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Evan Hennis
Founder at Eckron Software
Robert Crowe
Tensorflow at Google
#tfworld, ai, apache flink, apache spark, application programming interface, artificial intelligence, categorical variable, charles chen, conceptual model, data quality, data transformation, data visualization , database, eval, feature (machine learning), file system, google, google ai, histogram, inventory, java (programming language), kubernetes , library (computing), life-cycle assessment, machine learning, mapreduce, mean, metadata, ml, neural network, node.js, o'reilly, o'reilly tensorflow world, parameter, pipeline (computing), pipeline (unix), porting, prediction, principal component analysis, product lifecycle, production machine learning pipelines, production ml pipelines, python (programming language), research, retail, robert crowe, santa clara convention center, scientific visualization, statistics, supervised learning, system, tensorfflow extended, tensorflow, tensorflow 2.0, tensorflow world, tensorflow world 19, tensorflow world 2019, tf world, tf world 19, tf world 2019, tfworld, tfworld 19, tfworld 2019, tfx, usability, variance, vector processor, visualization (graphics)
Xiao Li
Software Engineer at Databricks
analytics, anonymous function, apache spark 3.1 , api, asia, automation, bart simpson, batch processing, blog, boxing, brand, bytecode, comma-separated values, compiler, computer, computing, databricks, electric battery, ethics, file format, genetic code, gif, honda, innovation, interpreter (computing), iterator, java (programming language), john adams, laptop, latency (engineering), learning, library (computing), machine learning, memory, movie theater, music, parallel computing, pedestrian crossing, pension, performance tuning, pipeline (computing), python (programming language), random-access memory, server (computing), shuffling, software , sparta, spotify, sql, statistics, stock market, streaming data, streaming media, synchronization (computer science), taekwondo, tax, tractor, type safety, usability, use case, youtube
Carlos Timoteo
Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning at Google Developers
Jun Guo
Head of Data Engine Team at Bytedance
amazon (company), best buy, bicycle, big data clusters, california, car, databricks, drink can, electronic cigarette, energy, evolution, gas, hash table, information, insurance, mexico, paper, parameter, poverty, prediction, soft drink, spanish language, switch, warehouse, wiki, writer, youtube
Thomas Graves
Distributed Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA
apache hadoop, apache spark, bandwidth (computing), big data, command-line interface, computer vision, data transformation, databricks, decentralization, deep learning, extract, transform, load, graphics processing unit, hard coding, hardware description language, kubernetes , library (computing), loss function, machine learning, nvidia, parallel computing, pdf, real-time computing, scalability, scheduling (computing), streaming media, supercomputer
Kaz Sato
Developer Advocate at Google
accuracy and precision, air pollution, analytics, android (operating system), api, apple inc., application programming interface, automation, behavior, best practice, big data, business, business model, central processing unit, cisco systems, cloud, cloud computing, code, coding, computer, computer cluster, computer network, computer programming, conference, congress, control plane, credit card, cumulus cloud, data warehouse, database, deep learning, deployment environment, design, engineering, esp8266, europe, firebase, forecasting, function (mathematics), future, general-purpose input/output, gmail, google, google cloud, google machine learning, google play, google search, graphics processing unit, hypertext transfer protocol, inbox by gmail, internet of things, it, juniper networks, kernel (operating system), kubernetes , laptop, learning, load balancing (computing), machine learning, mathematical optimization, microservices, ml, mobile app, music, neural network, people, pixel, prediction, programmer, programming, proxy server, raspberry pi, real-time computing, rocket, router (computing), science, self-driving car, server (computing), service-oriented architecture, smartphone, software , speech recognition, spotify, supercomputer, support-vector machine, system, tag (metadata), tech, technical support, technology, tensorflow, traffic flow, transport layer security, type: conference talk (full production);, visa inc., washing machine, youtube
