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Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
Facebook, aaron edell, cloud, future, machine learning, time, Choice Hotels, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, NASDAQ, Netflix, PBS, Siri, YouTube, aaron, accuracy number, ai, ai world, allocating storage, artificial intelligence, big data, building, business, cases, celebrities, cloud computing, codelounge open, companies, conference expo, customers, data, data analysis, database, decide, deployment options, developer, developer experience, easier, emil ass, etc, excel spreadsheet, file, file format, files, format, future proof, good job, graymeta, hog features, human, implement, important, increasing, infrastructure, interesting, inverse correlation, jobs, kind, learn, learning, level set, long time, machine, make, metadata, model, model training, models, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, networking lunch, news, operating system, oracle, oracle cloud, oracle developers, people, platform, practical, practical ai, practical al, process, products, read, real tine, recognize celebrities, relates, rights database, shutter stock, single place, social media, spent, start thinking, storage, tailored, technology, thinking, tne past, training, training data, tyler schulze, usc, usc sca, validate results, validation set, variety, variety problem, velocity, veritone, vhs tape, video, video file, vnab, vnab 2016, volume, volume overtime, wildlife populations, years ago
Alan Page
Director of Programs at Unity
Microsoft Windows, unit tests, Agile, Android (operating system), Deutsche Bank, GitHub, Google, Twitter, Windows Phone, makes sense, specializing generalist, ui automation, ui tests, 96d iterations, Airbnb, Bing Maps, Bitly, Choice Hotels, Dalvik (software), Firefox, LinkedIn, Linux, MS-DOS, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, Office 365, PlayStation 2, Reddit, Skype for Business, Sofasa, Sysinternals, Tuesday Maybe, VNI, Wham-O, Windows 1.0, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Wine (software), Yahoo!, actual testing, add comments, addition errors, agile team, agile tester, agile testing, alan page, automate versus, automated tests, automation specialists, automation tools, big difference, big list, big takeaway, bill gates, blah, bug database, care deeply, catch failures, communicate results, consistency &, continuous improvement, conversation, conversations, create visualizations, critical, critical piece, customer data, dark art, day job, dev manager, development approach, di ce, difficult, difficult conversation, don •, dos executive, drive, drive change, driving, employment offices, engineering productivity, experimentation culture, flaky test, free account, free advice, friday afternoon, front row, good, good news, group, group leader, identity conversation, innovation curve, integration test, integration tests, iøøøe iterations, leader, leadership, level, machine learning, middle, middle management, mike cohn, mind map, mobile phone, modern tester, modern testing, operating system, origin story, paranoid tester, peer, performance expert, phoenix project, presentation mode, problem exists, question earlier, rate •, sabbath tour, safety net, sample test, screen coordinate, senior leadership, sense, set pixel, shippable quality, short answer, short version, skills, social contract, st ringcchprintf, super valuable, sw eng, team, team lead, technical debt, test cases, test design, test fails, test leads, test org, trades master, traditional tester, visual test, windows millennium, work /, yogi berra, • testing
Mihail Funikov
Android Developer at e-Legion
= dataa, = globatscope, Android (operating system), Choice Hotels, Eric's Club, Java, Kimberly-Clark, Skype, cora teens, finally {, hand ler, handlecal iback, long open, mb ltdev, meth0dandargsca run, napajijiej1bhoe bblnojihehvie, napajijiej1bhoe bblnonhehvie, napajijiej1bhoe bblnonihehvie, napannej1bhoe bblnojihehvie, negative consequences, network request, ospasotka olu, ospasotka oluvisok, ospasotka oumsok, ospasotka owvisok, override fun, override tun, reposito ry, run blocking, run dispatched, suspend function, te atstateexce, val dataa, val job, vat dataa, weight method