative adversarial network, generative model, graphics processing unit, interpreter (computing), linear algebra, loop unrolling, machine learning, matrix (mathematics), mean, parallel computing, program optimization, programming language, support-vector machine, tensorflow, xeon, xeon phi
Bob Steagall
C++ Principal Software Engineer at GliaCell Technologies
allocator (c++), array data structure, binary tree, c++, c++11, class (computer programming), constructor (object-oriented programming), database, database engine, database transaction, inheritance (object-oriented programming), linked list, lock (computer science), method (computer programming), parameter (computer programming), pointer (computer programming), standard template library, subroutine, template (c++), template metaprogramming, thread (computing), tree (data structure), typedef, unified modeling language, virtual function
Dmitry Panin
Software Engineer at Facebook
bottleneck (production), c++, central processing unit, clang, data center, debugging, domain-specific language, dynamic linker, executable, executable and linkable format, facebook, global variable, gnu compiler collection, library (computing), linker (computing), llvm, metadata, method (computer programming), paging, parameter (computer programming), program optimization, server (computing), static library, twitter, variable (computer science)
Hartmut Kaiser
Center for Computation and Technology at STE||AR Group
application programming interface, c++, cartesian coordinate system, computer programming, computing, concurrency (computer science), cuda, distributed computing, for loop, graphics processing unit, library (computing), memory, monad (functional programming), parallel computing, programming style, recursion (computer science), runtime system, scalability, service-oriented architecture, software framework, star, subroutine, system, thread (computing), vulkan (api)
Jeffrey Mendelsohn
Financial Services at Bloomberg LP
behavior, c++, cartesian coordinate system, concept, definition, hyper-threading, internet, internet forum, linearizability, lock (computer science), macintosh, memory, mewtwo, mind, mutual exclusion, news, nothing, reading, reason, scalability, semaphore (programming), supplemental security income, synchronization (computer science), thread (computing)
Vinnie Falco
President at C++ Alliance
apache http server, array data type, c standard library, c++, class (computer programming), client (computing), constructor (object-oriented programming), domain name system, exception handling, forward declaration, generic programming, hypertext transfer protocol, iterator, library (computing), method (computer programming), parameter (computer programming), router (computing), runtime system, subroutine, syntax (programming languages), use case, user agent, web browser, web server, world wide web
Giuseppe D'Angelo
Senior Software Engineer at KDAB
array data structure, character (computing), code, computer, data structure, dynamic-link library, gif, lexical analysis, linked list, memory management, origami, pointer (computer programming), program optimization, reason, record (computer science), reference counting, regular expression, string (computer science), string literal, subroutine, theory, unicode, usability, utf-16, utf-8
Michael Caisse
Principal at Ciere
berkeley sockets, c++, communication protocol, control flow, datagram, domain name system, event (computing), event loop, exception handling, flow control (data), futures and promises, internet protocol, library (computing), multicast, network socket, parameter (computer programming), proprietary software, proxy server, scope (computer science), string (computer science), synchronization (computer science), template (c++), transmission control protocol, uml state machine, user datagram protocol
Andrew Sutton
Assistant Professor at The University of Akron
c sharp (programming language), c++, class (computer programming), compiler, computer programming, conditional (computer programming), constructor (object-oriented programming), definition, extension method, free variables and bound variables, idea, inverse function, lazy evaluation, lexical analysis, library (computing), method (computer programming), namespace, parameter, parameter (computer programming), parsing, pascal (programming language), pointer (computer programming), program optimization, programming language, reflection (computer programming), return statement, scope (computer science), self-modifying code, source code, string (computer science), subroutine, switch statement, template (c++), template metaprogramming, translation unit (programming), type class, use case, variable (computer science), variable (mathematics)
Yu Qi
Technical Director at
anonymous function, closure (computer programming), cross-platform software, function (mathematics), information, json, language, library, mana, mathematics, metadata, microwave, news, parameter, pointer (computer programming), recursion, reflection (computer programming), sequence, serialization, string (computer science), symbol, template (c++), writing, xml, xml schema
Guy Somberg
Client Lead Programmer at Echtra Games, Inc.