Karl Weinmeister
Manager, Cloud AI Advocacy at Google
algorithm, analytics, application programming interface, artificial neural network, attention, automation, blog, categorization, cloud computing, cluster analysis, concept, conference call, convolutional neural network, data, determinism, devops, experiment, github, infrastructure, inquiry, json, keras, kubernetes , learning, life-cycle assessment, machine, machine learning, maintenance (technical), menu, metadata, open source, optical character recognition, paper, parsing, prediction, python (programming language), science, sentiment analysis, software , software development, speech, speech synthesis, training, validation, and test sets, unstructured data, workload
Viswesh Periyasamy
Software Engineer at Databricks
machine learning
Hannes Hapke
AI + Engineering at Caravel
android (operating system), bandwidth (computing), batch processing, bit, command-line interface, communication protocol, computer file, computer network, computer vision, data compression, data type, deep learning, devops, ease ml deployments, efficient ml deployments, file system, google, google developers, hannes hapke, json, kirkland ml summit, machine learning, machine learning developments, machine learning news, machine learning recent developments, machine learning summit, metadata, ml, ml conference, ml deployments, ml infrastructure, ml summit, mobile app, pipeline (computing), python (programming language), quantization (signal processing), server (computing), string (computer science), surveillance, template (c++), tensorflow, tensorflow serving, what’s going on in machine learning
Emily Glanz
Software Engineer at Google
Ron Hu
Principal Big Data Architect at Huawei Technologies
apache spark, api, computer, computing, data, dvd, foreign key, histogram, hotel, hyperloglog, hypothesis, information, mathematical optimization, motion, network packet, parameter, percentage, percentile, query optimization, select (sql), sim card, sql, statistics, uniform distribution (continuous), unique key
Venkata Krishnan Sowrirajan
Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn
apache spark
Adrish Sannyasi
Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Lead at Google Cloud
Haejoon Lee
Software Engineer at Databricks
pyspark, python
Pete Warden
Engineer at Google
artificial intelligence 2020, #tfworld, 32-bit computing, abstraction, accelerometer, accessibility, ai, android (operating system), app debugging, app developers, application programming interface, application software, arduino, arm architecture, arm cortex-m, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, automation, binary multiplier, bluetooth, booting, c (programming language), c++, camera trap, census, central processing unit, christmas lights, cloud computing, cloud edge tpu, coffee, compiler, computer, computer data storage, computer file, computer graphics, computer network, computer programming, computer science 2020, computer science 2021, computer science conference 2021, computer science event, computer science event 2021, computer vision, computing, concept, coral board, coral dev board, cuda, data center, data type, decision-making, deep learning, developing country, digital signal processor, double-precision floating-point format, drinking water, edge tpu, edge tpu demo, electrical cable, electrical grid, electricity, embedded platforms, embedded system, energy harvesting, engine, engineering, expert, fairy, field-programmable gate array, file format, flash memory, gesture, github, googel coral board, google, google ai, google assistant, google edge tpu, gpu, graphical user interface, graphics processing unit, guitar, hardware acceleration, hope, information technology 2020, infrastructure, instruction pipelining, instruction set architecture, integrated circuit, intel, internet, internet of things, interpreter (computing), ios, iridium satellite constellation, jaw, json, k-nearest neighbors algorithm, kernel (operating system), language, laptop, learning, library (computing), light-emitting diode, linux, machine learning, machine learning 2021, machine learning android, machine learning developers, machine learning for apps, machine learning for embedded devices, machine learning for mobile apps, machine learning ios, machine learning mobile, machine learning technologies , machine learning tools, make (software), mathematical optimization, matthew du puy, menu, metadata, microcontroller, mind, ml, ml for mobile, ml framework, ml kit, ml tutorials, mobile app ml, mobile