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Billie Whitehouse
CEO at Wearable X
Bloomingdale's, Nike, Inc., PetSmart, Studio 23, TechCrunch, Twitter, Under Armour, YouTube, back, cost, empathetic questions, experience, feedback, form, heard, huge amount, important, industry, inside, money, pants, people, pose, powerful, practice, remote physiotherapy, retail, retention, shoe store, shoulders back, smart phone, spending, today, understanding, yoga, yoga pants, yoga practice, york city
Mario Vinasco
Marketing Analytics Director at Uber
Craigslist, Facebook, Google Search, Microsoft Excel, TechCrunch, Trulia, Vulcan Iron Works, Zillow, _display spend, ab tests, artificial intelligence, computer vision, creative wa, data science, data scientist, false negatives, indle edition, kindle edi, kindle edit, kindle editio, low probability, machine learning, mister marketed, ndle edition, night curbs, oredictive models, poredictive models, predictive mod, prevent churn, reative ways, san francisco, spend money, stop driving, tabular data, telco companies, time series, zillow group, •redictive models
Krzysztof Zabłocki
Lead iOS Engineer at The New York Times
Android (operating system), App Store (iOS), Apple I, Apple Inc., Facebook, GitHub, IPod, Instagram, Microsoft Windows, TechCrunch, Terna, Twitter, back end, bogdal orlov, clear boundries, clinton speaks, crippling money, drop box, economic report, fake models, gun bills, mobile dev, mobile deve, mobile devel, mobile develc, mobile develo, mobile develop, mobile developers—, mobile developer—, mobile develop—, mobile develop€, mobile develop€rs, mobile dew, resource contention, silver bullet, small layer, software agency, ui kit, view controller, view model, write test, — rs