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91-120 of 35910
Dmitry Ulyanov
CEO and Co-Founder at In3d
3d, innovation, sdk, technology
Sergei Sherman
Co-founder, CMO at In3d
3d, innovation, sdk, technology
Aria Dean
Creative Development Executive at Sunhaus
art, digital arts, entertainment, lil miquela, social media
Trevor McFedries
CEO - Dapper Collectives at Dapper Labs
art, digital arts, entertainment, lil miquela, social media
Amba Kak
Senior Advisor on Artificial Intelligence, Office of Policy Planning at Federal Trade Commission
ai, biometrics, innovation, technology
Andrew Yang
Founder at Humanity Forward
andrew yang, futurism, technology
Erica Matsumoto
Director of Partnerships & New Initiatives at NYC Media Lab
andrew yang, democracy, futurism, social media, technology
Steven Rosenbaum
Executive Director at NYC Media Lab
andrew yang, futurism, journalism, media, new york city, technology
Renée DiResta
Research Manager at Stanford Internet Observatory
Jonathan Corpus Ong
Associate Professor of Global Digital Media at UMass Amherst
Craig Newmar
Founder at Craig Newmark Philanthropies
Toni Dove
writer, director, interface designer, interactive narrative at Bustlelamp Productions, Inc.
Luke DuBois
Associate Professor of Integrated Design & Media at New York University
Phoenix Perry
MSC Course Leader in Creative Computing at University of the Arts London
Regine Gilbert
Senior User Experience Designer at Gilbert Consulting Group, Inc.
accessibility, adoption, assistive technology, attention, bit, brainstorming, click-through rate, color blindness, color blindness (racial classification), design thinking, digital media, epilepsy, hearing loss, make it matter, mind, mockup, mongodb, prototype, qualitative research, research, sense, storytelling, thought, understanding, user experience, visual impairment, visual perception
Riley Jones
Co-Founder & CEO at Join The Bloc
Ian Allen
Executive Producer at Fox News Media
Cathy O'Neil
CEO, Bestselling Author, "Weapons of Math Destruction" at ORCAA
analytics, big tech, bloomberg l.p., credit card, credit score, digital marketing, facial recognition system, finance, hedge fund, innovation, joy buolamwini, life-cycle assessment, machine learning, massachusetts institute of technology, mathematics, mental health, new york university stern school of business, postdoctoral researcher, science, social control, social credit, social credit system, surveillance
Anju Kambadur
Head of AI Engineering at Bloomberg
Lance Weiler
Founding Member & Director at Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University in the City of New York
2018, 2019, acl, ai, artificial intelligence, austin, automation, big data, body language, business, by, ces, charlie melcher, comic con, concert, conference, consciousness, creative, deep learning, development, digital storytelling, dimensions in testimony, discrete choice, douglas eck, edu, empathy, entertainment, entrepreneur, fest, festival, film, frankenstein, future, future of storytelling, gaming, generative adversarial network, harold bloom, heather smith, idea, innovation, interactive, interview, keynote, lance weiler, lineup, live, machine learning, media, movie, music, narrative, narrative science, news, nonverbal communication, openai, panel, performance, randomness, reason, red carpet, showcase, software , south, southby, southwest, speaker, storytelling, sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, tv, west, “south by southwest”
Kyunghyun Cho
Frontier Research at Prescient Design, Genentech
Ziv Schneider
artist and creative technologist at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation
Vivian Schiller
Executive Director at The Aspen Institute
Noelle Silver
Head of Instruction, Data Science, Analytics and Full Stack Web Development at HackerU
accuracy and precision, advertising, analytics, apple inc., artificial neural network, bias, communication, computer, computer vision, consumer privacy, contract, conversation, credit history, crowdsourcing, customer experience, dialect, engineer, english language, experience, facial recognition system, feeling, food bank, gender, golden rule, google, google assistant, google brain, google translate, grammatical gender, human, inflation, institution, insurance, interpreter (computing), language, law, leadership, learning, machine learning, microsoft, mobile app, mother, motivation, organizational culture, parameter, paypal, personal data, police, police officer, privacy, privacy law, privacy policy, problem solving, psychology, reason, regulatory compliance, robotics, semi-supervised learning, social inequality, technology, three laws of robotics, troubleshooting, value (ethics), venturebeat, visual perception
Charlie Beckett
Director, The Journalism AI Project, Polis, LSE at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Chris Collins
Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg
Anna Irrera
Chief Correspondent - Fintech at Reuters
adam levy, ai technology, alon goren, anna irrera, bank, bank of america, banking technology, binance, bitcoin, blockchain, bofa, bond (finance), business, business process, central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, chief correspondent, collision conference, computer network, conference, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, cz, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, derivative (finance), digital assistant, digital security, digital signatures, digital transformation, distributed ledger technology, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, email, encryption, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, exchange-traded fund, facial recognition system, finance, financial crisis, financial stability oversight council, financial transaction, fintech, fireside chat, founder, future, futures contract, hedge (finance), hi tech, initial coin offering, insurance, interest, internet, internet of things, investment fund, jobs of the future, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, loan, market liquidity, market maker, metamask, monero (cryptocurrency), money, money laundering, money supply, netflix, petro (cryptocurrency), privacy and blockchain, public-key cryptography, question, regulatory compliance, ripple labs, security (finance), spotify, startup company, summit, tax, tim draper, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, upload, venmo, wechat, wire transfer
Catherine P. Bessant
COO at Bank of America
ai technology, amazon (company), apple inc., apple pay, australia, bank, bank of america, banking, banking technology, bible, bnp paribas, bofa, chief executive officer, collision conference, colocation centre, commonwealth bank, communication, credit card, culture, customer experience, data, digital assistant, digital signatures, digital transformation, digital wallet, distributed ledger technology, energy, experience, facebook, finance, financial services, financial technology, financial transaction, fintech, goldman sachs, hi tech, interaction, investment, investor, jobs of the future, jpmorgan chase, leadership, lever, market (economics), mergers and acquisitions, mobile payment, morgan stanley, open banking, point of sale, privacy, proposition, regulation, retail, sibosupdates, space, startup company, technology, ukulele, united states, venmo, venture capital, wells fargo, zelle (payment service)
Rebecca Lynn
Co-founder & General Partner at Canvas Ventures
algorithm, angel investor, belief, bias, blockchain, computer programming, computer security, computing, consumerization of information technology, customer relationship management, dynamic programming, economics, finite-state machine, game theory, general data protection regulation, image scanner, insurance, internet privacy, interview, knowledge, lawyer, linkedin, machine learning, marketing automation, mathematical optimization, mathematics, matt mullenweg, mind, motivation, net income, open source, open-source software, particle accelerator, pattern matching, privacy, proprietary software, reason, scientific method, self-driving car, spreadsheet, startup company, statistics, team, theory, traffic collision, training, validation, and test sets, understanding, web search engine
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91-120 of 35910