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181-210 of 35910
Bogdan Nicolae
Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory
Charles Jones
Co-Founder, Head of Development at Osokey
Felix Herrmann
Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology
Mathias Louboutin
Postdoctoral Researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology
Philipp Witte
Senior researcher at Microsoft Research for Industry
Chin Fang
Founder & CEO at Zettar
Kent Blancett
Sr. Systems Analyst at BP
Diego Klahr
VP Computational Science and Engineering at Total EP Research and Technology
Gabriella “Gaby” Rowe
Founding Principal at Grow Associates, LLC
Vincent Saubestre
CEO & President at Total EP Research & Technology
Jan Odegard
Executive Director at The Ion
Nicholas Meisburger
Software Engineer Intern at Facebook
Cheng Zhan
Senior Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft
Yong Chang
Geophysical Advisor at TGS
Chang-chun Lee
Data Scientist and Geophysicist at Rice University
Lei Huang
Assistant Professor at Prairie View A&M University
accuracy and precision, artificial neural network, big data, computer, controlled-access highway, deep learning, energy, generative adversarial network, goal, god, graphics processing unit, machine learning, mathematical optimization, matter, physics, ray tracing (graphics), research, science, software , statistics, tensorflow, trinity, truth, von neumann architecture, wave
Ted Clee
Research Scientist, Computer Science at Prairie View A&M University
Antonio Azambuja
Computer Engineer at Petrobras
Alexandre Sardinha
Software Engineer at Petrobras
Daniel Thomé de Paula
Seismic Processing and HPC Integrator at Petrobras
Paulo Aragão
Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Luiz Felipe
Project Manager at Petrobras
Andrea Rodolico
HPC Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services
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181-210 of 35910