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421-450 of 35910
Neil Wyler
Threat Hunting and Incident Response Specialist at RSA Security
analytics, annual black hat, apple inc., behavioral analytics, black cat (marvel comics), black hat briefings, captive portal, cisco systems, cloud computing, computer network, email, encryption, expert, extended detection and response, home network, http cookie, information security, internet, internet access, internet of things, ipv4, laptop, login, machine learning, malware, microsoft, microsoft windows, monero (cryptocurrency), opendns, password, plaintext, privacy, ransomware, real-time computing, rsa (cryptosystem), service set (802.11 network), shame, telecommuting, threat intelligence, twitter, understanding, user (computing), virtual private network, vulnerability (computing), wi-fi, windows update, xdr technology, xtr, zero-day (computing)
Troy Hunt
Information Security Author & Instructor at Pluralsight
Matt Bergin
Information Security Researcher at KoreLogic
Michael Schwarz
PhD student at Graz University of Technology
application software, attention, bit, black hat, black hat 2018 briefings, black hat briefings, black hat briefings 2018, black hat usa, black hat usa 18, black hat usa 2018, blackhat, blackhatusa, central processing unit, cloud computing, computer, computer file, ddr4 sdram, ecc memory, exorcism, kernel (operating system), latency (engineering), memory refresh, operating system, page table, password, patch (computing), program optimization, programmer, row hammer, security, software , superuser, wechat
Mario Werner
Hardware Design Engineer at NXP Semiconductors Austria
Claudio Canella
PhD Candidate at Technische Universität Graz
Zhiyang Zeng
senior security researcher at OPPO ZIWU Security Lab
Yimin Wu
security researcher at OPPO ZIWU Security Lab
Xin Liu
security researcher at Lanzhou University
Yuanyuan Huang
security researcher at Lanzhou University
Yin Minn Pa Pa
Senior Researcher and Manager at Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber LLC | Deloitte Japan
Masaki Kamizono
CTO and Partner at Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber LLC
Charles Li
chief analyst at TeamT5
Aragorn Tseng
Malware Researcher at TeamT5
Shangcheng Shi
PhD student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Xianbo Wang
Master of Philosophy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wing Cheong Lau
Associate Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Thirumalai Natarajan Muthiah
Principal Consultant at Mandiant Consulting
Anurag Khanna
Manager - Incident Response & Consulting Services at CrowdStrike
Daniel dos Santos
Security Researcher at Forescout Technologies
Jhih-Lin Kuo
Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at TeamT5
Dr. Bramwell Brizendine
Assistant Professor of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Dakota State University
attention, call stack, code reuse, command-line interface, computer file, computer keyboard, computer programming, computer security, con, conference speakers, control flow, cyber security, dakota state university, dc27, def, def con 2019, def con 27, defcon, dynamic-link library, gadget, hacker, hacker community, hacker conference, hackers, hacking conference, java (programming language), joe grand, keyboard shortcut, linux, menu (computing), microsoft windows, pointer (computer programming), python (programming language), reason, reverse engineering, scope (computer science), security conference, security conference 2019, shellcode, subroutine, thesis, user interface
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421-450 of 35910