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Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
Facebook, aaron edell, cloud, future, machine learning, time, Choice Hotels, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, NASDAQ, Netflix, PBS, Siri, YouTube, aaron, accuracy number, ai, ai world, allocating storage, artificial intelligence, big data, building, business, cases, celebrities, cloud computing, codelounge open, companies, conference expo, customers, data, data analysis, database, decide, deployment options, developer, developer experience, easier, emil ass, etc, excel spreadsheet, file, file format, files, format, future proof, good job, graymeta, hog features, human, implement, important, increasing, infrastructure, interesting, inverse correlation, jobs, kind, learn, learning, level set, long time, machine, make, metadata, model, model training, models, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, networking lunch, news, operating system, oracle, oracle cloud, oracle developers, people, platform, practical, practical ai, practical al, process, products, read, real tine, recognize celebrities, relates, rights database, shutter stock, single place, social media, spent, start thinking, storage, tailored, technology, thinking, tne past, training, training data, tyler schulze, usc, usc sca, validate results, validation set, variety, variety problem, velocity, veritone, vhs tape, video, video file, vnab, vnab 2016, volume, volume overtime, wildlife populations, years ago
Maria Checa
Motives Creative Consultant at Market America
2018, 25th anniversary, amazing, beautiful colors, bring, business, color, convert your spending into earning, cool, cool color, customers, ecommerce, entrepreneur, face, fashion, guys, kind, love, ma25, make, makes, makeup, market, market america, marketamerica, mawc, mawc2018, peach, pictures, play, print, product, sell, shop, shop.com, shopping, single color, time, trend, unfranchise owner, video, world conference, yellow
David Robinson
Chief Data Scientist at DataCamp
Twitter, data, data science, talk, *rstatsnyc talk, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, absolutely talk, additional resource, advice, atomic vectors, blog post, brooke watson, case study, combined, combined #rstats, conference, consistent, courses, data cap, data development, data frames, data structures, data visualization, defined functions, draw conclusions, easily team, examples, file system, functions, good, hashtag, interactive web, introduce, kind, live tweeting, minecraft, minecraft #rstatsnyc, order matters, philosophy, psychology experiment, public speaking, randomized experiment, revolutionize, robinson, scholarly discourse, science, single loop, stats pkg, tailored roadmap, talented, twitter, understanding data, work, wrangling, yesterday, —demos crosstalk
Jake ---
Founder at Bittok
bittok, blockchain, charge, choice, congress, elocl, fish, found, funds, gonna, hold, home, hope, hungry, joey, kind, life 2019, order, room, shirt, shoot, show, status, switch, talk, time, user, usual, woman, young
CaiGen Chen
Founder at Daily Shakes
back, choose, daughter, eager, genjis order, guys, hard, hold, hung, kind, moment, nigga, notice, people, push, question, send, show, soldier, switch, talk, time, today, touch, turning, wanted, woman, work, young, 实亻本纟氵齐
Matt Greenfield
Managing Partner at Rethink Education
ability, acquire, award, based, bird, child, color, company, duck, greenfield, introduce, kind, learn, managing, managing partner, matt, met tammy, partner, place, poor, remember, research, rethink, rethink education, rich, round, shape, shapes, tammy, words
Mikael Gronlund
Agile Coach at Tobii
product owner, scrum arg, scrum master, scrum orc, scrum org, Agile, Ben & Jerry's, Chrome Web Store, Cisco Systems, Impul, adaption layer, agiie manifesto, agile, agile coach, agile leadership, agile manife, agile manifest', agile manifesto, agile methods, arg _, burn charts, common understanding, complex, comprehensive documentation, crum _, crum cr, crum crg, crum cw, daily standups, decision, development, development team, equally bad, find, freedom, glass ceiling, good, good ideas, good thing, group, iterative waterfall, kind, maxe depts, maxe oepts, minutes left, mumbo jumbo, org _, organizational impediments, owner, power, problem, problems, product, project, project manager, quick decision, rain scrum, required broade, required broader, responsibility, retrospective, rum cr, rum cre, rum crg, rum ore, scrum arc, scrum coz, scrum cr, scrum cre, scrum cvg, scrum jdrg, scrum lug, scrum ora, scrum ore, scrum •, scrum •mg, scrum •rg, scrumora _, servant leaders, shirt sizing, show, start, strong leader, team, thing, time, transformation, transformation process, • man, • tue