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Steve Canepa
General Manager, Global Communications Sector at IBM
cic, cloud, cloud architectures, cloud innovation conference, cognitive, general manager, m&e, media, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, nab show, steve canepa ibm, video, vnab, vnab 2016
Mark Dickerson
Vice President Multi-Cloud Delivery & DevOps at Technicolor
2016, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conference, constellation, etc usc, m&e, mark dickerson, media, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, technicolor, vnab, vnab 2016, vp-cloud
Jason Sherwood
Solution Innovator at Equinix
architecture, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conference, equinix, etc, interconnection, interconnection oriented architecture, ioa, jason sherwood, m&e, media, nab, nab cic, solution innovator, vnab, vnab 2016
Jason Kassin
CEO at Filmtrack
2016, aws, ceo, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conference, etc, etc usc, filmtrack, jason kassin, m&e, media, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, rights management, rights management systems, usc, usc sca, vnab, vnab 2016
Chuck Parker
CEO at Sohonet
ceo, chuck parker, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conerence, cloud rendering, etc, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, security, sohonet, vfx, vnab, vnab 2016
Ben Bloom
Senior Director of Professional Services for Media Americas at Akamai
akamai, ben bloom, capex, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conference, does your forecast call for cloud, etc, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, sr. manager, vnab, vnab 2016
Werner Gold
Emerging Solutions Evangelist at Red Hat
4k, cic, cloud innovation conference, emerging solutions evangelist, live streams, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, ott, redhat, uhd, uhd video delivery, vnab, vnab 2016, werner gold
Joshua Kolden
Cinema Cloud Architect at Avalanche
agreement without communication, api's, automation, c4, c4 in production, ceo, cic, cloud, cloud innovation conference, etc, framework architect, indelible metadata, joshua kolden, json, m&e, magic, media, nab, nab 2016, nab cic, post production, production, studio pyxis, vnab, vnab 2016
Steve Forde
Group Product Manager at Adobe
adobe, broadcasters, cloud, cloud innovation conference, democratization, etc, group product manager, hdr, mobile, nab, nab cic, steve forde, video creators, vnab, vnab 2016
Steve Chung
Founder & CEO at Frankly Inc.
ceo, cic, cloud, etc, frankly inc, m&e, media, nab, nab cic, steve chung, vnab, vnab 20016, worldnow
Aaron Edell
Senior Director of Product Management at Veritone
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