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Selina Wang
Correspondent & Anchor at Bloomberg TV
ai in finance, amazon (company), analytics, ananth madhavan, apple inc., automation, bank, big tech, blackrock, blockchain, bloomberg, christina qi, cloud computing, computer security, consumer financial protection bureau, consumer price index, credit bureau, credit card, cryptography , data center, day trading, discover, domeyard fund, elon musk, encryption, exchange-traded fund, financial technology, fintech partnerships, flash boys, general data protection regulation, google, index fund, innovation, keith rabois, khosla ventures, lendit fintech, machine learning, market (economics), market analysis, mit, mit ai conference, mitcnc, organizational culture, payment system, price index, problem solving, quantitative analysis (finance), question, radioshack, ransomware, risk, rsa, selina wang, startup company, touchpoint, trading room, underwriting, venture capital, zestfinance, zulfikar ramzan
Frederic Jacquet
developing technology
Luyang Wang
Global Director at Restaurant Brands International
fast-food industry
Dron Hazra
Activator at The Knowledge Society (TKS)
Kai Huang
Software Engineer at Intel Corporation
analytics, api, big data, burger king, computer, data analysis, databricks, deep learning, distributed computing, fast food, fast-food industry, github, hyperparameter (machine learning), kubernetes , library (computing), machine learning, menu, prediction, program optimization, python (programming language), recommender system, replication (computing), software framework, spotify, subroutine
Omri Geller
CEO and Co-Founder at Run:AI
Eliran Rubin
Director of Strategic Business Development at TLV Partners
Aviv Zeevi
VP, Head Of Division at Israel innovation Authority
Liron Freind Saadon
Director Developer Relations at NVIDIA Israel
Kirsten Gokay
Senior Product Manager at Appen
data, ip
Gadi Tirosh
Venture Partner at Disruptive AI Venture Capital
Alex Zeltcer
CEO & Co Founder at
Yorai Fainmesser
General Partner at Disruptive AI Venture Capital
Alexander Thomas
Data Scientist at Indeed
alcoholism, algorithm, api, array data structure, breast cancer, classifier (linguistics), clinical trial, cloud computing, computer, deep learning, design, disease, domain-specific language, drug, email, function (mathematics), future, gender, graph theory, health care, history, hospital, identifier, infection, inference, influenza, internet, language, laptop, lexical analysis, library (computing), linkedin, machine learning, medical record, music, natural language processing, natural-language understanding, nature, noun, open-source software, pain, perception, pipeline (computing), pregnancy, pubmed, question, reason, research, scala (programming language), search algorithm, sentiment analysis, simulation, social media, speech, speech recognition, string (computer science), supervised learning, symptom, tensorflow, time, use case, vocabulary, wikipedia
Mor Assia
Founding Partner and Co-CEO at iAngels
Shelly Hod Moyal
Founding Partner and Co-CEO at iAngels
Boaz Arad
Co-Founder, CTO at Voyage 81
David Maman
Founder & CEO at
Vishnu Vettrivel
CEO at Wisecube AI
deep learning, drug
Paul Scott-Murphy
VP Product Management at WANdisco
analytics, apache hadoop, apache spark, application software, business, case study, cloud computing, data migration, data migrations, databricks, downtime, gonorrhea, inventory, mining, object storage, pain, replication (computing), retail, risk, systems theory, target corporation, technology, thailand, time zone
Jeff King
Director at Microsoft
data migrations
Amar Saxena
Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Amritsar
Krishna Rastogi
Associate Director at Association of Data Scientists
Aishwarya Verma
Associate Data Scientist at Analytics India Magazine
Krishnav Dave
Teaching Assistant at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies
Bill Schmarzo
Corporate Advisor at Data Science & Monetization
Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru
Founder and President at INSOFE
ai, analytics, big data, communication, conditional random field, data science, deep learning, education, elman networks, encoding (memory), engineering, hidden markov model, hidden markov models, internet of things, language model, machine learning, markov chain, markov model, mathematics, matrix (mathematics), natural language processing, neural networks, nlp, odsc, odsc india, password, prediction, question, regression analysis, research, softmax function, understanding, word2vec
Sourish Das
Associate Professor at Chennai Mathematical Institute
Arjun Nair
Co Founder at Great Learning
Prasad Srinivasa
Principal Consultant at Genpact
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