devices, mobile machine learning, neural network, nintendo entertainment system, noise, numerical control, nupur garg, nvidia, o'reilly, o'reilly tensorflow world, opencl, operating system, optical character recognition, past, pete warden, pleasure, privacy, program optimization, protein, prototype, radio, random-access memory, raspberry pi, read-only memory, real-time computing, reason, research, santa clara convention center, serial port, server (computing), signal, simulation, siri, smartphone, software , software framework, solar panel, solution for running ml, solution for running ml on device, solution for running ml on-device, sparkfun, sparse matrix, species, speech recognition, spotify, stack (abstract data type), string (computer science), system call, system on a chip, technology, tensor processing unit, tensorflow, tensorflow 2.0, tensorflow android, tensorflow apis, tensorflow applications, tensorflow dev summit, tensorflow dev summit 2019, tensorflow dev summit 2020, tensorflow dev summit keynote, tensorflow developer summit, tensorflow developer summit 2019, tensorflow for apps, tensorflow for embedded devices, tensorflow for mobile, tensorflow in mobile, tensorflow ios, tensorflow lite, tensorflow lite demo, tensorflow world, tensorflow world 19, tensorflow world 2019, tf, tf dev summit 20, tf dev summit 2019, tf dev summit 2020, tf lite, tf lite 1.0, tf lite micro, tf world, tf world 19, tf world 2019, tfds, tflite, tfworld, tfworld 19, tfworld 2019, tinyml, tinyml conference 2020, tinyml foundation, tinyml talks 2021, tinyml2020, tinyml2021 panel discussion, tpu, unit testing, usability, vector processor, verb, vicenza, voicemail, wand, wearable computer, wi-fi, world wide web
Alok Pattani
Data Science Developer Advocate at Google
Hyukjin Kwon
Software Engineer at Databricks
api, apple inc., banana, bank, bit, color, computer, condom, data analysis, databricks, dog, dvd, function (mathematics), gif, internet, koalas, map, palette (computing), pdf, pyspark, python, python (programming language), rice, scalability, snake, spain, spark, thread (computing), video, wok
Wenchen Fan
Software Engineer at Databricks
abortion, amazon (company), anderson paak, apache hadoop, apache spark 3.1 , api, asia, automation, batch processing, boxing, brand, bytecode, comma-separated values, communication protocol, compiler, computing, data, database, datasource, directory (computing), east asia, engineering, erie, pennsylvania, file format, file system, fitbit, food, gautama buddha, genetic code, gif, goal, god, honda, ibiza, innovation, interpreter (computing), java (programming language), keanu reeves, koalas, language, laptop, latency (engineering), library (computing), liu kang, logo, machine learning, memory, metadata, microsoft excel, mobile phone, moon, movie theater, music, parallel computing, pasadena, california, passport, pedestrian crossing, performance tuning, philippines, pipeline (computing), police, post office, property, python (programming language), random-access memory, server (computing), sinkhole, soft drink, software , southeast asia, spark, sparta, spider, spotify, sql, statistics, streaming data, streaming media, sugary drink tax, suicide, swat, tax, toy, tractor, type safety, usability, use case, youtube
Maryann Xue
Software Engineer at Databricks
automation, big data, database, databricks, extensibility, hash function, intel, ios, koalas, map, mathematical optimization, mathematics, motivation, pipeline (computing), program optimization, prototype, query optimization, sample size determination, software , software framework, south korea, spark, sql, statistics, supernatural (american tv series), user-defined function, workflow
Mary Grace Moesta
Customer Success Engineer at Databricks
attention, automation, azure devops server, cloud computing, command-line interface, compiler, computer, continuous delivery, continuous integration, database, databricks, devops, distributed computing, engineering, integral, knowledge, koalas, machine learning, operating system, science, snippet (programming), software , software framework, software repository, source code, spark, system, unit testing
Jan Jongboom
Developer Evangelist IoT at ARM