amplifier, anonymous function, bluetooth, booting, c++, central processing unit, data compression, device driver, digital audio, digital signal processing, digital-to-analog converter, equalization (audio), hdmi, loudspeaker, mixing console, modulation, personal computer, pulse-code modulation, pulseaudio, sampling (signal processing), sound card, streaming media, synthesizer, video game programmer, virtual function
Scott Schurr
Senior Software Engineer at Ripple
16-bit computing, 32-bit computing, 64-bit computing, aliasing (computing), c++, character (computing), compiler, const (computer programming), floating-point arithmetic, function (mathematics), integer (computer science), integer overflow, memory address, motivation, nan, pointer (computer programming), processor register, program optimization, race condition, record (computer science), stack (abstract data type), subroutine, type punning, undefined behavior, unspecified behavior
Rian Quinn
Senior Engineer at AIS, Inc.
c++, camel case, clang, code coverage, continuous integration, deployment environment, diff, distributed version control, fuzzing, gnu compiler collection, hypervisor, information security, null pointer, open-source software, patch (computing), pointer (computer programming), software bug, software repository, source code, string (computer science), template (c++), test-driven development, unit testing, virtualization, vmware
Boris Kolpackov
Chief Hacking Officer at Code Synthesis
booting, c++, command-line interface, compiler, computer programming, design, dynamic-link library, function (mathematics), inline function, interface (computing), library (computing), macro (computer science), mind–body dualism, modular programming, namespace, parsing, playstation 4, pragma once, precompiled header, pulse-code modulation, reason, software , subroutine, template (c++), xml
John Regehr
Professor at University of Utah
64-bit computing, aliasing (computing), android (operating system), assembly language, bounds checking, c++, code coverage, compiler, computer, computer programming, control flow, debugging, division by zero, energy, entropy (information theory), ethics, exponentiation, gnu compiler collection, google chrome, google native client, instruction set architecture, integer overflow, linux kernel, memory safety, optimizing compiler, pointer (computer programming), program optimization, programming language, race condition, random number generation, runtime (program lifecycle phase), software bug, sql, subroutine, theorem, type conversion, type system, undefined behavior, variable (computer science), x86
Jonathan Henson
Senior Software Dev. Engineer at Amazon Web Services
abstract factory pattern, android (operating system), asynchronous i/o, c++, class (computer programming), cmake, constructor (object-oriented programming), cross-platform software, design patterns, dynamic-link library, exception handling, file system, hmac, ios, legacy system, linux, method (computer programming), microsoft visual studio, operating system, patch (computing), scripting language, symbolic link, synchronization (computer science), unit testing, virtual function
Jan Babst
Expert at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
airbag, best, worst and average case, car, coffee, cogeneration, exception handling, experiment, ford thunderbird, fragmentation (computing), function (mathematics), memory, memory leak, memory management, microsoft windows, operating system, over-the-air programming, protein–protein interaction, reason, research, scope (computer science), sensor, software , software quality, speech recognition
David Sackstein
Software Architect and Consultant at Code Precise
adolescence, c++, call stack, compiler, computer programming, conflict of interest, context switch, control flow, coroutine, definition, function (mathematics), kik messenger, library (computing), nested function, painting, parsing, queue (abstract data type), scheduling (computing), slash (punctuation), snapchat, software framework, stack (abstract data type), subroutine, thread (computing), xml
Kate Gregory
Partner at Gregory Consulting
application programming interface, c++, const (computer programming), constructor (object-oriented programming), default argument, function (mathematics), hard coding, java (programming language), oil refinery, parameter, parameter (computer programming), petroleum, pointer (computer programming), record (computer science), return statement, scope (computer science), smart pointer, software bug, subroutine, template (c++), type conversion, type system, typedef, undefined behavior, variable (computer science)
Roland Bock
Principal Software Engineer at PPRO Financial Ltd
aesthetics, array data structure, array data type, c++, constructor (object-oriented programming), database, deductive reasoning, error, function (mathematics), interest, knowledge, linker (computing), loan, machine, memory, music, nothing, number, pandora's box, pointer (computer programming), record (computer science), sequence, string (computer science), subroutine, template (c++)
Lukas Bergdoll
Software Engineer at PPRO Financial Ltd
bing (search engine), c++, control flow, ecmascript, email, event loop, handshaking, hypertext transfer protocol, interoperability, java (programming language), javascript, library (computing), network socket, open-source software, pointer (computer programming), proxy server, scripting language, single-page application, software , software bug, system call, transmission control protocol, transport layer security, type system, web server, web service, webassembly, websocket, world wide web
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