machine learning approaches, accelerometer, accuracy and precision, algorithm, alphago, altitude, android (operating system), anomaly detection, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence 2020, artificial neural network, atmospheric pressure, central processing unit, cloud computing, cluster analysis, computer, computer data storage, computer network, computer science, computer science 2021, computer science event, computer science event 2021, convolution, convolutional neural network, correlation and dependence, data compression, deep learning, deepmind, email, embedded system, encryption, engineering, filter (signal processing), future, graph (abstract data type), hyperparameter (machine learning), information technology conference , innovation, intel, intelligence, internet, iot, k-means clustering, keyboard technology, language, latency (engineering), lawyer, learning, learning rate, lora, lorawan, low-pass filter, machine learning, machine learning 2020, machine learning 2021, machine learning techniques, machine learning technologie, machine learning technologies , machine learning tools, map, microsoft, microsoft windows, network, network optimization , neural network, of, parameter, perception, pipeline (computing), pixel, plug and play, prediction, random-access memory, raster graphics, read-only memory, reason, recurrent neural network, sears, sensor, signal, signal processing, spectral density, switch, talk by peter schulmeyer, tax, technologie, the, thermometer, things, tinyml conference 2020, tinyml foundation, tinyml talks 2021, tinyml2021, tinyml2021 talk, ttn, tuner (radio), walt disney world, water
Polong Lin
Developer Advocate at Developer Advocate
Matthew Mattina
Distinguished Engineer and Senior Director at Arm
tinyml conference 2020, 32-bit computing, accuracy and precision, array data structure, artificial intelligence 2020, artificial neural network, central processing unit, computer architecture, computer vision, deep learning, digital-to-analog converter, direct memory access, embedded system, floating-point arithmetic, gpt-3, graphics processing unit, information technology 2020, instruction set architecture, integrated circuit, internet of things, language model, machine learning, machine learning technologies , micro bit, neural architecture search, openai, rectifier (neural networks), resistive random-access memory, tensorflow, throughput, tinymlasia
Daniel Marcous
Data Wizard at Google (Waze)
ambulance, android (operating system), bluetooth, carpool, complexity, component (graph theory), gmail, laptop, learning to rank, machine learning, matching (graph theory), memory, prediction, privacy, real-time computing, reinforcement, reinforcement learning, routing, rush hour, self-driving car, shortest path problem, simulation, traffic, uber, waze
Kyle Paul
Program Manager, Developer Ecosystems at Google
ai ml summit, ai ml summit pittsburgh, ai/ml summit, application software, blog, cloud computing, community, coursera, developer ecosystems, developer ecosystems programs, developer ecosystems team, drum roll, early access, earth, ecosystem, education, envelope, europe, event goals, experience, expert, facebook, feedback, firebase, food, google, google assistant, google cloud, google code of conduct, google developers, google earth, google machine learning summit 2019, google ml summit 2019, google nest (smart speakers), google summit, google+, guitar, hashtag, instagram, intelligence, knowledge, kyle paul, learning, machine learning, ml, ml summit 19, ml summit 2019, ml summit ‘19, pittsburgh, pittsburgh ml summit 19, pittsburgh ml summit 2019, pittsburgh ml summit ‘19, question, rgb color model, seattle, social media, startup company, take-out, tech, technology, tensorflow, thumb signal, twitter, university of cambridge, vlog, welcome from google developers, welcome to ml summit ‘19, youtube
William Benton
Data Scientist at Red Hat
amdahl's law, apache maven, apache spark, api, array data structure, central processing unit, cluster analysis, color space, computer programming, floating-point arithmetic, fold (higher-order function), functional programming, high-level programming language, hyperparameter (machine learning), inheritance (object-oriented programming), input/output, interface (computing), java virtual machine, json, library (computing), logical conjunction, machine, machine learning, metadata, mutator method, object composition, parallel computing, parameter (computer programming), patch (computing), pointer (computer programming), program optimization, sbt (software), scala (programming language), scalar (mathematics), scheme (programming language), serialization, sql, string (computer science), subroutine, subtyping, training, validation, and test sets, user-defined function, vector processor, vector space, xml schema
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